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She finds a man to enliven their relationship

She finds a man to enliven their relationship

After 10 years of marriage, Sanjana and Amit decided that they needed to get away by themselves for a while. It had been some time since they had taken a vacation, and they decided they needed the time alone to rekindle the flame in their marriage. Sanjana was fair, slim, stood 5 feet 6 inches in her bare feet. Her breasts were 34 C, nipples are brownish chocolatish in color, with black eyes and hair. Amit was 6 feet tall, lean, fair though not as fair as his wife and is an excellent companion. Sanjana was a lovely woman and they got along well together in most respects.

They both loved to dance, and during their stay at the vacation resort of their choice which was a beach resort they looked forward to dancing every night. During the second night, Amit noticed one guy as he unashamedly ogled at Sanjana. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She noticed too, and Amit caught her glancing at him once in awhile.

His interest didn’t seem to annoy her, and he didn’t seem to be too much bothered by Amit’s presence.

This man sat at the bar while both were at a small table nearby. Sanjana had her back to him. She was wearing a blue sari, a sleeveless blouse and a strapless bra. Like typical Indian women she had bangles on one wrist, chain in the neck, a nose pin, ear rings, anklets etc. but Amit noticed that each time they came back to the table from the dance floor, she would glance up at him. They made eye contact several times, and she didn’t turn away until she sat down.

Something about him interested her. It could be either his size or his rugged good looks. He was a fairly big guy, probably in his forties. The fact that she had been maintaining eye contact for several seconds somewhat disturbed Amit because she was, in effect, encouraging him.

Later during the evening, when Amit returned from a trip to the Men’s room, Sanjana wasn’t at the table. He thought maybe she had gone to the Ladies’ room, but then he noticed that the man wasn’t in his seat at the bar. Amit looked around the crowded dance floor and spotted them dancing. That annoyed him somewhat, but after the song ended Sanjana broke away from him and came back to the table. He tried to keep her out there, but she probably felt a twinge of guilt, knowing that Amit would be back to the table by that time.

Amit decided that now was the time to say something. “That was interesting, who’s your friend?”

“His name is Robert, and yes, it was interesting.”

“What made you decide to dance with him?”

“He asked me, and you weren’t around, so I accepted.”

“Come on, Sanjana! Don’t you think it is kind of strange to dance with men that we don’t know?”

“Oh please! I saw him dancing and I thought he danced well. What do you think is going to happen? Nothing serious. Just harmless fun. And I am trying to know him.”

“I don’t know, but I’ve noticed the way he’s been undressing you with his eyes all evening. I’ve also noticed that you’ve been making eye contact with him far too often. You’re encouraging him, and I don’t think its right.”

“He appears to be an interesting man.” After a pause, she went on, “I’ve invited him to join us.”

Amit was taken aback by that bit of information, but didn’t get a chance to say anything. He arrived at the table with a new round of drinks for the three of them, and Sanjana introduced them, “Honey, this is Robert. Robert, this is my husband.”

Amit arose from his seat and reluctantly shook his hand.

He said, “Hello sir! Pleased to meet you.”

“Goddamn show-off,” Amit thought but for the sake of formality, nodded a greeting.

Robert perhaps read what was in Amit’s mind, he smirked, looked directly at Sanjana and replied, “Isn’t Sanjana the most beautiful woman that we’ve ever seen?”

She blushed at his compliment. Amit couldn’t help but wonder that Robert was indeed bold. His comments were certainly not offensive; in fact they were flattering but considering the fact that Sanjana was not only married, but her husband too was with her, it was surprising. However he found his wife’s praise from another man strangely arousing. “I couldn’t agree with you more. She’s also a great wife.”

“I envy you, sir. You’re lucky.”

He was really laying it on thick and Sanjana was eating it all up. In retrospect, Amit thought if he had been in her shoes he probably would have reacted the same way. He continued complimenting and flirting with Sanjana at every opportunity.

When the band played a slow number, Robert requested Amit whether he could take Sanjana to dance again. Amit nodded; it would seem impolite. Sanjana got up and went with him to the dance floor. Sanjana was wearing a knee length skirt and the sight of fair legs as they twisted and turned to the beat of the music was a big turn on. Her pretty manicured feet encased in delicate white sandals deftly moved around the dance floor keeping pace with music.The band played several slow ones in a row. Amit noticed that as time wore on, Robert kept on pulling Sanjana closer to him, and she wasn’t objecting. Soon he had his right hand on her butt, pulling her crotch closer to his thigh. She seemed to enjoy that as she put her head on his shoulder. When the band started into a fast song, they came back to the table.

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Sanjana was a little flushed, and it was obvious that she was getting turned on. She looked at Amit to read his reactions but couldn’t read much. He must have also realized that she may have been getting close to losing control. She stood up and said, “Honey, I’m a bit tired, could we go now?”

Amit was more than ready to leave. When they got to our room, she attacked Amit. He tore her clothes off and quickly found that she was wet.

Robert really had her turned on! They made love like they hadn’t in a long time. Amit thought so far so good!

That evening they arrived at the club to find Robert sitting at the same table they had shared the previous night. He motioned for them to join him.

Amit was not really happy to do so, yet could not do so without being obvious. Nevertheless he walked over to the table and said facetiously, “Robert, good to see you again.”

He looked at Amit, gave a polite smile but said nothing. He turned, smiled at Sanjana and said, “Hello Sanjana.”

She smiled back at him as they sat down. That evening was a repeat of the previous one. Robert took a lot of Sanjana’s time, though Amit also danced with her four or five times. Several times when they returned to the table Amit could see the flushed look on her face. It was apparent that she was liking his company.

It was late and a slow song came when she was dancing with Robert, he motioned to get off the floor but she said something and he stayed. Amit had seen them dance before but there was something special about that night. She was looking sexy, her little skirt and breasts pressed against him and her head resting on his shoulder. They danced very seductively to the last song of the evening, and thinking that they were not being watched Robert pulled Sanjana close to him.

“I think you’re a very beautiful young lady. One of the most that I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Robert and Sanjana didn’t seem to notice Amit; they were perhaps too preoccupied with each other.

As soon as they were alone, Amit asked Sanjana trying to sound nonchalant. “What exactly was that guy trying to do?”

“What does that mean?”

“The impression that I am getting is that this guy Robert is getting encouraged to flirt with you. Rightly or wrongly that is the what he is deciphering the signals that he is getting from you.” Amit said.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I am not encouraging him. But yes not discouraging him either.” Sanjana laughed. She seemed to be trying to sort things out in her mind. It was apparent that she was confused.

“Its okay if he turns you on. But this way you do not seem to realize that you’re humiliating me.”

“I-I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to humiliate you. That would be the last thing I would have on my mind.” she finally said. “You know I love you very much. And if at all what you say is true both of us will benefit from this so called turn on. If I am wet, you will benefit and if you are hard, well I benefit. Net result is that both of us benefit. Yes, you would be perfectly justified in being angry with me if I did not pass on my arousal to you. But then am I so stupid to stake the happiness of my husband and the future of my marriage for temporary sexual solo fun? No, na? So relax and don’t feel jealous.” Sanjana said planting a kiss on Amit’s lips.

Amit and Sanjana were in their suite. It was afternoon and the weather was not unpleasant. Sanjana decided to bask in the sun in the privacy of their balcony which was so situated that it could be visible only from other balconies and not from the rooms. Since most of the rooms were occupied by couples only the chances of any single man ogling at scantily clad females were remote. She had initially intended to go down to the beach and had worn a bikini but now that she had decided to enjoy herself in the balcony, she reached behind her back and slowly undid the knot at the back, Amit saw the strings fall to the side and the two triangles relaxed falling away from her breasts.

“Wow” Amit said – “Are you sure?”

“What’s up darling? Not coming over jealous are you.”

“Not at all.”

She put her hands behind her neck and slowly pulled the string to undo the bow that was holding the remaining pieces in place. The top slowly slipped down onto her flat stomach, as her naked breasts were exposed to the sun. Amit felt his erection growing and she looked down to his shorts to gauge his reaction.

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“Do you like that?” she asked.

“Fantastic. Couldn’t be better. I don’t need to look at a model”. Amit replied.

No longer could Amit read his book. He sat there in ecstasy admiring his beautiful wife lying with her beautiful round tits open to the air. She was smiling quietly to herself enjoying the effect she was having on her husband after the somewhat tense verbal exchange of the previous evening. Amit guessed there was no harm in it anyway as perhaps the only one who could see her was a French girl and she had gone back inside anyway. And what Sanjana had said was true. He was the one who would benefit if she got wet.


Amit wondered what had come over her. She had never let strangers see her topless previously, she always refused to get changed in shared changing rooms either in shops or pools. The only people who had perhaps seen her bare breasts were her girlfriends or her gynaec. Now she was sitting there with the sun shining down onto her bare breasts and erect nipples with a huge grin on her face.

From behind Amit heard the doorbell go; it was a surprise, as no one they knew was likely to knock on their door. Amit went to investigate. As he opened the door he saw Robert with a thirtyish woman. The bloke was holding a bottle of champagne and the woman was wearing a gown over her bikini, carrying some flowers. They were grinning madly as Amit stammered a greeting.

He wondered exactly what the best thing to do was. On one hand he should invite them in (after all there was a lady with Robert too and it would be impolite to shut the door on their face) on the other Sanjana was lying topless on the balcony. He couldn’t really believe that she would actually want Robert to come round and check her out. He decided to play for time and warn her.

“Darling look, Robert has dropped in with a friend”. He shouted across to warn her. “Do come.” Sanjana did say something but Amit couldn’t hear it clearly. He however assumed that she had heard what he had said.

Amit assumed that she was all covered up by now, so he invited them in. Through the initial introductions, he learnt that the woman’s name was Suzanne and that she was a friend of Robert’s. As they walked out onto the balcony, they came across Sanjana still topless. She appeared to be extremely surprised. He half expected her to cover her breasts with her hands but she quickly regained her composure, got up from where she was lying and came forward dressed just in a brief pair of bikini bottoms with her bare breasts bobbing up and down and her nipples sticking out as she stood on the floor to greet them.

Suzanne looked somewhat surprised but was smiling broadly. Robert looked completely delighted. He kissed her on both cheeks, and Amit couldn’t help but notice that his hand ‘clipped’ her breast as he released her from his embrace. As Amit watched her in amazement at her new found bold nudity, she winked wickedly at her husband. Amit smiled back uncertainly.

“We just dropped in to find out whether you guys would be interested in coming to the beach?” Robert said his eyes glued to Sanjana’s bare breasts.

“Well, no. I am kind of busy with my husband.” Sanjana laughed. “Some other time, may be. Sorry.”

“Its okay. I guess we should be going.” Robert too had obviously been flustered by two things: First, Sanjana’s bare breasts and second that they would not like to accompany him to the beach.’ Amit felt a very hard erection as he saw his topless barefooted wife clad in a pair of thong panty seeing off guests to the door as nonchalant as if she was dressed from head to toe.

“You…you have a very beautiful pair of breasts.” Robert said haltingly.

Sanjana just giggled and before she could even say thanks, Suzanne chided Robert good humouredly. “Of course she has. These things are not to be said. You are unnecessarily embarrassing her and her husband.” Saying this she pulled Robert out of the room. Sanjana slammed the door shut before the passersby in the corridor got as good a view of her.

“So, how do you feel, jealous or aroused?” she asked throwing her arms around Amit’s neck.

“I don’t know.”

“See, we are here for some fun. We have known each other so long, love each other like mad. Obviously Robert or anyone is just a catalyst to spark up our life. Thats all, if my bare breast; by the way don’t think that I exposed myself intentionally; it was just an accident; can arouse us (mean you) excellent. What happens to him is not our business. If you enjoy it, I am prepared to strip too. My pussy too has been shaped.”

“Really. Wow. You have changed. I half expected you to cover your breasts with your hands.” Amit exclaimed.

Sanjana laughed. “Yes, that was my initial and impulsive reaction too but then I thought I would look silly. As it was they had seen my breasts and so there really was no point. Agree with me?”

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“Of course, love. Of course.” Amit said as he bent to kiss her.

That was a few days back. Today as they were dancing Amit said, “All the men are looking at you.”

“Yes, but I am all yours.”

“They all want you. You know that?” AmitI said, holding her a little closer.

She giggled and said: “Let’s go to our room. If they all want me as you say how many can actually do ‘it’ to me?”

“Ok, let’s go.”

As they walked past the tables, some guys leered at Sanjana but she averted their gaze. When she could talk again she said hoarsely:

“It upsets you, these guys looking at me?”

“Not much. At one time it used to. The other day when this guy came into our room and saw your bare breasts I actually felt…. I don’t know the right word…perhaps proud of your nudity. But you, it gets you hot, being stared at, being wanted?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Robert was there too. His eyes never left you all the time we were there. I think ever since he saw you topless he is desperate for…”

“I know. But he is not a kid. Must have seen many women topless. Or even bottomless. And if he wants to have sex with every woman that he sees topless or nude, soon he will get into trouble. “Sanjana laughed.

“You thought about what it would be like to stay with him, when we were leaving?”

“Please. I haven’t thought of that.” Sanjana said.

They were quiet for a minute. Then Amit said “We are still there.”

She did not answer for a while. “What do you mean?”

“Would you like to go back up there?”

She could not believe his question, or her answer: “Would you like me to?” She did not want to be the one to stop the game.

Amit was quiet for a full minute.

“Yes,” I said finally.

“And then, what?”

“Meet him. Sit with him. Talk, flirt, whatever.”

Sanjana then realized it was no longer just a game.

“But, things could go too far.”

“No farther than anybody would want to.”

“I am not sure this is a good idea.”

“If you don’t want to go, all you have to do is stay where you are.”

She stayed there, trying to think and failing. Then, she looked at Amit in silence, her body shaking a little.

“You go first,” Amit said, “And meet him. I will join you in twenty minutes.”

Before leaving, she kissed Amit on the cheeks. Before disappearing in the corridor she again turned around: “Are you sure of that?” Amit nodded, unable to speak a lie.

Amit went to their room and waited sometime. When he looked at his watch, he saw that only five minutes had elapsed. Long enough that, if she had changed her mind, she’d be back. He began to think about what might be happening down there. Was it a good idea? Was he ready for it? Perhaps he should have accompanied her?

He went down to the bar and entered through the other door. He saw her immediately, at the table with Robert. She was glancing at the other door, expecting to see Amit. He was about to join them when he saw that he had his hand on Sanjana’s thigh and that she was making no move to have him take it away. Amit therefore decided to avoid them. Instead he sat at the bar and asked for a drink.

He watched for a while as the hand moved up and down Sanjana’s naked thigh, under the skirt. Robert said something and he saw her laugh. It was clear that some sort of proposition had been made. A couple of minutes later she looked impatiently at her watch.

“Are you..married?” Sanjana asked to carry on polite conversation.

“Why do you ask?”

“No particular reason.” Sanjana smiled.

“Well, let me tell you that the number of times I have seen bare breasts is greater than the number of times you would have seen your own bare breasts. Or for that matter the girls I have fucked is more than the number of times Amit would have fucked you.” Robert smirked.

“It appears that I have offended you or else you wouldn’t speak like this. Your tone doesn’t sound too nice.” Sanjana said.

“No, its not that. I am sorry if I sounded like that” Robert smiled. ”

“Then why use the f… word so contemptuously? One of my friends told me that the full form is actually Fornication Under Consent of King.”

“Really? That’s interesting.” Robert gave a broad smiled. “Anyway from what I have seen you are a woman who enjoys inviting attention.”

“Well, all women do but how did you get to that conclusion?”

“Even in the tight trousers that you wear the panty lines are not visible. That goes to show that either you don’t wear panties or wear thongs. Both are signs that the woman is sexy.”

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She finds a man to enliven their relationship

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