Sex With Neighbor Sheetal – Sex Stories

Sex With Neighbor Sheetal – Sex Stories

I would like to appreciate ISS for creating a platform for posting such fascinating stories on the website.

I would like to introduce myself as Veer. I’m 24 years old. My stats are 5’10 and I owe an athletic physique.

The story I’m going to share is one of those times during my adolescence when I was 21 years old.

I used to stay in Pune with my elder brother completing my college and since my brother had been transferred to overseas along with his wife, I had his place all by myself. The maid had taken up all the responsibilities of cooking and cleanliness for me.

Just after a month of my brothers transfer. We had a new tenant on the flat upstairs. There was a lady who was 34 years old and staying alone. She was a software engineer. Her body was voluptuous and she was fair in complexion. Her bosom and rear behind screamed to set free from her tight clothes.

One day there was a bell on my door and to my surprise it was my new neighbour. Her name was Sheetal and she came down asking for a maid to get her household chores done. After formal gestures , she enquired about me and told somethings about herself too. I got to know she was a divorcee and had decided to move out of Bangalore after her divorce. Her marriage had failed abruptly and she couldn’t stand seeing her ex husband. I had got my maid to help her out. During the conversation we had, I had seen her eyes scanning all over my body. Her brown eyes had peered all over my erogenous zones and it sparked a bit discomfort for myself as well. She was almost as tall as me.

Upon further notice I had seen her nipples protruding her tank top and leggings clung all over that ass. As she left, I could see her ass wiggling while climbed the fleet of stairs. I had an erection and went back to doing my chores. ‘What a sight to be marveled at’, I thought.

I was back one day from college and couldn’t find my maid at my place. I went upstairs to check if she was at sheetals. I had knocked and after a few mins, the door opened up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was on her phone talking to someone and she had a see through maxi till her knees and her undies and brassier could be seen from it. She had her hair wet and she gestured me to sit while she got done with the talk. She stood towards the window facing away from me, while I gazed tentatively at her ass. It swung from one place to another while she shifted weight from her hips.

I felt like kneeling down and getting rid of her panties just to suck the her wet vaginal lips . The perfume she had paved its way to my brains and was enough to give me a boner in my shorts. I tried hard concealing it but things got difficult. She seemed carefree and I just enjoyed the spectacle shamelessly. She had nice long legs and she had her hygiene on point. After completing her call she returned to me. She enquired what made me come to her place to which I replied I had been there in search of my maid. She told me that she had left early because her child was ill and told me that she would be there a bit later.

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She asked me to stay a bit for a coffee to which I replied in affirmative. I stood besides her while she made us coffee. At times while talking I found good occasions to gaze at her body. ‘What a crazy guy must it take to divorce a goddess like her’, I thought. My instinct had me to get her naked and penetrate her without any foreplay and just enjoy the rough sex and her pussy fighting hard enough to accommodate my fat cock but somehow I felt I needed to regain my composure.

She kept on talking and I guess she caught throwing glances at her but she didn’t mind it. When she bent down to serve me coffee I felt as if her tits would fall off to the ground. She had huge boobs and the bra she had was minute to conceal the huge sensations she held. After talking on for sometime, I found it hard to control my horniness. I told her I had work and I left as fast as I could. I came down to my flat and had pleasured myself thinking about her and still seemed not satisfied.

Few days past and we kept having small talks while meeting each other. One day she had asked me for a movie at her place and I had questioned her about the movie to which she told me was a new horror movie. I couldn’t slip off such a moment and I agreed religiously to what she said.

It was Saturday night and I had taken time grooming myself. I had worn my track pants and a t-shirt and I reached her place. Upon arrival, she stood there just in her shorts and a t-shirt. I asked her where we could watch the movie to which she replied on her laptop. I didn’t mind it and we moved towards her bedroom. We got ourselves comfortable on her bed she was just at hands distance from me. She switched off her lights and we played the movie.

After few mins, I felt cold as the movie got a grip on us and due to winters I had asked her for a blanket. The light from the laptop was enough and I stood there gazing at her body. The curves ran across her body and I had an erection. I was scared and didn’t want to creep her out.

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Suddenly there was these scene where she got scared and she pushed her butt on my crotch. Her ass cheeks were soft and large and my dick got stuck between her asscheeks. She didn’t mind and I tried mischievously poking her acting innocent. I had lost track of the movie and all my attention was on the goddess I had. I gave her a comforting cuddle as she had started trembling due to fear and cold. I had got her under the blanket too. I had my hands on her tummy and her long fingers enclosed on mine. I knew she was starved too but it was just a matter of breaking the ice.

She shifted her hips away from me and I thought I had lost the chance of it. After few more mins she pressed herself on me harder than before. My cock cried hard to be set free. I had reached a point of losing it and I started kissing her on neck. The smell from her air was enough to knock me out. She just stood lifeless for few mins and entertained me. I took this as a ‘Yes’ and commenced my actions. I gave her tits a squeeze while kept kissing her. She responded lately and started letting out moans. From her boobs I glided my hands down to her pussy.

To my surprise, she hadn’t worn any undies. She was a bit wet and I rubbed my index finger on her vaginal walls. I had made eye contact with her and it was awkward. I just started biting her lips till she responded and our tongues were entwined. I gave her few squeezes on her arse. The best thing about a mature woman is that she knows what she wants in sex. I got her undressed and started undressing too. I came on top of her and started running my tongue all over her body. I nibbled at her ears , down her neck and beautiful dove face. She was responding to me, there was no talking. I reached her bosom and gave her perky nipples a bite. She let out a faint cry, I circled my lips on her aerolas and try sucking those melons. I felt my erection touching her pussy lips. I got down to pussy lips.

I rubbed my fingers on her walls. I parted her lips and saw her clit hiding under her hood. I let my tongue out and sucked her clit. He sprung on the bed and I didn’t stop. I fingered her slowly pressing down on her walls. Simultaneously I started circling her clit with my tongue. Her cries overpowered the sound of the movie. I kept the momentum. She started leaking like a wet bitch and I gulped every drop it. I felt my fingers tightening and I knew she was near her orgasm. And last she pushed me away and she lay there motionless. After few mins, she stood up. She pushed me on my back and started kissing my face. She started kissing my torso. I felt a tingling sensation all over.

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She started savouring me with her tongue. At last she knocked my knickers off, and took hold of my penis. In a move she took the entire length inside her mouth. She gave me a bite and I felt my length disappear inside her mouth. She teased with her tricks and I felt like ejaculating in her mouth.

As I was nearing it, she stood on top of it and took me inside her. I felt her walls on my knob and she started riding me. Her ass cheeks wiggled on me and the momentum grew faster. She was screaming and I started pounding her from beneath. She dig her fingernails on me and i gave her bites. The pounding got so hard and she released once more. I was nearing my ejaculation too and I increased my humping. I came with a grunt and she fell on me. My juices leaked all into her. She lay on top of me motionless and I could smell her sweat with her perfume.

I was still hard and we both wiped each other off. The look on her face said she wanted more and I mounted on top of her. I started thrusting her and her hands on my arse. She kept pushing me harder and squeeze my arse. I felt my dick hitting her pubic bone. She was screaming and panting for breath. My balls were hitting hard on her pussy walls and the demon inside me wouldn’t stop. I made her change positions and she got into doggie. I spanked her ass and I entered her from behind. The sight was amazing to watch. While fucking her, I slowly fingered her asshole. The whole room smelled of our sweat and semen.

I kept moving forward with my pace and she let out louder moans. I pulled her by the hair and gave her a wet kiss. She arched her back and kept asking for more. I was nearing my second orgasm and I started pacing myself. The harder was the pounding and the speed. Her ass made a thumping voice and she let out pussy farts at the same time. The blood in my head almost made me faint and at last I once again came inside her. After the sex, we both lay in each other’s arms. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. It meant the best was yet to come.

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Sex With Neighbor Sheetal – Sex Stories

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