Sex with vidya in hotel

Sex with vidya in hotel

Hi friends, this is a real life story that happened between me and the love of my love- life Vidya. The story started 5 years ago, when I was working for an IT company in India. I am an average looking guy (Vidya says am handsome), with good height. I was on a heavier side those days. I just started working for this company and was a workaholic. I only concentrated on my work and offered my assistance to colleagues when asked for.

There was this girl Vidya, who joined as a fresher and started working in the same team as mine, but for a different client initially. Vidya is good looking, with big, fish like eyes, good vital statistics, has round boobs and flat belly but short.

We never had any interaction as part of the work, but as the days passed, she was stuck with an issue related to her work. That day she looked around for her seniors for support, but they left the work place by then. She then approached me, when I was about to leave, and asked for help (I came to know later, Vidya had no other intentions when asked my help).

I offered my assistance to her and sat beside her and we tried fixing the issue, which we couldn’t (as I was unsure of the options to select). I then asked her to send an email to her reporting manager and the client stating that she was unable to complete the task and this will be taken up by the seniors the following day.

The client, being very aggressive, escalated on Vidya, and we both received a good shunting for the incomplete task from our manager and for emailing client. We decided to go on a break together, to the company’s cafeteria and started swearing my manager as well as the client and were cracking jokes. This was the beginning of our friendship.

As the days passed, we both became good friends and were catching up at the tea- breaks regularly. There were gossips about us at office, which we overheard, but didn’t bother as we didn’t have any other intentions. One day, after work, when I was at home, I logged on to Yahoo Messenger to find her online. We both chatted for a very long time about various things in office and slowly the chat drifted towards personal life.

I told her that I already have a girl-friend and love her very dearly. She also told me about her boy-friend but they both were not seeing each other as they had a fight recently. She shared her personal family photographs with me (nothing vulgar at all), explained about her sister, mother and her father. I praised her on her beauty especially her eyes and told her that I can die for her eyes.

The chat then slowly drifted towards the naughty things that we did in the college and then towards sex (generally). This chat has brought us together; we felt we were very close to each other by the time chat ended.

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Next day when we met in the office, I asked about the color of her bra for which Vidya replied Black. We both just smiled at each other. I used to tease her everyday “color color what color” and she used to respond with the color of Bra she had on her at that time.

Days passed on. One day during a weekend, we had to go to one of our colleague’s marriage. She came to the marriage on her own. I went to the marriage on my bike and we had a good lunch at the marriage. At the time of leaving, I offered a lift to Vidya, which she accepted as her friends were taking a different route back home. She was looking gorgeous that day.

I still remember the Yellowish Orange saree that she was on with a matching blouse and black bra. The black bra was visible clearly from her blouse. She sat behind me and I started driving my bike. On the way back home, we both wanted to have a pizza together and I stopped near Pizza Hut. She got down from the bike and we both started walking towards the entrance.

I asked her to stop in the middle and asked her to follow me. She obliged, after taking a seat in the Pizza Corner she asked as to why I asked her to stop and walk behind me. For that I said “You are looking very sexy in my favorite color saree, your ass is looking very cute and your black bra is killing me”.

I said that I was stripping her from behind with my eyes and probably would have had sex then and there itself. She smiled. We had the pizza and I dropped her home. Next day, she wanted to have dinner with me and we both left a bit early from office and went to Blue Sea hotel. On the way back, she told me that she gave a serious thought about what I told her yesterday and she doesn’t have any issues with that.

I asked her to be specific…for which she said that she wanted to experience sex with me. I asked her “Are you sure? I believe you are very well aware that I have a girl-friend who I intend to marry and I cannot marry you?”, pat came the reply from her “Who is asking you to marry me? I just want to get laid today”. Her response shocked me, but I too wanted to make love to her.

We then thought of some safe hotel to have sex. Dialed up couple of three star hotels and booked a good sized room in one of the reputed hotels. We both called our respective homes and informed that we are stuck with work and cannot make it to home that night.

We went to the hotel, completed the formalities and went into the room. Being virgins (She told me after three years that she was not a virgin during our first love making session) we both did not know how to start but started exploring each other, with the clothes on. She then went into the bathroom to freshen herself and I relieved of myself afterwards. Later we both jumped on the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other.

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She was (and still is) an amazing lover, she started kissing me very slowly and we both enjoyed for what seemed to be an eternity. We broke the kiss finally and started to undress each other. We undressed one piece of cloth from each other’s body and fondled, kissed, sucked that part slowly enjoying each other’s touch, lust and everything.

I was blown by the first look of her boobs, wrapped tightly inside the bra. I’ve fondled her breasts eagerly over the bra and slowly took one breast out from the bra, sucked it. I then gave the same treatment to the other boob as well. She was moaning all the while. Her boobs were round, firm with very small nipples.

I then removed her bra completely and what I saw was a complete set of boobs hanging freely in the air and waiting for me to pounce upon. She also removed my shirt, sucked my nipples which made me extremely horny.

We then undressed the bottom half of the dresses on us and soon were standing in front of each other with under garments (I in my underwear and Vidya in her panties). We then hugged each other tightly and then started twisting and turning on the bed embraced in that tight hug. Vidya then asked me to remove her panties and suck her.

I obliged her, removed her panties and started sucking eagerly. She then asked me to proceed slowly which I obeyed like a slave. I started sucking her pussy very slowly just licking the outer lips (which she says was the best from me to her, so far), and at the same time fondling her gorgeous boobs slowly.

I did that for approximately 30 minutes and she started twisting and twirling and started shaking violently. I understood that she is on the verge of explosion and increased my pace. She came with a shrill sound and gripped my neck tightly with her thighs in such a way that my mouth was trapped on her pussy lips and I could not move an inch.

She laid so for approx. 5 minutes and slowly released her grip. I laid myself beside her and asked her if we “came”, for which she responded positively. It was her turn now to return the pleasure. She slowly ran her hand on my thighs, fondled my member on top of my undie for some time. She then got up, positioned herself in between my thighs and removed my undie.

My member is about 7″ long and is approx 3.5″ in girth (which is not very big, but Vidya says it’s of the perfect size for her). She thought that I have a pretty good cock (which she told me after 3 years) for my height. Vidya started sucking it. She took the entire length slowly into her, and it was really a heavenly feeling for me as it was my very first time.

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She sucked whole of my member slowly. She took it first from the front side, then from the sides, sucked my balls (which I was very reluctant as I thought she might bite them) and massaged my balls slowly throughout this process. She did this for about 40 minutes and the tension was mounting inside me. I told her that I am about to come and she asked me to come in her mouth.

I then exploded massively with all my juices filling her mouth completely. She drank every drop of it and licked me dry. I was too tired after this and we both decided to have some rest. After some time, we were geared up again and repeated the oral sex and were ready for penetration. At this point something struck me (that I was not being honest to my gf blah blah blah) and I denied the penetration.

She was disappointed but did not say anything. We again had massive oral sex and went to sleep. In the morning, we woke up stark naked and were at it again. She then asked me to penetrate which I didn’t. But after some persuasion, in the heat of the moment, I entered her pussy slowly. Her pussy was very tight and she had to adjust her position so as to ease the penetration.

It was a very heavenly feeling and she was moaning very heavily. I started jerking to and fro slowly at first, and then, unable to control my emotions, started doing it very fast. She started moaning hard and urged me to fuck more rapidly and use good force which I obliged. But due to the inexperience, the pressure started building in me and told her that I am about to cum.

She told that she was in a safe period and urged me to cum inside her. After about 10-15 strokes, I started Cumming inside her, filling her with my juices. I clearly know that she has not cum yet. I withdrew my member and started fingering her wet pussy (filled with my juices). After sometime she came heavily making loud noises with pleasure.

We slept for a while fondling each other’s body. We left to our respective homes, satisfied and content, as we had to freshen up before going to the office that day. This was the beginning of our love making sessions. I will try to write down my further sexual encounters with Vidya, so that you all can read and enjoy (including Vidya).

The End…………..

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Sex with vidya in hotel

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