Humiliations At The Airport Arouse Mom And Son

Hello, My Dear Readers. It has been some time since the first part of the story had been published. Intended as a quick read, ‘Mother, Son, And Taboo’ is a reworked compilation of sexual scenarios you might have already read in many stories before.

The first part defines the base plot, and reading it may make this more enjoyable. Your comments have helped me a lot, and I have tried to follow a more elaborate style of storytelling, this time. Happy Reading!

Neema and her son, Arun, were only a few hours away from going on their wicked incest full honeymoon trip. Neema lied to her husband, Deepak, about attending the wedding of her old schoolmate Alisha’s daughter, in Goa. And Arun would be accompanying her.

Deepak had met Alisha during one of the family get-togethers in Neema’s school. He offered to go along, and attend the functions with her. He even suggested it was best Arun stayed home, as he had his supply exams two weeks later.

“Please, Deepak. Let us not fight over this, and make our relationship even sourer.” Neema was smart enough to know this would end the conversation when Deepak started to insist. There was no way he would risk fighting with her.

Over the months, falling in love with her own son had helped Neema forgive her husband to an extent. She was in-fact grateful to him, for cheating on her, because that was the only reason she discovered a lover in her son. Neema now used Deepak’s infidelity as a trump card, to great advantage, winning every situation.

“I am happy you are stuffing in all those sexy bikinis and inner-wear I selected for you, from the online store. But seriously, you wont need them, Mummy,” Arun said looking at his mother pack her bag.

“What makes you think I am going to let you wear any clothes, anyway. You are going to be naked throughout the trip,” Arun teased Neema.

It was a 3-day trip, and they were going to have 2 full nights in Goa. But, that was not going to stop Neema from giving her son a sample dose of her freshly shaven love-hole.

“Now where is my new red thong…” she acted like asking herself, as she stripped out of her cotton pants.

“Sniff it!” Neema almost ordered as Arun pulled her thong down her legs.

They were going to Goa, in the afternoon flight, the next day. They reached the airport well on time and were standing in line for the security check. Neema, dressed like a film star, looked absolutely stunning and was getting a lot of attention.

She was oozing hotness, in a low-neck, sleeveless black body-con dress, that had straps thinner than that of a bra. Her thick booty projected out more than usual, and there were no panty-lines over her yummy butt.

Arun, standing behind his mother, and lusting for her fat ass, already knew she was wearing no panties but had a strapless bra over her bust.

The rest of her admirers, carefully undressing her in their minds, had however easily confirmed she wore no inner-wear, at all. More predominantly due to the fact that Neema’s nipples happily poked out of her dress. She was horny and excited and keenly looking forward to spending time with her son.

Arun had a grin on his face, thinking about how his mother looked just an hour ago. When his dad waved them goodbye, as they got into a taxi, Neema was wearing a full-length yellow kurti and blue tights. Until she shockingly removed it, revealing her tight black cleavage showing dress.

“I want everybody to envy you,” Neema whispered, seductively, in Arun’s ears, as the taxi driver looked at her through the rear-view mirror. He was desperately hoping she gave away more of her creamy assets.

Neema never looked her age, and now in a sexy body fitting dress, she looked even younger and extremely voluptuous. She had also straightened her hair recently, and nobody would believe she had a son as old as Arun.

“Please walk through the scanner, one more time, Ma’am,” the officer at the security check instructed Neema. The scanner beeped non-stop every time she tried walking through. And on each occasion, the officer and passengers ogled at her thick, hourglass-shaped body.

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A senior officer joined the scene, and informed Neema they cannot waste any more time and will have to check her body. She tried telling her she is not carrying anything. And everything including her wedding ring is already on the box in the officer’s table.

Neema had stopped wearing her wedding ring, once she caught her husband stray. But, she started using it again when she noticed that her son fucked her harder when she had the ring on her finger.

“It could be your inner-wear, Ma’am. You know about the kind of panties these days,” the senior officer, said in a blunt tone, further explaining that the scanner has marked an area around her lower waist.

“But, I am not wearing any, Sir. I do not have anything below my waist, under my clothes.” Neema said, very softly, hoping no one else will hear.

“I am sorry, Ma’am. I cannot hear you,” the senior officer said, slyly moving the mic towards Neema.

“I am not wearing any panties, Sir,” Neema finished saying, to be greeted by loud laughter, and teasing claps by her fellow passengers. It was obvious everybody around believed she wore nothing underneath her dress. But the officers wanted her to tell it.

Arun did not know how to intervene. He understood his mother was being humiliated but was not sure what he could do about it. He also felt his dick harden when he heard the guy standing behind him call her a ‘horny bitch’.

Neema looked flushed. Both the officers smiled at her, almost peeping into her dress, trying to bless themselves with a deeper view of her inviting cleavage.

Announcing the non-availability of a female officer on duty, the two male officers started to check Neema’s body. They started doing a pat-down, together. With her dress hugging on to her body, it almost felt like the officers had their hands on her busty bare body.

“Guess you have dressed ready to be served the moment you land in Goa…” the senior officer humbled Neeta, caressing her wide hips, acting like he was searching her body.

“I think it is the pills I have been taking, Sir,” Neema confessed to the officers, a little taken aback by their sudden crudeness.

Neema was tired of taking birth control pills every now and then. And since the last month, she had been using imported pills, that work for close to three weeks. The downside was the high metallic content in them, and that was what caused the body scanning machine to beep.

The officers exchanged a few words, secretly, in between them, immediately after Neema told her about her new pills. And, much to Neema’s horror and delight of the passengers, the officers informed she will have to be checked inside the cabin.

The cabin was basically a small room, right next to the body scanner, and had a green curtain instead of a door. The officers conveniently left the curtain open, claiming it was airport policy when the search was not done by a lady officer.

They told Neema it is better if she cooperates, and doesn’t force them to strip search her outside the cabin. She did not have a lot of options. Each time she thought about reacting, she was worried if the trip would have to be canceled.

Neema was still right in front of the eager audience. Everybody, including Arun, continued watching as the officers started to ‘search’ her body. Basically, she was just being touched inappropriately, but with her silent consent.

Without wasting any more time, after making her sit on the wooden table, they pulled down the straps of her dress, forcing her red-colored, ultra-thin strapless bra to be on display. The onlookers, who had been closely observing her body were surprised to know she wore a bra.

Her bra made sure her boobs stayed well hung and kept them firm. And one could not be blamed if he felt she looked more beautiful with a bra on her than without one.

But the very next second, the officers lowered her bra, just sliding the cups down, and exposing her naked tits. They had also raised the bottom part of her dress, unveiling her glorious moist cunt. the only portion of her body that was covered was her fleshy stomach.

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The officers groped and fondled Neema’s boobs, claiming they were just checking if anything was hidden in between her ripe melons.

The junior officer, then, pushed in two of his rough fingers inside Neema’s wet pussy, asking her how often she visits Goa. He soon made way for three fingers of his senior, who very gleefully asked Neema what her rate was.

“You look like an expensive slut. Your clients must be very very rich.” Neema was being exploited, but deep inside she was loving every bit of it. She thought about the days before she started having sex with her own son. The days she felt she should get back at her cheating husband, by sleeping with random men.

Neema was dripping already, moaning loudly, and had just ejaculated when she heard the beep sound of the handheld metal detector.

“It is beeping more around her ass, Sir,” the junior officer passed the information on to his superior.

“Sit on all fours!” the senior officer instructed Neema, in a harsh tone, as the watching crowd cheered. Everybody would have thought about giving her a hard doggy, right there.

“How much do you charge for a night?” the senior officer asked her again, parting her ass-cheeks wide, and touching her brown ass-hole. Arun used to ask his mother the same question when he talked dirty during sex. But here, Neema was almost taken against her will and was being slut-shamed.

“Oh!” Neema let out a loud groan, as the metal detector disappeared inside her butt-hole, a few seconds later. She had her backdoor penetrated regularly by her young son. But this was totally unexpected, and the device was at least three times thicker than his cock.

“Maybe we should replace the metal detector with somebody’s fist. How about we call in somebody from the long list of happy passengers. They would love it,” the officers sounded evil.

“How about we ask the young guy, in grey shorts, standing right in front of the line… He won’t mind putting his fist inside this pricey meat,” the senior officer asked Neema, pointing his fingers at Arun, unaware of his identity.

“He is my son, Sir. I am traveling with him,” Neema replied, breathing heavily. She had climaxed for the third time in under five minutes and was squirting on the table, now.

The officers had until then thought Neema was traveling alone, and they had things under control. But this was a problem, and they knew it was trouble. They quickly helped her put her clothes back in order, and declared her clean, much to the disappointment of the men watching.

“We are very sorry your mother had to be searched, Sir,” the senior officer had a face that said he was willing to do anything, to keep this a secret, as he apologized to Arun.

“That is completely okay, Sir. I totally understand. And security is the top priority,” Arun said, leaving the officers bewildered. They were worried the mother and son were going to initiate action against them. But, only Neema and Arun knew how much they both enjoyed it.

Arun had heard Neema sneeze thrice, and he was aware of the fact that she sneezed each time she had an orgasm. It was the first time another man, in fact, men, other than him and his dad, had their hands on his mother.

His mother was his lover, and he did feel a little angry and jealous to see her being felt up and used and also given pleasure. But he was twisted enough to relish on it and admit he enjoyed watching his mother’s humiliation.

This was after all a fantasy they had played out many times, during their lust-filled, steamy fucking sessions.

They finally got inside the plane. But just 15 minutes after take-off, the air hostess informed Neema that the pilots wished to talk to her. And she was escorted to the cockpit, as Arun watched cluelessly.

The pilots asked her if she was alright, and expressed their regret straightaway. But when Neema came out, 15 minutes later, her boobs bulged out more than before. And, her long hard nipples poked out clearly off her dress. Her shiny dark brown hair, too, seemed very messy.

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“What happened inside, Ma’am?” asked the air hostess in a sleazy tone, as Neema walked back to her seat.

Arun did not have access to the exact details, but he could guess what must have happened. Neema’s face looked red, and she had a sly shy smile on her face.

“What happened?” Arun asked his mother, looking straight at her bust. Her melons, without a bra, craved extra to be sucked.

“The pilots said they had a video of me, being searched inside the cabin,” Neema quickly replied. “And I just had to give them my bra, to make them delete it,” Neema continued.

“How can you be so stupid, Mummy? You could have said no! There was no way they could have forced you. Maybe they did not even have the video.” Arun was only pulling her leg, but Neema did not get it.

“They didn’t exactly blackmail me, Arun. But I just did not want any…” Neema was trying hard to explain when she noticed the hardness of her son’s erect cock.

“I was just starting to wonder why you are so worried about your mother’s modesty, today!” Neema smirked and bit her lips when she realized her son had in fact been finding satisfaction from his mother’s degradation.

Neema still had white cum stuck on her thick red lips, and Arun could easily imagine how far this would have gone.

“I want to know the complete details, Mummy!” Arun was already sure his mother had to show them her boobies when she removed her bra. He had also confirmed she cleanly sucked their pricks. But, he wanted to know it all, for his own dirty gratification.

“And they took away my bra, but made me wear a pair of panties they gave me.” Neema almost finished telling what happened inside the cockpit.

“What? That could be a very dirty pair, Mummy.” Arun shook his head, saying she should have avoided it, but also looking over to her thighs and checking if he can catch a glimpse of it.

“Wear the panties they give me and suck their cocks OR walk with a panty-less pussy that has their hot cum leaking out, were the options they gave me. And I really wanted to save my pussy for you. The only piece of meat going inside my mature pussy has to be you, Arun,” Neema looked down at her son’s extremely stiff erection.

Arun did not want to know any more. He had a clear picture of to what extent things had gone, and he was already leaking.

Not bothered about the other passengers in the flight, Neema put her hand inside Arun’s shorts. She grabbed his dick first, but soon pressed his balls really hard, hurting him, with a naughty smile on her face.

Arun knew his mother loved it when he talked about other men taking her. But, now, he was seriously thinking if she had a shameless filthy cock-monger inside her.

“By the way, Ma’am, the panties you are wearing, are mine!” the young air hostess told Neema, while she served her food. And bending down a little too much, she further let Neema know, her red strapless bra was now over her rack.

Neema and her son, Arun’s, secret honeymoon trip, seeking sensual fulfillment had only begun. They wanted to feel complete as a couple. But Neema had already been showered with affection, by at least 4 other men.

And though in ways they never thought about, both, Neema and Arun had orgasmed more times than they expected to before they reached Goa.

To be continued.


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