Shades Of Rachna Bhabhi

Shades Of Rachna Bhabhi

Hi, my name is Sidharth, 28 years and I’m settled in Delhi. I’m a techie by profession and a big fan of erotica. Rachna bhabhi, aged 36. Cute, fair and beautiful with amazing bosoms and butt. She has a daughter of 7 years. Rachna is a widow. She lost her spouse within a few years of marriage because he was a drink addict.

I shifted to Delhi as per my job requirement. I took a 1 BHK in a well decent society. When I went to the balcony, I could see a little girl in her balcony sitting on the washing machine busy writing something on notes. I was having a brief view of the society out of nowhere a lady in her mid-thirties appeared right there.

I was amazed to see her. We exchanged a quick stranger look. She was looking amazing in her regular home nighty with red chunni around the neck to make her cleavage look little less to outside. Since my balcony was facing hers. It became a regular thing to see each other which quite normal and casual thing in Delhi is.

Glances turned into a smile in the following month, it was a great sign for me at least. Welcome to the beginning. Without wasting much time, I decided to take my next step. But the whole thing was making me curious about how I will talk to her. The anxiety was killing me every time.

It happens when you are about to hit on a random girl or lady. One fine night I was nicely drunk with my friends. Soon they left for their respective homes I decided to pass my number to her but how! It was near 3 am. I wrote down my number in a paper and threw it to her balcony.

I immediately went to bed after this with various thoughts in my mind mini adventure and waited for the next morning. The following morning was bright and clear. I went to the balcony with a cup of tea and waited for her to appear with any hint.

Within a few minutes, she appeared in her regular pink nighty with red stole covering her long deep neckline. Upon seeing me she gave me a serious look which made me curious to know if I went wrong by sending my number to her. The next two days went up with not looking at each other.

However, I began to think I missed my chance to know her close.

11:30 PM, Wednesday

I reached home and went straight away to take a shower since I had a busy day. I had dinner then and moved quickly to bed. I was about to turn the lights off, a ting sound buzzed on my phone. It was from an unknown number saying, “Hi,” in the body. I thought someone new could be trying to reach me.

But it turned out to be Rachna. Then we had some starter type conversations while my face has turned into instant happiest as it had finally happened. That was a more formal chat at night. It took a jump to more casual and closer chats during the following days.

Soon the bond had started becoming stronger. It was fun talking to her. I had started teasing her and flirt. I was having a huge urge to have her. But had to wait until she gives the go-ahead signal. Days later, I conveyed my desire to meet her on which she responded to wait until the next day.

We had late-night phone sex that night to fix our senses. The next day I came home early with 2 packets of Kamasutra extra lube condoms and waited for the happenings. My phone rang around 11:40 pm. Rachna had called me to give a brief instruction on how to enter her home carefully.

Nobody should see me visiting there this late. I waited for a distance from her house. She opened the clamp of the gate and went back upstairs and signaled me through a text to come in. I headed silently to her house making sure nobody could see me.

The next moment I was in her house stairs stepping up to her room. I saw her daughter was asleep. She came to me and I gave her a nice hug. Large boobs were hitting my chest. I wanted to grab her ass right there but stopped for a moment.

She was wearing pink fluorescent nightwear which looked comfortable on her and she looked stunning. She confirmed to me if I have locked the gate properly or not. We entered a room in the next moment. She was smelling nice. I took her close, looked into her beautiful eyes and placed my lips on hers.

Soon there was created a hot atmosphere and we were busy exchanging each other’s breath. I nibbled her earlobes and slowly landed up to her neck region. This made her really horny and I heard her moan softly. I removed her nightwear.

She was wearing a plunged bra of red color and a panty to match her bra color. I pressed her boobs one by one for a good period. Her classy nipples were hard by then. I sucked them and moved on to explore her beautiful milf curve. I began to lust and came downwards by licking every inch of her body.

I reached her vagina area and pulled down her wet panties. I held her thighs tightly with my face buried in her cunt by tapping her bubbly ass. She gave a naughty smile and said to go deeper into her pussy. I loved the smell of pussy, the taste of pussy, everything of hers. Her pussy was pure bliss.

She was caressing my hair while I was eating her out like a hungry bird. The room filled with long loud moans of her. Soon there was a movement in my pants. She winked at me and undressed me within no time. She took my penis in her hand and started loving it. My tip was wet with precum.

I teased her by sticking my tongue out. I decided to put my dick in her mouth and fuck. I held the back of her head tightly with both hands and inserted my member in her mouth. She couldn’t move or say anything. I started fucking her mouth. By then she insisted to take it out.

When I did, she started breathing through the mouth. I calmed her down. She lay on the bed. I took out a condom and layered in my penis. Soon I entered her inside in a classic missionary style. We fucked for a good 15 minutes. I kissed her, sucked her tongue. I pressed her boobs meanwhile.

I could totally enjoy her being naked on me, her nipple was getting crushed in my chest which made me even hornier. I gave her a passionate, deep kiss, outing her lips, gently nibbling them. Next, we were in girl on the top position where she took the total control and gently started lifting her hips up and down.

I held her beautiful ass during the moment and spanked them mercilessly. I brought her face close to me and started sucking her lips. We were having a crazy time exploring each other. She kept continuing while I put one of my fingers inside her ass.

She landed up with a ‘be careful’ gesture. It was tight at first, I took some of her baby cream lotions and started inserting by lubricating her ass. This time my finger went inside slightly more. I quickly started fingering her ass. I gestured her to get up and sit since I was about to cum.

I quickly took the condom out and showered my cum load on her boobs. She smiled and cleaned herself while I cleaned myself with a napkin next to us. Moments later I was ready for another session. I sucked her pussy from behind whilst my nose was on her asshole.

I could smell her dirty ass which drifted me into another world yet unexplained one. After cleaning her pussy and butt hole with my tongue I entered her in the doggy style. I could push my penis up to all possible extent inside her pussy. The sound was getting filled in the room.

I pulled her hair strong and made her realize a submissive one. We were fucking like crazy dogs. Moments later I took my dick out covered it with the cold cream and pressed down on her asshole. What are you doing? she landed up by screaming a bit.

I said this will be smooth and won’t give much pain if done in the right way. Let me try. Even with the lubrication, it was tough going. She groaned in pain. slow by slow I started going in. The first couple of strokes were difficult. But the next ones were smooth since other inches of her ass was open.

That was enough for me. I penetrated her ass for good 2-3 minutes then shifted to her vagina. I kept fucking her gently, going as deep inside her as I could. I fingered her for the next few minutes which resulted in her came right after me.

She needed to pee which she had held for a long time. I followed her to the washroom since I needed to wash my hand. I saw her going into a squat position since her secondary washroom was Indian type. She closed her eyes with mouth wide open, and the flow of yellowish liquid comes out from there.

She left a moan while releasing the pee at a rapid speed. Her face looked like she was getting a pleasure probably because it feels good to release the pee after holding so long. I see that and went towards her. The flow continues, I grab her face and start licking.

After flooding the toilet pan with her yellow liquid, the flow slows to a halt. I see the whole activity, she kept silent. I started fingering her right there, fast forward we fucked once more but this time inside the washroom.

It was 3 AM by then. We spent a good no of hours exploring our bodies and left tired. She got me a glass of water upon finishing I left her place. Soon I was a bed with the exotic memories that just happened that night. Both of us became franker to each other that day onward.

We explored more of our kinkiest desires and experiences later, which is a separate chapter. So, this was my happiest yet nicest experience with a fantastic lady in Delhi.

Interested ladies for A2A/suggestions/discussions/experience-share are most welcome to my DM or mail id listed below. Let’s have our own chapter in the world of erotica.

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Shades Of Rachna Bhabhi