Hot Sex With My Mami

Hello friends. This is my first story. I am Prabhu from Mumbai. I came up with my real experience which happened between me and my Mami. We are a family of three, me, my mom and elder brother. I lost my dad in childhood.

This happened when I was in my first year of college. I had a girlfriend but never gone deep with her. However, my mind always wanted to fuck mature ladies and aunties. I had a fear to fuck any virgin girl because I don’t want to get into trouble.

I have been reading sex stories since my college time. It made me aroused and fantasy for mature ladies. I always used to fantasize about thinking about mature ladies in my neighbors and relatives, etc.

My mami was the reason for Mama’s suicide. She had affairs with most men during her marital life which my mama came to know. The entire village knew about her character and she was fucked with many men in the village. I never had any lust feeling for Mami till I came to know about her affairs on Mama’s death.

My mama had a good name in his village. He was quite an educated person to solve all the documentation problems of any village person. She stays in the village and never had an opportunity to visit Mumbai. But one day my mom was hospitalized for her spine treatment.

The doctor had advised her for no more heavy household work and she has to be taken care of. My granny has advised my mami to visit Mumbai and take care of my mom. My mami was then called to Mumbai.

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Initially, I had no feelings for her. But suddenly I remembered the incident about her affairs. It twisted my mind to think about her differently. I had made up mind that if she had fucked with many men, why not I should try my luck.

We have 1 room kitchen house in Mumbai and adjust ourselves to sleep in the common room. This is very common in Mumbai and to have your own house is a big thing. One night I got an opportunity while sleeping. My mom slept in the corner, Mami in the middle and I was next to Mami. My elder brother was on night duty.

I had no courage to initiate the step. But somehow at late midnight, I kept my hand on her stomach and there was no resistance. Then I kept circling her stomach with my hand which was a green signal for me. Her breathing was heavier now and pleasurable expressions on her face.

My heart was beating fast and lusty fear build up in my mind now. My dick was rock hard. Slowly I touched my dick to her ass which is like melting ice cream cone entered into a volcano. Now she also started enjoying my dick on her ass above her saree.

She was moving her ass to feel my dick. My hand started exploring her boobs which is not that big but quite normal. This went for more than one hour and she got so much charged up with the act. I took her hand kept on my dick and she opened her eyes in ecstasy.

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She was enjoying my every act and moaning a little. Maybe she was enjoying the teenage boy for the first time. She had enjoyed with elder men always. She slapped me with a lusty smile and was stroking my dick continuously for 15 minutes.

She was enjoying to the fullest of stroking. She tried to put my dick in her pussy from the sideline which I denied because my mom was sleeping next to her. While stroking my dick I asked her to take it in the mouth. But she was not ready to take it.

However, I pushed her head to my dick and she started the blowjob like a pro. I was wondering about this villager was so professional in her blowjob. I was relieved after some time and I was waiting for the right time to fuck her.

After two days one morning, my mom went to the hospital for a routine check-up. My mami was sleeping. When I woke up I saw she is alone at home and found this is the best time to fuck her. Suddenly I closed the door of my house and jumped on her.

She was resisting if somebody would turn up. But inside she was also waiting for this moment to get fucked. I lifted her saree above and unzipped my dick. The moment she saw my dick there was lust and smile on her face. Since this is the first time I was a bit nervous about how to proceed.

Then she took my dick in hand and kept on her pussy lips and asked me to push it in. Yes, I did it. Now my hips were moving up and down. She was enjoying her fuck since she had getting fucked by a younger man for the first time. She was moaning like a wild lioness.

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She had widened her legs to take more of my dick at full pace. Our breath was becoming heavier with the full pace of fuck and room was full of fuck sound. She was about to cum and was moving her ass from down and released her cum. I also released my cum in her pussy.

Then we lay for some minutes. Then I asked her how was my fuck she nodded her head with a satisfactory smile. This was the turn in my life and I got the courage to fuck many mature ladies.

I am always interested in mature ladies till now. I have never been into a relationship with unmarried girls until now. This is my real-life experience without extra masala in the story as others do. I will share my other stories as well which happened after this incident.

Please share your feedback on [email protected] Your feedback will be much appreciated which will encourage me to post stories ahead. Thank you. Love you all and take care.

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