Secret Relationship And Sex With Married Teacher

Secret Relationship And Sex With Married Teacher

Hello everyone, I am Akhill Sharma from Kolkata city, welcomes you all to the ISS world again. If you aren’t aware of my previous story written three years back on ISS, I would request you kindly read that as well. If you read that you would understand a lot about me that I don’t fancy fake and made up incidents while writing my real-life experience.

Today, I am going to narrate another real incident between my school teacher and me.

First, let me introduce myself, I am an average looking guy, age 29 around 5 feet 8 inches tall. I have a good physique due to my daily workout habit and my tool sizes 6.5 inches. My parents passed away and I live alone in my house. I completed my graduations from Bhawanipur College and I am looking after my own family business.

I have been always attracted towards elderly women, whether they are my teachers or any lady in the neighborhood. What I really find amazing about mature ladies is that they carry themselves very nicely. I have a fetish for women wearing saree. I just love it. Their curves, their assets, their hips don’t lie either. LOL.

Anyways, now let me introduce to you the lady of this story whom I wanted to have in my life sexually so desperately. Her name is Kuheli, a school teacher, age 42, around 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is the mother of a 16-year-old girl and her husband works in a private company. He is somewhat 8 to 9 years older than her.

Kuheli is absolutely stunning and good looking at this age as well. A treat to eyes when you look at her beautiful face and mesmerizing assets especially her good round boobs which looks so firm. If I am not mistaken, her vital stats are 36D-30-34 and mind you, that’s really spectacular.

Her ass when she walks makes me say tik tok tik tok tik tok whenever I see from behind draped in saree. Most often, she use to wear a sleeveless blouse which could give anyone a boner or could make young girls jealous by the view of her stunning shoulders and upper arms. So smooth that you would want to touch them.

The way she wears her saree is also nice because it is usually below her navel all the time, at least 1 or 2 inches below. She has a deep navel similar to actress Madhuri Dixit. Such navel could make any guy have his jaw dropped. Looking at her navel in school times was really exciting because it always gave an instant urge to shag. Men will be men.

It was 2004 when she joined our school. When she entered the class, I was totally lost by the sight of her. I had never seen such a beautiful stunning teacher in my life.

Kuheli was 28 years then and was recently married. Luckily, she happened to be our biology teacher. What could I ask for more when the chapter of reproduction came and she used to teach us about human anatomy.

My total attention used to be on my teacher’s figure rather than on what she was busy explaining. She had also caught me staring at her quite a few times. But she never reacted much. I guess she also understood that I was fantasizing about her.

I happened to be a good student so maybe she never bothered to say me anything or maybe she thought that boys of that age generally tend to think about teachers that way some times.

Anyways, day by day the lust for my teacher grew intense and my urge to have sex with her grew more and more. I never missed a chance to be an active volunteer whenever a co-curricular activity involved her. In this way, I generated my ability to do things well in her mind.

She took me as a very helpful and smart boy in the class, which developed her liking towards me.

One day, I came to knew that she used to give private tuition at her home. Even though I never needed any help in studies, still I did not want a chance to miss this opportunity to be with her even after school.

So I asked her to give to help me in a few subjects and for that, she had to give tuition at my place. Initially, she was reluctant but I being too clever for her offered her much more than she got from any other student. So she agreed and started giving me tuition.

In my home when she came straight after school, I gave her enough hospitality she needed. Gradually, we had started coming to my home together and have lunch together at my place.

She used to teach me for at least 2 hours during which I completely stared at her and used to measure her body. We grew closer during that phase and also used to discuss various happening in the school.

I informed her about a few guys who had the same kind of feeling like I had but I proved myself a hero in front of her by saying that I taught those guys good lessons by myself and they would never ever think bad about her.

She grew more and more comfortable with me after all such events. Later I did not miss a chance to chat with her during dinner times or when she was about to go to sleep. I used to text her and always got a good response from her which made me understand that she too has likings for me.

Unfortunately, my hot teacher left the school as she had some issues and we did not get much time as we did. But fortunately, we got connected again at the beginning of the year 2017 as I got a friend request from her on facebook.

I seriously could not express my joy when I saw her request. We literally got again back in the same way as we were before – daily texts, phone calls sometimes and things like that. Things were different this time though. I noticed she was much more into me this time – bolder in her talks and sometimes even talking about my affairs.

I did not waste time and told her that I love someone but I am afraid of confessing that to that person. She kept on asking me who the lucky one was. So I told her without much thinking that it was her. She told me that she knew that from a long time and also knew I would confess my love someday.

I was so amazed at her reaction and asked her feelings for me but to that she said she cannot have that feeling for me as she was married

But she told me something a few days later (which I am cherishing to date). She said she would like to have a secret relationship with me if I was ok with that. How could I say no to that? So I agreed to her.

We still chatted and also sexted for upcoming months until our first copulation happened. It was she who told me that she wanted to meet me at my place. It took me no time to understand what was in her mind.

I told her that she could come to my place any time she wanted and it was fixed the next morning. As expected she came around 9 in the morning as she bunked the school. (Imagine a teacher bunking a school to have sex with her ex-student!).

The sexy married teacher was in a black saree and a sleeveless blouse and looking stunning as usual. I could not keep my eyes off her. I hugged her straightaway after closing the main gate. She too was not resisting and was cooperating fully.

We started smooching and my hands were exploring the mature lady’s back and ass. What a pulp she was at this age! My dream of having my mature teacher finally was getting fulfilled. I could not believe my luck that actually I was having her in my arms and smooching her deeply.

The feeling gave me a hard-on and I poking it between her legs. She was a good kisser and knew the art of kissing. She was taking my tongue in and sucking it nicely.

I then laid Kuheli on the couch and removed her pallu and was kissing and licking her cleavage. What a nice pair of bouncy boobs she had, oh my god! I was dumbstruck looking at my teacher’s tits.

I was constantly pressing her melons and kissing her deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, Kuheli was rubbing her hands on my cock. She already knew how big it was (we had talked about it during our sexts).

The teacher was growing more impatient as she wanted to stroke my naked cock and also suck it deep as she had a fetish for long cocks. I started taking off her saree and then her petticoat. In no time, Kuheli was standing in her bra and wet panty. The woman I dreamed of fucking was standing in semi-nude state in front of me!

I quickly took my clothes off and hugged her again from the back and lowered her panties to shove my hot erect cock in my married teacher’s pussy and ass crack. Kuheli was uncontrollable and was constantly rubbing her pussy and also stroking my cock. I was pressing her boobs very hard and kissing her neck and earlobes at the same time.

Then I took her to my bedroom and made her lay down. She was looking like a beautiful bitch pleading me to tear her up and pound her hard.

I got on top of her, took off her bra and pantie and there she was, lying totally naked under me.

I was sucking my Indian teacher’s boobs like there was no tomorrow. Kuheli was rubbing on my back and kneading my hair and with the other hand, she was squeezing my cock’s tip on her pussy lips.

I was so wet that my precum was getting stuck on her pussy and on her thighs. I went down to kiss her belly and navel. I probed it with my tongue made circles around her sexy navel. She had a juicy navel, mind you.

Then I got down tasting her pussy and inserted my tongue in her pussy. It was so wet and the warmth of it could make me understand how sexual feelings had taken control over her body. I kept on licking and sucking my teacher’s deep pussy with my tongue and was also fucking her pussy with my middle and ring finger. It was a damn nice experience!

Kuheli was enjoying the whole act and was moaning all the time. I made her cum huge after some time. Believe me guys, it was insane. Kuheli was literally shivering while having the orgasm. It was intense.

Then I wasted no time and shoved my cock into my teacher’s wet pussy. She moaned very loudly this time that I had to cover her mouth for some time until her moans subsided.

Kuheli’s pussy was wet and fully lubricated. I was hammering my cock up and down in her cunt. She was saying my name in pleasure, “Akki amake chude de, amake bhalo kore chude de” in Bengali (Akki fuck me, fuck me good).

I was pounding mercilessly and deep in her cunt and was sucking her juicy tits simultaneously. Listening to such dirty words from such a hot sexy woman and that too from your ex-school teacher was more than enough for me to explode in her.

In no time, I was up and ready to cum in Kuheli’s cunt. I didn’t even bother to ask her where I should cum as I was so taken up by the act.

I filled her pussy with my white sticky love juices. I completely emptied my seeds deep inside my teacher’s pussy. Kuheli too did not stop me either and in fact, when I was cumming inside her, she clutched my waist with her legs and was pulling my cock deeper in her pussy.

It took us both some time to catch our breaths back. We then looked in each other’s eyes and both smiled in satisfaction.

It was a teacher-student erotic sexual experience to remember for a long long time for both of us. My teacher then confessed saying that her husband never fucked her in such a rough and animalistic manner.

We had plenty of time to have more sessions and we did. Later I got her on all fours and fucked her in doggy style too. That took her even more in ecstasy as you all know that penetration is deeper in this particular position. I rammed her very hard and drilled deep inside her pussy.

Kuheli also tried the cowgirl position which she never did with her husband. When we were finally done, we laid there cuddling and talking. She revealed to me it was her best fuck and she was looking forward to having more such sessions ahead.

The best part was that she also said that she had never seen such a long and strong cock in her entire life. She said she loved my cock more than me now! Strange compliment!

We are still in a relationship which is strictly no strings attached. We fuck whenever we get a chance without anyone knowing.

Hope you all liked my real-life sex experience. I am sure plenty of you guys will take lessons from my story.

Do write to me with your valuable comments and reviews.

Any girl or lady desiring for some real give and take relationship, do mail me at [email protected] I am also available on hangout. Enjoy your life with lots and lots of love and plenty of bang bang. Chaaaoo.

Secret Relationship And Sex With Married Teacher