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Hello guys, I am Rahul, from Chennai and now settled in the UK. I am a Software Engineer here in an MNC. I am 30 years old now, 6.2 feet in height with rock hard dick of 6.5 inches. I can make any woman happy in bed. Contact me for hot sex and you will feel the heaven. Mail me at [email protected].

My family consists of me and my mom, Sridevi. We lived in a 2 BHK house in Chennai. She is 50 years old now but looks like she is in her early 30s. She is fair and looks like a normal Indian woman. She is cute and soft-spoken. She normally wears saree.

She worked as a professor in a private college before we moved to the UK. I never had bad intentions towards my mom and neither did she. My mom was married when she was just 18 years. It is just like an agreement marriage. My father was already married.

But he never had a child for 10 years with his first wife. So my grandparents wanted my father to marry another girl. My father didn’t like their decision, but due to his parent’s compulsion, he married my mom. My mom was poor and an orphan.

After a few months, both my mom and his first wife became pregnant and my grandparents were happy. My father decided to leave my mom. He asked her to get married to another man. He will take care of all arrangements as he loves his first wife only and married her on the compulsion of his parents.

He also asked my mom to abort the child. My grandparents didn’t want my mom to abort as they wanted a male child. Whoever gives birth to a son will get full rights to be the wife and the property. But both delivered a male child. My mom was just 19 years old then.

My father gave some property to my mom and also sponsored her for education against his parent’s wishes. He asked my mom to get married and have her own life. After getting a degree in science she moved to Chennai with me. She started to work in companies and completed her PG.

She joined a college as Professor. Now she is a Ph.D. holder. She struggles hard to bring me up and continued her studies. She didn’t marry again and decided to live only for me. We didn’t have any contacts with my father or his family. When I was in junior college, I was introduced to porn stories.

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My friend and I started to read stories and watch porn regularly. One day I read a story in the incest section in It was about mom and son, it awesome. I became a fan and addicted to incest stories.
When I was in my final year, most of my friends had lost their virginity with their girlfriend or with any girls. I was still a virgin as I don’t have a girlfriend and didn’t find a girl for it. But a demon in me asked me to do it with my mom. Though I read mom son incest stories I never imagined her in that way.

Finally, I decided to check my luck. That night, with lots of thinking and hesitation I approached my mom and told her about this. She was shocked and slapped me hard and started to beat me, she took a broom and thrashed me. She was crying due to my bad behavior.

I was crying due to pain. She advised me for some time and left to her room and locked. We didn’t face each other for some days, but I decided to emotionally blackmail her. I told her, I will leave you if she didn’t accept and will never return like that.

After my emotional blackmail, she accepted it. But she asked me to complete my degree and get placed in a job. I will do it with you she said. As per her wish, I got a placement order and I cleared my degree. That night, when she was in the kitchen preparing wheat flour for chappatis.

She was in a yellow and white floral design saree. I went behind her, hugged her from back, she asked me to leave her. I told her I kept my promise and it is your time now and kissed her neck. She doesn’t know what to do and she asked me to leave her. But I didn’t hear her. I asked her to enjoy with me.

Slowly I cupped her boobs over her saree, I crushed her boobs in my hands. Slowly she loses her control and she holds the wheat flour in her hands and crushing it. I took off her saree pallu and unbuttoned her blouse top button kissing her ears.

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She had a white bra inside her blouse. Then I licked her neck. Slowly I tried to insert my hand into her petticoat/paavadai to touch her pussy. I untied her petticoat and was about to insert my hand into it. The doorbell rang and she got consciousness and I left her to my room.

She corrected her dress and opened the door. It was our neighbor waiting to collect his house key. Then, we had our dinner and never faced each other. After dinner, I pulled her toward me and lip locked her for the first time. She didn’t respond but I never cared.

I took her to my room, she was begging to leave her and not to do this as it is a sin. But I took off her saree and laid over her kissing her lips, neck, cleavage and removed her blouse and petticoat. She had dense hair on her pussy. Now she had only her white bra in her body and I became nude.

I pressed her boobs and raised her bra above her boobs and sucked her boobs one by one. Then fingered her pussy and drank her juice, licked her pussy inner walls. I finally fucked her hard for 30 minutes and ejaculated into her pussy. I laid over her and slept. When I woke up she already left for college.

In the evening, when she returned from college, she shifted her room to mine. She started to change the dress before me. I thought, now I can fuck her any time. But she told me to marry her and make her my wife. I was shocked.

“If you marry me, you can fuck me, as you fucked me last night. I started to think you as my husband,” she said. But without her wish, I fucked her forcefully 2 to 3 times this made her pregnant and asked me to marry her. Finally, I married her and made her my wife after lots of thinking.

We have 2 sons now and we settled in the UK now. It was our second son’s first birthday. She was dressed grandly in a saree much below her navel and I was mesmerized with her beauty. She was hot and sexy. I spanked her butt teasing when she roamed around to take care of the arrangements. I love doing it.

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She used to stare teasingly. Our guest wished our child and also complimented us that we were perfect couples made for each other. But they don’t know our real relationship. After the party, she made our kids sleep and came to our room. I told her I was waiting for you for a long time.

She asked, “Waiting for your mom or wife?” teasingly. I pulled her kissed her she responded well. I told her, “Decide it yourself.” She told, “Today I want to be your wife,” and pushed me on the bed and came over me. I asked her, “Do you like me, mom?”

She told, “I am your wife and not your mom. I like you and as a result, we have cute little Rahuls now, and I want a little Sridevi,” she said. She slowly undressed me, I kissed her. She told me this will be her last year in her periods and she needs a girl child and asked me to give her a daughter.

I pushed her on the bed, slowly raised her saree above her knee and rubbed her thighs. She was moaning, slowly I raised it above her waist. I can see her pussy. It was cleanly shaved, I kissed it. She shivered and told, “This is your birth hole and you are filling it with your sperm now.”

Slowly, I started to finger it and untied her petticoat and threw it down. I became nude and unbuttoned her blouse, her black bra. I fucked her for 45 minutes. After 30 minutes she came above me and fucked for 30 minutes. I ejaculated inside her and we were lying facing each other.

She was shaking my dick and I am rubbing her pussy and kissing. We fuck regularly and she became pregnant and as she wished, it was a girl child. She was very happy and we fuck regularly.

I hope you enjoyed!

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