Satisfying A Middle-aged Housewife – Part 1

Satisfying A Middle-aged Housewife – Part 1

This is a real incident that happened between us. Basically, I am from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu; married and settled here. I was working at an office that serves customers with various services such as typing, printing, and photocopying.

A lady in her early 30’s used to come to our office for availing these services on behalf of her husband. Her husband was running a medium-sized pipe company. She was looking after the company with her husband. Her husband used to go for marketing and she used to look after all the paper works for the office.

They were leading a well-settled life but somehow she found me interesting and a new relationship started between us.

This incident starts when her husband introduced her to me and said that she will be hereafter taking care of the official work and so I need to help her. Initially, it was going normal. She would come for her official work and I would help her.

Slowly things changed. For some clarification I got her mobile number and our conversations were on mobile also but only official.

Later, when our meetings increased, she would ask whether I had my lunch, what about my family, etc. As days passed by, we had regular conversations and were also chatting normally.

Slowly, her conversations were getting more and more frequent and she was finding it happier. She was talking freely about her daily routines, family and when it was going happily, she once said she liked me very much.

She told me that I was very caring and understanding her emotions. Even though her husband was a very good person, she was still missing something in her married life.

Once she had come to the office where I worked and after finishing her work, she left after our regular conversations. She came back after 5 minutes and said that her two-wheeler was not starting. I tried starting it but could not.

I asked her to book a cab or auto and meanwhile, I will have her vehicle repaired from the nearby service center. But she insisted to drop her at her office in my two-wheeler.

I started my vehicle and she sat one-sided. Initially, the travel was normal, we were chatting. But, after travelling some distance, she started to come closer to me.

She kept her hand on my left shoulder and moved closer to my right side in the bid of talking. Her right breast was now touching my back and I started feeling a current flowing in my body. I knew she also aware of her breast touching my back.

I slowly adjusted myself so that I can feel her soft breasts fully. She did not tell anything but rather was co-operating.

There was a small break in our conversation as we were both enjoying the ride.

We reached her office and she asked me to come inside. It was a small office with a godown at the back.

I sat opposite to her and was looking at her. She was not looking at my face and was shy. I held her hand and she looked at me. I asked her about the ride to which she blushed. I said I enjoyed the ride very much.

Not knowing what to talk with her, I said I was leaving. She also was silent and did not tell anything. I left halfheartedly. There was no message or call from her for some time. I was also hesitant to call or message her. I finished my work and left office thinking of her.

After finishing dinner, I was on the terrace thinking about our relationship and how I should take this further. I got a message from her asking what I was doing and if I am free to call her. I messaged her about her husband and she said he was out of station. So I called her.

After regular chit-chat, I once again asked her about the ride. She initially did not tell anything and was silent. After asking her repeatedly, she told me that she was enjoying my company and wanted this always.

She clearly told me that her husband was taking good care of her and in spite of that, she was finding my company enjoyable.

Our conversation went on and finally, I got some courage and asked, “Can I come home now?”

She was very hesitant and afraid initially. She told me that she needed some more time as she had not thought about that. She told me to come to her office the next day. We bid goodbye and said I too liked her very much and she said I am very lovable and disconnected the phone.

The next day I went to her office taking an hour’s permission from my work. She smiled at me. She was standing by the table and I went close to her.

For the first time, we were looking at each other at a very close distance. I held her cheeks with my palms and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

I tried to get close to her to kiss her but she opened her eyes when my hot breath fell on her face. She stepped back slightly and looked at me. I slowly pulled her close to me and gave a soft hug. She also hugged me and rested on my shoulder.

I did enjoy her closeness and was hugging her for some time. She then lifted her head from my shoulder and I went close to her and planted a soft kiss on her cheeks. She blushed and moved away.

I went closer to her and held her hands and tried to plant another kiss, but she felt very shy and told that I shall leave and will message me.

I did not want to push it further and left the place telling I loved her. She smiled and said, me too.

I will continue our memorable incident in the next part. I hope you had so far enjoyed. Please give your comments at [email protected]

Satisfying A Middle-aged Housewife – Part 1