Secret Make-Out With A Married Intern

Secret Make-Out With A Married Intern

Hello Guys! I am thankful for your feedback and positive response to my earlier story. About me – I am Fahad (name changed) 29 years old, married and working in a software company in Chennai. This real incident that I am going to share happened in my office with an intern.

She had joined for a project which had to be completed in 2 months. This was during last month – February. The mistress of my story was – Heena (name changed). She was married and 30 years old. Her husband was working in an IT company in Chennai and they were living alone.

She was writing her exams for her Canada studies. So to get some pocket money and spend her idle time she decided to work as an intern. So for half-day, she works and the rest of the day she would study for her exams.

About her figure – she was short maybe 5’3 and lean. with stats of 34-32-36. So you can imagine she had a perfect round ass with firm breasts. She had long brownish hair and round frame specs. It gave her a nerd look.

I was in a team where we had to meet clients to sell software solutions. Our team required some support for getting paperwork done for my clients. The HR obliged and allocated an intern among 4-5 interns who had joined for various projects. My manager introduced Heena to me.

He asked me to brief her about the work and get the job started the same day. I was a bit experience in this profile. So I introduced Heena with all the team members and briefed her about the job. I felt a bit awkward to speak with a girl as I was recently married.

After marriage, I had maintained a distance with all the female colleagues. But I felt different when I was with her. We instantly clicked. Maybe as she and I both were married. We started to always talk about the funny parts on been married.

One day she had a doubt. She just leaned next to me to ask a certain doubt and her hand had touched me. It sent ripples in my body. I just kept looking at the laptop screen and explained it to her. She then asked if she could sit next to me for easier support. I obliged.

For the next two weeks, she was next to me. Daily I would notice her figure with the sexiest dresses she wore. One day sleeveless top and her clear armpits would force me to masturbate that night. Then with kurti and tight leggings, she would wear a little higher heels and with that, her ass would swing amazingly.

It became a habit. I would notice her at every possible angle. She would also smile and we became very close. We started to have our lunch together. One night, I texted her saying, “You looked very beautiful today!” She smiled and replied, “Thanks. I hope your wife doesn’t read these messages.”

I said, “Do not worry. She doesn’t see my phone.” That night I requested her, “Can you wear that short green t-shirt and blue denim to the office tomorrow? You look the sexiest in that?”

Heena – “Oh really? I am not sure, let me see.” I said, “Good night,” immediately to avoid any further awkward conversation. I thought that night if she is attracted to me she would wear the clothes which I have asked her to wear.

The next day, when I reached the office, I was a bit late. I looked at my place and there I saw her wearing the dress which I asked to wear. She looked at me and smiled. I was on cloud 9. I didn’t react much in office and I just sat next to her. and didn’t say a thing. I was speechless. She looked like a model.

I took my phone and texted her, “You are hot!” She smiled and replied looking into my eyes, “Look into my eyes and say that.” I saw her, then glanced at her lips, she had applied red lipstick. I said, “Yes, you look freaking hot.” That day we just chatted with each other on WhatsApp.

There were only heart, kiss smileys on every statement, despite sitting next to each other. We knew we cannot give any gossip talks in the office about us. We just chatted the whole day. That night she texted me back saying, “It was awesome talking with you.”  I replied, “Same here.”

The next day morning she seemed very sad. I asked her the reason. She just went to the toilet, cried her heart out and again came back to my place. She said that she hasn’t had sex for a very long time. I was surprised by such a confession to me.

I consoled her and we went to the cafeteria. We sat down with our teacups. I held her and said, “Chill, don’t think much.” I knew this is a bad moment to say anything cheesy. So I just said, “I thought you must be having a very good time with your husband as you are so sexy.”

She said that her husband doesn’t think that way. I said that he is a fool. We drank our tea and just held each other hands. We walked up to the office reception. She just smiled at me.

That day we had a hectic work on completing the paperwork. I asked her to see if she can extend her intern hours. She smiled and obliged. We were slogging until 8 pm. Generally, with this company, there is no time limit for the work you do. For targets, many even stay till 10 pm.

That day very few of them were at the office. It was Friday night, so many had left early. Heena said she wanted a break and she went to the toilet. So the toilet is in such a way that there are a door and a small passage. Then there is a division of washrooms for males and females.

She went inside and texted me, to come to the toilet. I thought there would be some emergency, and went to the passage. She was in the ladies’ toilet door and called me inside. I just had a glance around. I immediately went towards the ladies’ toilet and locked from inside.

That moment broke all the barriers. She just grabbed me and we started to kiss each other. My hands were tightly around her waist and I was squeezing them. Our heads were moving from left to write and our lips were all over each other. Our tongues met and her tongue was deep inside me.

I bit her lips hard and with that pain, she pulled my hair. I aggressively grabbed her ass and pressed it and again kissed her passionately. We knew we had very little time to spend and it should be a quality one. I immediately put my hand inside her tight legging and pushed my hands deep to her vagina.

She wore no panties, Her pussy was dripping and was wet. I put my index finger first in her pussy lips. I slowly rubbed around the vagina. I kept teasing her. She held my hands and whispered in my ears, “Insert your finger baby.”  I slowly inserted inside her pussy and just bit her ears.

I again thrust my index finger and removed it and licked the cream of her pussy. “That was sweet as honey,” I said. She was a completely different person,  a wild woman. Her hands were on my crotch, pressing it hard over my denim. I was hard on and she kept pressing it hard.

I was finger fucking her while standing. She left a moan and she orgasmed. She smiled and bit my shoulder to avoid any further noise from her. I again kissed and said,  “I want to fuck you soon.” She said we will. It was very risky to be in the toilet for a longer period and it would have created suspicion.

I asked her to open the door and first see if anyone is there so that I can move out first. Luckily there was no one, so I left. She washed her face and her pussy to avoid any signs of wetness. After 5 minutes, she came back to our place and we just smiled.

She texted back, “I need you very soon! I am desperate to get fucked by you.” She said that she has to leave as her husband would be waiting. I got a call from my wife too. We left and we knew we are now up for a different adventure.

Her 1 month was already over. So we both knew we have just 1 month to spend time with each other in a fruitful way.

In my next story, I will tell you how I had visited her place and what happened after her internship completion. I will be happy to get feedback from all of you. If there is anyone who would like to talk secretly on hangout can reach out to me on – [email protected]

Secret Make-Out With A Married Intern