Shared love for domination leads to an awakening

Shared love for domination leads to an awakening

My wife Carrie and I became aware of our shared enjoyment of Dom/sub sexuality about the same time that we reconciled after a brief separation.

We are both in our late 30’s attractive and fit and we began exploring the lifestyle by dabbling in role playing. We would alternate roles since both of us enjoyed both the Dom and the sub roles. Eventually it became clear however that we both preferred the submissive role.

Upon that realization we began to look for ways to help us excel at dominating each other since it did not come naturally for either of us.

One day as we lay in bed after a particularly dirty sexcapade my wife suggested we look on the internet or in the personals of the local Advocate and see if we could find someone to train us in the art of D/s role playing and the D/s lifestyle. We searched around on the net and eventually found a local swingers site that had a D/s forum. We posted our request to find a man/woman/couple to help teach us the art of D/s role playing and we went back to bed and had another hot sweaty sex session.

The next few days we weeded through the responses and answered emails from prospective “teachers”. Nearly a week after our initial post we got a response that we both felt was perfect. We wrote a reply email to the couple who had written the response and soon we were exchanging phone numbers and pictures.

The couple, Logan and Marissa, lived in a neighboring town and was a few years younger than my wife and I. They had been swinging and in the D/s lifestyle for a few years and they were both very attractive. He was about six feet tall with blonde hair and in amazing shape. She was a petite five foot five and 130 well placed pounds with dark hair and striking blue eyes. My wife and I were careful to emphasize that we were not interesting in swapping partners; we merely wanted someone, hopefully them, to teach us about the D/s lifestyle.

We continued to talk and chat with Logan and Marissa for a few weeks and we were becoming pretty close, considering we had never actually met, when they suggested we meet for drinks and maybe grab dinner on the following weekend. My wife and I accepted the invitation and on Saturday night we were off to meet them after dropping our two kids off at my sister for a sleepover.

We recognized them from their pictures instantly when we walked into the upscale bar and as our eyes met they smiled and waived us over to their table.

Carrie and I greeted them with hugs before we settled across the table from them. We ordered a round of drinks, then another and soon we were talking like old dear friends.

The girls excused themselves to go to the ladies room and when they were out of ear shot Logan said to me that Marissa was really attracted to both of us. I said again that we weren’t into swapping and told him that, much to my dismay, Carrie was not into girls at all. “We will see,” he said with a mischievous smile, “Marissa is very persuasive.”

We ordered several more rounds of drinks and soon we were all heavily buzzed. Marissa suggested we head back to their house for more drinks and to my utter shock Carrie quickly accepted. We paid the tab and walked out to our cars, which coincidently were parked right next to each other. Logan suggested the girls drive together in their car and we would follow in my car. Carrie once again quickly accepted and kissed me deeply before climbing into the passenger seat of their 3 series BMW.

Logan and I got into my Chrysler 300 and we drove off toward their place. The ride was only about 15 minutes long and we could see the girls laughing and chatting the entire way. We pulled into the driveway of a large Victorian, parked the cars and walked into their house. It was beautifully decorated with an abundance of antiques and other high end furniture.

Logan and Marissa told us to make ourselves comfortable as they went to make more drinks. They returned with the drinks and sat opposite us on the leather love seat.

“So, are you two ready to learn?” Marissa asked. She smiled brightly and her eyes twinkled with enthusiasm as she took a quick sip of wine and walked across the room toward us. She reached her hand out and took my wife’s hand in hers. “Don’t be scared Carrie, I won’t hurt you,” she whispered as she pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her softly on the lips. I stared on in shock as my wife, who had always expressed no interest, but rather total disgust at the mere mention of girl/girl sex, returned Marissa’s kiss with a passion I could never have imagined.

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Marissa and Carrie undressed each other as they kissed and their hands explored each others bodies. Soon they were both naked as Logan and I looked on.

Logan stood up and said “When in Rome” as he peeled off his clothes. I followed suit, not wanting to be the only fully dressed person in the room. My cock rose to full attention as I watched my pretty wife make out with Marissa. I began to stroke my firm member while the girls worked each other into frenzy. I was close to Cumming when the room went dark. I realized that Logan had blindfolded me and before I knew it my hands were cuffed behind my back. I heard a rustling sound and then felt myself pushed into a kneeling position. I could feel my ankles being cuffed together and then attached to my wrist cuffs. I was powerless. Bound in total darkness, I struggled to listen for clues to what was happening around me. I could hear what sounded like a pull out couch being opened and then the girls talking softly between the sounds of deep passionate kisses. I could then hear the girls moaning and gasping for breath when suddenly my blindfold was removed.

Logan stood next to the bed as the girls were locked in a torrid 69 with Marissa on all fours over my sexy wife.

“Do you feel helpless Jeremy?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” I responded as I slipped effortlessly into the submissive role.

“Good. From this moment forward you and Carrie are our slaves. You will do whatever you are told without hesitation. You will refer to Marissa as ma’am or mistress and me as master or sir and you will always address us with respect. Do you both understand?”

“Yes master, we understand,” we responded in unison.

“Very good. I am going to fuck Marissa now because she is the only person here who is worthy of my cock until proven otherwise. Carrie I expect you to continue to lick her delicious pussy and to also lick and suck my cock as I fuck her. Do you understand?”

“Yes master I understand.”

Logan climbed onto the bed and eased his big 8″ cock into Marissa’s waiting cunt as my wife continued to lick her clit like a puppy. He pumped hard and fast into his wife making her gasp and moan as a series of small tremors shook her body.

Marissa’s body convulsed as a powerful climax overwhelmed her. Logan pulled his dripping hard cock from Marissa’s gaping cunt and slid it into my wife’s waiting mouth. He began to fuck Carrie’s mouth making her gag with each powerful stroke. Faster and faster he used my wife’s mouth while Marissa slowly regained her composure.

Marissa climbed off my wife and directed her into doggie style before guiding Logan’s big hard cock into my wife’s soaking wet pussy. Carrie moaned out loud as he began to fuck her hard and fast while I looked on with feelings of helplessness, jealousy and inadequacy.

“Oh god yes! Please fuck me harder master,” my wife begged. “You are so good master; your cock is so big it fills my cunt like nothing ever has before master.”

I felt a wave of humiliation wash over my body as I saw the intense look of pleasure on my wife’s face.

Logan continued to pound his big hard cock into Carrie’s pussy while Marissa walked over to me. She unfastened my wrist and ankle cuffs and ordered me to my feet. “Yes mistress Marissa,” I said as I quickly stood up beside her. Marissa buckled a collar around my neck and clipped a dog leash to it.

“Come with me you filthy pig,” she ordered as she led me into the next room. My cock was still achingly hard and she slid a tight cock ring over it, making sure it would stay that way. She then handed me a big 10” dildo with a harness and ordered me to fasten it to her waist. I obeyed her command and when I finished she led me back into the living room where her husband was still fucking my wife vigorously. Sweat poured from their bodies as he thrust his cock into her tight wet slit. Carrie’s body was shaking violently and she was moaning and panting loudly as she climaxed harder than I thought possible.

Carrie’s legs gave out as she came and she collapsed on the bed.

”Get back on your knees pig,” Marissa commanded me.

”Yes mistress,” I replied as I sank to my knees beside her. She took my head in her hands and guided the long thick dildo into my mouth. She ordered me to suck her girl cock and I obeyed. It was big and hard with realistic veins and a bulbous head but cold to the touch and I couldn’t help but wonder what a real cock would feel like in my mouth. Marissa fell into a steady rhythm as she fucked my mouth with her strap on, forcing it deeper and deeper down my throat with each stroke.

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”How is he doing Marissa?” Logan asked.

”He is doing very well baby. He is a natural cock sucker,” she answered.

”Enough,” she said to me as she pulled the plastic cock from my mouth. She unbuckled the harness and let it drop to the floor as she pushed me onto my back and straddled my face with her smooth hairless pussy. Logan slid his big hard cock into her dripping hole and I watched her lips part to allow access to his iron rod. Her juices dripped from her lips into my mouth as he started to fuck her. Logan’s cock glistened with Marissa’s succulent juices as he slowly withdrew and I felt my mouth begin to water. He started with long slow strokes. Her pussy lips seemed to cling to his cock each time he withdrew and she sighed and moaned loudly each time he slid back inside her. I stared up at the intensely erotic scene above me and waited for permission to lick her pussy.

I felt hands directing my head to Marissa’s pussy and realized my wife had joined us again. She guided my mouth to the union of Logan’s big cock and Marissa’s meaty cunt. ”Lick it baby; show them the magic in your mouth. Do it now,” my wife ordered.

I pressed my mouth to Marissa’s wet delicious pussy and licked her lips and Logan’s hard shaft as it slid in and out of her. The feeling was incredible as my tongue licked her stretched pussy lips and his warm hard shaft.

I lapped at her hard clit then pressed my tongue against her hole between her pussy lips and Logan’s cock. I flattened my tongue and licked his manhood from the base to the head as he slowly withdrew from her warm hole.

”You like that don’t you my pet,” Carrie said as she watched me lick and suck cock and cunt.

”Yes baby, I like it.”

”I knew you would. That’s why I arranged this. I wanted Logan’s big hard cock inside me the moment I saw the pictures of his body and I wanted to watch you lick and suck it too. I came to realize that the thought of you sucking his big cock was an incredible turn on. I didn’t expect to lick Marissa’s pussy, but god I am glad she is so pretty and persuasive because it was delicious. Now make her cum with that talented mouth of yours.”

I sucked Marissa’s clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it as her husband fucked her with all his might. His balls brushed against my lips and I could smell his fresh musky scent. I could feel Marissa’s climax begin at the same time as Logan’s balls tightened and shot ribbons of thick creamy cum deep inside Marissa’s womb. Logan grunted loudly as he continued to fuck his wife while pumping buckets of cum inside her. He pulled his cum covered rod from her cunt and forced it into my mouth. I was both repulsed and excited as his shaft slid past my lips and down my throat.

”Clean it good you cock sucking faggot,” he ordered, and I obeyed. I licked their combined juices from his softening cock and when there was not a drop of juice left on his flaccid cock Marissa pushed him out of the way and lowered her sloppy cum filled cunt onto my waiting mouth. I slurped, sucked and swallowed all of the tangy juice until her pussy was completely clean.

Marissa climbed off my face and pulled me by my still attached leash until I was standing beside her with my still hard cock jutting straight out. ”Now you can fuck me piggy and you had better make me cum,” she said as she bent over in front of me offering her delectable ass to me. I guided my cock into her waiting pussy and grabbed her hips. Carrie lay down in front of her and Marissa lowered her mouth to my wife’s delicious pussy.

I pounded my cock into Marissa’s creamy cunt hard and fast, my balls slapping against her hard clit. Harder and faster I fucked her as her body responded. Her moans were muffled by Carrie’s pussy as she licked and sucked my wife. At nearly the same time both women’s bodies shuttered and shook as they came hard. I continued to slam my cock into Marissa’s wet pussy and I could feel my own climax building when Marissa yelled ”Stop!”

I groaned in disappointment but immediately stopped moving. She turned to my wife and told her to finish me off. Carrie settled in front of me pulled off the cock ring and took my dripping wet cock into her mouth. She sucked it down her throat and worked her hand up the shaft faster and faster until I filled her mouth with my warm seed. Carrie swallowed half then at Marissa’s instruction snowballed me with a deep kiss. She forced my cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all as our tongues entwined.

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Marissa pushed me to my knees as she instructed Carrie to fasten the harness. When the girl cock was secured around Marissa’s waist she bent my wife over the couch and slammed the plastic cock into her.

Logan, now fully recovered and no longer content to just watch stepped in front of me and pushed his semi hard cock in my face. ”Time to work on your training as a sissy cock sucking whore. Now suck my cock bitch!” he ordered.

I obediently took his big shaved cock and balls in my hands. I ran my hands up his tight rippled abs and raked my fingers over the smooth hairless skin as I licked from his taint to his balls. I took his smooth shaved orbs into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them as saliva ran down my chin. He groaned loudly as I took his thick powerful rod into my mouth. My own cock ached as I felt his cock throb in my mouth. I pulled it out and ran my tongue over his swollen purple head then down the shaft. Carrie’s face was just inches from mine as Logan took my head in his hands and began to fuck my mouth. Spit spilled from my mouth, down my chin and covered his shaft and smooth balls. The head of his cock tickled the back of my throat and his balls bounced off my chin with each stroke.

”You like that cock in your mouth don’t you baby?” She asked. ”You are turning out to be quite the little sissy cock sucking faggot. My husband the sissy cock sucking cum guzzling whore. Do you like his big cock baby? Do you like feeling it slide down your throat? Do you want more cum to drink baby? I bet you want more. I bet you would like a room full of hard cocks to suck wouldn’t you?”

Her words cut through me like a knife. They hurt but they also excited me so much that I felt like I was going to cum again without even touching my cock. Suddenly I felt hands on my ass. I couldn’t see what they were doing but fingers were lubing up my asshole and as Marissa slid her big girl cock up my ass I groaned around Logan’s big cock and shot a hot load of cum onto the hard wood floor beneath me. Marissa continued to fuck my ass as I sucked her husband’s big hard cock until he filled my mouth with his thick creamy cum. I swallowed it all as his wife pulled her girl cock from my well fucked asshole.

”Time to clean up sissy,” she said as she pushed the plastic cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked it clean as Logan and Marissa took turns kissing and fingering my wife to another powerful climax. When the dildo was clean they made me lick my cold cum off the floor then tied me to the bed as they took turns fucking my pretty wife long into the night.

At one point Marissa eased her strap on up Carrie’s ass as Logan fucked her cunt. When Logan was ready to cum he pulled out of my wife and covered my face with his cum. When they were finished they tossed me my clothes and pushed me, covered in sticky cum, out the door to get dressed on the front porch. Carrie joined me when she was dressed and we walked to the car

I walked from the house a much different man than I arrived. Before that night I had never imagined having group sex. The thought of a mans cock in my mouth would have made me sick, but somehow under the scenario I had just lived it seemed natural and exciting. Carrie and I talked as we drove home and we both agreed that we had both just had a life altering experience. We had broadened our sexual horizons and experienced something few couples do. We both agreed that it had strengthened our relationship by adding a new sense of trust and understanding and it was something we wanted to expand upon.

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Shared love for domination leads to an awakening

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