Seducing Aparna, Making Rashmi Cum

Seducing Aparna, Making Rashmi Cum

Hi guys. It’s Sunny. I am Bangalorean, a 6ft tall, just normal physique. I would love to fool around with you people. I am a passionate photographer as well as a writer.

Last summer, I was returning from Mysore to Bangalore (where I stay with my brother and his wife) after spending a great vacation at my aunt’s place. I was returning by train. I like traveling by train. It also allows me to keep an eye out for nice women out there.

As usual, I had left with my luggage, and got to my seat. I was looking around but didn’t notice much scenery on the train. It was just usual passengers. I was listening to music with my headset on and was looking out of the window.

During the journey, a lady got in our compartment from Ramanagaram station. She caught my eye very fast. I imagined she would be at least in her mid-thirties. But has maintained herself, medium fair complexion with a round chubby face. She was wearing a tight brown Kurti and skin-tight red leggings.

I noticed her getting on from the station. She came up to me and then noticed my legs on her seat. With a frown on her face, she looked at me. I got my headset down.” Excuse me, this is my seat,” said the beautiful lady, pointing her hands with red bangles at my legs.

I apologized to her, taking down my legs from her seat, and sat up upright, allowing her to sit. After that, she settled down. The train left the station. I tried smiling at her in between and tried to make a conversation. She was unresponsive or seems out of interest.

I realized there was nothing further I could do. I started to mind my own business, listening to music. I was taking glances at her in between. One time, she bent to take something from her bag. It gave me a peek into her cleavage, which was intoxicating.

I could see her boobs bounce in rhythm in the train as she moved. She was sitting with her one leg over another, checking her phone. I shaped out her thighs, she was a wonderful art. I was ogling at her body bit by bit. All the glances I took from her body, aroused me more and more.

I was having some naughty thoughts. I tried to cover my crotch to hide my hard-on with my bag. She seemed to like having a dislike against me. As we reached Bangalore by the dawn of night. I started getting down and asked whether she needed any help with the bag.

She refused and looked at me with eyes of fury. I had to back off immediately and I did. I got down and took a taxi home. I had to stop by my friend’s house, I was dropping off some liquor, I got from my granddad (ex-army man) before I got home.

I reached home by 8. I noticed a new set of chappals outside the house. It seemed like my sister-in-law has again gone shopping. When I went inside, I saw the beautiful feet that made my day before. It was her from the train. We both were shocked to see each other. She stood up as soon as she saw me.

We both were amazed and shocked by a wow on our faces. My sister-in-law told me to sit on the couch. She asked me about my trip and my vacation. I told her they were great. Aunt Shyla was doing great. I was sipping tea when my sister-in-law Rashmi introduced me to her best friend Aparna.

They have been best friends since college. The way Rashmi told me about her seemed like a thick friendship. We both said hello, greeting each other, shaking hands in courtesy. Rashmi told her I was staying with them. After some casual talks, Rashmi took back the cups to the kitchen.

Aparna moved a bit on the couch leaning to me and said sorry in a low tone, with an embarrassed look on her face. I asked her why with a smile and confusion.
Aparna:- I shouldn’t have acted out like that with you. If  I had known you were Rashmi’s brother-in-law.

I:- It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It’s quite sweet and nice to get rude treatment from beautiful ladies like you.

She blushed and she had that glow in her eyes.
I continued:- Besides I didn’t know you were Rashmi’s age. I thought you were somewhere around 29. (with a wink)

She was shy and told me to stop it. By the time Rashmi came back. She told me that Aparna had come over for a job interview in Bangalore. She would be with us for a week. I left them to talk as I went to freshen up. They both were busy in their world catching up on a lot.

I didn’t get to talk much to her even during dinner. After dinner, I was up on the terrace with my guitar. I heard someone come by and it was Aparna. Aparna was breezing the wind in her nighty.

Aparna:- Bangalore has nice weather.
I:- it does. The breeze, it just washes everything away.
Aparna:- I didn’t know you played? ( Pointing at my guitar).
I:- it is more of a hobby really.

She asked me for a song. I played for a few minutes, a sweet melody. She was enjoying it. I asked her, whether she sings. I encouraged her to sing, and she sang a few lines, what a beautiful voice. Wow! I had the same exact reaction. She told me no to tease her. I told her, I was telling her truth.

I kept the guitar and told her she was a lovely woman and had a beautiful voice. I put my hand on her hand, which was on the terrace wall. Our faces were close. I put my hand on her hips. She just turned and pushed me away. After a while of talking, we bid goodnight. But I felt the tension, with her on that terrace.

Then the next morning, I had finished having breakfast. Rashmi asked me to get her iron box from the guest room. I opened the door, without knocking, and suddenly saw Aparna in a bathing towel. She got startled and dropped the towel. For a second, I saw her nude.

It was a ravishing sight, which burned as an image into my brain. She was a Punjabi fair complexion girl. Her boobs were round and big. I was sure wouldn’t fit my hand, her body chubby, her navel had love handles. Her belly button crushed, by her chubbiness, her shaven pussy was an added attraction.

She covered herself with hands, and then picked up the towel. Then covered herself, she asked me with an angry face, “Don’t you knock?” I gulped and with a low voice said, “Sorry, I came for the iron.” I took it and I ran. But that made me jack off in the morning. I got hard on whenever I imagined her.

I couldn’t face her during lunch. After lunch, I, Aparna and Rashmi were watching TV. Rashmi went on to grab a snack. Aparna looked at me with a scary look, and told, “So yesterday, you tried to seduce me, today you saw me naked, what’s tomorrow?” I told her sorry, it was a sincere mistake.

Aparna:- You see me naked or trying to seduce a married woman?
I:- See you naked.
Aparna:- What about seducing me?

I:- Truth is you are a beautiful woman. I couldn’t escape the tension between us yesterday. But I ‘ll say sorry if it offended you.
Aparna:- So does that mean, you won’t try to do it again.
I:- Maybe.

Aparna:- you know that I am a married woman.
I:- Yes. That ‘ll never stop me. I having been craving you since I saw you yesterday on the train.

She noticed a bulge in my trousers. She blushed and told me, “You are too naughty.” At dinner, I was rubbing her legs, to which she just gave me naughty smiles and nothing else. I kept rubbing her legs more. In between, she licked her upper lip looking at me, like a horny girl wanting a cock.

After washing the plates, she came from the kitchen and whispered in my ear, “At 11 in the guest room.” I then was eagerly waiting for the hour. Then by 10, the lights were switched off. Rashmi and her husband went to sleep. And by 11, I got down the stairs and went to her door. It was open. I got in and locked it.

I was searching for the light switch. She told me not to switch it on. She was shy to show her nude body to me now. I was thrilled to hear that. She was nude in bed. I then went in blindly, searched for the bed and got to it. I felt legs raise and felt my chest. I took hold of her legs and started to kiss her legs at her toes.

She then raised her other leg to me. I raised both her legs. I started to lick her feet and kissing her toes and sat on the bed, kneeling on it. I kissed her legs from the bottom to up. I continued to rub her legs. I could hear a dip of sounds of gasp of breaths and slow low sound moan.

Her shallow breaths took time to come out. I took my tongue deeper up her body as her legs were on my shoulder. I licked and kissed her fatty thighs. I licked and bite the right thigh. I pinched on her left thigh she was moaning. I moved my teeth, like a ravishing beast through her fatty thighs.

I could feel her moans in her body. I then felt up her figure, in that blind of night, something felt different. Her navel was a bit curvier, but I didn’t mind. I knew I had a beautiful lady in bed to satisfy. I moved my hands through her navel to her boobs.

I finally got hold of her round big 36d boobs. As soon I got them, I started to press them wildly as slow groans came out of her voice. I was being a little rough on her boobs. I like to tease women on their boobs. I then gave a deep kiss on her navel pressing it, squeezing the fat.

I started to fondle her boobs like a beast as she moaned lightly. The way she moaned, her voice was a bit too different. I then made her spread her legs. Then slowly dipping my hand to her pussy, I put my lips on her lips, blowing my hot breath into it.

I felt she got a chill, and then I took her nipples in my mouth and was sucking them. I reached for her pussy area, I got hold of her clitoral skin which I squeezed enough to make her moan. I bit it to make it rough. I squeezed her pussy lips. I bit her nipples, which made her go wild.

She was moaning like hell, jumping on the bed. She tried her max to hide the moans as she could, her sound was still strange. I loved her sluttiness, I told her I loved it. She didn’t reply. I kept on fondling and sucking her boobs as I entered my fingers into her pussy. It was so warm inside soft as wells it was tight.

I could feel her body, as she let out moans of satisfaction. I then went down on her and sucked her pussy lips and bit them. The fingers went into her tight pussy as I fondled her boobs more and more. I stirred up her pussy insides, while my hands were on her nipples, squeezing them for milk.

My tongue was inside her pussy licking her juice, she moaned in a light voice. As she moaned. As I found her pleasuring spot, I went on with full force. I raised myself to suck on her nipples, in between, I bite her nipples and gave hard rubs inside her pussy.

My hands carried out their work perfectly, making her feel it like a dam is gonna break down between her legs. My tongue rubbed on her nipples, stimulating her more. She was jumping on the bed, biting her teeth, lowering the voice of her moans.

I felt her body shake and tremble as she squirted onto the bed, with a good loud moan. And I finally recognized the sound. Then the light came on. It was Rashmi, my sister-in-law, in bed with me. Now lying on the bed with a horny look. I saw Aparna standing near the light, nude.

I ‘ll follow more in my next story. I would love your comments and feedback and suggestions. You all are welcome at [email protected]

Seducing Aparna, Making Rashmi Cum