Sex on Ahmedabad to Pune train

This completely true incident took place years back. It was a daring Act and my friends, even those hardcore womanizers much senior, appreciate my act. But to tell you frankly, I did that only as I was horny.

Those days I was drinking daily and alcohol always used to make me horny, horny almost always was my condition. Of course I was in early thirties. I was married at that time but with more need of sex then my wife. I did not have the habit of visiting prostitutes and I did not believe in spending money for sex. So I was horny.

Ok, this horny guy, that is me, was travelling from ahmedabad to pune. I boarded the train from ahmedabad in the night train and it was a First class compartment of four berths. Around 10 pm, the reached the next station,baroda and a couple got in. The man was around 60 and was fat and also looking sick. The lady was in her early 40s. She was fair with a well endowed body.

They tried to have small conversation me but I did not encourage as I had taken alcohol. I did not want them to the smell of alcohol. I learnt that he was a retired person going to pune, to see her daughter. I heard the TTE saying that no one else is coming to that compartment of 4 berths and he asked us to lock the door.

I went sleep immediately as did not want them to know I was drunk and I was embarrassed because alcohol and seeing the good looking mature lady had made me horny.The train started its long haul through the dark of the night to pune. It was December the weather was really cool.

After some time I woke up and saw the lady sleeping on lower berth in the opposite side and her husband was sleeping on upper berth above her. I watched the lady in her sleep, The pallu of her saree was not in the proper place and I could see the her boobs were really impressive. I got hornier. Just three of us were in the compartment and it was cool night.

I went back to sleep after jerking and releasing my load into my underwear. I was covering my self using my dhothi/ lungi as my blanket Again after some time I opened my eyes. I did not remove the lungi and through the thin colored fabric of the lungi, I could see the lady was not sleeping, She was sitting in berth looking at me.

She kept on looking at me. I saw that her husband was sleeping on the upper berth, snoring. I dont know what made take a decision like that, I silently got up, sat near her and with out a word I grabbed her boobs and kissed her. She was surprised but did not object or make any sound. I got more courage and started playing with her boobs and also started feeling her belly.

I put my fingers on my lips, she understood and shook her head in agreement.I,through gestures asked to raise her legs and keep it on the berth. I also did so. I did not want her husband to see our legs together, in case he looks down. I unbuttoned her blouse and then unhooked her bra. Then I took her boobs out and took it my mouth.

She was pleased and cooperated lavishly, even though we did not remove blouse and bra from her body/ bosom. The boobs were well shaped and firm and not at all sagging. Great for a mature lady, I brought down my right hand and started feeling her groin above her saree. She slightly spread her legs to make it easy for me to feel over pussy.

I pressed my hand over the saree and I could faintly feel her pussy and the pussy hair. I took her hand and directed to my dick. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and put her through my underwear to hold my penis. Then she expertly took out of the underwear a looked at it curiously. I am a very fair person and when erect, tip of my penis looks reddish or rose. She liked it seems and she smiled at me.

By the time I had raised her saree and underskirt which was blue in colour matching her blue sari. I do not know why still remember the blue colour as her panties was also blue. I put my hand in side her pant and started feeling her pussy. It was warm and wet. I knew she was excited. I put my finger in her pussy and started giving her finger fuck. She was enjoying it.

Of course she was making may penis feel heavenly by slowly jerking it but I did not want cum like that. The train was running very fast with out any stop. In the rhythmic beat of the train I wished the husband uninterrupted sleep on upper berth, as I was feeling and enjoying his wife just a few centimeters down /away from him.

It was thrill to see and feel a woman’s pussy and boobs, sitting next to him. I,now suspect, she too was enjoying the thrill of showing off her nude beauty to a total stranger, sitting close to her husband for many many years.

After feeling her pussy, which was really wet by then, I started to stimulate her clitoris. I was an expert in it through practice. I rubbed her clitoris repeatedly and slowly she came to orgasm. As she was reaching her orgasm, I had to hold her mouth shut with my other hand, for fear of making noises in her excitement,

A cunt belonging to another man was open before for my viewing pleasure, while the master of the cunt was sleeping just above us. We were making conversations of sort through gestures as we did not want to wake up the husband. I pointed to dick and gestured to her to put in her mouth. She shook her head in negative. May be she was not fond of sucking cocks. I did not press.

Slowly raised my head and could see that her husband was sleeping peacefully with knowing that his wife getting fucked just below him. We moved one side of the berth and made her lie down on her back. She opened her legs as far as possible with out showing the feet outside of the berth. I lowered my pants down and placed myself on top of her.

By the movement of the train. my dick, fell right in to her warm wet pussy. I inserted it deeply into her slit. The rest was easy. With regular rhythmic movement of the train, my fucking her cunt was made easy. We spend sometime like that I cummed into her pussy, I raised myself from her and with a smile we both went to sleep, without exchanging a word.

When I got up in morning the train had reached lonavala, a station near pune and the husband had gone to toilet. I thanked her, she also thanked me. We introduced ourselves as if nothing had happened. Her name was Parvathy( changed) and she was going to her daughters house to help her in her delivery.

he was retired officer from state govt, service.I asked for her address but with smile she refused give it. Then I suggested her to be friends with his son in law, to which she nodded with a shy smile By the time her husband had returned from toilet. I again introduced my self to the lady and the husband and we were talking till we reached pune.

Now I am in Pune, mature ladies welcome to contact me. I do not drink these days, but I am still thirsty for fun with warm mature ladies, who believe in having fun and happiness while alive.

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Sex on Ahmedabad to Pune train

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