Sex, Sex and More Sex

Sex, Sex and More Sex

I am a forty-two year old woman who, until four months ago, was married for 20 years and have two girls in college. My husband walked in one night and told me he was leaving me. He packed up his stuff and left. Since he has a very prestigious job and makes a lot of money, being comfortable was not a problem but a crushed ego was. My female friends were all very sympathetic but I noticed that none of them had me over for drinks, or dinner. My very best friend told me why. I m fairly attractive and have stayed in good shape, and they don’t want their husbands getting any ideas about fucking me. You could have knocked me over with a feather! The last thing on my mind was sex with anyone but my friend told me that all the men had sex, and me, on their minds. She heard her husband telling another male friend who knew us both about our split-up. He told his friend can you imagine getting your hands on her tits and fucking her in her cunt and ass until you can’t cum. His friend agreed that I would make a good piece of ass. I had no idea that men felt that way about their female friends. Hearing that story was good for my ego but I still felt no urge for sex. My friend, Eileen, said it will come, and it will drive you crazy. How right she was!

Two months later I was still sleeping too late and doing nothing when I got up. Eileen, who owns a general store specializing in Italian products, asked me if I could help her because one of her girls got pregnant and was leaving. She said it would do me good to get out and get back with the living. Since I had spent thousands of dollars in her store, I knew her products pretty well and I accepted. I worked from ten until four and had my lunch in the store when it was slow. I found that I loved it and it certainly took my mind off of my problems. One day one of Eileen s best customers came in the store and Eileen told me, as he looked at things in the outside window, that he owned one of the big businesses in town, a name everyone in the town would know, and he just got divorced and was furnishing his apartment from her store. She told me to be as nice as I could be to him. He entered the store and gave Eileen a big hug and I was amazed that he cupped both of her ass cheeks and kissed her. Eileen got right into the kiss and I watched as she rubbed her crotch into his pants and when they stopped greeting, I could see an unbelievable lump in his pants.

My pussy got damp immediately, which surprised me, and I was looking forward to meeting him. The main surprise was that he was black, and looked like he had played tackle for a pro team. He was extremely handsome with chiseled features and you could tell he was used to getting his way. When Eileen finally broke from her greeting, she took him by the hand over to me and introduced us. He took my hand and it got lost in his huge hand and kept holding it as he gave me the once-over. He peered at my breasts and crotch and had me turn around and was obviously looking at my behind until I got very embarrassed and told him to stop it. He let go my hand and laughed a deep loud laugh and said he couldn’t help himself. “You are a fox” he told me, (and every one else in the store), and went about his business with Eileen hovering behind him to see that he got what he wanted.

The next Saturday, when I didn’t usually work, Eileen asked if I could come in because one of her staff had a sick child. I was glad to be of help. It was a very good day and we stayed open an extra hour to take care of the customers. It was seven before we quit, and we didn’t even have a chance for lunch because of the busy day. Eileen said that the least she could do was buy me dinner and away we went to a very good restaurant in town. Who came in about two minutes after we entered but Eileen s very good customer, Roger, who came to us at the bar and said hello and when he found out that we were having dinner, he asked if he could join us. We had a few drinks and had a wonderful time. Roger was a riot with tales from his business and when we sat to eat, we were all feeling very good. As the salad was being removed, Eileen phone rang and she looked very worried and told me that her husband was stranded on the freeway and needed help. Since I had driven to work that morning with her, I started to get up and go, also. Roger said that he would drive me home so why didn’t we eat our meal and then go. I admitted that I was very hungry and Eileen said of course, go home with Roger and she would see me on Monday.

We shared two bottles of wine with dinner and I was really feeling no pain. We were next to one another and he started rubbing my breast and running his hand up my leg, trying to see my panties. He told me he was determined to see what color they were and when I told him white, he said that didn’t count; he had to see for himself. While we were talking, he was seriously rubbing my tit that was next to him and reaching across with his other hand to lift up my dress. I looked up at him and whispered that he was a nasty boy and he kissed me. I almost swooned with pleasure and I knew I was going to be fucked with the huge lump I had seen in his pants when I met him. After the kiss, he kept his lips next to my face and said, very softly, that he was going to fuck me and I was going to suck him. I almost had an orgasm with his words. I was not used to hearing that kind of talk and it made me very excited. When I told him that I was dripping, he pushed the crotch of my panties out of the way and put two of his huge fingers in me. I had as large an orgasm as I have ever had. Since this all occurred after he paid the bill, we rose and went to his car. He didn’t ask where I lived, he drove to his penthouse apartment and a doorman took the car to park it as we went into the elevator.

In the elevator, he pushed me to my knees and told me to unzipper him and take his cock in my mouth. I pulled out a cock that we measure, later, to be over eleven inches! I had only sucked my husband a few times and never until he came in my mouth. When the elevator got to his floor, where only he lived, he kept the door open as I sucked him. In a few minutes he erupted in my mouth. I didn’t know what to do and I pulled away and he came on my face, blouse and skirt and his pants. He said “God damn you woman, you are wasting my time”. He activated the elevator and went to the ground floor where the doorman was and told him to drive me home in his car and come right back. I cried all the way home and when the driver asked what happened, I was too embarrassed to tell him. He guessed and said that if I didn’t swallow all of the cum, and particularly if I spilled some on his clothes, he would be furious.

I became absolutely obsessed with Roger and went over and over what had happened and I resolved if given another chance, I would swallow his entire load. He stayed away from the store for a few weeks and Eileen asked me if there was a problem with me and Roger because he had never been away from her shop that long since she met him. I asked if she was fucking him and she said no but she would if he asked in a heartbeat. I told her of my problem with Roger and she told me most men are particular about getting sucked. I decided to write him a letter and ask him to teach me to be the best cocksucker in town. I would do anything for him only I wanted to see him.


A few days later after coming home from work and having a drink, the doorbell rang and who was there but Roger. I looked terrible and tried to brush my hair but he grabbed me by my shoulders and started pushing me to my knees. I was scared to death that I would not suck him right but vowed to do my best. Now when I felt him ready to shoot, I was prepared. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth until he pushed his huge cock into my mouth until I was almost choking and started to cum. The amount of cum out of his cock was about what my ex did in a week of fucking. I swallowed and swallowed and he was still spurting gobs of his cum down my throat. But I got every drop and I noticed that his cum tasted like cinnamon. Later in the evening when I told him how he tasted he told me that he always had a cinnamon bun before sex play so that his cum would not be offensive. I told him I would suck him anytime and anywhere.

After our sex in the front hall we went in the living room and he slowly undressed me and then I undressed him and he could not have been sweeter. He spent thirty minutes on each nipple, sucking and caressing and giving me about ten hickies on each breast. He asked me if I was ready to take his cock in my pussy and I told him I was dying to feel him in me but please take it slow because I have never had a cock that long. He was very careful and when he was in me completely, I started to have an almost continual orgasm. After ten or eleven huge tremors in my cunt I slowly came down from my cum high only to have the orgasms start again and even more intense than the first. This was a first for me. I had always been a single orgasm person. I never imagined that sex could be this good. I wanted this man under any conditions. He started to fuck me faster and that made my orgasms even more intense until I think I fainted with pleasure. I have never been pleasured the way he was pleasuring me. And he continued to fuck me for about an hour in all position and when he finally came in my cunt I felt like I had just run a marathon.

He lay on top of me with my legs still spread and I started to hug him and kiss his neck, shoulders, and face with a peaceful feeling I had never felt. He told me he had to go but he would come over tomorrow and cook dinner and spend the night. He said we could do some real fucking. If what we just had was not real fucking I don t know what real fucking is. The next day Eileen just knew that I had fucked Roger. I was floating on a cloud all day, especially since I knew what was happening that night. I admitted that he had given me the best sex I had even dreamed about and I was getting more that night. Lucky girl, she said.

I won’t bore you with the delicious dinner he concocted except to say that he insisted on cumming in between each course. After the salad, he fucked my in the ass, which was a first for me, and I loved it. After the main course, I lovingly cleaned his cock and sucked him to another orgasm. He lay me over my kitchen table, and sucked me to three intense orgasms. Dessert was special. He had brought fresh strawberries and he cleaned them and then stuck one strawberry at a time up my cunt and then licked it out of my hole. After six strawberries, I couldn’t take any more. Eating strawberries will never be the same.

He fucked me in several positions after dinner and I sucked him to his fourth orgasm of the evening. We fell asleep on the couch until about 2am when I got cold. When we went to the bedroom, he gave me an hour long slow fuck and ended up coming in me and falling asleep and the last thing I remembered was feeling his cock slide out of my cunt and I dozed off.

In the morning, about eight, we awoke and it was like he hadn’t had sex in months. He fucked me, buggered me and had me suck him and had an orgasm with each hole. What a man. I was so in lust with him I would do anything he wanted. He wanted me to go to his apartment that night and he said I would find it interesting. Little did I know that afternoon he sent me an email telling me to wear a thin loose dress with nothing on underneath, and four-inch heels with no stockings. Instead, I wore the heels and nothing else, and put a long coat on so I wouldn’t get arrested getting to his house. When he answered the door, I opened the coat and asked him if he minded my changing my outfit just a little from what he had asked. I went into his arms and let the coat fall to the floor. He cupped my ass and told me that we were having a drink in the library, which was just a few feet down the hall. We held each other and as I entered the room, I saw that Roger had another man there who was sitting looking at me and drinking his drink. I was so embarrassed that I tried to leave the room but Roger grabbed me and told his friend, Tony, that I was modeling my favorite outfit for him and asked Tony if he approved. Tony rose and took my hand and kissed it and turned me around to look at my ass. He was a very large man and I found out that he was Roger s brother. They were on both sides of me fingering my cunt and fondling my titties. Roger told me that he and Tony had been fucking each other s dates since high-school and he had several other men friends that shared their booty with each other. He told me I was going to get some first-class cock over the next several months if I went along with their plan. I was shocked and disappointed at first. I guess I thought Roger would want only me. Then I thought about it a little bit further, and saw that they could have any woman they wanted and I should be proud that I was chosen. All this was going through my mind as I sucked Tony and Roger doggie fucked me. I told them both that I would be honored to be chosen as a fuck toy for them and that I would not disappoint them.

I am now being fucked every night, by at least one and usually two men, sometimes more, until I satisfy their every needs. I love it and can t imagine life without my fucking. That s for another story!

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Sex, Sex and More Sex