We are a married couple aged 40 Tegan and 42 me Jim. We bought out 1st house about 1 year ago. After we moved in and met the neighbors we invited them over for a BBQ and to get to know them properly. The nite went off well and the couple 2 doors up was Tim and Jenny. We found out they were 52 and had been married since they turned 21.

Jenny looked good for her age and Tim was a bit over weight and loved his beer. As the nite came to an end everyone left so went to bed and talked about the nite. Tegan said she liked the couple over the road and said she was going out with the wife next week end. I told her i had talked to Tim and Jenny a lot and they seemed to be nice.

The next weekend Jenny came down and asked Tegan if she could pick her up on the Monday morning early as she had to get her car serviced as her husband was starting early and she had nobody to help her. Tegan said she had to go to work early but Jim would be able to pick her up. We made the arrangements for the next morning. I was not working that week so i had all the time.

That morning i went and picked her up and brought her home. I told her when the car was ready to come and get me and i would take her back.

When i am at home alone i like to go naked so walking in the front door i stripped off and went to my computer. i had loaded all my photo’s onto it from my camera and was printing some out. They were photo’s of Tegan naked and having sex. Tegan knew about them and i was putting them into a folder. When i finished i went and had a drink in the kitchen and put the folder on the bench top.

As i was going back to the computer the front door bell rang. I put my shorts on and answered it. It was Jenny and she told me the car was ready. I invited her in and told her i was going to get dressed. She went into the kitchen and when i came out she was looking at the folder. I stopped and watched her. When she heard me coming she put the folder down and she was red. I asked if she was OK and she said she was. We went and picked up the car and i told her if she needed anything just to ask.

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A couple of days later the door bell rang and when i opened it was Jenny. I had only put my shorts on. She told me she had received a parcel for me but it had the wrong address. I thanked her for it, took the parcel and asked if she wanted to come in. I asked if she wanted a drink and she said yes.

We chatted for a bit and as i was sitting opposite her i noticed her legs open a bit and i could see her undies. Jenny then looked down and said she had seen the folder on the breakfast the other day and asked when they had been taken. I told her over the past 5 years. I asked if she had liked them and she replied she had only seen the first four pages. I asked if she would like to see the rest and she said she did not know.

I got up and went to the computer room and returned with the folder. I sat next to her and handed her the folder. She looked at me as she took hold of it and then put it on her lap. As she started to open it she kept looking at me. She kept changing the pages slowly and she made the comment she had never seen anything like it. I asked what she liked and she said all of it.

Jenny said her sex life was pain and did not change from sex in the bedroom. When she got to the end she asked how Tegan liked it and i told her it was her idea. She has shown some of the pictures to her friends and they have asked if they could join us. I told her we have talked about it but not made up our minds. I asked if jenny had been with other people and she said no but had thought about it.

I went and picked up the parcel and sat back down next to Jenny to open it. I opened it and saw it was a flash light that Tegan had bought. Jenny asked what it was so i told her. It was a false pussy to get enjoyment. She turned red.

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I put my hand on her leg and asked if she would like to see how it works. She said if i want to show her. I took it out of the box, give it a clean and put the lube around the top. I dropped my shorts and sat back next to Jenny. I put it on the top of my cock and started to push it down. It felt just like a pussy. As i was moving it up and down on my cock i said to Jenny would she like to help. I took her hand and put it on the toy. She moved it up and down.

After a bit i stood up in front of her and she kept going. I started playing with my nipples and when Jenny looked up she saw me and asked if it turned me on. As i was so horny i told her what would make me more horny was if she was naked like me. She slowly stood up, let go of the toy and slowly removed all her cloths. She then sat down but this time with her legs apart. I kept moving the toy up and down my cock.

I was getting ready to cum but i did not want to. I took the toy off and moved forward towards Jenny. All of a sudden i had an idea so i told her i would be back in a bit. I raced to the computer and got my camera. When i returned Jenny saw the camera and said not to any photo’s. I came over to her and put my cock near her mouth. She said she had never done it so i told her to open her mouth, put it in and suck it. She opened her mouth and put it in.

As she was sucking i focused the camera and took a photo with my cock in her mouth. I told her to play with herself so she moved her hand down and started to play with her pussy. I focused the camera again and took some more photo’s. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her further down my cock. She almost took it all. When she took it out she looked up and kissed the knob of my cock and as she did i took another photo.

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I dropped to the floor and put my head near her pussy. As she smiled i started to lick her clit. It was not long before she cum. As she was settling down i took a couple more photo’s. I pulled her down onto the floor and laid on top of her. I felt her hand on my cock and feed it into her pussy. I moved forward and back until she said fuck me hard, fuck me know so i did. She cum again and i slowed down. I rolled off of her and we laid next to each other touching each other.

Jenny sat up and then rolled over on top of me. She then took my cock and fed it into her pussy. As we were fucking i took the camera and took more photo’s and this time she did not stop me. After she cum again she stood up and got off me. As she stood over me i took a photo looking straight up at her pussy. I told her i loved shaven pussy’s. Jenny then told me she had shaven it after seeing Tegan’s photo.

I was still jerking my cock and Jenny looked down and asked if i wanted some help. I said i did so she got between my legs and started sucking my cock again. It was not long before i told her i was going to cum. She put as much as she could into her mouth and i let go, I cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. We laid together for a while before Jenny said she had to go. She put her top and skirt on kissed me goodbye and i walked her to the door naked .

Jenny asked if she could come back in two days as what had happened would take her that long to recover. I told her when she come back i would have a surprise for her.



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