Sex with my cousin brother…

Sex with my cousin brother…

I am a 27 year old, now married female, with one kid and my figure is around 36-30-36. That middle bulge is due to my recent pregnancy but I hope you guys won’t mind that, right?
So Karan is my cousin, he is 26 year old and stays nearby we live in a Mumbai suburb. He is now a doctor and I love him very much. Honestly we both have explored each other so much that we are more than just cousins. We are in fact pseudo husband and wife. It all started in our childhood days. During our school vacations we used to go to our native place and enjoy there.
When we were younger, we along with our other cousins used to have this annual meet up. But since all others were too small, Karan and I used to always be together all the time. It was one day when our aunt was giving us bath together we were only in our undies. Our aunt left us midway. At that time, even though we were very small, I playfully pulled his pants down and he started crying. I remember I had got frightened and so I told him to remove my pant also in revenge….

And he did, we were both naked. Innocently we were looking at our private parts and were wondering why we both did not have the same ‘thing’. Hehe. That remained a mystery in our little minds. Then everyday we would sneak away from our elders and other cousins and go into some room and ‘explore’ each others private parts. Even while sleeping we would sleep besides each other purposely and pull a bedsheet over us. When everyone used to sleep, I would play with his tiny penis and he would tickle me in my hole.
Years went by when we grew up and gradually started understanding the effects of what we were doing innocently. Slowly it used to become awkward when we would face each other when we were into our teens. But the inner desire towards each other never died even as we grew up. We would often meet during vacations. But the innocent activities had obviously stopped but naughty smiles were definitely exchanged.
Once we were eighteen and into our higher studies, the meetings Sepreased. But whenever we met, I would feel a very intense desire to hug him and let him touch all over my body. But alas it was not possible any more. when I got to stand or sit near him, I would purposely lean against his body and let my newly developed young boobs touch his elbow. And he used to respond back without letting anyone around us know. I would purposely not wear dupatta in front of him to tease him.

Few more years went by and even the annual meets had deserted. I used to fantasize about him all day and night. Meanwhile Karan had got into medical school. One day I had called up him and told him about my periods getting irregular. He took a short history about my health and midway asked me about any tenderness in the breast region, I said yes, i feel they are very engorged and tight whenever my periods get delayed. As he was asking that I felt something very intense as he talked about my breast.
I was sexually aroused. He said I should get them checked from a doctor. I immediately asked him why would, I go to some other doctor when I have my brother himself. He laughed and said ok 2 days later he came to my place. I purposely called him on that day since my parents had gone for a wedding and would come only in night. I directly took him to the bedroom. Gave him some refreshing cold drinks and showed him some medical reports. The situation was a bit awkward because it was years since we were in a room alone, and I could sense even he was feeling a bit nervous. I was wearing a night gown. So i sat besides him on the bed and answered his queries…

He had brought his laptop along and showed me a clip on self breast examinations. I was hardly paying attention to that. He also showed how to do that on his own chest to which i laughed naughtily he also felt ashamed. I slowly went to him and said, “why are you feeling so shy? Dont you remember what we used to do when we were little kids?”
He said. “yes Pinky, but now we are grown ups.” I said, “So what?” And i took his hands and kept them on my boobs. He was literally shivering and i was feeling too ecstatic to feel his touch on my body. “Show me how to do this examination”, I said. And I removed the buttons of my gown and dropped the gown over my shoulders to remove my boobs outside. He was shocked to see my huge boobs. He took me towards the mirror and hesitantly started to show how to press across the boobs in circular manner.
His touch had silenced all my sensed and I just closed my eyes and started moaning slightly. he sensed it. I opened my eyes and hugged him with my bare chest. He too responded. We were huggging each other for some 2-3 minutes and then I looked towards him and his lips. I kissed him immediately and let his toungue play inside my mouth. It was such a beautiful feeling. All the childhood memories started flashing back. He took me towards the bed in that same position and made me sit he pulled the gown above again, and told me to lie down.
I removed his shirt and his vest and then unbucled his jeans. He was only in his undies. The last time i saw him this way was when we were ** years of age. 09 years later my little brother had grown into a man. And so did his willy. His dick was making a tent inside his tight undies. he went down side and sucked my toes, Oh i was loving that then he slowly came above licking my knees, my thighs and pulling my gown over slowly he spread my legs and put his head inside my gown and reached my pussy.

He removed my panty with his teeth till my knees and then pulled it down and threw it on the sofa. A sense of vaccuum filled inside between my thighs due to what he had done just now. He again went inside the gown and reached my pussy and I felt his warm toungue on my clitoris. A lightning struck as he stroked my clit. I held his head through my gown he went down inside the pussy and I could literally hear his slurping as I was flowing like never before.
I was slowly building up and I was already into my first orgasm as he flickered his tongue over my clit with lightning strokes. ‘Oh Karan. Karan!’ I moaned and suddenly felt flat again. Phew! I was feeling so beautiful he came over me and I kissed him so passionately. I knew I had to return the favor. I quickly pushed him on the bed and sat over him and kissed him as I went down and kissed his nipples.
Then I slowly went down and teased him by kissing him on his mount, though i was very much eager and anxious to see his dick, i purposely teased him for some time and then i removed his undies and let his huge cock come out. I was just astonished to see his small little will now grown up into a monster! I just kept looking at it and then went near it and kissed it on the tip he fell behind in ecstacy his foreskin had pulled behind and the mushroom head was pink in color. He told me to come near and he removed my gown.
There we were lying naked, completely nude in front of each other but not feeling shy anymore. I again went near his monster and kissed him all over his shaft. He had a small beauty spot on his dick that made me feel very sexy about giving him a blowjob. I licked his balls first then i came above and licked his shaft up and down and then put his thick head inside my warm mouth, he started moaning, I kept varying the speed.
His moans would turn me on to put his dick even deeper. He said he was enjoying it and so was I Then he told me to stop as he would cum. so he told me to lie down. He came near me and started licking my neck. I whispered in his ears, “Can you put that thing inside me”he smiled and said, Ok. He slowly guided his dick near my pussy. I took it in my hand and put it inside my pussy. It was my first sexual encounter and I wasnt regretting losing my virginity to my cousin.

I knew he deserved that. It was really painful. But Karan took it slowly for me he slowly pushed it inside with gentle strokes in beginning, and then he gradually paced his strokes. His chest was touching my boobs and we were sweating. It was an amazing feeling. I grabbed his back with one hand and caressed his hair with another. My legs automatically moved across his firm buttocks. I was synchronising with his moves.
It was heaven. My hymen had already broken i guess due to my daily masturbation. So there wasn’t any bleeding or pain later. HIs warm meat was inside me and the feeling was too divine. He started pumping very vigorously and I could sense his throbbing cock against my tight pussy. He said he was coming now so he wanted to get out but I ignored him and said, no just do it inside me.
He got excited by that and continued pumping inside me. I was on the road to orgasm once again. I started breathing heavily, my grip over him tightened as he pushed inside with such manly strokes. We were both moving in unison. I had started moaning loudly, “Oh Karan, Fuck me hard… pls I am dying… Kill me!’
And then the inevitable happened, we both were in ecstacy. Karan pulled me closer to him and held me tight as his body tensed and I felt a gush of warm fluid striking my pussy inside. that agravated my senses and I too burst in an explosive orgasm, even stronger than I had before, the best in my life then.

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Sex with my cousin brother…