Sex with neighbour Rita – Sex Stories

Sex with neighbour Rita – Sex Stories

Here is my story for your consideration. I am Tom, 27, BTech, tall well built, sports enthusiast, busy with my own work in a MNC in Bengaluru. staying in the company furnished flat, using their car, eating at whichever restaurant people may suggest, I never like to get involved with any girl either in the office or outside.

I cooked my Oats for my breakfast and made couple of fried eggs and a tea for my breakfast. In the evening normally I cook a packet of Maggi noodles which is adequate for my requirements. I take supper in some hotel. In my next door somebody moved in recently. I saw him and exchanged smiles. I did not yet seen her.

Appear to be newly married, they may have their own difficulty in setting up their family joint. It was a holiday. After finishing my lunch, I came back and had a seista. Somebody was calling me “bhaiya, Bhaiya….” through my kitchen window. I went to my window and peeped outside. The voice called from my neighbouring flat.

I asked “Apne bhulaya, kya seva kar sakthahum” “Apka pathidev tho honge” She said he has gone on tour and she needs to meet a doctor urgently. ” Teek hai, neeche ajayiega. Me tho neeche hoonga”. I ran doen the stairs, went to the garage and brought my car out and kept it in running condition at our entrance.

A young girl of about 22 or 23 years of age, fair in colour, was standing in agony. I opened my front door and asked her to get in. I asked her should we not have some other woman to accompany you. She said no. I asked her which hospital where we have to go. Is it gyneacological, or breathing trouble,or stomach pain, She asked me to take her to a hospital which is far away from the city.

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OK, I said I sped the car towards this hospital. She looked very much pulled down, and I asked a stretcher to be brought down to take her to the emergency. They wanted some information for starting a file. I did not know any information about her.I did not know even her name. The nurse went to her and gathered all information and they were all waiting for the doctor.

Her name was revealed at Rita. She was showing all restlessness. But what to do the doctor has to come. Finally the doctor came and they took her to the theater. After half an hour the doctor came with a big smile and told me that I may take away the patient. I asked her what was the problem, laughingly she said that the patient has been informed about it in detail and you may know from her.

After some time Rita came smiling and rushed to get into my car and urged me to leave. I asked her to pay the bills of the hospital. She said she has paid alll the bills and there is nothing more to be paid. We drove off for some distance and then I stopped the car in a secluded place and asked her what was the problem.

Shyly and smilingly she said it was a silly problem not worth to be told outside. After much persuation and taking promises that I will not tell this to any body, she told me that she had inserted a unripe banana inside her cunt and she could not put it out. she made all exercises, yet the banana did not come out it was lying inside for more than 48 hours and she felt some new complication should not happen.
With what face she will tell me. But the doctor laughed and in one motion she pulled it out. Half of it was in the vagina and the remaining half went through cervix to the uterus. Doctors and the nurses had a hearty laugh. She told them that I am not her husband. But they said he appears to be healthy ask him to fuck you to make life normal.

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I said let us take some food and then decide what to do. Let me first examine the area about the damage caused by the banana. Rita laughed and asked me not to tell anybody even by way of a joke. Ok, ok, first food and then the examination and then we decide. We took food and then went to the flat. I asked her where is it to be in mine or in yours. Come to mine, she said.

I went to my house changed into a lungi and took couple of condoms and then went to her house. Luckily there was nobody to watch us. I made her to remove all her clothes and stand nude in front of me. I examined her cunt which had swallowed the banana. It is a clean shaven pussy. There was no smell. Her narrow waist and big boobs gave ber a fantastic appearance.

I asked her to take my cock in her mouth and suck it. Rita was only 22 and her experience in sex is very less. I showed her in her PC the porno sites. Rita was shocked. She could not believe that such sites can be sourced from any PC. Then we started our game slowly. She gave me a blow job. I licked her boobs, nipples, and then her clitoris and then the whole cunt.

She was overwhelmed. She never knew that people do such things in sexual intercourse. Her cunt was very tight and it gave me a great pleasure. I fucked her in missionery position, doggy style and then I asked her climb upon me and fuck. She liked it very much. She was in command. I cound hold her boobs from bouncing. But she came very fast.

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I took some olive oil in my palm and rubbed my palm on her cunt. It has such a magnetic effect, she reached climax very fast. We would have fucked at least six times. She was tired. I told her to come to my flat from the following day so that we fuck for the whole night. We fucked till her hubby returned from his business trip.

The End……………..

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Sex with neighbour Rita – Sex Stories

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