Sex with Ex – Sex Stories

Sex with Ex – Sex Stories

I am Rohit and i live in Chandigarh,Punjab.
This is the story of how i and my ex-gf could not resist having sex while on our way to Ludhiana.

This is a recent event that happened with both of us and we are now friends with benefits.

In January 2020, my ex called me after 3 years of no contact. I was worried and anxious because i did not want to talk to her again. But she called so i had to pick up.

Her name is Shivani and she’s a medium height slim girl.

She called and told me that she had some important work in Chandigarh and wanted me to help her arrange a room for her and her friend.

Sex with Ex - Sex Stories

I hesitated but agreed to help her. This was Saturday and she was coming tomorrow on sunday. I arranged a room for them in a near-by hotel and offered to drive them to the college where they had an exam. To which they agreed gladly.

On sunday i picked them up from their room and off we went to the college. While driving to the college, her friend Priti asked why did we break up and we both were perfect for each other. There was total silence in the car as none of us wanted to talk about it. Soon we reached and Shivani asked me if i could pick her up after the exam as Priti will leave with her bf. I agreed and went back to my room to sleep as i did not sleep the whole night.

While sleeping, someone shook me and i woke up. To my surprise it was shivani and she was looking angry. I was shocked to see her and looked at the time. It was 6 in the evening. She said she waited for too long and took a cab straight to my room. I laughed and said well at least you did not have to walk. She charged at me and started play fighting. Which led me on top of her, trying to stop her from hitting me. We were laughing and suddenly we realised, we were not a couple anymore. She said she already has a bf and tried to leave. I stopped her and asked that she should stay for dinner. She agreed with a small voice and we started cooking.

After eating, i asked when was she leaving for ludhiana (our hometown), to which she replied “tomorrow”. I got a crazy idea that we should travel late night and i will drop her and will meet my parents too. She was a travel freak like me and instantly agreed.

We drove off from Chandigarh at 12am and we were talking about our past days and how we used to do the late night trips. We really enjoyed each other’s company. But this was going to lead us to something very unexpected and freaky.

As we paced on the highways, we noticed a flyover and an underpass which was in a very isolated area. I jokingly said that we should explore it. She got excited and asked me to turn around. This boosted me and i took a u turn towards the underpass. This road lead to some agricultural land. We traveled in that direction for sometime and now were deep inside a highly vegetated area. Almost forest like. I suddenly stopped the car and asked her to get out. We stepped out of the car and saw on the map that there was no residential area within 60km of us. I saw a muddy path and parked the car deep inside the forest and we enjoyed the silence for sometime.

We were alone, at 2am in the middle of no where. This made me very horny as we used to have a lot of outdoor sex before our breakup.

What i did not know was that she was much hornier than me. I said jokingly that we should kiss here and keep it as our little secret. She looked at me and laughed. I was now very horny and just went for the fucking kiss. She did not resist at all, instead pulled me towards her will a wild force. She wrapped her legs around me and started smooching me.

We were away from each other for 3 years, today we were going to settle that. I started kissing her neck and almost licking it wildly like a dog. She went crazy and started loudly moaning. Since there was no one around. I picked her up and went to the back seat. We were so freaky that i tore off her shirt and started to suck and bite her nipples while she found a way inside my pant and started to stroke my dick which was steel hard now.

My dick was aching for her pussy, she was aching for my rod. We quickly undid our pants and i wasted no time and kept my dick on her hole. I teased her by rubbing it and not pushing it inside her. She was wild and this made her mad, she came up and slapped me. This drove me crazy and i picked her up and landed her on my dick. While her legs and arms around me. She let out a roar of satisfaction as she finally felt me deep inside her. This increased our hunger and i just kept on moving her up and down with my arms. Then i kept her on the car’s bonnet and started fucking her from behind. While she was wildly roaring, which made me like an animal. I was going to fuck her till death tonight. She was my victim and she was liking it. I fucked her with full force and held her love handles tightly so i could push my rod deeper into her. This was only making us more horny and we were unwilling to stop.

After 10 min of wildly fucking and screaming. She said “Dusre me daal”
This sent a wave of testosterone rush in my body. She had never let me do anal as she felt to much pain in that. But now she was begging me for that pain. She knew what was coming and she wanted a lot of it.

I did not think twice and took out my dick from her pussy and rubbed it on here butthole. Lubing it with my saliva. I was rubbing the outer ring when she screamed “ saale andar daal saara, faad de aj meri bhenc**d”

This gave me a green signal to fuck her without caring, i still slowly pushed it inside, she started grunting and saying “aur daal kamine” i pushed it all inside her in one go, she felt a lot of pain and made very loud noises. It was inside her, it was stretching her anal walls and it was giving her a deep pleasure. I kept it inside for some time and she suddenly calmed down. All the wildness was now gone, now it became a pleasure game for us. She was at the receiving end and i had to give maximum to her. I took the job gladly and started to pull my dick out very slowly, in a very mild and feminine voice she said “dheere jaanu”. I understood the signal and left her love handles, now holding her stomach, one hand softly caressing her stomach and going towards her clit. Second hand fixed on her navel, with a finger rubbing her belly button. I came closer to her rear and slowly and gently started thrusting my dick in and out her ass. This motion slowly stretched her ass and her hole was letting me freely move in and out. Her pleasure was intense but the moans became slower and deeper. Now we both were gently moaning and were slowly moving in sync with each other. After some time of this gentle anal she turned and was now facing me.

She told me to lay on the back seat and climbed on top of me. This was our favourite position. She entirely leaned on me and we started passionately kissing, almost forgetting that we were not a couple and she had a bf.

This went on for several minutes and we both finally came together. We were tired and exhausted after all this action but i wanted to cum inside her ass. She gladly said lets do it. And we went in for another round of anal. This was much easier than before as the hole was now stretched enough and i was effortlessly fucking her in the ass now. After 5 min i was about to cum and she knew it, so she raised up her ass so i could easily relax and cum. I filled her ass with a huge pile of cum and stayed there for some time. She was so pleased by this and so was i.

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Sex with Ex – Sex Stories