Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 3

Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 3

Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 2

Hi, after the fuck Ritvik (my friend’s brother) laid me on the bed. I woke up in about half an hour or so. I woke up and came out barely able to walk but happy as my dream man had taken my virginity.

I saw Ritvik on the sofa. He turned and gave me a smile. I went to him and sat on his lap and said, thank you. He smiled and put his hand in my t-shirt.

While watching TV, his hands were pressing and kneading my boobs. I took off my t-shirt and immediately, he kissed my back. I sighed and started grinding my ass on his hard cock. He was enjoying this.

“Tuje aur bhi chudna h na”, he said.

“Ha, nahi to me apni t-shirt kyu utarti?”. With this, my friend’s brother took off my shorts and put his cock in me. He asked me to move up and down. I started riding him.

Ritvik put his hands on my ass to lift me and then he banged me from below. Ritvik then got up from the sofa with his cock still in me. As I was very tiny, he lifted me effortlessly. Since he had a thick cock in my tight pussy, his cock was in all the while he carried me to his room.

Instead of placing me on the bed, he placed my ass on the window and banged me hard and fast. By this time, I came twice like a flood.

Then he took me to the bed and removed his cock and made me lie down on my tummy. He started rubbing my asshole with his thumb and then he spread my ass cheek and inserted his finger in a little.

“Jitni tight teri chut h usse zayada tight to teri gand h or isse b mai faddunga.”

“Nahi please, waha nahi”, I cried.

Ritvik said, “Aaj nahi par me hi faddunga teri gaand pehele isse taiyar to kar lu”. And then he kissed me vigourously and put his cock from behind in my pussy.

My pal’s brother was fucking me like a machine now. My friend’s brother was very strong and he thursted deeper and deeper in me. I clenched my pussy around him as I neared another orgasm. He sensed it but kept hammering my pussy faster. I was in seventh heaven.

I was exhausted after sometime but Ritvik kept on fucking me. He reached his hands to hold my wrists and pulled me up while banging me. After a few minutes, he turned me half and put my left leg on his shoulder and fucked me sideways. In a few strokes, I was nearing another orgasm.

Ritvik again sensed in and put both my legs on his shoulders and fucked me faster. His cock started twiching and with a loud groan, he came inside me along with me. I rested for sometime.

He put his shorts and t-shirt and went out. I laid there on the bed for sometime and went for a shower in Neha’s room. I didn’t bother to close the room as it was around 12 pm and Neha would be coming only by 2 pm in the school bus.

In the shower, I soaped myself and turned to put it back on the stand. That’s when I saw Ritvik standing at the door.

He dropped his shorts and pointed to his cock which was hard again. He came closer under the shower and hugged me.

“Intazar kyu ni kiya mera”, he said. I just blushed and said, “Sorry”.

“It’s ok, now bend forward aur apne hath se nal pakdo”. I obeyed and said, “Thak gai hu me aur meri suj gai h. Please thoda rest krne do na”. He said, “Ok, par tumhe mera choosna padega”.

So I turned and started sucking my friend’s hot brother’s cock. He was moanig and said, “Tum meri ho or mujse hi chudogi agle mahine mom dad or Neha bahar ja rahe h. Tab tum yahi rehna or mera khayal rakhna or mera lund teri chut or gaand ko rooz lega.”

With that, he lifted me and kissed me. Then he bent me over and fucked me hard. He banged and played with my ass and gently fingered it. I tried to get away but he was too strong. He was fucking me harder and faster saying, “Tu bohot tight h maza aata h tuje dekhte hi chodne ka man karta h. Mera lund tumahara deewana ho gaya h. I love you.”

Then he fucked me for about 15 minutes and removed his dick to spray hi cum on my ass. We cleaned ourselves and came to the hall there. Ritvik couldn’t keep his hands off me. He kissed me and sucked my boobs and squeezed my boobs hard.

“Dheere se karo na please dard ho raha h muje”, I said holding his hand which was squeezing my boob.

“Teri aahe or cheekhe sunne ko maza aata h. You are my toy. Tere boobs bohot acche h. Tum 19 ki ho fir b itne bade boobs or round ass makes wanna fuck you again and again”, he said.

Then he gave me a i-pill and asked me to take it. I took it and went to the kitchen. He followed me, lifted my skirt and removed my panty. He spanked my ass and turned me to face him. He lowered his shorts and inserted his cock in my pussy and moved in and out 2-3 times and carried me to the sofa with his cock in me. I liked when he did that.

Then he sat on the sofa with me and his cock in me. I started to jump on his cock but he stopped me and asked me to stay still.

“Ese hi rehne do lund ko andar or baithi raho.” and he switched on the TV. I said I also wanna watch and tried to get up. But he asked me to turn with his cock in. It was painful but I loved it. Then he put his hands in my top and grabbed both my boobs but did not press them. We stayed like that for sometime and then heard the doorbell.

To be continued.

Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 3