Sexual adventures of Richa – III

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By now, both Ram and I knew that something is going to happen and happen soon. He had entered into my world and become a huge part of my life. He had been able to tear down the walls of inhibition. He said he would control me, command my body, and show me the pleasure like I’ve never known. He will show me trust that is the greatest bond two people can share.

He will fuck me senseless, and then do it again and again until I know nothing but him. The more amorous he become, the more it appealed to me. He lured me into temptation. The idea of handling myself over to Ram frightened me, but it also aroused me like nothing else in this lifetime ever had, besides art. The idea seeped into me and flowed into me at every pore.

I still couldn’t believe that I wanted this! My world had changed so much in the last few months. He had sunk deep into my mind and stirred something outside my realm of understanding. I still couldn’t believe that I informed Ram about Kaushik’s Mumbai visit and expressed my desire to spend that time with him.

Ram was ecstatic with joy! He planned to gift me jewellery that I should wear on the day. I didn’t like the idea that much but he mentioned that he was fascinated by the movie titanic. He would like to see me wearing the jewellery, wearing only the jewellery!! Ram declared that we’re going to celebrate our life and we should celebrate in style.

One day I was sitting with hubby at the club bar and Ram walked towards us. He told Kaushik that Meenu’s birthday is approaching but she will be in her native to celebrate it with her parents. So it would be wonderful if we could join them for a pre birthday dinner celebration. Kaushik happily Accepted the offer and Ram asked us to join them.

But it was only 7 o’clock and Kaushik said that it was too early for a dinner. Ram informed that he will buy some gift for Meenu and my presence would help them. Kaushik reluctantly agreed and we four headed towards a shopping mall. Ram took us to a jewellery shop and we choose a diamond earring for Meenu.

Ram then selected a costume necklace set and informed that he would like to gift it to me. Kaushik did not like the idea and he declared that that was neither expected nor necessary. Ram laughed out loud and told Kaushik “Kaushik, you have disappointed Meenu! Now she knows that she is not going to get any gift from Kaushik anna.”

Meenu felt agitated and she said that she was not expecting any gift for herself. I hugged Meenu to calm her down and hold her that “Meenu you are a dear friend and gifts are token of friendship, trust and good will.” I then turned towards Kaushik and told him that he should buy some nice clothes for Meenu and me. Kaushik happily agreed to that but Meenu became bit embarrassed.

Ram told that I should accept the necklace then. Before Kaushik can say anything, Meenu told him “Anna, now you shouldn’t have any objection to this.” Kaushik unenthusiastically nodded his head as a sign of agreement. “Let’s buy ghagra choli for Meenu, I’ve never seen her wearing one” I suggested.

Ghagra choli is a combination of long skirt and blouse, a traditional clothing of women in northern India. “That’s a nice idea” Ram seconded me. I announced that I will wear the dress with the necklace on some occasion winking secretly towards Ram. I felt so relieved that things went according to plan.

The day finally came. We had planned to meet at ITC Grand Bharat. For those who don’t know it’s a resort near Delhi. I left home, pretending to go to my friend’s place. I have Activated call transfer from our landline to my mobile, in case anyone really needed to contact me. The sense of excitement and anticipation had risen to fever pitch as the minutes of the day ticked by.

I’d arrived at the hotel about 10:30ish, Ram was due to arrive around 10. I left my bag at reception and changed to that ghagra choli. I experienced a strange mix of emotions: nervousness and anticipation, desire and excitement, guilt and arousal. I called Ram to meet me at the lobby.

I was so caught up in the wash of feelings that I almost missed his arrival. I snapped out of my daydream and waved to him as he walked in. He walked over to me and kissed me, a quick peck on the lips of greeting. I returned the kiss and it grew deeper, my passion ignited. I wanted him. I didn’t care if people are watching us!

He wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me towards his body; he looked at me like he was examining me. He said in a low voice, “Let’s move to the room”. As we approached the room, my legs started feeling heavy. At the door we paused briefly. “You sure about this?” I asked, tension showing in my voice. He kissed me lightly and smiled. “Just relax, it will be great”.

The door opened and he instantaneously lifted me up and carried me into. The door closed and I was in his arms. Our lips met and the passion that ignited in the lobby burst into full flame. Ram broke away briefly. “Oh Richa, I’ve been waiting for a long time.” he said softly then kissed me again. We wanted to take things slow, to make this moment worthwhile.

We sat on the bed for a while, kissing passionately. Then he started talking dirty, whispering in my ear what he wanted to do. I have to admit, the tone in his voice was starting to get me a little wet, and so that’s when things started to heat up. “Richa, you have always been submissive, but I want you to be more proactive.

I want you to unzip my pants with your soft hands and pull my dick out and put it all in your mouth. … I’m going to slip my cock into your mouth and you’re going to take it with your hands around it and make it nice and hard. I want you to caress it with your lips and your tongue and your teeth. I want you to suck my cock.”

My fingers were fumbling with his trousers. I couldn’t believe that I am doing this. Ram sensed my nervousness but he was firm and demanding. “Come on, baby, you can do it!” I started to undo his belt, and then his flies, pushing my hands down the front of his trousers to caress his waiting erection. I pushed my hands inside his boxer shorts, and started fondling his erect penis.

Ram already had my blouse open and had pushed my bra up. He was soon feasting on my breasts. “I love your breasts, so soft, feels like satin and look like a dessert tipped with cherry red nipples.” His strong hands on my body had turned me to a quivering mass of need. His tongue teased the hard protrusion.

He continued sucking my erect nipple, his tongue licking back and forth all over it. I released soft moans as the warm tingles grew sharper between my legs. I helped him with my bra, and he dropped his own pant. Ram again pulled me towards him and I offered him a kiss. Ram gave me a small kiss and instantaneously moved to my breasts, sucking hard on one nipple, twisting the other between his fingers.

He squeezed my breasts, kneading them. He continued sucking my nipples, biting them gently, before sucking them once again, increasing the pressure of his teeth each time, licking and sucking… I closed my eyes as he moved lower, his mouth and tongue tracing a trail down over my belly. His hands reached around me, trying to open my skirt.

“Richa, why don’t you stand up and drop your skirt.” “No” I was still feeling hesitant. Ram laughed out loud, “Don’t be silly baby, drop it”. I undid my skirt and let it fall to the ground. Ram ran his fingers along the along the sensitive skin of my inner thigh until they reached my panty line. My breath hitched when he pushed the fabric to the side, and slipped one finger inside me. My hips jerked, a small scream tore from my throat.

“Relax, I promise if you relax and trust me, you’ll enjoy this. Do you trust me, Richa?” I nodded, unable to speak. When he pressed his finger inside a bit more, I gasped and clenched instinctively to keep him out. “Relax, Richa. Take in a deep breath.” I did, inhaling deeply and his finger slid inside a bit more. “Good girl.”

Soon the sensation overwhelmed me and that sweetness built deep in my core, pleasure growing inside of me as my pulse raced. “Oh my God…” My voice sound hoarse. He stopped his motions and slipped his finger inside me a bit deeper. By now, my flesh was throbbing, and I was so ready for orgasm that I barely noticed or cared. He began stimulating me again, bringing me even closer.

Finally he stopped and said with a wobbly voice, “Now it’s your turn”. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took him into my mouth. As my lips glided up and down his shaft I realised that Ram was shaking. My tongue swirled round its head then I drew him into my mouth again. “Oh God, I’d never forget how good that feels,” Ram moaned as my as I sucked and licked on his fully engorged cock.

“Fuck you Richa! I’ve waited years to have you”. I broke away and in a shy tone said “I want you inside me. Give it to me Ram. Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me.” I got up and walked over to the bed, shedding my wet panty as I went. “Give me what I want Ram.” Ram quickly undressed. Pausing only to let me roll a condom on to his dick, he quickly climbed between my legs.

Without any hesitation he entered me. His cock slid easily into my soaking pussy. “YES!!” I howled as I felt his cock slide inch by inch into me for the first time. I already knew that it was going to be good. I dug my fingers into his arse cheeks and drilled him in deeper. “Ram, I love having you inside me.” I said as his cock slid back and forth with long powerful strokes in and out, filling my pussy with every thrust.

“Oh Richa, you feel so good. So warm, so soft…” Ram increased his pace. I wrapped my legs around his back to so that I could take him in deeper. My body was on fire as he powered into me. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, keep fucking me!” I cried. We rolled over and I rode him with a slow, easy movement of my hips. I slid up and down his pole, gripping it tightly with my pussy.

At the bottom of each stroke I ground my clit against his pelvis. The friction of our movements was already getting me close. I ground myself harder and harder. Ram squeezed and sucked my tits, making them wet all over. And then the dam burst. I came, screaming my pleasure, not caring if anyone heard me. My climax rose as I rode his cock, impaling myself over and over again.

Ram was breathing hard as my orgasm mounted, peaked then began to subside. With a sense of deep satisfAction I dismounted. I slipped the condom off and took him into my mouth. Wrapping my lips around him I began to move my head, drawing his dick deep into my hungry mouth.

Ram thrust his hips and he was soon fucking my mouth as only moments before he had been fucking my cunt. I squeezed his cum heavy balls as his prick slid over my tongue. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” he yelled. I felt his cock begin to twitch. I slid back, leaving only the head of his prick in my mouth and wanked the shaft with quick strokes.

I gave his balls another squeeze and then he erupted. Jet after jet of hot cum filled my mouth, flowing down my throat. He came and he came and he came. I’ve never known a man to release so much cum in one go. I swallowed as much as I could but I couldn’t prevent some from leaking from my mouth and dribbling down my chin.

Finally he subsided. I sucked the last few drops from his now diminishing cock, wiped my chin and licked his cum from my fingers, savouring the taste and the sensations that still emanated from my well fucked cunt. “Fuck, Richa,” he murmured in my ear as we held each other close, “that was fantastic.” “You’re pretty good yourself.” I replied, smiling. “But now I’m starving.”

“Well, tell me what you want and I’ll order while you take a shower.” I did. As the water poured over my still sex charged body I considered what I’d done. Did I feel guilty? Well, a little, maybe. I also felt satisfied. I didn’t think of it as adultery. Some sexy thoughts continued to drive me over the edge.

I quickly recovered. Wrapping myself in a towel I returned to the bedroom while Ram took his turn in the shower. Afterwards, over our meal, we sat and chatted for a while. Ram had ordered some wine as well as food and we were soon feeling relaxed as well as refreshed.

Ram lightly rubbed my shoulders as we talked, “Mmm, that’s nice,” I said, leaning back and turning to kiss him. “Lie down then and I’ll give you a proper rub down,” he suggested. I stretched out, face down, arms above my head as Ram sat astride me and started to massage my neck, shoulders and back with his strong, long fingered hands.

I hadn’t been aware of any tenseness but I certainly felt better for his attentions. Ram had always been good with his hands and I was enjoying it as they slid up and down my back, up my sides, making light contact with the exposed mounds of my breasts, then down again, over my thighs and buttocks.

He positioned himself between my legs as he began to rub each one in turn. I gasped as, suddenly, his hands were replaced by his tongue, lightly licking up and down my inner thighs. I sighed as I felt his hot breath against the lips of my pussy, his mouth, close but not yet touching. And still his hands travelled over my body as he kissed his way up my spine and gently nibbled my neck.

I felt a warm, relaxed glow all over me as I rolled over, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths as our hands caressed each other’s flesh. Ram began to move downwards again. Kissing and nibbling my neck before concentrating on my breasts. I sighed as he took each nipple into his mouth in turn and sucked them.

Swirling his tongue around them he made them wet then massaged the moisture into the soft skin with his hands. My breasts were licked and sucked and rubbed and squeezed and I loved every second of it. My juices were flowing again and the fire in my pussy began to slowly rise to engulf my whole body again.

Ram moved down, his tongue snaking its way over my stomach. I tensed in anticipation as I waited for him to reach his goal. He teased me endlessly, his tongue running up my inner thigh, drawing close then pulling away.

The frustration was unbearable; I needed the release his tongue would give me. “Eat me!” I cried. “Eat my pussy. Fuck me with your tongue.” Still he teased. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed my nipples so hard that I cried in pain.

I was whimpering in my need for satisfaction, Ram’s teasing had me at fever pitch. At last his tongue lightly flicked my swollen clit. I was so worked up that I came instantly. My hips bucked and contractions spread through my pussy, engulfing my whole body. My body shook as Ram sucked on my engorged lower lips.

Waves of pleasure washed over me as his tongue flicked in and out of my soaking cunt. I screamed as nibbled and lapped at my cunt. I felt a stretching feeling as first one, then two fingers were inserted into my pussy. Ram’s tongue continued its exploration of my most sensitive flesh as his fingers fucked me with a slow in and out motion. I was still cumming.

My body was beyond my control as Ram, expertly kept me at boiling point. Ram’s tongue flicking my clit, his fingers in my cunt, my womb contracting, sending spasms of pleasure over me and still my orgasm showed no sign of dissipating. Ram paused. With my eyes closed I sensed rather than witnessed him stretch a condom over his fully engorged dick. This was it.

With my passion now fully aflame I was going to get the fuck of my life. I spread my legs wide in anticipation of receiving him inside me. I trembled in anticipation but Ram had other ideas. His mouth re-established contact with my swollen pussy lips, his tongue pressed into my slit, my orgasm rose again causing me to cry out.

Ram was driving me wild with his tongue. “Stop! Stop! Fuck me! For God’s sake, please fuck me. I want your cock. Please give me your fucking cock.” I pleaded, begging him with tears of frustration and pleasure to give me what I needed and still his tongue lapped mercilessly at my clit and pussy.

My body knew no respite. Each lick of his tongue sent more orgasmic pulses through me. Each time he touched my breasts another convulsive shudder shook me. Never had I had an orgasm that had been so powerful or lasted so long.

Suddenly, as if sensing I could take no more, he was on top of me. His mouth pressed against mine. I could taste my pussy on his lips as he slid into me, our bodies becoming one. “Aahh yesss!” I moaned softly, my orgasm finally receding as I allowed myself to be taken. Ram pinned me to the bed and I surrendered myself to him, his penis filling my need as it filled my pussy.

I wrapped my legs around his and for a while I lay there, motionless, luxuriating in the sensations of Ram caressing my insides with slow strokes of his dick. “Ram, oh Ram,” I whispered as our bodies joined, separated then joined anew, his cock touching the very centre of my being.

Ram found his pace. With long, slow strokes he plunged into me, filling me totally with each powerful thrust. In and out, in and out, each thrust that little bit harder than the last. My body, now recovered, began to respond. My hips moved upwards to meet each thrust. My hands on his backside pushing him in deeper. Our lips locked together, kissing deeply as our bodies moved together.

Ram increased his pace. His balls slapping against my arse with every thrust. My pussy tightened, gripping his cock like a vice, pulling him deeper and deeper into me. The bed groaned below us, reacting to the intensity of our sexual collision.

By now I’d recovered my composure and I was responding fully to the sensations. We rolled over and for a while Ram let me dictate the pace. Up and down, slowly then faster and slow again. I savoured every inch of his cock as I slid my cunt along its length. His hands cupped and squeezed my breasts as I rode his magnificent pole.

Ram supported himself on his elbows and began to lick and suck on my soft mounds as I thrust them into his face. My cunt pounded out its rhythm on his dick as my breasts smothered him. I turned round, facing away from him, my hands on Ram’s ankles supporting me as my hips continued to grind up and down.

Ram had a perfect view of my arse and of his cock disappearing into my pussy. Almost instantly I felt a lubricated finger pressing against the tight ring of my other entrance, forcing its way past the resistance and slowly sliding into me. It was soon joined by a second. I cried out as felt both my holes being filled. I closed my eyes and in my mind Ram’s fingers became his cock.

Both holes, my cunt and my arse filled to capacity. My hand was between my legs, lightly rubbing my clit. I slid off Ram’s cock and used my free hand for support. Ram was behind me, his powerful hands spreading my arse cheeks as the tip of his cock pressed against my anus.

“Oh!” I cried as the head pushed inside. I pushed my hips back, slowly drawing him into my back passage until he was in right up to the hilt. He began to move. His well lubricated dick was fucking my arse with long slow strokes. I rubbed my clit with a circular motion, groaning in ecstasy, as his dick slid in and out of my tight rear entrance, his balls, heavy with cum, slapping against my enflamed pussy with every thrust.

In and out, in and out, every thrust bringing the inevitable climax closer. I could hear Ram’s breathing getting hoarser, his cock deep inside my bowels as my fingers worked on my clit. My pussy began to contract. “Oh God! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!” I cried as my orgasm began to take over.

Ram pounded his cock deep and hard into my arse as my body shook, my climax sending bolts of pleasure from my clit, through my womb to the furthest extremities of my body. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m going to cum deep inside your fucking arse!” Ram grabbed my hips and thrust deep into me. His balls slapped my enflamed lips and clit sending another shockwave through me.

I felt his cock swell and twitch deep inside my rectum as Ram came. Ram continued to thrust, slower now, gentler, squeezing the last of his cum out of his balls. At last he pulled out. My arse was raw my pussy was still on fire. We collapsed on to the bed, holding each other close, letting our bodies recover.

Eventually Ram got up, removed the condom from his now diminished member and made his way to the shower. I cleaned myself up after him and then we went to bed, falling asleep in each others arms.

In the evening we made love once more. Slower this time for we knew that after this it would be goodbye. I clung on to him as he came, holding him tight with tears in my eyes knowing that once again we were to be apart. We had dinner and then Ram dropped me home.

I guess that should have been the end of it but it wasn’t. Ram screwed me a few times since then. I’m pretty sure Kaushik doesn’t suspect a thing. The excitement arising from my illicit encounters with Ram have added a zest to our sex life. My sudden wantonness turns Kaushik on immensely and he is now able to perform better.

I get the best of both worlds, a loving, caring, satisfying husband and a lover who fucks my brains out two or three times a month to keep things from growing stale. What more could I possibly ask for?

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Sexual adventures of Richa – III

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