Sexy Summer With My Sister

Sexy Summer With My Sister

Hey guys, its sexyboy here and am back with a breathless wetting story for u guys out there… Get ready for a bumpy ride to your genitals ;d

So, basically am a hyderabadi guy, age 20, 5’5″ height, fair complexion, charismatic character and a terrific 7″ dick to die for…. The story am going to narrate, happened few months ago.. The actor of the story is obviously me and ma heroine’s ma sis varsha… About ma sis, she’s 18, 5’3″, fair like me, dont know about her vital stats (figure) but i can say that she got a fabulous pair of boobs and a dick threatening ass to die for whenever she moved across the streets, it was sure for guys to turn their heads towards ma sissy’s bouncing ass..

I and varsha r damn close to each other and share almost everything with us.. She knows about ma chicks and ma past, i too very well know about ma sissy’s partner’s… Coming to the story, it happened during the summer holidays, when i went to spend a week at ma aunt’s house.. I was very happy to meet their family specially ma sis, when i saw her in a pair of maroon sleeveless top and a skin fit 3/4th denim.. My gosh, she’s just damn gorgeous in that outfit.. Whenever i used to meet her, we use to hug and i use to plant a kiss on her cheeks.. This time, i crushed her in my arms and gave a peck on her neck and ears lobes.. It just raid my dick to its full size and she must have observed that! We departed and i started asking about her whereabouts, college life, her bf etc etc she too responded very well to my questions and asked about me n ma chicks.. I said the days r just boring and nights turn out to be fun ;d she gave a naughty smile to my answer and i winked at her..

I forgot to mention u 1 thing, ma sis is fond of porn and whenever i meet her, i bring a very good collection of porn with me for us.. We watch it together.. That day, i had around 15-20 porn films in ma cell.. I was becoming restless coz i dint hav much to do there.. So, i called up my friends and went with them, leaving her with her mom to do household chores.. It was 8 in the evening, i returned very tired coz i had a ample fun time with my friends.. I went and sat in her room and asked for a glass of water, she came and brought the glass and handed over to me.. While drinking, i just glanced her pouty lips and her bulgy boobs wihch gave me an erection.. While handing over the glass, i slipped the glass and the water fell over her boobs… She was wearing a green transparent salwar and the water made the scene much more clear and erotic.. She wore a black satin bra.. The boobs were just too delicious for my eye sight…

I came back to my sense and apologized for the act innocently.. We were having dinner and her dad arrived.. I wished uncle and he too joined us for dinner.. We completed having dinner around 10 and were preparing to sleep.. I and my bro use to sleep in our room, sis use to sleep in the hall and uncle-aunt in their room.. That night, i wasn’t able to sleep coz i was having the scene of those marvellous water drenched boobs in my mind constantly running.. I took out my phone, and started watching porn.. I was getting hyped with the erotic kissing scene between the teacher and her student and my hand started working over my dick… While watching the porn, an idea struck to ma mind.. I thought of seducing my sister tonight because it was my eternal wish to fuck her desperately..

It was 11 in the night, i opened the door and went to the hall and found her watchn tv.. I too joined her and switched on hbo.. To my luck, the film wild things was running.. There came a intimate scene of girl in blue bikini and guy in just shorts, kissing each other desperately.. I was just enjoying the scene and was watching my sister.. She was deeply mesmerized with that scene and suddenly i switched off the tv she was confused as so y did i switched off the tv… I winked at her and gave my cell to ma sis..As usual, she knew i’ve brought something for her and she found porn and played it.. In this porn, a plumber was sucking the pussy of a white chick and slapping hard on her ass… While watching this, i gently moved my left arm to the shoulder of ma sis to and gradually started pressing boobs over her top.. She was taken aback and got angry asking me what am i doing and threw my arm away.. I apologized my sis and made her calm down..

Sis- bhaiya ye aap galat kar rahe ho, aapne isse pehle to aisa kabhi nahi kiya..

Me- sis, mai tujhe bahot pyaar karta hoon aur hamesha se teri khoobsurti ko dekhta aaya hu… Pls mana mat kar

Sis-bhaiya aap mere bhai ho.. Aapki to gf bhi hia, fir mai q??

Me- tujhme jo baat hai wo unme nahi hai sweety.. (i knew she too wanted this and was being dramatic)

Sis- bhaiya koi dekh lega, raat bhi bahot ho chuki hai

Me- tu darr mat yaar, kuch nahi hoga.. Mai tuhse bahot pyaar karta hun, bas aur na tadpa mujhe

I grabbed her waist and brought her close to me and engaged in a most erotic liplock of my life… She was struggling hard to get free bt wid one hand i held her waist, with another i grabbed her hairs, and put my weight thru my legs on her completely… She cant even raise her voice otherwise some1 could wake up and we are screwed.. She was struggling too hard bt in vain.. I was just too strong fr her.. The lips were jst too luscious and after about 5 minutes i released her..

She was just too angry for my act and just slap me on ma chest.. Tears rolled down her eyes.. I calmed her saying- mai tujhse pyaar karta hoon pagli, tujhe taqleef dena nahi chahta, tu ro mat.. Itne saalon se mai tere saath hun, har baat share ki tujhse, apni personal life k baare mey bataya, teri har baat maani, tujhe hamesha khush rakha, aur kya tu apne bhaiya k liye sirf itna nahi kar sakti??? Saying this, i licked the tear form her cheeks and again gave a peck on her cheeks..

Varsha- bhaiya maine apne bf se bhi hamesha doori banai hai, kabhi aisa nahi kiya, aap to mere bhai ho.. Aur agar kisi ko hamare baare mey pata chal gaya to mera kya hoga????

Me- bhai hun isliye to tere ache bhale ki khabar rakhta hoon, agar tere bf ne tujhe pregnant kar diya to?? Kya tera bf bhi tujhe mujh jaise hi pyaar karta hai?? She became silent.. I raised her head and looked in her eyes, they were just too wonderful and her eyes said million things.. I just slowly came towards her face, put ma hand towards the back of her neck came closer and again gave a smooch to her.. This time there wasn’t any resistance.. But she wasn’t active in the kiss.. Slowly i made my move towards her cheek and licked them, then her ear lobes and bit on them.. She slightly let out a moan.. I knew she started enjoying.. So, i took her in my arms and brought her to the terrace.. All the while i was in a french kiss with her.. Our saliva met and it was a ticklish feeling with her tongue.. I sucked her tongue, chewed her rosy lips and brought her in the store room on terrace.. I lay her down on the bed and locked the door!

Her face seemed too innocent to me.. I came towards her, she was breathing heavily.. There was sweat all over my body. I removed my shirt and threw it on the floor, looked in her eyes- i love you varsha, tu mera pehla pyaar hai aur mai aaj sirf tera hoon, mujhpe bharosa kar, tujhe kuch taqleef hone nahi doonga.. Varsha- i love you too bhaiya.. Mai bhi tumse babot pyaar karti hoon.. Bas darti thi ki kisi ko pata chal gay to kya hoga, aap kya sochenge.. Mujhe apna bana lo bhaiya.. With those words, i just lay on the bed with my arms across her waist and was locked in a french kiss.. Her lips were just too luscious and sweet to be left. I chewed on them like anything and she started responding positively ummmm……..Aahh ahh.. I took her arm and kept it on my dick over the jeans.. It was dying to come out and was waiting to be set free.. She started massaging ma bulge over the jeans..

I moved towards her neck and was licking her everywhere.. Then i came to her boobs, i just removed her top and was awestruck, she wasn’t wearing a bra inside.. Wen asked, she said its because it was too hot today and she use to remove her bra when she goes to sleep… Her boobs were milky white just like 2 ripe oranges with a cherry like nipple.. I started licking her left boob and was massaging the right one.. Occasionally, i slapped hard on the boobs and she was moaning hardly aaahhhh….. Bhaiyyaaaaaa…… Aaahh oouuchh dheere se bhhaiyaaaaa.. Aaahhh aahh lick my nipples bhaiyaa…. Its jst ttttooooo ffuunnn….. I switched it over to the right breast and bit on her nipple.. Ahhhhh bhiaya dheere seeee dard ho raha hai.. I looked in her eyes while sucking her boobs… Her eyes were just too amalgamating and again i kissed her very hard ..

Simultaneously, i was massaging her tits and came down towards her belly.. I licked her belly button and was licking around the fleshy parts… I went to her collar bone and started licking there… She was like in a dreamy world moving her head here and there.. I slowly removed her skirt and was licking out her fleshy white thighs… They were jst too white and i was’nt able to resist them. I came down towards her ankle and licked her toes.. I raised her legs up and supported them on my shoulders and licked her toes rigidly.. She was moaning all around ummmm…. Aaaahh aaahhh uuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Tssss aaaahhh bhhhaaaiiyyyyyaaaaaaa .

From bottom, i started moving towards her pussy and all along i was licking the inner parts of her thighs.. My saliva was all around her body.. I started taking out her black cotton panty and smelled them. The smell was just tooooooooo mesmerizing.. I chewed the panty and threw it on the floor and started licking her pussy.. There were tiny hairs on her pussy and i started licking there.. It was too much for her to take and she started moaning loudly aaahhh aaahhhh bhaiyaaa uummmmm aaahhhhh uuh uhhh aaannnnhhhh she grabbed my head and pushed me deep into her pussy with force by her hands… I knew she was liking and loving it.

I parted her pussy lips and pushed my tongue deeper.. With one hand i massaged her left boob and was pinching her cherry.. My god, she was completely lost and was swaying here and there… I got up, moved out of bed, took her in my arms and locked ourselves in a french kiss.. She was just too voluptuous and her figure was a delight to my eyes.. For the first time in my life, i saw her nude and a figure like ma sister’s, could’nt hold me much! We were tightly gripped into each others arms and i pushed her to the wall and came down towards her pussy and started licking it… She was moaning terribly aaannhhh bhaiya bahot acha lag raha hai.. Aahhhh aaaaaaaahhhh.. Lick ma pussy bhaiya.. Harderrrrr haaarrrrdeeeerr ah ah aahhh….. I brought her to the bed and removed my jeans and there my cock stood erect in my jockey.. It was peeping out from the elastic and had precum over the head.. She removed my jockey and there the devil was free.. My sis was astonished to see my cock and its length. I asked her to suck it but she refused..I pleased her and said her when i can lick your pussy, y cant u lick my cock??

She came close and took my rock hard in her mouth and started licking it profusely.. It was first time for her, so she dint knew how to suck it properly.. I grabbed her head and pushed my cock right down her throat.. She was gasping for breath and again i pushed my cock and started fucking her mouth.. With one hand she held my cock and with other she held my balls and started playing with them.. Guys, it was just too heavenly to have my cock in ma sissy’s warm mouth and her saliva made it shine like a mirror..I made her stand and again kissed her while massaging her tits and then lay her on the bed and got into missionary position. As my sis was a virgin, i first licked her pussy so hard that it was just wet and lubricated enough.. All the wetness was also on her pubic hairs making her pussy gross.. I found her clit and started pinching it with my fingers while licking her pussy..

She was pulling my hairs and moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bbhhhaaaaiiiiii auuurrr zzzzoooorsssseeeee uuummmmmmm aaaannnhhh ooooohhhhh acchhaa lag raha hai bbbhhhaaiiiiii…… Aaaahhhhh her moaning made me go crazy and i started licking vigourously… I felt her cunt muscles relax and there she squirted with a huge orgasm…. It was the first orgasm of her life and i knew she loved it like hell!!! It lasted for about 2-3 minutes.. She was completely drenched in sweat and was motionless, relaxing on the bed.. I licked her cum which tasted salty bt was a nectar for me.. I cleaned her pussy with her hanky and came towards her face and asked her to lick my cock again.. She got up on her knees, held my shaft tightly and started moving her head up an down.. Her hairs were set free and were coming on her face which made the scene more erotic!! With one hand i held her face and pushed my cock down her throat .. With other hand, i was massaging her bounty ass which was swaying here and there.. The feeling was just fantastic guys, to have a fantastic blowjob by ur sis.. :) :) i sat on the corner of the bed and made her kneel on the ground and continued with the blowjob.. The room was echoing with the sounds made by her.. Suupppp sluppp thup thup..

She started rolling her tongue on the head of ma dick which made me go crazy and i slapped her in ecstacy… I pinched her nipples.. They were so delight and so sweet…. She increased her speed and pressure started building up in my balls and i made her suck my cock fastly… Aaahh siisss suckkk ittt siss…Aaahhh it feelss tooooo fantastic… Aahh ahhaaaaa am cumming siisss ooohhh ooooohhh am cumming babe and with the last thrust from my sis, i came with a burst of orgasm… I held her and the drops of my cum came all over her face..Her face was shining with the essence of my sperm…… I brought the cum with my fingers and made her lick it..

I cleaned her face by wiping the cum and making her lick every drop of it.. She said it tasted somewhat salty and bitter and she gulped it down her throat!!! With the hanky, i cleaned her face fully, hugged her tightly and kissed her.. We both rest on the bed nude in our arms facing each other.. The night was yet to come to an end and so was i.. I still was starving to fuck my sexy sis’ pussy.. The thought of which gives me an erection! I was happy to take virginity of my sis and was ready for the final act.. The final showdown was yet to come and will post it after receiving your replies… Thanks for reading my story guys.. Mail me your replies.. I hope u enjoyed ma story as much i enjoyed while writing it… Will post the next part as soon as i get replies from you.. Till then any girls/ladies in and around hyderabad, mail me for some fun :)

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Sexy Summer With My Sister