Sexting Experience – Part 1

Sexting Experience – Part 1

Hello friends, I have been a fan of ISS stories since my teenage days but never had the courage to write any story of my own incidents. Today I am writing down a night experience between me and a friend of mine.

A brief about me. I am a good-looking 6 ft tall guy located in the western part of the country. The heroine of the story who was my partner in crime in the experience is a short bong girl from Bengal. Bongs, as the name would suggest, are hot, wild and bootylicious and she was just like that.

We happen to meet through online websites searching for a partner who would help us release and escalate the experience to the next level. One of those nights I was quite horny. I happened to ping the bong Nari who was luckily also online at that point in time. The story goes as follows:

I will narrate the sexting experience which is a real-life chat narration. Portions in bracket resemble Actions being taken by the partners in the storyline.

Me: Myself and Bong: Heroine of the story

Me: Hi Bong Nari
Bong: Hi Champ!
Me: How are you?
Bong: I am great, what about you?

Me: I am also great. What are you up-to?
Bong: Just lying in bed and reading through 50 Shades of Grey. What about you?

Me: Just a bit horny, trying to ease me. So, I thought of pinging you.
Bong: Ahan, what made you horny tonight?

Me: The HR manager of my company. Swaying her ass in the office lobby made me crazy the whole day. Up-to some fun?

Bong: Of course, 50 shades already had the effect and wanted to have some fun.
Me: Ahan, that’s good to hear.

Me: (Come close to you and put your hands behind you on your ass and look up to you)
Bong: (Struggling to release herself from my grip) You rascal, dare not come close to me. Leave me.

Me: Nopes, that isn’t gonna happen, dear. (Tighten the grip further)
Bong: (Tries to stretch herself and bite your cheek or whatever part she is able to)
Me: (Trying to save myself by stretching back) Shouldn’t let the wild cat take charge at any time.

Bong: Now that’s not fair. (Looking at me with anger)
Me: Like the angry look of the wild cat. It makes me go much harder on you. (Tighten my grip around your hand and press them harder on your ass crack with a finger tickling your crack to goosebump you.)

Bong: (Come close to you and stand onto your feet so that you can’t move away from me) Now you can’t move away.

Me: I have no issues with the closeness wild cat but you do. (Come down and lick the neck from ear to shoulder strap. My finger pressing in harder against the ass crack)

Bong: It’s having its effects. You know the weak spots well don’t you haan.
Me: Of course, I do. Otherwise, how would I be able to turn you on without being close to you?

Bong: (Pull the skin of your neck between my teeth gently) Why are you so tall!
Me: Oh yea. Now the wild cat is getting into action.

Bong: (Rubbing my boobs onto your chest slowly and gently).
Me: Aahh. Now that has its own effects. What are you wearing in your room: usual shorts and top without a bra, pointing out your nipples?
Bong: Of course, you know it well how much I love to flash my nipples to you.

Me: Ah, I do like it when you rub the nips to my bare chest.
Bong: Of course, and that’s why I am crushing them onto you. How does it feel?

Me: Aahh (leave your hands from behind and let out a loud moan) Your hands are free to roam around now babes.
Bong: You shouldn’t have done that. You will regret it now.

Me: (Lift you by the ass and place you onto the dressing table to match your height. Tear away your skimpy top and free up your boobs from the hiding) Looking at you hungrily into the eye.

Bong: (Grab your hair and pull your head back. Bring your finger up and lick it seductively while looking into your eyes) How does that feel?
Me: Oh fuck. That’s too hot to resist babes. Always got a new trick up your sleeves to seduce me to the next level.

Bong: Always say I have a stock of moves champ. Keep exploring and keep enjoying.
Me: Oh really? Those moves are gonna cost you a lot of cum you see.
Bong: I am ready to pay the price champ. Let’s see how much you can get me to pay.

Me: (Lift you up and throw you onto the bed. Pounce onto you and start eating your boobs like a hungry baby)
Bong: Aahh, you are a fucking bastard, you know that boob eating is your art I cannot resist.

Me: (Moving from one boob to the other and eating them hard. Chewing your nipple while twisting the other one. Not letting you go anywhere without these boobs being swollen.)

Bong: Fucking crazy. (Holding your hair tightly and pressing your mouth against my boobs) Eat them well champ, eat them till your content.

Me: (The other hand is free and roams around till your sweet shaved pussy. Rubbing your pussy over the hot pants. Stop a bit and pull down your pants and panty to thrown them away. Quickly get rid of my clothes too.)

Bong: Aha, someone is on fire it seems.

Me: Of course, I told you. I was way too horny since morning today.
Bong: I am loving it right now.
Me: (Push you into 69 position and start licking your ass hole nice and deep. With a finger into your pussy as well going deep)

Bong: Aahh! (I slide down my tongue onto your long hard rod. Licking you like there is no tomorrow. Biting your balls in between gently to make you go crazy.)

Me: Fuck that’s crazy, you bitch. You slut you have been watching a lot of porn it seems to learn those new tricks to make me go mad.
Bong: That’s how it should be. Always a new trick to make you go higher the route.

Me: (Bite your ass cheek hard to make you moan.)
Bong: (Slipping your cock deep into my mouth and deep throating it at times. Playing with your foreskin as well)

Me: Aahh the slut has gone mad. I am loving it. (Taking the tongue deeper into your ass hole and licking it clean. Finger going in deep into the pussy to hit you hard)

Bong: (Pull myself from you and slide over you. Pull a condom over your cock. Push my pussy onto your cock and slide it deep inside me) Aahh, the feeling of you hitting it deeply is heaven you fucking asshole.

Me: Aahh fuck. Amazing feeling to feel your tight pussy around my cock.
Bong: (Start to move my ass nice and slow with gently increasing the pace after every couple of minutes.)

Me: I like it when you take charge and ride me nice and hard. (Push my hands to grab those amazing pair of tits and press them hard to make you cry harder)
Bong: Fuck, crazy. (Moving my ass harder and harder around your cock) Let’s nut together tonight babes.

Me: I am all in with it sexy. Keep moving and I would nut faster.
Bong: (Going down on your cock to make it feel deeper) Oh fuck, hitting me deeply.

Me: Your grinding is too hard and hot to resist bitch. Is someone else training you, fucking bastard?
Bong: Haan, the pornstars train me while you are away in order to please you well.

Me: Fucking close to cumming. Keep going babes.
Bong: I am also about to come.
Me: (One thrust deep and we both start cumming one after the other.)

Bong: (Fall down onto you and cuddle you hard sticking to your body.)
Me: That was an amazing nutcracker session babe.
Bong: Haan, feel so relaxed and exhausted now.

Cuddle her and sleep tight. That’s how we had an amazing sexting experience being so far yet so close through texts.

Kindly ignore the errors, as this is my first story out here. I would like to keep the identity of the girl anonymous. So kindly don’t message me asking for her details. Feedback is always welcome and would like to hear some feedback on [email protected]

Till then Ciao!

Sexting Experience – Part 1

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