Roommate’s Friend Accepted My Sex Proposal

Roommate’s Friend Accepted My Sex Proposal

This is a true incident that happened to me when I was working in Delhi. It is about Riya, my room-mate’s friend who accepted my sex proposal But, first things first let me tell you about myself. My name is Rahul, 26 years old boy, 6 feet height, good looking and with a penis size of 8-inches.

I had shifted to one of my colleagues’ 2 BHK as she was alone because her roommate had left the job and had gone to her home town. My roommate used to drink and smoke.

One day she received a call from her old friend and had a chat with her. Her friend was coming to the flat. Her name was Riya.

After Riya had a chat with my roommate, she wanted to say hello to me, so I said, “Hello.” When she came, I saw that she was good-looking girl, with a little bit extra built body but her curves were good. Then we three were sitting on the bed and talking.

Suddenly, my roommate got a call from her boyfriend and she went to receive him at the gate. When he came, they both went into another room for smoking and sex.

I and Riya were sitting on the opposite sides of the bed. I started talking and then slowly moving towards her. Now I was very close to her and I told her that I want to say something. She asked, “What?” I told her that if she is comfortable, I would like to kiss her.

Riya said that she liked that I took her permission and agreed to it. Then she opened her arms for me. I hugged her and started kissing her, a deep passionate kissing with my tongue in her mouth, and her tongue was in mine.

I started using my hand and while kissing her, I started pressing her boobs. She asked me to press gently. Now I was getting very hot and so was she. Slowly, I moved down from her lips to her neck, and then to her ears. While kissing her, I gave small bites as well. Whenever I bit her, she made an amazing sound which turned me on even more.

My roommate’s friend Riya was moaning very loudly now. I took my hand and went for the boobs inside the t-shirt she was wearing. But it was a bit tight. So she removed it. Now I saw that she was wearing a black bra and her boobs were partially visible which made me even hotter.

I started pressing my roommate’s friend’s boobs and began removing the bra from her boobs. And while doing this, I was kissing neck, ears and lips.

Then I started pressing her nipples. Riya was going crazy.

I went down and started sucking her boobs. She was pressing my head on her boobs, wanting me to suck more. She removed my t-shirt and shorts as well. Now I was in my underwear and she was in her panties. She was playing with my hair while I was sucking and biting her boobs.

I moved my one hand towards her vagina. It was was very hot down there and wet as well. I placed my hand inside her panty, and started rubbing her vagina. She got very excited and started moving her hands in search of my penis.

Riya caught it and started squeezing and shaking it. She also removed my underwear. Meanwhile, I removed her skirt and her panty together. Now, we both were naked, excited, horny and hot. She didn’t want me to stop kissing her.

While kissing and rubbingmy roommate’s friend’s vagina, I put one finger inside her. Her vagina was a bit tight but my finger went inside.

Now it was my turn to give her the time of her life and an orgasm as well. I went down and started licking the area around her vagina and thighs.

Riya was turned on and was pulling my head and placing it on her vagina so that I’ll suck her vagina. I wanted to do that but I also wanted to tease her a bit. Riya was moaning loudly and saying,

“Ohhh..yesss baby, Ohhhh..hmmmmmm. Suck my vagina, put your tongue inside me please baby. Ohh..mmmmm yeah, tight there,ohhh..ahhhhhhh.”

These were the sounds in the room. Finally, I placed my mouth on her vagina and kissed her. She was moving here and there but not letting me move. When I inserted my tongue inside her vagina, she instantly closed her legs screaming, “Yeahhhh, ahhhh..mmmmm baby suck it. Suck it harder.”

At this time I was in such a position that I was licking her pussy and she had my dick in her hand. I was inserting my tongue, she moved a bit and kissed my penis and started sucking my penis. Now I got what she might be feeling like.. it was the best feeling in the world for me too.

Riya was sucking me very nicely and I was sucking her. She removed my penis from her mouth and said, “I am about to cum,” but still I didn’t stop and kept on sucking her.

Her body tightened up a bit and then she released her liquid. I tasted it,it was salty. As she had cum and was a bit relaxed, I cummed too as she was also sucking. A few drops went into her mouth which she swallowed.

Then I changed my position and kissed her. She had a big naughty smile on her face. We started kissing and making out again. I was pressing her boobs, while she was shaking my penis which was very big according to her.

Riya told me she won’t be able to take such a long dick in her pussy, but I said, “Honey, I’ll be gentle and will do it slowly,” and started kissing her. She was holding my penis again. This time, she was squeezing it ait hard. I went down from her boobs to her vagina.

Riya took my whole dick in her mouth and it was like deep throat for her. She was not able to breathe but was sucking it very well. While I was sucking, she said my name in her sexy tone, “Rahul, I want your penis in my pussy now.”

We changed position and started kissing. She took my dick and started rubbing on her vagina. She placed my penis on her vagina and I gave a small push but her vagina was tight so it didn’t go in. I came on top of her and opened her wet vagina a bit.

I then rubbed my penis on her vagina. She said, “I can’t wait any longer, don’t tease me,fuck me now..mmmmmm.”

While rubbing, I placed my penis on her vagina and pushed a bit harder this time. The top part of my penis slid in. It was very painful for her and she screamed saying,

“Please take it out, you’ll kill me,” as her vagina was tight it was paining me as well.

My 3 inches thick dick was trapped into a small hole but I started rubbing her vagina and started kissing her.

At first, she pushed me away but then we started kissing. Her pain started reducing. After a moment, she became comfortable. I slowly moved forward and backward and made some space in her pussy and then gave one more push. This time, it was a hard push and my whole penis was inside her vagina.

Riya wanted to move but I didn’t let her move or scream. As soon as she was comfortable, she stared moving her ass.

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Roommate’s Friend Accepted My Sex Proposal