Sex with Milky White Tamanna

Sex with Milky White Tamanna

I’m Joe, I’m a big fan of this slutty tamil actress (Tamanna).. I’m 22 years old and I know a few guys in the Tamil movie Industry. One of my friends is a relative of a tamil movie director. This director is the guy who gave me the lucky chance to enjoy my dream fantasy girl Tamanna’s precious young tight body for a night.
My friend has told me that this director has fucked a few of the young actresses who were introduced to tamil movie industry recently. He used to narrate me the stories told by the director to him on how he enjoyed these slutty young model/actresses by promising them that he’ll make them famous and reach the top spot.
He once introduced me to this director who was then filming a movie with actress Tamanna, we soon became friends and he promised me to take me to the shooting spot of the movie that he was filming with my dream girl Tamanna.

On one weekened i was called by this director for a song sequence that was to be shooted in a place which was not much far from mine.. I soon hurried there. Once i reached there I found the director (OK lets call him Ravi). We then had a chat, sipping a cup of coffee, all the while i was waiting for the shooting to begin, to see sexy Tamanna. Soon the Shooting began and there came Tamanna wearing a white top exposing her gorgeous navel and a short pink micro mini skirt. She really looked like a sexy slut in that costume. Tamanna and the dance crew along with hero started practicing their dance steps. Me and Ravi were watching Tamanna move her body to the rythm, and the hero was really enjoying holding her intimately all the while. This was too much for me and I couldn’t take my eyes of her long slender smooth legs and tight thighs, they were so very sexy.. I kept admiring her beauty when Ravi asked me – “What are u lookin at like that?? You feel she is too hot to resist ur temptation??”.. I said yes and just kept staring at the awesome butt of Tamanna. We then slowly started talking about sex and sex in the cine industry. He admitted to me that he has fucked some leading actresses like Shreya, Ileana, Sneha Ullal, Kajal Agarwal, Anushka etc…He told me that not all the actresses are willing to have sex with directors or some people whom they ask to have sex with, but only those slutty actresses who are ready to have sex get good opportunities and reach the top. I then asked who was his favourite fuck? for which he said Kajal Agarwal was the sexiest, tightest and juiciest cunt he ever fucked. I then asked him if he has done it with Tamanna? He said no, but he told me that she has accepted to sleep with him for a night. I was so jealous of this guy on how lucky he was to really fuck these sexy little young sluts people are crazy about.. I was so horny after hearing all these and I asked him if he could get me a chance to have Tamanna sleep with me for a night instead. He was a little hesitant for a moment and told me that he has already planned to have sex with Tamanna that night and that the slut has accepted for it. I was so disappointed and I begged him again, I pleaded him to do me the favour as he has already enjoyed sex with many sexy actresses. After a long discussion he agreed and told me that he’ll speak to her about this and tell me..

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After the rehearsal he walked the crew and took Tamanna alone with her to speak to her about it.. He came out soon smiling at me. He told me that Tamanna is ready to have sex with anyone on that night if he promised her to put her as the lead actress in another movie which was to be directed by another guy( a friend of Ravi ). Ravi had promised her for the same, and she has accepted to sleep with me for that night. I really could not believe this, but yes,it was going to happen. I was too happy and I could not wait for the night. Ravi had arranged the night for me with Tamanna in a guest house bungalow of his in ECR (East Cost Road Chennai). I never thought Ravi would do this for me, but he did and I was so thankful for him.

At around 6 in the evening, Ravi introduced me to Tamanna. She shook her soft delicate hands with mine and said hello. I just imagined how good it will fell when she holds my cock with those delicate hands of hers. She looked so gorgeous in the black salwar she wore. The girl who looked like a slut a few hours ago was looking so beautiful and homely now. She began chatting with me so friendly as we started to Ravi’s guest house in his car.

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Sex with Milky White Tamanna

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