Road to Slavery, Road to Life

I was in the express, 1 – 9 items, checkout at the supermarket. As I was about
to place my groceries onto the little belt, a voice behind me growled.

“How many items you got there asshole”.

I stopped, with a jerk and looked back at a big bear of a man standing right
behind me. His steel black eye’s bore right into me. I could feel my face
begin to colour as I tried to stammer a reply.

“Uh….I….ah……have…..ah…. 10”, I finally managed.

“What the hell’s the matter with you”, he snarled, “are you one of those damned
illiterate types that run around expecting everyone else to help because your
too stupid to learn to read.”

By this time the cashier, the lady in front of me and some people waiting at the
next checkout were all looking at me. I was totally deflated. A very nervous
and submissive type to begin with, this attack really did me in. I was so
humiliated and embarrassed I couldn’t think straight. My whole body was

Then he started in again.

“You got too many items, now you just put them all back in that basket”. he
ordered, “Now you see that checkout with the big long line”.

“Yes sir”, I quivered as I started placing the items back in my basket.

“Well you just march your sorry little ass down there and stand at the end of
that line. And you just wait your turn. I am going to be sitting right
outside watching and if you try going to any of the other checkouts I am going
to beat the shit out of you when you come out”. he sneered, “understand”.

Still shaking, my face red and I wanted to die but answered, “yes sir”, then
hurried along on trembling knees down to the end of that long line. There were
three women ahead all with full carts, one women had two carts. I could hear a
lot of snickering behind me.

One of them spoke out loud enough for everyone to hear.

“It’s about time someone put jerks like that in their place”.

All of this shame for one measly item. Tears were forming in my eye’s. Great
that’s all I need tears rolling down my dumb face. But then I became aware of
something else as well. My dick had started to rise and was now pressing
arrogantly against my trousers. Oh shit I thought as I pressed up closer to the
shopping basket trying desperately to hide this latest assault on my

Thirty minutes later I finally made it through the checkout. Thankfully the
tears had not lasted very long and the boner had gone down. After paying I
grabbed my bags and with head down, headed out towards my car and the drive back
to my lonely apartment.

I was about to insert the key into the door to unlock the car when I felt a big
hand land on my shoulder.

“Well if it ain’t the little line jumping asshole”, growled that same voice
from the store. “Now ain’t it amazin’ how you follow orders so well. Why
I’ll bet your one a those wimps that pisses himself when the boss gives an
order. Right”.

I didn’t know what to say. I was scared shitless, so I just stood there shaking
in my boots.

“Ah you poor little wimp the big bad bear has gone and scared ya, huh. Well
little wimp, not to worry I am really very cuddly.” he said gently with a
touch of a smile on his face. His eyes were sparkling now with a hint of

That look made me feel much more at ease and I finally found my voice.

“I’m sorry”, I whined, “I don’t normally cheat on the lines and I promise not
to do it again”. I was almost crying again.

“Are you married wimp”? he asked.

“No sir”.

“Have a girlfriend?”

“No sir”.

“What about a boyfriend then?”

“No sir,……. I’m…….ah…… not gay”.

“Of course your not”, he continued in that same soothing voice. “I’ll bet you
live alone and are lonely too, right?”

“Ah…..well……yes……ah………..I guess so”. I stammered in reply.

“I knew it”, he stated, “right, your coming home with me. I think you need
some company to brighten up your life. Leave your car here we will go in
mine”. With that his big hand, still resting on my shoulder started me moving
away from my car.

I attempted to protest, but he stopped that real quick by just squeezing the
fingers on that big hand into my shoulder. The pain was intense and I
obediently let him lead me, I knew not where.

His car or rather his van was parked only a couple of spaces away from mine.
It was a new vehicle, with smoked glass windows all around. The occupants
could see out but outsiders could not see in. He had the keys in his left hand
and continued to hold me with his right, as he unlocked the doors. He then
pulled open the side sliding door and forced me inside.

I was surprised, there was only one seat back there, all the others had been
removed. The seat was on the opposite side and he ordered me to get over and
into it. Like a little lamb to the slaughter I did what I was told and was
soon seated in the seat.

He climbed in and slid the door closed behind him.

“You have a real serious problem young man”, he began, “you really are
incapable of living on your own, you know. You are just not equipped to be in
charge of your own life”.

My eye’s teared up at this assault on my mental capacity and I began to protest,
but as always he was ahead of me.

“Hush, hush”, he soothed, and paused for a moment.

“Come on be perfectly honest with yourself. You are afraid of your own shadow.
You need someone big and strong to look after you, to protect you, to make sure
you get your share of this world. Now ain’t that the truth”.

Suddenly I was feeling much more comfortable with him. The things he was
saying were true. Everyone walked all over me. I was always afraid of hurting
someone’s feelings so would do all kinds of chores and things that I really
didn’t want to do. It seemed that everyone was taking advantage of me. And
here was this big bear of a man offering, at least I think he is offering, to
help me and protect me.

I looked at him with tears in my eyes, “yes sir, I am not very strong when it
comes to other people. They do take advantage”.

“Well boy, I’ll tell you what”. he began, “I think you need someone like me
to look after you. Now I am willing to take you on but you have to agree. If
you don’t want my help, my friendship then get up right now and leave. The
choice is yours. But whatever your choice there will be no turning back. So
what will it be, me or out there?”

He looked at me with those warm sparkling black eyes and my heart melted. He
looked so friendly like a father waiting for his son to make a major decision.
I didn’t have to think long. My life up until now had been a lonely existence,
yes that was the word, an existence. I wasn’t living and hadn’t really lived
since I was a small child. He was offering me a chance to live again, I just
had to take it.

“I think I would like to stay”, I said just above a whisper.

“Are you absolutely sure”, he cautioned.

An emphatic, “Yes”, was my reply.

“I thought you would”, he answered with a smile.

He then went around behind the chair and said, “bring your arms around behind
the chair and clasp your hands”.

A little confused by this request, but still trusting I did as he commanded.

He then grasped both wrists and before I knew what was happening my wrists were
handcuffed together. A little bit of fear began to replace the confidence I had
been feeling just a few seconds ago.

He must have sensed the fear because he spoke gently, “If I am going to help
you, then you have to be trained. Bondage is part of that training process”.

Then I felt him placing something around my neck. It wasn’t until sometime
later that I learned that it was a black leather dog collar with steel
reinforcements. It had silver studs spaced all around the outside, and a built
in ring for a leash. But the worst part was the lock. It was made of hardened
steel which was connected to the hardened steel reinforcing inside the collar.
Once locked, only the key would open it. The collar was close fitting and it
would be almost impossible to get a cutter that would be able to cut it off.

Once the collar was fitted and locked he got up and came around to face me.
The words he began to speak shocked me, I really was not prepared for this.

“The collar is now in place, and you are now a true slave”, he stated in cold
tones pausing to let his words sink in. “You are no longer a free man, you
belong to me and will obey my ever command. Failure to obey will result in
swift punishment. I see the disbelief in your eye’s, but it is true. The
only way you can be protected is to be turned into what you really have always
been, a slave. Your only goal in life from this moment on is to please me. It
may take a little while and a whole lot of pain, but you will soon learn your
new status and accept it. Believe me you will soon begin to enjoy your new life
and wonder how you ever got along before”.

I opened my mouth and started to protest, “I am not a…………”. My words
were cut off by the back of his hand, as it viciously clipped me across the

“Slaves never speak without permission”, he snarled, “You have no say in
anything anymore. You had your chance to leave, but didn’t take it. That, in
itself, is a sure sign that you needed to be enslaved.”

Then without saying anything more he began to undo the buttons of my shirt. He
took out a small pen knife, opened it and placed it inside my right sleeve cuff
and pulled up. The material ripped apart. He grabbed both sides and tore the
sleeve all the way to my shoulder. He took the knife again and cut the heavy
seam at the shoulder and ripped the shirt across the front. This was repeated
on the other sleeve. When he was finished he grabbed the collar of the shirt,
at the back of my neck and pulled up. The shirt came completely away and he
dropped it to the floor. I sat there shirtless, tears rolling down my cheeks.

I had suffered a lot of indignities over the short span of my Adult life, but
this had to be the worst. Cuffed up, with a collar locked on my neck, in a
strangers van and he was stripping me. How was I ever going to live with
myself after this, I wondered. But these thoughts were driven aside, it was
time for me to get smacked again.

I watched astounded as he reached for my belt, and then began to protest. But
again his hand came up, but this time his hand moved at lightning speed, back
and forth, back and forth across my face. I don’t know how many times he
smacked my face, it must have been six or eight times. It hurt something
fierce and drew blood from my lower lip which was split during the assault. As
well, I was seeing stars and had a terrible ringing in my left ear, one of the
blows had landed across the ear.

“I told you to keep your worthless fucking mouth shut”, he screamed, “do I
have to beat you senseless before you learn to obey! Now keep your mouth shut.”

I stared at him in a terrified, stunned silence. He continued to undo my belt,
then unzipped me. He moved down and removed my running shoes. Then taking a
cuff of each pant leg in a massive hand he gave a quick, hard tug and my pants
were off.

Then he brought one of those massive hands up and grabbed the waistband of my
boxers. One heave was all that was needed, the material ripped to shreds and I
was now naked except for my socks, and the dog collar. Tears dripped down my
cheeks, I felt terribly violated and my damned cock was beginning to rise
again. Would the shame never end?

“Ah, that’s much better slave”, he said in that soothing voice, “see it wasn’t
so bad, and if you had behaved yourself you wouldn’t have had to suffer through
that punishment”.

Without another word he made his way to the front and got in the drivers seat.
He never mentioned my rising dick, but he couldn’t have helped but notice. He
placed the key in the ignition, started the van and off we went. At that
moment I didn’t have a clue where we were going. He could be taking me
somewhere to snuff me for all I knew. I was terrified and shaking from fear.
Tears were still cascAding down my cheeks. What a fool I was. What a bloody,
useless fool.

He made his way to the freeway and 30 minutes later we were on the other side of
town. The good side. We drove down some streets with homes worth millions of
dollars each. Where does he live, I began to wonder. Who is this guy, I
still didn’t know his name or anything about him. The drive was soothing and I
had begun to settle down. The tears had stopped and my dick had settled down,
so I just kind of enjoyed the ride.

He turned into a small paved drive with a long line of Maple trees along each
side. The drive seemed to curve slightly to the left and there was a massive
steel or wrought iron gate. As the van approached the gate began to open.
The gates were completely open by the time the van reached them and it passed
through. I turned my head to look out the back window and watched as the gates
swung closed.

I turned back to the front and watched amazed as we continued up a tree lined
drive. Soon a large building began to emerge through openings in the trees.
It was a sudden thing. The trees just seemed to stop and there was this huge,
treeless lawn and a huge mansion.

He drove the van right up to the front door, shut off the engine, got up and
came back to me.

“I am going to undo one of your cuffs. You will get out of the van and stand
still with your feet together and your arms behind your back. If you don’t
follow these instructions exActly I will string you up and whip the ass off you.
Is that clear slave?” he commanded.

“Yes sir”, I replied meekly.

He undid the cuff and I brought my arms around front. It was a relief to have
then loosened up. It had been very uncomfortable to have them pinioned like
that. He opened the sliding door and I stepped out. I was really afraid and
decided that I had better do exactly what I was told, this guy wasn’t foolin’.
He would whip my ass as soon as look at me.

Pushing aside my pride and humiliation at being made to get out of the van
naked, I slid out. I moved a little away and stood up straight, put my feet
together and placed my hands behind my back. He soon joined me and refastened
the cuffs. Then pulling a heavy gold chain from the van he clipped it to my
dog collar. The van door was closed and we headed for the mansion, he had one
end of the chain in his hand and I had no choice but to follow.

We were just approaching the door when it opened and a very stiff english butler
type, stood back and said, “good day sir”.

“Ah, good day to you to Henry. Picked me up a nice little slave to train”, he
said jovially.

“Yes sir”, Henry responded, “very good indeed, sir”.

Oh this was humiliating, being lead into the mansion, naked, on a chain was bad
enough but worst of all, at the sight of the butler, my dick started to harden.
What in hell was happening to me. This all had to be some kind of weird
nightmare and I would wake up back in my lonely, safe little apartment. The
reality of the situation hit home very quickly the moment I walked through that

Chapter 2

“It”, Enters the Cage and the First Lesson Begins

Henry closed the door after we had passed through. The sound of that door
closing was like a thousand massive thunderboomers striking all at once. The
sound bounced off the walls of the massive foyer and echoed down what seemed to
be a long endless hallway. I think the closing of that door was my first
realization that Rob, the person that I had been for 23 years, ceased to exist.
I somehow knew beyond a doubt that I would never again have any say or control
over my life.

“Henry take this useless piece of shit down and put, it, in the cage”, he said
handing the end of my chain to the butler.

“Yes sir”, he replied courteously and then asked, “should I water it as well,

“Mmmm….no I think not Henry. No feed or drink until it has experienced the
first lesson”, he said as though this were just normal everyday routine.

“As you wish, sir”, replied Henry and without a word or glance at me, he
started off down the hall. He gave a little tug on the chain leaving no doubt
in my mind that I was to follow.

My dick had risen considerably during the exchange and was almost at full
erection. Why was I getting turned on by this treatment? It didn’t make
sense to my tormented brain and I was having a great deal of difficulty trying
to come to grips with it all.

Had they really referred to me as an, “it”? Have I lost my humanity to this
man? They were going to put me in a cage, like an animal, and I didn’t have
the balls to put a stop to it. No, instead I just got fucking well turned on.

The hallway we were heading down was huge and seemed to go on forever. It was
decorated with the most lavish of furnishing. There were huge paintings on the
walls, interspersed with what must have been very, very expensive tapestries.
The floor was covered in what could only be the plushest carpeting I had ever
seen in my life, let alone walked on. It was soft and springing through my
socking feet and felt fantastic.

We had not gone very far when a door just ahead, and on the right opened. A
young boy, he couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 emerged. He was a
miniature copy of the man that had brought me here.

“Ah, what do we have here, Henry. Father find himself a new slave?”, the boy

“Yes, Master William it would seem so”. Henry answered as he came to a
respectful stop. It was obvious this boy commanded respect in this house.

The boy came over and looked me up and down. I looked down to the floor unable
to look him in the eye, my dick was fully erect now, throbbing and bouncing up
and down. As well precum was beginning to dribble out the end. I am sure my
face was brilliant red, tears again filled my eyes as this boy examined my naked

“Well Henry I hope dad gets it trained soon, the filthy beast is dribbling love
snot all over the carpets”, the boy sneered has he reached out and grabbed my
balls with hands that were almost as big as his fathers.

Once he had hold, he squeezed with all his might. For one second nothing
happened, but then the pain hit. A blinding flash of bright light swept in
front of my eye’s. A blinding pain erupted from my tortured jewels, spreading
quickly throughout my groin, up through my abdominals and back, into my pecs and
shoulder blades, up my neck and into my brain. A pain so utterly soul
wrenchingly painful that it could never be adequately described. Only someone
who had experienced it could understand. I must have collapsed into
unconsciousness trying to escape this devastating agony.

#Road #Slavery #Road #Life

Road to Slavery, Road to Life

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