Shakira – The Navel Princess

Shakira – The Navel Princess

Night had fallen on the old city of Bassorah. The sky was illuminated by a glowing full moon surrounded by glinting stars. Down below, the city slept. Towering above the houses, shops and bazaars stood the Sultan’s palace, which dominated the landscape. All was at peace in Bassorah, except for a small figure scaling the walls of the palace.

Omar, a handsome young peasant, was climbing the palace walls because of a curious desire. He had heard many tales of the Princess Shaqira, the Sultan’s daughter. He had heard she was very beautiful. He had seen her, but only in fleeting glances every so often. So he was determined to see if the Princess was anything as beautiful as her reputation made her out to be.

Carefully, Omar climbed, finding handholds and footholds between the stones in the walls of the palace. He concentrated on the great balcony above, on the fourth story. He knew that was where he could enter Shaqira’s bedchamber, where she would be sleeping. Then he could steal into the room, and get a good look at the Princess’ beauty.

It was about half an hour before Omar climbed all the way to Princess Shaqira’s balcony. Finding that he had reached his goal, he heaved himself over the top, and into the room. There were some oil lamps burning low in the bedchamber, which added some light to the glow coming in through the great window from the full moon outside. Omar looked around in the dim light of the spacious room, noticing the ornate tapestries adorning the walls, and the intricate geometric design on the parquet floor. He smelled the perfume that hung in the air. Finally, he noticed some long gossamer curtains hanging from the ceiling. He knew that the Princess’ bed had to be behind those curtains, and that she was fast asleep on the bed.

His heart starting to beat more and more excitedly in his chest, Omar slowly walked toward the curtains. As soon as he was close enough, he gently parted the curtains. There, before him, lay the sleeping form of Princess Shaqira.

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She lay straight on her back, on top of the crimson silk sheets, with her arms tucked behind her head, and buried in her thick raven hair. Omar looked down at her feet, noticing her gold-painted toenails and the silver rings adorning some of her toes as they shone in the light. His eyes moved to her lavender harem pants that were trimmed with gold, then to the matching bandeau top covering her breasts. Finally, Omar looked upon her face. He was enamored by her long eyelashes, her tawny cheeks which sparkled with gold dust, her beautifully straight nose, and her beckoning ruby-red lips.

Staring at her lips, Omar was very tempted to kiss the Princess on the lips. He leaned forward to touch his lips to hers, when some sparkling caught his attention. This came from further down on Shaqira’s body. Omar moved his eyes to her exposed midriff, and was awestruck by what he saw. The Princess had a very shapely stomach. It twinkled with gold dust, just as her cheeks did. At the top, her stomach was flat, and sloped down slightly to a small horizontal crease at her waist, then made a small, appealing mound. Just below the crease was Shaqira’s navel, which was held an oblong star sapphire. Omar became weak in the knees. The Princess had truly been as beautiful as he had heard. But it was her stomach that was the most beautiful part of her.

Omar went around to the side of the bed, and kneeled to be closer to Shaqira’s stomach. He watched as she slept, and noticed her breathing. As she inhaled, her upper belly would raise ever so slightly. Then when she exhaled, the upper belly would fall, and the mound of her lower stomach would expand. The hypnotic motions made the gold dust glitter in the low light, and the star sapphire would beam. Omar’s desire grew with this sensual display. He could almost imagine the music for this belly dance.

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His hand quivering, Omar reached out for the Princess’ undulating stomach. He lightly touched the upper belly. He marveled at how smooth the skin felt under his fingertips. Feeling more bold, he gradually laid his palm on her stomach, making slow circles. The sleeping Shaqira moaned softly at Omar’s touch.

Encouraged, he dipped his fingers into the slight crease at her waist, feeling the flesh lightly close in on the fingertips as she breathed unconsciously. Then he moved to her lower belly, making slow circles around Shaqira’s jeweled navel. The circling would end up right at the sapphire. Omar lovingly ran his fingertip around the edge of the stone, along the rim of the Princess’ navel.

Then he noticed that Shaqira’s belly jewel seemed loose. This gave Omar an idea. He firmly grasped the sapphire, and plucked it from the Princess’ navel. As he did, he could swear the sweet perfume in the air was refreshed, as if unplugging Shaqira’s navel released more perfume from within.

Omar looked upon the little crevice, now completely exposed. Shaqira had a deep innie, with intricate folds inside.

It vaguely reminded Omar of the pattern he had seen on the floor. He even noticed a few grains of gold dust inside her navel. He moved in closer, to get a closer look. Omar extended his index finger, and planted it firmly inside the Princess’ deep navel.

Unconsciously, she twitched ever so slightly and made a quiet squeal.

He made tiny circles with the tip, feeling the tiny folds and knots inside. He was invigorated at the silky-smooth feel of the interior of this sensual crater. He could feel Shaqira’s stomach muscles twitching around his fingertip, and heard her soft moans.

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Withdrawing his finger, Omar then brought his nose to the Princess’ navel. He took in the sweet odor that emanated from the dimple. After breathing deeply, he knew he had to kiss Shaqira’s navel. His lips went to her gently undulating belly, first giving it a quick peck. The Princess moaned softly in unconscious approval. Encouraged, he then locked his pursed lips on the inviting crater, giving it a long kiss. After half a minute at her stomach, his tongue found its way past his lips, penetrating her navel. Omar’s tongue swirled around in the deep indent. He was lost in the tender flavor he found, and the feeling of Shaqira’s abdominal muscles quivering all around.

Suddenly, Omar heard footsteps outside the chamber. Quickly, he withdrew his tongue and put his head up. He was greatly relieved when whoever was walking outside passed by. But he decided that he must be on his way, lest he get caught. Omar looked at the star sapphire in his hand, twinkling in the low light. As he did, he noticed a little gold dust had rubbed off onto his fingertips. He considered keeping the brilliant stone as a memento of this night of ecstasy. But he thought better of it. Omar was no common thief. He slowly pressed the jewel back into the sleeping Princess’ moist navel.

Shaqira’s belly twitched one last time as the ornament was pushed back into place. Omar leaned over to kiss her bejeweled navel goodbye, then crossed over to the balcony to leave.


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Shakira – The Navel Princess

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