Sam’s sister surprises Sam, Mom, and Aunt Gail

Sam’s sister surprises Sam, Mom, and Aunt Gail

“I smell coffee…,” Jessica was saying as she turned the corner of the foyer and looked into the kitchen.

She stopped in her tracks and her eyes went as wide as saucers when she saw the three of us. “What the fuck?”

Mom and I were still hugging, so she released me, took one step backwards, and turned around. My erection sprang free, and Jessica’s eyes locked onto my thick cock. The scene must have been mortifying to my sister. In front of her were three of her family members, stark naked and obviously in the midst of some kind of sexual activity.

In a very small voice Mom said, “Hi, honey.”

“Mom, what’s going on?”

Mom glanced from Jessica to Aunt Gail, who gave her a wan smile, and then to me. I shrugged. “I suggest we just tell her the truth,” I said.

Aunt Gail agreed. “I agree, actually. I mean, we really don’t have another option.”

Mom sighed and said, “Yeah.” She turned to Jessica and said, “Baby, come here and sit down.”

I think Jessica may have been in shock because she walked over and sat down at the table, in spite of our nakedness. We each sat around the round four-person table. The sight must have been ridiculous: two naked women in their thirties and a 6′ 2″ 18-year-old man who was equally naked, all of whom were related.

Mom sat at the table with her large, soft breasts on display. They swayed as she sat down, and then she placed her arms on the table and leaned forward, smashing her boobs into her arms. To her left was Aunt Gail, who was sitting back in her chair for the entire world to see her spectacular, firm breasts. I wondered for a moment if Mom’s breasts looked like that before she had children. Aunt Gail was perfectly comfortable with the situation, which caused my mind to wonder once again. I wondered if Aunt Gail had been in situations where multiple people were naked together. The thought of Aunt Gail in an orgy started my semi-erect penis to swell once again. I was thankful I was sitting next to a table.

Before Mom could choose her words, Jessica asked, “Can someone please tell me why my mother, her sister and my brother are all naked in the kitchen…TOGETHER? And, why does Sammy have a hard-on?” She looked me in the eye. “And, most of all, why does it smell like someone has been FUCKING in here?” Jessica folded her arms across her chest and leaned back in her chair, looking from face-to-face-to-face.

Mom started, “Well, I guess you’ve figured out that things might have gotten a little bit out of hand.”

“A LITTLE BIT!” Jessica cried. “Yeah, I’d say things ‘might have gotten a little bit out of hand’.” She made air quotes with her fingers when she quoted Mom.

Mom let her vent quietly for a few seconds and then took a deep breath. “All that I ask is that you hear me out before you pass judgement.”

“Oh,” Jessica interrupted, “that boat has sailed.”

“Fair enough. Then, all I ask is that you hear me out.” She looked at Jessica who nodded without saying a word.

“You know that you and your brother have very different personalities. You are very outgoing and gregarious and Sammy is much more of an introvert.”

“I’d say nerd,” Jessica said, turning to me and smiling.

‘That’s a good sign,’ I thought to myself. ‘She is comfortable enough to tease me.’

Mom smiled, too. “Okay, nerd. At any rate, when you left for college, I knew that you’d already lost your virginity to Alex.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide and she asked, “How did you know that?”

“Believe me, sweetheart, a Mom knows. You just wait and see.” She reached her hand out across the table and in another good sign Jessica unfolded her arms, leaned forward, and took Mom’s hand. “I knew you were going to do fine at college. You were going to meet new friends, join clubs, find new romantic interests, but most of all you would not sit in your room and play video games all day.”

A hint of recognition crossed Jessica’s face, but she remained silent.

“I wasn’t nearly as sure about your brother.” Mom turned to me and smiled a sad little smile. “Before this summer, he played video games all day, never left the house, and had few friends and never a girl friend.”

“All true,” I said, looking from Mom to Jessica.

I turned back to Mom when she began speaking again. “So at the beginning of the summer I asked Gail if she would take Sammy for the summer. We didn’t let him take his video console with him. Both of us thought that the change would do him some good, and, honestly, I kind of hoped he’d find a girlfriend.”

It was Gail’s turn to take up the story. “We had a great summer. He started doing yoga with me every day.”

Jessica was surprised once again and turned to me. “It’s hard, isn’t it?”

“It certainly is.”

Gail continued, “And your brother got a job down on the beach at a snack bar. He confided in me that he met a lot of young ladies his own age, but it became apparent to me that his lack of confidence and experience were too large a barrier for him to overcome, at least during this summer.” She paused for effect and took a deep breath. “So, your Mom and I schemed a bit.” She looked at me and Aunt Gail reached over and took my hand in hers. “We decided that I should be the one to teach your little brother how to be a man.”

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It took Jessica several seconds to understand the meaning of what Aunt Gail had just said. She stared at Aunt Gail, and then the realization that Aunt Gail had taken my virginity hit and it immediately showed on her face. Jessica turned to look at me and then back to Aunt Gail. “To be clear here, you fucked Sammy.”

Gail replied, “The short answer is, ‘yes.’ The long answer is that what I did was to give an 18-year-old man an education in how to love and treat women that typically takes many years to learn.”

Jessica let go of Mom’s hand and sat back in her chair, chewing on what she had just heard. She looked around the table at each one of us and then said, “But, that still doesn’t explain why all of you are naked…today…in the kitchen.” She waved her finger in a circle around her head to emphasize the point.

It was Mom’s turn again. “Well, that’s where we got carried away.” She took another deep breath. “How much of this do you want to know?”

Jessica shrugged her shoulders. “Everything, I guess.”

“Okay. As you know, your Dad and I have been married since I was very young. And…fuck…okay, I’ll just say it. I’m bored to tears having sex with your father all the time. He is a missionary position only, wham-bam-thank you ma’am kind of guy these days. I haven’t had an orgasm that wasn’t caused by my own hands in a very long time…well, until today.”

Jessica’s hand shot to her mouth and she said, “Wait. What? Ew!”

Mom’s tone changed. She was no longer worried about what Jessica thought, but more interested in venting her own frustration. “Last night Aunt Gail told me about all of their sexual exploits over a couple of bottles of wine, and, frankly, it got me wet and horny.”

Jessica’s eyes widened at Mom’s coarse language.

“So, I kind of ambushed your brother this morning. I wore as few clothes as I could without being too obvious, and encouraged him to be…playful. I thought we might just have some fun, like flirting or something. What I didn’t expect was how confident he is now. He knew exactly which buttons to push and how to treat a lady. He went from flirting to fucking in less than a minute, and frankly, I liked it. He really knows how to turn a woman on.”

She looked at me and smiled. I looked at Aunt Gail and beamed. “She taught me everything I know.” I pointed at Aunt Gail.

Mom said, “And, damn it, your brother brought me to two earth-shattering orgasms this morning.” She held up two fingers. “TWO!” For some reason, Mom was angry now. She looked at Jessica and pointed at her. “When was the last time one of your lovers made you cum twice in 15 minutes, and BEFORE he came? Huh?”

Jessica held up both hands to Mom, palms out. “Mom, why are you angry at me?”

Mom took a deep breath. “I’m not honey. Sorry. I’m just…frustrated.” She smiled warmly at Jessica. “I guess it’s just a lot of pent up emotion. I am frustrated with my sex life with your Dad, but I love him so. I’ve thought about having an affair, but I was afraid I’d fall in love, and I decided that it was just too risky. So, I’ve lived in frustration for a long time. This morning, however, I had that sexual release that I have so craved, and lo and behold, I already loved him, and there is no risk of me leaving your Dad for him.” She reached over and kissed me on the lips, gently, like a Mom kisses a son. “And, then, you came in and kind of accused us of doing something wrong, when it felt so right.”

Jessica scooted her chair back from the table and walked around to Mom with her arms out. “I’m sorry, Mom. I had no idea.” Mom stood and they embraced in a tight hug. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

Then, Jessica broke the hug with Mom and said, “And, Aunt Gail, I was so in shock I didn’t even say hello to you.” She walked around the table and hugged Gail. “I’m sorry.”

Aunt Gail said, “There’s nothing to apologize about.”

Jessica returned to her seat and said to Mom, “Never.”

Mom looked puzzled and asked, “Never, what?”

“You asked me how many of my lovers have given me two orgasms in 15 minutes. The answer is none. It’s never happened. In fact, I’ll be honest. I’m not nearly as experienced as you seem to think I am, but I’ve never had a lover give me an orgasm during sex.” She shook her head to emphasize her point. “The problem is the internet; it seems that all boys are learning sex from internet porn these days. They think ‘normal sex’ is groping a girl, finger banging her to get her lubed up, and then quick vaginal or anal intercourse until they cum on your face while beating off. It’s just horrible…and unsatisfying. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not even interested in going out with college boys.”

Mom looked concerned and Aunt Gail was nodding her head in agreement. Mom said, “Honey, I had no idea.”

Jessica just nodded and said, “Yep.” She looked at me then at Aunt Gail. “You know, come to think of it, this really does make sense, if you look past the whole incest thing. An experienced woman taking the time to teach a young man how to satisfy a woman will sure make him a hot commodity at college.” She smiled at me. She reached out and ran her fingers through my hair. “Our nerdy Casanova will do fine if he’s as good as you two say he is.”

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“Oh! He is!” Mom and Aunt Gail said in unison. They looked at each other and laughed. Mom’s breasts jiggled when she laughed.

We sat around the table in awkward silence until Jessica asked, “So what did I break up when I came home?”

Aunt Gail answered, “Your Mom and Sam were enjoying the intimacy of the afterglow. And, I was so horny watching them that I’d called the next turn. But, if you want the next turn, I’ve had him all summer.”

Jessica held up her palm and said, “No thanks. I don’t think I’m ready for that, or if I’ll ever be ready for that matter.”

Aunt Gail stood up and said, “Your loss.” She walked to the kitchen island and jumped up to a seated position, her legs dangling over the side. She then placed her feet on either side of her showing just how flexible she was and completely displaying her pussy to all of us. Her labia were swollen and her large clit was poking out from under its hood. She looked at me and said, “I’m so wet.”

Jessica’s eyes were fixated on Aunt Gail’s pussy. She whispered to Mom, “I’ve never seen another girl’s vagina like this.”

Mom winked at Jessica and said, “I have.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide and she said, “Mom!”

Mom shrugged and tilted her head to one side, a shit-eating grin on her face.

Jessica asked, “Have you ever…you know…licked another woman’s vagina?”

Mom nodded her head with the grin still on her face.

Jessica said, “Really?”

“A huh.”

“Mom, there’s so much I don’t know about you.”

Mom smiled and said, “You have no idea, baby. I’m sure Aunt Gail wouldn’t mind teaching you how to eat pussy if you want to learn.”

Jessica’s hand went to her mouth and she looked from Aunt Gail’s face, to her pussy, to me, and then to Mom. “I don’t know.”

Mom got up and took Jessica by the hand saying, “Let’s just have a closer look.”

Mom looked up into her sister’s eyes and said, “You’re still so hot and sexy.” She then ran her tongue up the entire length of Aunt Gail’s pussy.

Aunt Gail moaned and threw her head back. “That feels so good.” She was holding onto her own shins, her legs completely separated.

Mom repeated her long licks several times. Jessica’s face was only inches from Mom’s. “What does it taste like?”

Mom inserted two fingers into Aunt Gail’s pussy and then placed her fingers in front of Jessica’s mouth. “Here you go; find out for yourself.”

Jessica started to tentatively taste Mom’s fingers, but she was having none of that. Mom quickly stuck both fingers into Jessica’s mouth until all of her knuckles had disappeared. Jessica closed her lips around Mom’s fingers and she withdrew them slowly. “How was that?”

Jessica smiled and said, “Not too bad, actually. It tastes a lot like my juices.”

Aunt Gail said, “That’s nice. Now can someone please eat my pussy?”

Mom stood up and moved to the side for Jessica. She leaned down and sucked Aunt Gail’s labia into her mouth, and then moved up to her clit. Aunt Gail said, “Right there!” and tossed her head back again. Jessica was working on Aunt Gail’s pussy like she’d been doing it for years. Gail said, “You don’t need any lessons, girl. You’re good at this.”

My penis felt like it was hard enough to break glass. I became aware that I was slowly stroking it and was very much enjoying the show.

My sister was eating my Aunt’s pussy and my naked Mom was encouraging her. Jessica was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt, a pair of spandex exercise shorts, and flip flops. Mom pulled at the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and over Jessica’s head, leaving her in her spandex shorts and a non-descript casual gray bra. Mom ran her hand over Jessica’s back several times and then cupped her butt cheeks over the spandex shorts. Mom leaned down and asked, “May I get you naked?”

Jessica stopped licking and sucking on Aunt Gail’s pussy and then looked at Mom, and then back over her shoulder at me. “What the fuck,” she said and nodded. She dove back into the task at hand. Mom unhooked her bra, which fell to the floor. From this angle I could see that Jessica’s tits were smaller with perky small nipples. Bent over as she was, her breasts formed triangles to her body as opposed to Mom’s tits that hung down and swayed.

Mom then pulled Jessica’s shorts and panties down in a single motion. Her ass was taut and firm and I could clearly see her shaved vulva from behind. At this point in my life, I’d only been with two women, Aunt Gail and Mom, so I was particularly intrigued by Jessica’s butthole. Both Aunt Gail’s and Mom’s butt holes were slightly opened and relaxed when they were bent over, but Jessica’s little butthole was tight and a slightly darker pink color than her skin. I wondered to myself if that was because Aunt Gail and Mom had taken dicks up their butts in the past and Jessica had not. It excited me that Mom let Dad fuck her in the ass.

Mom ran her finger down Jessica’s behind, across her butthole and then inserted a single finger into Jessica’s pussy. “Hmm,” she said, “you’re all wet.” Mom crooked a finger at me and said, “Come here, Sammy.”

I was all smiles as I approached the moaning women in front of me. My raging hard on was pointing out and up. Mom gently took me by the penis and placed it behind Jessica. “Your sister is all wet and waiting for you. Show her how a real man fucks.”

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I grabbed her by the hips and slowly placed the tip of my penis against her vaginal opening. Aunt Gail had taught me that although there are times when ramming it in might be appropriate, that was rare and I should always go slowly unless prompted differently by my lover. When Jessica felt my penis touch her pussy she turned around and looked over her shoulder at me. “Do it,” she said.

Jessica went back to work on Aunt Gail, who was saying, “I’m close. Don’t stop.”

I pushed my hips forward and my dick was grasped by the tightest pussy I’d ever felt in my short life. Jessica dropped her head and said, “It’s so thick. Go slow.” I was more than happy to oblige because it felt so amazing going in. After about 20 or 30 seconds, I had my pelvis pressed against her ass cheeks and I just held it there waiting for her to adjust to my girth. I knew from watching porn on the internet that my dick wasn’t nearly as long as those found on porn stars, so I had grown up thinking I had a small dick. But, Aunt Gail and Mom had both commented on how thick I was, so I assumed my dick was short and thick. I later found out I was average in length, but above average in girth.

At that moment, Aunt Gail shuddered and closed her legs on Jessica’s head as she came. “Fuck!”

When she finally released Jessica’s head, Jessica said, “I’m so fucking full. It feels like someone stuffed a cucumber in my pussy.” She then pulled her hips forward just to the point where my dick was about to leave her, then she pushed back against me, slowly, fucking herself with my dick. I let her set the pace and started to gently return her thrusts. Mom reached under Jessica and pulled her nipples and then reached up to kiss me, out tongues roaming inside each other’s mouth. Aunt Gail had dropped her feet back over the island, and Jessica’s head was on her lap. Jessica was holding onto Aunt Gail with her hands on her hips for leverage. Aunt Gail was running her fingernails over Jessica’s back.

“This feels so nice,” Jessica purred.

“Yes it does,” I said. “You’re so tight!”

“And, you’re so thick,” she replied.

I grabbed her round hips tighter and picked up the pace. She again dropped her head and met my thrusts. I heard her mumble, “I’m going to cum if you keep this up.” Because I had recently fucked Mom, I was nowhere close. I relished in the thought that I was bringing so much pleasure to my big sister. “Fuck me harder, Sammy.” I quickened yet again and my pelvis was making a slapping noise against her ass. “Oh god, that feels good. I can feel your balls slapping my clit.” I saw her ball her fists and she rose up on her tip toes. “I’m cumming! Ahhh!” She slammed her ass against me hard several times and then pulled away from me pulling me completely out. “Enough!”

She turned around to face me. Her cheeks were flushed and perspiration beaded on her forehead. Her breasts were firm, the size of pomegranates. Her nipples were small and erect. I pulled her to me and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

“That was the first time I’ve ever experienced and orgasm while fucking.” She smiled up at me. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I hugged her tight. I felt Mom’s large soft breasts on my back as she hugged both of us.

Jessica broke the hug and tugged on my still very erect penis. “What are we going to do about this?”

Aunt Gail said, “I’ve got an idea.” She crooked her finger at me and placed her feet back on the counter. I walked to her and immediately sank my cock into her swollen pussy. She said, “That’s it. Fuck me hard and cum inside of me.”

I needed no additional instructions. I knew what Aunt Gail liked, so I began thrusting inside of her and used my thumb to stimulate her clit. Since she was sitting up on the island, her perfect tits were at the right height and I sucked a nipple into my mouth. I looked to my left and saw Jessica standing behind Mom. She had both of her hands around Mom and was kneading her breasts, occasionally pulling on her large rubbery nipples while looking over Mom’s shoulder watching us fuck. Mom was rubbing her own pussy watching her only son fuck her only sister. I must admit, I liked the audience.

Aunt Gail brought me back to reality. “Are you close, because I’m about to cum again?”

“Wait on me, I’m almost there.”

Suddenly I was aware of a hand on my balls. Jessica had reached between my legs and was cupping my balls. She used her fingernails to stimulate them. “Oh, fuck, that’s it!” I cried. “I’m going to cum.”

I erupted into Aunt Gail’s dripping wet pussy as she came hard. She grabbed me around my shoulders and pulled me to her chest as she came. I turned my head to the side so that I could breathe and let her ride out her wave of pleasure as my balls drained into her.

After several minutes our breathing had returned to normal. We all looked at one another and started laughing.

Mom asked, “Who’s hungry? I’ll make breakfast.”

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Sam’s sister surprises Sam, Mom, and Aunt Gail