Rosy Takes My Virginity – Sex Stories

Rosy Takes My Virginity – Sex Stories

After sharing passionate kisses with my maid, I got very desperate for sex. I insisted her a lot for sex, but she did not agree. After continuously persuading her a lot of times, she slapped me and said she can’t fuck me but will try finding someone for me. I got all excited that I will soon be having sex. In excitement I kissed her. She looked at me angrily but later came towards me and kissed me even more passionately.

I spent a few sleepless nights thinking whom will Bai find for me to have sex with. I even stopped masturbating so that I can have better sex. Finally on Saturday Bai asked me to follow her to the kitchen. She locked latched the kitchen door. With a naughty smile on her face, she said, “Aaj raat apna lund taiyaar rakhna. Acchha chuut dhoondh rakha hai.” ( It translates as: Keep your cock ready tonight. I have found a nice pussy.) I asked her who she was, but she just asked me to get ready to go along with her and nothing else.

Finally at 9 pm, when Bai was about to leave, she said, “Are you ready for sex?” I said, “I am ready. Where are we doing?” She laughed at me and said, “You are going to have sex with someone else not me.” I said, “OK where is She?” Bai said,”You have to come with me for that. Inform your parents about it. I am waiting outside” With some gut I went inside my Parents room and said, “I am going out for sleepover. Will return tomorrow.” Without any questions they let me go.

Bai was waiting for me outside the building gates. Without saying anything, she started walking, and I followed her. It was a 5 minutes walk. She took me to a little crowded hut establishments. The huts were made of made using bricks, aluminum, Plastic, etc. Bai said, “I will take you to a room where you will spend your night. I will leave immediately as I don’t want to fall in any troubles.” She knocked on door of a room. I got suspicious on noticing the room number. It was ‘69’. A woman opened the door. Bai pointed towards me and said, “ Bhabhi yahi hai woh ladka. Maja karna.” Bai smiled at me and left. The woman pulled me inside and latched the door.

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I was shocked looking at the woman. She seemed like a woman in her late 30s. She was fat but had huge boobs. She had silky black hair. She had wheatish skin tone. She was wearing light pink gown. She had tied her hair in a bun. She had even applied red lipstick. Her room was very small. It had a double bed made up of steel. The room also had a small platform with basin, two chairs and a table. The woman asked me to sit on the bed and she leaned forward to kiss me. I was frightened looking at this sight.

She looked at me and said, “ Aren’t you happy. You will be having sex with me?” I said, “ This is not what I had thought of. I thought the woman would be more beautiful.” She was shocked by my reply. She stood up and quickly removed her gown and threw it on me. She was not wearing anything else. She stood all naked in front of me. She sat on the bed, spread her legs and showed me her vagina. She said, “ This is what you need. A Pussy. I have one. So use your cock and both of us will be happy. “ I thought she was right. All I wanted was a woman to be with and enjoy each other’s body. I kissed her without any hesitation. Both of us enjoyed ourselves.

I still did not knew her name. I asked, “ What is your name aunty?” She looked at me and said, “ Beta, we are just about to fuck and you are calling me aunty. I might be 37 years old but when we are together, both of us are just two sex objects fucking each other. My name is Roshni but you can call me Rosy.” I again kissed Rosy and she spontaneously removed my clothes. Both of us laid on the bed hugging each other.

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She pointed her finger towards her pussy and said, “ Ask your cock to enter here.” I got ready to do it for the first time in my life. She laid on the bed and spread her legs. I stood up and got ready for the action. We used a little lubrication for better ease. I found that my penis was very sensitive. On touching the tip of my penis to her vagina, I felt a lot of pain and thought of not going further, But Rosy held me and forcefully inserted my cock into her pussy.

After sometime the pain turned into pleasure and I was enjoying it. I started putting my cock in and out with increasing speed. Both of us were moaning with joy. I said I had to cum. She put my cock in her mouth and drank my cum. She enjoyed it and said she drank men’s love juice after almost 10 years.

I was tired and laid on the bed. Rosy too slept besides me. I asked Rosy why she agreed to fuck me. She said, “ 10 years ago my husband went on a business trip and never returned back. He keeps sending me a little money every month, but I have not seen him after he had left. He left me alone and I have to live all by myself. Now I feel lucky that I have a man in my life again. I feel blessed to have you.“ I got nervous and thought that she could ask me to marry her. I immediately said I can’t marry her. She laughed at me and said, “ I just need to fuck you once a week. Do you promise to fuck your Rosy Aunty every week? “ Without a second thought I said yes.

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Rosy asked me to sleep on the bed and she stood up and sat on my body. She inserted my cock into her pussy and rided it. She seemed to be an expert at it. I asked her, “ You are an expert at sex. Do you fuck daily?” She said, “ Well the money that my husband sends is less and to get more money I give sex to people.”
Me: So you are a prostitute.

Rosy: You could say so. But I will not be charging you.

Me: Why?

Rosy: I am fed up with men handling me like their possession. But with you I can take the lead. I can fuck you in any position I want.

Without letting me speak any further she smooched me. Rosy also fucked me in various position where she took the lead. Finally in the morning I dressed up and left promising her to return next Saturday. I returned hoe and my parents did not have any suspicion on me. I loved the way I lost my virginity.

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Rosy Takes My Virginity – Sex Stories

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