Seduced By My Mother’s Boss

I had just climbed out of the shower when the sound of the phone ringing came to my ear. Quickly toweling off my hair I then wrapped the towel around my waist and padded out to the hall. Since I had just gotten home from my summer landscaping job I hoped the call might be from a friend with something to do that evening which was why I decided to answer the phone.

“Hello” I said after hitting the talk button.

“Jake, you’re home. Thank God” came the voice of my Mom over the line.

“It’s not for all that Mom, I sometimes do come home you know.”

“Yes I know Jake but I need a favor so no time for smart ass comments, okay?”

“Sure what’s up Mom” I told her as I checked out my reflection in the hall mirror. Had to be honest that I looked good. Since I’d started working out last year I had developed some decent size to go along with the definition I always had from being naturally slim and working hard all day in the sun had only tanned and hardened me further.

“Jake, your Father and I are out to dinner when you know who called me about some work.”

“Angie?” I asked her.

“That’s right and I need a big favor from you. It seems she lost the file she needs to complete a project of hers that’s due tomorrow.”

“Well what do you want from me Mom, I don’t know anything about the project. Besides I’m not really the type for office work” I told her teasingly.

“Ha ha. No fooling, what I need is for you to go into my bag, the one I bring to work. I should have a disk in there with a copy of the file on it. Otherwise I’m going to have to come home and get it myself. And if I do your Father is not going to be happy with you. It’s not easy to get a reservation at Le Snobisme you know.”

“No problem, I’ll do it. Where’s your bag?”

“It should be in the front hall Jake. Usually I just put it down when I get home unless I have work to do that night.”

“Okay Mom I’m heading downstairs so hold on a minute.”

Dripping water as I went I reached the front hall shortly after. Right there on the floor was my Mom’s work bag like she said. Once I opened it I saw that there might be a problem. There were three disks sitting in there and none of them had any markings on them.

“Well your bag is there Mom but there are three disks in it and none of them says what they are.”

There was nothing but silence on the other end of the line.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Hold on Jake, I’m thinking. I’m not sure so I’ll tell you what. When Angie gets there just explain the situation and give her all three disks and let her figure it out.”

“What! She’s coming here. I was planning on going out tonight Mom. When will she be here?”

“I don’t know Jake. Just wait there until she comes. To be honest I’m surprised that she isn’t there yet. She really wants to finish that project and she normally drives like a maniac and now with a reason I can only imagine how fast she’ll be driving.”

“No problem. I’ll wait no matter how long it takes even if it costs me my social life.”

“Oh how noble of you. Thanks and don’t stay out too late and stay out of trouble. Love you Jake.”

“Don’t worry Mother, I’ll be good” I sarcastically replied.

I turned and left the hall carrying the three jewel boxes and put them on the table just past the door. Before I could reach the stairs the doorbell rang. Since I was only in a towel I was undecided on whether to hurry and put something on or get the door when two more rings came in rapid succession. Angie was living up to her reputation for impatience, that much was for sure.

Immediately I headed to the front door and opened it a crack before peering out. Standing there with an annoyed expression was my Mom’s boss Angie. She was a short, thick woman who had big, black hair, fake nails and a permanent tan with her most prominent feature being her very large chest. She looked at me with her brown eyes which were surrounded with so much mascara she almost had the look of a raccoon.

“About time Jake, have you spoken with your Mother?”

“Good evening to you as well. Umm yes Ms. Bertolli, but there is a small problem.”

“Why of course there is, why would today be any different. Well are you going to let me in while we discuss this or do I have to stand here on the doorstep sweating in this damn heat.”

“Sure Ms. Bertolli I guess you can come in…” I started to say but she simply pushed the door open wide enough for her to rush right past me. All I could do was close the door behind her and follow after. She stood in the living room, impatiently tapping her foot, and once she saw all I was wearing was a towel for a moment she was speechless but that didn’t last long.

“Nice outfit Jake, now what’s the problem?”

While she said this I noticed her eyes were feasting on me like I was a ham sandwich. When her gaze wandered over my abs and even lower she Actually licked her full, red lips.

“Ms. Bertolli I have the disk but there are three of them and I’m not sure which is the one you’re looking for honestly.”

“First Jake you should call me Angie as I’m sure you wouldn’t be calling me Ms. Bertolli if I wasn’t here, right? And you’ve been to more than one of the company parties so you’re almost family. Secondly do you have a computer that I can use and I’ll figure out which disk is the one I need. Thirdly do you think you could get me a drink? I hate to be a bother but it’s so hot and humid tonight.”

“Sure uh Angie. Is iced tea all right?”

“That’s a Long Island iced tea right?” she said smiling broadly at me.

“I’m not sure how to make one of those Angie, I’m only sixteen so I can’t drink. If you tell me what’s in it I can figure it out I suppose.”

“Plain iced tea is fine Jake, I was only kidding.”

I went to get her drink but from what I’d heard from my Mom I wasn’t so sure about her kidding. She said Angie worked hard but she also liked to drink hard. In fact she’d once been arrested for driving while impaired. Figuring it couldn’t hurt I poured some vodka into the glass before adding the iced tea.

She was standing there with the disks in her hand when I returned and she took the glass from me and as she did our hands touched sending a jolt through my hormonally charged teen body.

“My laptop is in my room Angie” I told her as I turned to go and retrieve it.

“Lead on Jake” she answered and without another word she followed right behind me.

I had expected her to wait in the living room while I got the computer which would also give me a chance to put something more on than the towel. However I already knew from my Mom that Angie was impatient and bossy and didn’t take no for an answer so I just went along with it without protesting. The sooner Angie got what she wanted the sooner I’d be able to go out.

She followed close behind me as we climbed the stairs and walked down the hall to my room. Considering how things had been, with me very busy lately, my room wasn’t in terrible shape. There was a little disorder but I wasn’t embarrassed with having someone see it. My laptop sat open on my desk though it was turned off. Hitting the on button I waited for it to resume. Without asking Angie commandeered the only chair in the room and sat down and as she did she pulled down her tight navy skirt that barely reached her mid-thigh. She placed the jewel cases next to the computer as well as the untouched drink and waited and in a minute the screen was up.

“Jake you need to put in your password so I can use this thing” she informed me as if I was clueless.

“Hold on” I told her at which time I leaned down and typed the required keys and pulled up the screen.

Unfortunately I’d forgotten the last site I’d been to was and the screen showed a page of porn video thumbnails. Quickly I killed that but it was obvious that she’d seen it. She turned and smiled knowingly at me as I felt myself blush. Even worse was that with me being so close to her I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating, that and with her sitting as she was I could see right down her cleavage with the top three buttons on her white blouse unbuttoned.

“Why Jake I can’t believe you were on a porn site” Angie said “as I know that you’re not eighteen yet. I believe you said you’re sixteen, right? But don’t worry I won’t tell your mother about it, or the fact that you’re staring at my breasts.”

“Sorry” I mumbled as I straightened up.

“Don’t worry about it Jake, at your age it’s natural to be curious and interested in the opposite sex. In fact if you hadn’t taken a peek then I’d have been disappointed. I know I don’t have the looks I used to have but hopefully they’re not all gone yet.”

While Angie said this she ran her fingers through her raven locks and actually stuck her chest out as far as she could. I swallowed hard which made her laugh but much worse I felt a twitch between my legs. Honestly with me just in a towel and an attractive woman in my room I was surprised it took so long for me to start getting aroused.

“What do you think Jake, am I still attractive if even just a little?” Angie asked teasingly.

“I don’t know if I should answer you Angie as maybe I’ll only get myself in more trouble.”

After saying this I turned as my towel was starting to rise up and I hoped to prevent her from seeing that. Quickly I grabbed my robe from the hook on my door and slipped it on covering myself. I heard Angie laugh when I did this. When I turned her way I saw she’d slipped a disk in the drive and in a moment it popped up on the screen. It must have been the right one as her fingers flew over the keyboard opening up the files and arranging them. In spite of being in my robe my erection didn’t go down but it grew to full size instead. Reaching inside the robe I adjusted myself so it would be less noticeable while also removing the towel. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard Angie’s voice speaking to me.

“Jake I know I’m being a pain in your ass but can I ask you for one more favor?”

“Sure Angie what is it you want?”

“Hmmm that is a loaded question because right now I can definitely think of something that I want. But as far as the favor, I just need to e-mail these files back to the office. Can you help me with that?”

“Sure Angie, no problem” I told her.

“Here sit down Jake” she said as she got up from the chair.

As I squeezed past her to sit her body shifted slightly which brought my robe covered hard-on into contact with her big ass. It brushed against her before I sat but thankfully Angie said nothing. I pulled up my e-mail account and turned to her for more guidance. She peered in at the screen and as she did Angie rested one of her well manicured hands on my shoulder.

Her other hand typed in the address she wanted after which she attached the files. Next Angie fished her cell out of her purse and punched in some numbers then waited until she heard a response on the other end before speaking.

“Annette this is Angie. I’m about to send you the file by e-mail and you know what to do once you receive it. Let me know as soon as you get it. I’ll hold and thanks for staying, I appreciate it.”

Once she said this Angie hit send on the e-mail at which point she placed her free hand on my shoulder again. Without thinking I turned and looked up into her big, brown eyes. She smiled at me and then took a big gulp of her drink. Her eyes widened in surprise as she tasted the liquor but she quickly drank the rest down before speaking.

“That goes for you too Jake, I’m really grateful to you. I know you were trying to help your mother but you went above and beyond and there’s one thing I’m known for and that’s rewarding those who do the right thing by me. Especially when they are good looking boys who do what I ask.”

Right after she said that Angie seemed to be listening to the phone and I watched her nodding her head silently a few times before she spoke.

“You have it Annette and you’re handling it. Thanks again and you know how to get me if necessary and problems come up. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

She put the cell on my desk and without pausing Angie reached over and placed her hand right on top of my hard bulge and gave it a squeeze which elicited a groan from me.

“You know Jake I think I have a way to reward you that we can both enjoy.”

Before I could answer her mouth found mine and she kissed me. Her lips were soft and full and without thinking I returned her kiss. While one hand continued to fondle me the other pulled my robe open wide and now she was able to grab my cock in the flesh.

Her hand circled my shaft and Angie slowly worked up and down my turgid flesh. By now her agile tongue had slipped into my mouth where it explored my teeth and tongue. My hands roamed her body like a gypsy. As she stroked my cock my hands felt the back of her legs and her big round ass. I kneaded the flesh between my fingers until she stood up, all the while she kept a firm grip on me, then Angie pulled on me until I stood. Angie slid the robe from my shoulders leaving me totally naked and in her clutches.

“Get down on the bed Jake” she ordered me in a voice that left no doubt of who was in charge.

I hurried toward the bed and as I did Angie smacked my ass in passing. I positioned my body on the edge of the bed with my feet resting on the floor and once I did Angie knelt between my legs and ran her hands along my thighs. Her nails scraped my flesh as they ran from my knee up to my groin. Looking me dead in the eye Angie took my erection in hand and angled it just so. First she opened her mouth wide and put her tongue right past her lip before moving forward and engulfing my head in her wet paradise.

The feeling I got when her tongue caressed the sensitive underside right below my head was indescribable. All I could do was let out a groan of pleasure to show how good it felt. Slowly Angie swallowed me inch by inch, her warm mouth sliding along the hot flesh as she took more of me inside. Her hand found my balls and fondled them forcing another moan from me.

I was already well on my way to cumming now from what she was doing to me. I’d had a few blowjobs before this in my life and each time previously I’d cum very fast. Angie was much better at this then the girls who had blown me and as my head slipped into her throat it proved too much for my overtaxed senses.
My balls tightened in her hand as I felt the cum rush forward so I did my best to warn her.

“Angie I’m cumming…” I managed to get out as I started to explode.

She made no attempt to pull away, in fact what she did blew my mind. As I was buried in her mouth with her tongue lashing my shuddering cock she actually sucked on me at the same time as if she was trying to inhale me into her lungs. My cum shot out in spurts and Angie eagerly swallowed them down until no more came. Only then did she pull her mouth off me and as our eyes met she kissed me all over, from my head down my shaft until she reached the base.

“Hmmm, you taste good Jake. Did you enjoy that?” she asked with an eyebrow raised.

“That was so awesome Angie” I answered all excited before a thought came to me. “I’m sorry I came so fast, kind of embarrassing I guess.”

She just laughed and kissed the top of my prick again.

“Its what I’d expect from a young guy like you, not that I’m usually doing this with guys your age or anything. But I remember from back when I was younger” she said, though not altogether convincingly. “And I bet you’re ready for round two Jake, am I right?”

After she asked she stood and started unbuttoning her blouse. When it opened it revealed her large, full breasts spilling out the top of her black push-up bra and with the size of her breasts she didn’t need the help, not that I was complaining any. Angie removed her blouse, then reached back and unhooked her brassiere and tossed it aside. She showed no tan lines, just an even golden complexion on her breasts with her dark reddish-brown nipples and areolas.

When I attempted to rise up so that I could at least get a closer look she just pushed me back hard so that I wound up flat on my back. Her hand was now tugging at her skirt zipper and before I knew it her skirt was also on the floor. Angie was wearing a pair of leopard pattern bikini panties and she looked as wild as a jungle cat to me. Her manicured finger slipped under the waistband and yanked them down until she was able to wriggle her hips so they slid the rest of the way down her tanned legs.

Angie was well groomed down there, leaving just a tiny black landing strip above her swollen lips with all else bare. With a quick movement she climbed onto the bed and straddled me and I could feel her body heat against me. Her lips found mine as her body sprawled across mine. Her large soft breasts pushed against my chest and my hard cock collided with her leg. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth and explored every inch it could reach. The scent of flowers from her perfume mingled with Angie’s own musk and sweat and it was a powerful aphrodisiac.

I was trying to work my body into position where I could angle my cock to her entrance but between my inexperience and her aggression that was not going to happen like I planned. Suddenly she broke the kiss and sat up while straddling me still. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against the skin of my lower abdomen.

“So Jakey, do you think you can handle me? Are you man enough to please me, hmm? Been with a lot of girls?”

“Well I don’t mean to brag…”

“Don’t bullshit a bullshitter Jake. I deal with liars all the time with my company and you are not that convincing. Besides your mother told me you’ve never even had a girlfriend.”

“I’ll kill her” I replied before I realized by the look on Angie’s face that she had played me so I did my best to cover myself. “Besides we just hook up these days, no need to tie myself down to only one girl.”

“I’m sure Jake, that must be the reason.” Her eyes twinkled when she said this as if she was laughing at me.
“To help you out I have just the thing in my bag.”

Angie rolled off both me and the bed and headed to where her bag sat on the floor next to my desk. She rummaged around in there for a moment before making a triumphant cry as she found what she’d been seeking. With a smug expression she sauntered back to the bed clutching a small velvet bag from which she produced a strange looking item. All I could tell for sure was that it looked to be made of black leather and stainless steel.

“Are you surprised that I always carry this with me, just in case?”

“What is it?” I asked as I craned my neck to see better.

“It is something that enhances any man, but in the case of an overeager virgin I feel it is a must. Now lie back and I’ll put it on for you, that is if you want me to put out.”

Just the hint that Angie might not was enough for me to accede to her demand and I stretched out immediately to my full length. Immediately she proceeded to slip both my cock and balls into the contraption. Separately my balls slid through a steel ring that was connected to a number of leather straps that enclosed my family jewels like a cage. It fit snugly and with a sneer she tightened them until it was almost painful.

“Angie that hurts a little…” I started to say when she shushed me with a finger to her full lips.

Next she wrapped a long narrow strap around both the base of my cock and my balls and drew it tight like a belt where she then fastened it to a tiny D-ring at the bottom of the leather cage. With a smile she held up a tiny padlock which she attached and clicked to the D-ring and now my balls were actually imprisoned.

“Now here’s the deal Jake” she began and as she did so Angie removed a tiny leather strap from the bag with a little leather loop on one end and a metal clip on the other. She clipped it to the padlock and slipped two fingers into the loop. “Before you cum again Jake I expect to cum myself. If by some strange chance it works the other way then I’ll give a little tug, like so.”

After Angie said that she gave a quick yank on the loop and let me tell you it didn’t feel pleasant. I winced and let out a little yelp of pain as my balls weren’t used to such rough treatment.

“Only it won’t be so pleasant the next time. Get the message Jake?”

“Are you crazy Angie?” I blustered impotently.

“It’s up to you Jake. I can take my little toy and leave or”, saying that Angie leaned down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds before releasing it from her mouth, a stray string of saliva clinging from it “you can be a good, obedient boy and do as I say. Which will it be as if I don’t know the answer.”

Angie was looking into my eyes the whole time and she already knew she had won. I’d have gladly wriggled over sharp stones naked for a chance to have sex with her.

“You tell me what to do Angie and I will.”

“You don’t know how much that turns me on hearing that Jake” she replied then she kissed me hard. As she did her fingers found my nipple and squeezed it for good measure. After she broke the kiss she spoke again.

“It’s up to you whether you want to eat my pussy or fuck me first. Just remember to make me cum first or you know what.”

Not wanting my balls yanked painfully again I decided that the wiser course was to eat Angie’s pussy first and then when she was happy to fuck her.

“Though I really want to fuck you I feel I should eat you first to return the favor, plus I’m sure you taste delicious so that’s my choice.”

“Oh a charmer, and a clever one too. I like that.”

No sooner had she said that then she climbed on the bed and within seconds for the first time in my life I had a woman’s pussy inches away and almost touching me. Of course what I hadn’t counted on was Angie getting us into a sixty-nine position and she had already taken my hard cock in her mouth before I had a chance to as much as lick her aroused slit.

I was moaning right away as she swallowed half my erection when I realized I better get busy. Maybe I was a virgin but I’d watched enough porn to have an idea of what to do so I immediately started to lash her swollen lips with my tongue. Since Angie was already wet I got a taste immediately and if I wasn’t sure before I certainly was now that I’d do whatever it took for me to be in this position again.

My nose pressed against her hard little clit as my fingers opened her inner lips like a flower. My tongue worked its way into her channel and I wriggled it as best as I could. She stopped what she was doing for a minute and pulled her mouth off me.

“Good boy Jake and to be fair I’ll stop for a little while and give you a chance. I’d hate to have to hurt the boys” she said and she gently pushed them for emphasis.

It wasn’t like I needed the added motivation as just the pleasure of tasting her was reward enough for me. My tongue was buried as deeply as it could get, with my lips and face pressing against her as I burrowed deep. Every now and then Angie would stroke my shaft in an absent minded way but not enough to distract me from the task at hand. My thumb now found her clit and I rubbed it in a circular motion as I increased the speed of my tongue’s movements.

It was getting a little tired from this unfamiliar exercise but I must have been doing something right as Angie’s juices were really flowing now and little moans were escaping her lips. Without warning she ground her pelvis into me and I actually felt her internal muscles tighten on my tongue and I was bathed in a goodly amount of her nectar. I swallowed what I was able to but some evaded my tongue to wind up on my cheeks and chin.

With my tongue being squeezed I wasn’t able to move it much but I compensated by rocking my head side to side to further enhance her pleasure. Finally Angie’s body stopped its trembling and with a small amount of difficulty she moved off me. My tongue ached from its efforts but I already missed not being buried in her. However I had no time to think about it because already Angie was positioning herself on her back next to where I lay.

“Very good Jake! You are a natural at eating pussy I’m happy to say. Now let’s see how you are at fucking one. But since you raised the bar I’ve decided that you shouldn’t cum until I give you permission to. Just remember what happens if you screw up.”

I swallowed hard at the thought of what she could do but I also was eager to finally shed the shameful label of virgin. Angie pulled ever so gently on the leash that connected to my caged balls to get me moving and in seconds I was kneeling between her spread thighs. She licked her red lips as I put my head right to her entrance and with her fingers acting as guides I sank right into her.

Her feet hooked the back of my legs and her hands wrapped around my back, her nails digging into my flesh but I barely even noticed. All I felt was the incredible sensation as I slid into her velvety soft pussy. It caressed and stimulated every inch, no every fraction of an inch, of my hardness now and I reveled in it. At that moment my whole universe was centered on my hard cock and the wonderful sheath it was buried in. Angie allowed me a minute to just experience the wonder before she decided to spur me on.

“Oh Jake you feel so good in me, that nice hard cock filling me. Now I want you to fuck me hard, no playing around but remember not to cum unless I say so.”

That seemed an impossible task, but one way or another I would do my best. Pulling my hips back so that I was almost out of her I reversed course and drove my full length inside Angie. Supporting myself on my hands and knees I worked in and out, all the while trying to distract myself from the awesome feeling I was receiving as I pumped her.

“Yes, Jake, yes” she gasped in my ear as I slid in her deeply with each thrust, her nails digging into me and leaving marks no doubt. But that only caused me to try that much harder as she clung to me tenaciously. Her legs were wrapped so tightly about me now that I could only move a tiny bit so I made sure our bodies rubbed as I did. Her voice was in my ear urging me on the whole time.

“Yes Jake, faster! Oh don’t stop baby! That’s it, nice and hard, yes!”

It was obvious to me at least that I was losing the battle. I tried to think other thoughts that could somehow distract me from what was happening with my body but while one is literally on top of an attractive woman and sliding in her wonderful pussy it isn’t going to happen. Thoughts of unattractive women had no effect while Angie was clinging to me and moaning in my ear.

My rhythm sped up even more as I did my best to please her before I lost it totally. My balls slapped her with each thrust and our pelvises connected as well in this position sending our senses reeling. Somehow I moved my neck just enough where my mouth could find a red nipple and suck on it hard. Angie cried out when I did and I felt her body stiffen. She had me in a death grip now and her internal muscles clamped on me as well. I gave up my losing fight and just went with it. My cock swelled in her, then it started to shoot. Powerful jets of cum shot from me as my body went limp on top of her.

“Sorry Angie, I’m cumming” I gasped after moving my mouth from her nipple. After saying this my face sank into her pillow-y soft bosom.

I’m not sure how many times in my life I’d cum previously but they were all a pale imitation of what I experienced at that moment. Not only was my cock where it should be, deep inside a woman’s soft yielding channel while I came, but her scent was in my nostrils and her taste was in my mouth and even better our hot skin touched each others the length of our satiated bodies. Angie’s hand pressed my head to her bosom as her legs slipped from behind me and sank onto the mattress. She kissed the top of my head softly.

“You know Jake, I really should punish you. I said you needed to ask me for permission to cum and you didn’t. But I understand it was your first time and you did make me cum so I forgive you, though the next time I tell you something you better obey me.”

With a groan I pushed my body up so I could look in Angie’s big brown eyes. They were twinkling with suppressed merriment so I smiled at her in return.

“I beg your forgiveness Angie, I tried very hard not to cum. You are just so sexy and your pussy is so nice I couldn’t help it. If you give me another chance I’ll do better, I promise” I murmured before leaning in and kissing her bee-stung lips.

“Well I gotta love your style Jake. When you fuck up you admit it in such a sweet way that not only do I forgive you but I’m graciously willing to give you another chance. Right now in fact.”

That brought a smile to me and since I’d not spent much time on her breasts my mouth found one as my hand squeezed the other. Angie gasped from delight at the attention I delivered to them and thrust her chest up. I’d never gone soft so I slowly began to rotate my hips in a circular motion which soon had her going crazy. She pulled me by my hair from her breast first then pushed against my chest firmly.

“Hmm Jake, I want you to stop what you’re doing and stand up for a minute.”

Reluctantly I did as Angie asked though it brought a sigh of disappointment to us both when I slid from her juicy depths. Looking down at my erection I saw it was coated with our mingled fluids. Angie scooted her body so that she was by the edge of the bed, in fact her legs and ass were actually off the bed but she had her legs suspended in the air. I stood with my body between her tanned thighs and no sooner had I done so then Angie grasped me and pulled my cock to her hungry hole once again.

“Hook your hands under my back Jake and support me” she instructed me.

Sinking deep in her tight pussy I laced my fingers together and held her just above her big butt. She now rested her legs against my chest and her hands grabbed my legs before she winked at me.

“Give it to me hard Jake and try to thrust upwards” were her final words before I started to move.

My knees were bent slightly and my body was also hunched over some and that left me in the perfect position for what was happening. Like a machine I started to move now, driving my full length into her with each thrust. I could feel her nails dig into me as I continued but I ignored all but the feeling of our coupling and how my senses were silently screaming with joy.

This position obviously gave Angie a lot of pleasure as from once I started she was moaning and crying out like crazy. Instead of worrying about not cumming this time I just let go. The fact that I’d already cum twice no doubt helped my stamina but truthfully I didn’t care. I was just reveling in the fact that I was bringing us both pleasure and that a hot woman was taking me balls deep with each thrust.

Angie was like a fountain or something now and with each thrust more of her juice ended up on me and I could actually hear the squishing sounds as I moved in her sopping pussy. My body kept going even when I felt a twinge in my lower back. I’d worked a full, hard day earlier but no amount of pain could stop me at that moment. I believe if Angie had yanked on my imprisoned balls it would’ve barely slowed me down then.

Our bodies were literally dripping with sweat which made it harder to hold onto her but I persevered as slowly I approached another orgasm. If I kept going I couldn’t last much longer now.

“Angie, I’m getting close” I gasped “please give me permission.”

“Oh yes Jake, cum in me. I want to feel it.”

That was enough. No sooner had she uttered the word yes then I buried my cock all the way and let loose in Angie. The cage on my balls certainly accentuated my orgasm and I felt each pulse as I discharged my white cum one more time in her welcoming pussy. As soon as no more spewed from me I carefully moved her body so that it rested on the bed. Unfortunately that necessitated pulling from her paradise but I was afraid under the conditions I might let her fall due to our slippery bodies.

Angie moved over enough on the bed so there was room for me and patted the mattress next to her. Finally feeling the effects of all the day’s exertions I eagerly lay next to her. She propped herself up long enough to where we could again kiss before stretching her body next to mine. Angie placed her head on my chest as her soft hair cascaded about me. Her hand circled and held my shrinking cock like a child would clutch a favorite stuffed animal. My arm in return wrapped around her shoulder and my other hand rested on her forearm.

“Wow Angie, I’m speechless. That was so incredible, I didn’t think anything could feel that good.”

“Well let that be a lesson to you Jake, but I can tell you that if you were with some other woman I doubt it would’ve been half as good. You just lucked out with me as your teacher is all.”

“Oh, I can believe it Angie. Thank you for making it so special for me” I sincerely told her.

“Stop being silly, I was just kidding” she replied and she actually sounded uncertain. “It was great but I’m nothing special, just a woman on the wrong side of forty taking advantage of a naive young guy.”

“Don’t say that” I answered seriously “you’re certainly special in my eyes Angie. As well as beautiful and sexy.”

“You say that now but it’s just the afterglow talking. Tomorrow you’ll be laughing about it with your friends on how you bagged some horny, desperate cougar. But that’s okay. I just need to rest a minute before I move and it is so nice in your arms.”

It took some effort to move I was so beat but I kissed her jet black hair and stroked her arm softly. Sleep was luring my exhausted body but I managed to murmur to her first.

“No Angie, you are special, believe me. First I just need a little break and then I’ll show you how special in a little while.”

Her only answer was to sigh softly and move her head a little more against my chest. Then sleep took me on its gossamer wings. I wasn’t sure how long I slept or what caused me to awaken but suddenly my eyes were open and I seemed to be listening for something, though what I had no idea. My body felt refreshed by my nap and I was fully awake now. Turning I saw Angie lying next to me, still asleep and breathing softly. My fingers brushed the hair from her face and I leaned in with the intention of kissing her when I heard the door open and suddenly the room was bathed in light.

“Jake are you here honey? Oh my God, what the hell is going on? Jake? Angie?!! What the fuck!”

I turned and saw my Mom standing in the open doorway, her mouth open, shock clearly written on her face. Next to me I felt Angie stirring when I realized we were both lying there naked with my Mom right there.

“Mom! Get out!” I yelled as I scrambled to pull the sheet over us and at least prevent her from seeing us like that especially as my balls were still encased in leather and steel.

“Get dressed and then we have to talk” Mom said before closing the door hard behind her as she left the room.

We looked at each other sheepishly for a second and then Angie got a mortified expression as she climbed out of bed. She refused to look at me but kept her eyes down as she hurriedly put on her clothes. I just watched, disappointed by her reaction to the unexpected situation. She appeared as if she was going to leave the room without looking or speaking to me when I stopped her.

“Angie I need the key for the padlock” I whispered.

Still not meeting my eyes she located it and placed it on the bed before grabbing her bag and slipping out the door and closing it behind her. My fingers fumbled to unlock it as I heard voices in the hall, my Mom’s loud and Angie’s for once quiet and apologetic. It took some time to extract myself from my prison as I didn’t want to hurt my already sensitive balls but once I did I pulled on a pair of lounge pants and hurried out of the room.

The hall was empty so I headed downstairs where I found them by the front door. They were talking in low tones and both looked up at me as I hurried down the stairs.

“Go back upstairs young man and I’ll deal with you when I’m done here” Mom said loudly but I was having none of that.

“No I won’t and I don’t mean to be disrespectful Mom. This concerns us all, or at least me and Angie. The only reason it concerns you is this is your house, so for that I apologize.”

“What are you talking about Jake? You’re my son, my minor son and she’s my boss so how do you think..”

“Mom I’m sorry about what happened in your house, or should I say I’m sorry it happened in your house but in no way am I sorry it happened. Yes I’m a minor, but I’m old enough to consent. If we did this somewhere else you couldn’t say anything about it. You don’t have to like it but that’s the truth. I don’t pretend to know what’s going to happen from here on in, especially as you and Angie work together. But please give me five minutes with her Mom and then you can say whatever you wish to say to me or her.”

While I said this I was kind of just staring at my feet but when I looked up they both were standing there with their mouths agape. My Mom shook her head back and forth but without saying a word she turned and walked from the room. I moved next to Angie and tilted my head down to hers.

“Angie I have no idea what’s going through your mind now. Maybe no matter what happened this was a one time thing for you, me being a naïve guy and all like you said. I’m not pretending to know anything but I know that I find you attractive and pretty and great in bed” I said whispering the last part just in case my Mom was listening.

“I’d love to spend more time with you if you’re interested, doing whatever, but that is up to you. I realize there are complications and all but I’m just saying. Sorry about how it ended up tonight. You don’t have to say anything now, just think about what I said.”

Before she had time to react my hand tilted her chin and for the final time that night I kissed Angie. It was a quick one and without another word I turned and walked away and toward the kitchen. After I passed I heard my Mother heading back from the dining room where she’d been waiting. A little while later she came into the kitchen.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked, as it was strange all this had happened and he was nowhere to be found.

She laughed at my question and shook her head before replying.

“And here we were worried my job was going to interrupt our plans tonight. Right after dessert he received a call about an emergency, a transformer exploded and he was called in.”

My Dad is a supervisor for the electric company and on occasion such things happen to him and what a night for it to happen. No telling how things would have gone if he’d been here but I guess we’ll never know now.

“Now Jake I know legally you are old enough to do what you did and I probably would have reacted differently if it was some little teenager like yourself, but Angie? Well no matter, the genie’s out of the bottle I guess and nothing will put it back. I can tell you this: I received that raise and promotion I’ve been angling for.”

On hearing that it was my turn for my jaw to drop and what my Mom said next kept it on the floor.

“By the way Jake, Angie wanted me to ask you something. This year she instituted a program for summer interns at the company and some of them are for paid internships. One of the positions was never filled and she was wondering.. Well if you want to take it? I know you have a job and you don’t have to but the offer is there. No rush, think about it though, okay?”

“Okay I’ll think about it and I’m really sorry Mom, making you go through this tonight.”

I kissed her cheek and started to leave the kitchen, my mind awhirl with all that had happened when her voice stopped me.

“Its all right Jake, all is forgiven. But if you don’t mind I have to ask a question.”

I turned so she could ask and it took her a moment as she seemed to be carefully deciding how to phrase it.

“When I opened your bedroom door and saw you, I couldn’t help but notice that your balls were in some kind of, I don’t know what to call it. But they were confined in something… right below your big, young cock” she said with a gleam in her eye I’d never seen before in my life.

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Seduced By My Mother’s Boss

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