Sex with Gujarati Widow – Sex Stories

Sex with Gujarati Widow – Sex Stories

Hello everyone, this is Sam (name changed for privacy) again with my latest experience. I’m Sam, 33 yrs residing in Delhi.

This is about how I fucked a widow who stays in the same apartment. Let’s just call her Ms. Patel the Gujarati lady. She just shifted into our apartment building 2 months ago and stays next door but I never met her or should I say see her even once as she hardly comes out of the house when she’s home.

Well, Ms. Patel’s a 31 yrs old lady with a son of 2 yrs and she has the most beautiful and genuine smile I’d ever seen. It so happens that my landlord owns the flat that she occupies as well. One day, the landlord came in to my flat in a foul mood to collect the rent. I heard him screaming the previous day and that very day too just before he came in to my flat. So I inquired on why he’s pissed and who he’s shouting at, he told me that the widow next door is not paying the rent and giving him all the excuses. He left after taking the rent from me.

That afternoon, when I was leaving to go buy some kitchen stuff, I heard a lady crying inside the flat adjacent to mine. I just left but even when I returned I still heard the lady crying. I got concerned and rang the doorbell twice and a beautiful young lady opened the door. I told her my name and that I was her neighbor and I heard someone crying, so I came to check if everything’s fine. She told me that everything’s fine and she closed the door. But her eyes gave it all away as she looked sad and pained. Just then I remember my landlord telling me that the lady next door is not paying the rent, but then I went to my room thinking it’s none of my business to poke around in someone’s business. I bathed and changed and left for the Gym and when I came back home around 7:30 PM, I heard the landlord screaming at the top of his voice from the poor widow’s room. He was abusing her with all the filthy words, I’m sure anyone who’s been or staying in Delhi can imagine what I mean by filthy words.

I felt bad and pity the lady, so I rang the bell and asked if I could come in and talk it out with the landlord. She allowed me in as I think she couldn’t take it anymore. I told the landlord that she must be facing some problems and to give her some time, also, that it’s not nice to abuse a lady. The landlord gave a curt reply saying he’d not be doing this if she had paid the rent on time and it’s been past due for a week. The lady asked him to give her a week to pay the rent and the landlord came back saying on how she’d do that as she just lost her job too. I felt really bad for the lady and asked the landlord about the rent. I paid for her rent and told her that she can pay me back next week when she gets the money. The landlord left happy and she was thanking me profusely for helping her. I told her that it’s okay and I went to my room.

The next day was Saturday and I don’t have to work so I slept late. It must have been around 11:00 in the morning, I heard someone ringing my doorbell repeatedly. I got out of bed and was still half asleep as I walk to the door to open the door. Ohhh… I forgot to mention that I always sleep in my underwear and I opened the door just like that. I saw the lady and she saw me and screamed and turned around. I realized I was in my inner wear and just closed the door and came back wearing my pajama. Apologized to her and asked her what the matter was, she invited me for lunch at her place. I thanked her and told her that I’d be there.

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Just when I was about to close the door I realized that she has an amazing body, her boobs look firm and round and not so big but her ass were amazingly great. She saw me staring and she left. I thanked god for letting her invite me for lunch as I really hate cooking, then I went in and washed up and made myself a mug of coffee and sat down to read the paper. She was at the door again and told me that I should come over for dinner instead of lunch as she has to go out for an interview. I said okay and when I was about to close the door, she asked me if I can look after her 2 yrs old son for the afternoon as there’s no one. I hated and cursed inside but said okay as she really has no one. It was the worst day of my life as the boy kept on crying no matter what I tried to keep him from crying.

She got back in the evening and took the child and asked me to come for dinner around 9:00. Again I started staring at her boobs and ass, my God, they were so tempting and I couldn’t help it even though I know that she saw me staring. I rang the doorbell at 9:00 sharp and she welcomed me to her room with the best smile I’ve ever seen. As we sat down she told me about her situation and that she’s jobless and she can’t afford to pay the rent. I told her that she can pay me whenever she can and not to worry about paying me back. I couldn’t help staring at her boobs again and she saw me and just walked away with an excuse. We had dinner, I was so desperate to fuck her but as a principle I never rush or force a lady and I left thanking her for the dinner.

I didn’t see or hear from her after that for a week. I thought I must have scared her and she must be avoiding me. Then out of the blue, yesterday afternoon she rang my doorbell and I was so happy to see her again. She asked me if she can come in and I welcomed her inside. She told me that she got a job with a research company. I congratulated her on her getting her job. I asked her if she drinks wine as we should celebrate the occasion. She declined the offer but invited me for dinner again. She was looking really hot in her western office wear with the tight skirt and tops.

I asked her where her son was since she’s just back from interview. She told me that he’s with the aunty on the floor above us. As we sat and talk, I could help staring at her and was getting really horny. She must have seen the bulge in my pajama and stood up to leave. Just when she reached the door, I held her hands and kissed her on her lips and asked her to stay a while. She started crying and asked me if I was doing this because I paid for her rent. I felt bad and apologized and told her that I never had that thought in my mind. I told her I’m so attracted to her and I couldn’t help staring at her ass and boobs. I kissed her again and she started responding after a while but broke off from the kiss and left asking me to come for dinner.

In the evening, when I came for dinner she was dressed in a pink saree and she looked amazing. She fed the boy early and took him to the bedroom to sleep. She came back out and we started chatting for a while and she told me that her husband passed away a year ago in a road accident. I mentioned earlier that I don’t force a lady but I couldn’t help it anymore with this lady. I tried to hold her hands but she stood up and went to serve food on the table. We had a quite dinner and we sat down on the couch to talk again. She must have sensed that I was desperately trying to get to her. After talking for about 20 minutes she again stood up to go do the dishes. I sat and after a while I walked to the kitchen and hold her in a light embrace from behind and pushed my bulge on to her ass. She didn’t resist but requested me not to do it, to which I told her that I really can’t help it anymore and that I really want to fuck her. I was fondling her boobs and kissing her on her earlobe and she just stood there trembling and let out a small moan.

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I turned her around towards me and opened up her blouse and threw away the bra too. She has the most amazing boobs which were very fair and a pink nipple. I started nibbling the nipple and was fondling the boobs with both hands. I pulled out the saree from her petticoat and also loosened the knot of her petticoat and let it fall. To my amazement she was not wearing a panty and clean shaven. I went down and started eating her pussy and she started moaning louder and was pushing my head towards her pussy. I ate her pussy for about 10 minutes and she came with a loud sigh. I then lifted her and took her to the bedroom, she requested me to do it in the other room as her son was sleeping. I told her that he won’t wake up and even if he does, he won’t understand a thing. I opened up her legs and shoved in my cock slowly and she moaned.

I slowly increased the pace and she started moaning as loud as she’s been dry without sex for a year now. I fucked her in every imaginable position and after about 12 minutes or so we were so intense in our lovemaking we didn’t realize that her son was sitting up on the bed and staring at us. He asked, mommy why are you crying. She panicked and asked me to stop it but I told her son that mummy is tired and so uncle is helping mummy get well. He kept staring at us and she kept moaning loudly no matter how much she tried not to. I fucked her for another 4-5 minutes and came in her. We laid there spent and breathless. She then turned to her baby covering herself with a sheet and helped him sleep. I got up and washed myself in the bathroom and came back out to her bed.

She asked me to spend the night at her place in the other room but I told her that we’d all spend the night on the same bed and she agreed after a lot of persuasion. As we lay on the bed I was fondling her boobs and we both lay naked inside the blanket. She told me that she’d have to shift to Noida as her office is in Noida. I was disappointed but she told me that she’ll take her son to her sister’s place for a week the next day so that we can spend some time together alone. I was already horny again but she refused saying we won’t do it ever again when her son is with us as he can tell her sister without knowing what he’s talking about. I was not ready to listen to her as I wanted to fuck her ass. She still refused so I told her we’ll go to my flat for about an hour and come back after we’re done an she agreed. She was looking for her clothes but I told her that we’ll both go naked to my flat as no one would see us since my flat is just opposite hers. We went out quietly and got into my room.

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Once in my room I took her to the balcony naked which faces a park. She begged me to take her in as it’s so cold and also someone might see us. I told her that no one would see us and just continued fondling her boobs and rubbing her pussy with my cock. She turned around and got down on her knees and started giving me a blowjob. My god, she really know how to give a head. I pulled her up and turned her around so that I can fuck her from behind. As I pushed in to her she let out a long sigh aaaaahhhhhhhhh. I slowly increased my pace and I was really enjoying it as her nice round ass was cushioning every thrust of mine and giving me a tingling sensation which is giving me extra pleasure.

I was fucking her really hard now and she’s moaning quite loud but I didn’t care and continued fucking her. I felt I was nearing my orgasm so I pulled it out and went to my room to get the lubricant. I came back with it but didn’t tell her what it was for. I again inserted and started fucking her nice and easy. As I fucked her, I put the lubricant in my hand and started applying it on her ass and trying to insert my index finger. She’s enjoying the fuck so much that she didn’t realize what I was doing. Once lubricated well, I put some more of it in my hand and withdrew myself from her pussy and applied a lot of it on my cock.

I then told her that I want to try her ass and she objected to it as she’s never done it before. I told her that it’d be fine and if she can’t bear it I’d remove it and she agreed. I slowly inserted in her ass and she started crying out in pain and begged me to stop. I told her that it’d be fine in a bit and inserted the whole of the tip and stopped moving to help her adjust to the intrusion.

She kept crying but after a while she stopped crying and that’s when I started moving slowly and again she started crying in pain. I was not ready to stop now, her ass was tight and also the cushioning that I get fucking her from behind. I continued fucking her and after a minute or so, shit started coming out of her ass mixed with blood and it stank but the pleasure of fucking her made me go on. Slowly she started moaning softly and started enjoying the fuck. She fully opened up for me and I pushed in the whole of my cock in her ass and I was ramming her ass with all my might and the shit kept coming too. At last I came with a loud moan and we both fell on the balcony floor exhausted. As we lay on the floor trying to regain our breath, we were covered in her shit which fell on the floor.

We stood up and went to the bathroom and washed up. We were both tired and we went back to her room to sleep. She’s walking really funny as she got her ass fucked for the first time. I’ve read so many people saying they fucked someone’s ass but I never believed those as it’s always shitty when you fuck someone in the ass. Of course if the partner shit before doing it, then it’s different.

Today, she has left for her sister’s place today and she’d be back tomorrow to be with me for a week alone.

The End……………………..

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Sex with Gujarati Widow – Sex Stories

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