Romance with Neighbor girl Prasanna

Romance with Neighbor girl Prasanna

Hi frnds i am Kirankumar from andrapradesh…

I am an 19 old hot guy ….i am very happy 2 explain my sex experience wid my neighbor prasanna , who was a beautiful sexy girl ,we r frnds frm my class of fifth , when i am in my class of 12 she became a very close friend for me and we used 2 play shuttle every day and evngs , when the cock was fallen down she used 2 bend and take it at that time i saw her milky boobs whch made my cock erect..dis was going on for many days,some times i used to hug , kiss her casually.

She used take lite, some times we used 2 chat also , in chatting i used 2 talk about her beauty , she impressed a lot but one day i touched her boobs when we r coming down frm steps of my home after playing shuttle , she pushed me and went 2 her home . i felt very tensioned that she may inform her parents but she didint. and after some days she told me that “if u want any help u ask me i am there fr u ” i replied me too, one day my parents and her parents went on to terrace i message her to come to my home, after 5 min she came and asked me y u called ,

I replied jus 2 see the new movie , she felt happy and we both went to my room and watching movie in my computer , i was sitting back 2 her on the bed and she was sitting in rolling chair, we used to talk about my frnds and their loved ones, i asked her do u hav any lover ??? she replied, no and asked do u hav any, i said no. i am unable bare the situation by seeing her sexy shaped boobs and apple lips. i used to raise my hand and down raise down, i used 2 get up used 2 walk by the tension, up then she sat straight in chair towards the computer then she turned slightly towards me and talked for some time and i was unable to tolerate my intention,

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Suddenly i touched her huge boobs and got up and pressing her boobs hardly, and u have said that ask wat help u want. i said, i wanted sex from u darling, then she pushed me and said. wat r u dng r u mad, and she became angry,and then again i pressed her boobs and kissed her lips then suddenly my father rang the bell, and we became normal and opened the door.

And he came and talked wid prasanna abt studies, and hw was d movies, and he went out by saying that he is having important work wid his frnd inform 2 mom ,,,, i said k dad sure ,,he went and i locked the door but in mean whle she didnt go fr her home. i felt very happy and i requested her, she said that i am waiting fr dis,

I started kissing her and picking her boobs frm top bt nt coming as they r so big and tight, she said that be cool dnt get hurry burry, wait i will pick out, and she lifted her dress up, and pinned out her bra, and picked her milky boobs out, and immediately i sucked her boobs and tasted her red lips in french type for 15min, and i tried 2 remove her bottom, and she restricted and at last we both undressed completely, and laid on bed and had a nude romance fr 10 mins and she rubbed my cock and had my cool juice with out wasting 1 drop, made it erect, and i licked her pussy and fingered her pussy, she used 2 moan lightly and picked a new branded condom and she dressed it fr my cock, and made it to set up in her pussy, and i started fucking her pussy slowly she started moaning lightly ha…ha.ha.h..hammmmmm …..and slowly i increased my speed and speed and she used 2 shout and shout hahahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..then i played the songs and kept high volume, and i fucked her for much time and had a great time wid her,

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And we both had tub bath romantically, and dressed, and she was back 2 her hme. and next day mrng she sent d message “do u want any help from me”i replied i want the same help , she said ok and that day evng same time and same place we again had the sex and used 2 njoy lot……after sme days days we had sex on our terrace,steps, and many more places,

1 day my and her parents went for temple unfortunately, she was in her home, and i am also in home as i had record writing ,but many of known people are outside of my home, and then i called her, and told to open her terrace going gate, which was in middle of our homes as we live in 1 floor, and they are in ground floor, then she opened the door,

And i went 2 her home, and entered 2 her bed room, and put on the ac, and kept songs her mobile , we undressed ourselves and hugged together and jumped on to the bed and had sexual nude romance for 15 mins. sucked her boobs, and fucked her very very very hard, as she was so much interested, as we met sexually after many days, later i am also in full mood and fucked hard and enjoyed ………….

We used 2 hav sex when we got a chance, and when we are alone with out our parents in home……….. and had a great pleasure of sexual experience..frnds first try u r neighbors girl friends and young girls or sexy hot aunties , no problem i wish all of my kamapisachi frnds 2 hav a grest sexual experience…………i wish u all the best.

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Romance with Neighbor girl Prasanna

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