She learns neither blood nor water is thicker than cum

She learns neither blood nor water is thicker than cum

“I want you to suck my balls.”

I was at the movies with my brother’s friend, Josh. There had been some kind of agreement between them and my brother told me I had to go out with him tonight. He even said he’d drive me over to the movies so our parents wouldn’t know. I was too excited about getting to sneak out to a drive-in movie and maybe drink a little or smoke some pot that hadn’t been suspicious. He walked me to Josh’s car and here I was.

“I want you to suck my balls.”

Josh leaned over and whispered to me again, breath making my ear damp, arm around my shoulders. He undid his top jeans button with one hand and unzipped himself, arm holding me so I couldn’t move or even think of moving. He pushed his pants down.

“I want you to suck my balls.”

I’d never heard anything but gentle urgings before during half-assed hand jobs. I was more interested than shocked. I started at his half erect cock as he held it in one hand, stroking it a little under the head with his fingertips. He pushed me down and I involuntarily slid down on the front bench seat, he pulled his cock out of the way and his nuts sat there, a little larger than walnuts in the brief flashes of light from the movie screen.


I let my head be buried as he parted his legs, adjusting himself into a more reclined position. I licked, tentatively seeing what he tasted like, and then sort of suck kissed. It was sloppy, I was kind of surprised he hadn’t even tried to talk me into it. Usually I at least got told I was beautiful.

“Go on.”

I licked towards his cock and then back to his balls. The fuzz of his thighs brushed my forehead and chin, he gathered my hair and held it in a fist. I slobbered more than anything, unsure of what to do. I reached for his cock.

“No. Just the balls. Suck them.”

He jacked off into my hair while I sucked his sack, tasting a little soap and his scent. I was wet, I ached, I was turned on to the point of distraction. He pushed my hand away when I tried to touch him. It was only a few minutes before he came in my hair, rubbing his cock against my cheek, and I sat up.

“Let me see your titties.”

He didn’t wait for a response, he just pulled up my shirt, hands searching. He tore off my bra and pawed, pinched and kneaded handfuls of my tits, pushing me back in the seat. He pulled at my jeans without unbuttoning them, just tugging them down below my ass and sticking two fingers roughly in my pussy. There was a knock at the window and he glanced at the dashboard clock. I thought it was the cops, for some stupid reason. I tried to pull my pants up and just got tangled.

Josh reached over me and rolled down the window.

“That couldn’t have been more than five minutes.” He said, I pulled my clothes together, it was my brother at the window.

“Twenty minutes, twenty bucks. Unless you’ve got more, she’s going home tonight.”

He reached through the window and unlocked the door to open it. I barely had my shirt on when he grabbed me by the arm and hauled me out, walking me back to his car. I was still confused, but it’s not like I was making straight A’s and topping the honor roll as I retook my junior year. Even though I was 18 it still made me the oldest in the class.

“Aaron, what’s he talking about?”

“Nothing.” He unlocked the passenger side door and I got in, he started the car and we were on our way home. I turned on the radio, Jessica Simpson (my favorite), and he turned it off.

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“When we get in the house, be really quiet. Just go to bed.”

I was squirming in my seat, still feeling Josh’s hands as they’d tugged down my jeans. I was so turned on, I was going to get off with my hairbrush.

He turned off the lights and coasted into the driveway, carefully shutting his door and going around the back of the house. He slept on the second floor so he started climbing the tree, I opened the kitchen door, quietly, and made it halfway through the living room before the light clicked on.

“Young Lady, you better have the excuse of a lifetime.”

My step-Dad in his sweatpants and pajama t-shirt grabbed my arm and held it higher than my shoulder as he walked me into my bedroom, pushing me towards the bed. He was red-faced and really pissed off, but something distracted him, he sniffed his hand and then touched my hair.

“You slut.” He said it in a snake whisper, pushing my closet open and picking out a thin black belt. I only got one knee up on my bed to make a dash for the bathroom before the first smack of the doubled leather hit my ass, I yelped. I started crying because sometimes that worked, “Daaaaaddddyyyy. Nnooooooo.”

The second one hissed in the air before it landed, making me jump, but he’d already reached me and held my down by the shoulder. “Whore. It’s a good thing your mother isn’t home to see this.” He yanked at my pants, half turning me over, pulling them down and dropping the belt to give me a few staccato open-handed slaps on the face for struggling.

“You’re grounded from now until you graduate. You’re never leaving the fucking house again.”

I blushed dark red as he yanked my wet panties down, smacking my ass and keeping me down with one wrist brought up behind my back. My shoulder hurt more than the spanking, it was the same one I used to get for being too loud or wetting my pants. He was an old man and he was getting tired. Maybe he realized I was close to laughing at him.

He ordered me up off the bed, I covered myself while he sat down and bent me over his lap. He picked up the belt and forced my arm down, behind my neck to keep me still. That’s when it got serious. He laid in with the first few slaps with renewed anger, I knew I’d have welts now. I sobbed, bawled, it was no act now.

“Slut. Stupid slut.” He kept saying it, over and over, but his voice lost it’s edge and he dropped the belt and caressed my ass. I couldn’t look at him, he still had a vicious grip on my wrist. I could feel his hardness pressing against my sternum, I hadn’t noticed when I was squirming to avoid the blows. He had his hand on my ass now, between my legs but not touching my pussy so much as wiggling me back and forth on his lap while he rocked his hips.

He gave a single old man moan, rocking me to the point it was just my breasts he rubbed against because my knees were almost on the floor. I felt the wetness come through my t-shirt onto my bare chest. He let go of my wrist and pushed me off onto the carpet, not looking at me as he left the room.

I pulled off the shirt and threw it in the trash. I needed a shower, I was still preoccupied with how much my ass hurt. I looked at it in the full length mirror while I toweled off, there were purple spots and a few nicks. I couldn’t even touch it, it still hurt so bad.

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“Jesus, he really gave it to you.”

I jumped, my brother scared the living shit out of me. I wrapped myself in the towel, he was sitting at my desk. He pointed to the clothes he laid out on my bed, random slutty stuff, he didn’t even pay attention to the fact he had chosen garters and panty hose.

“Get the fuck out of here, asshole, are you trying to get me in trouble again?”

He got up and listened at the door, then whispered.

“There’s a party tonight, Mack and Tommy will be there. Don’t you want to go?”

“I already got caught once tonight, I’m grounded.”

“You’re right, you’re already grounded so this’ll be your last chance before Mama gets home to sneak out. Even Joyce is going to be there, you know she’ll be all over Tommy if you aren’t around.”

He didn’t make a little bit of sense.

“I’ll go if you tell me what the money was about.”

“What money?” He said, innocently.

“The twenty bucks earlier.”

“That was just a bet, on NASCAR. Get your whipped ass dressed and get out to car, you’ve got five minutes.” He climbed out the window and I heard him walking softly across the brick patio.

He’d picked out a tube top that didn’t even match the leather skirt he’d found in the bottom of my closet. I decided to wear the top with plaid print skirt I’d gotten a week or two earlier. It was way too short to wear to school. I ignored how much my ass hurt and found some stockings for the garter belt. Maybe Tommy would be there. Maybe Josh hadn’t told anyone I’d sucked his balls yet. My last chance to get laid before Summer school started. Maybe the skirt wasn’t too short and it wouldn’t reveal my bruised ass.

The party was at a trailer a half hour out of town, there were cars parked all over the yard and trash everywhere. There was a keg and a grill, the party was really going and music blared out the front door into the small crowd around a crappy hot tub. Aaron told me to follow me into the house, he wanted me to meet someone.

As we got closer I realized everyone there was older, there weren’t many–if any–high schoolers. The guys all looked like college students and some older townies. Some of the girls wore sorority shirts but most of them looked like waitresses. Aaron plowed through to the back bedroom, you know how they are, it was nearly empty–just a few guys and a mattress. There was a girl sucking a guy’s cock while they watched and one guy taped it.

I didn’t realize my brother knew any of these guys, I’d never seen them before.

“Okay, here she is.”

He pushed me towards the guys and turned away to hand cash to a guy with black hair.

Black hair spoke, “At thirty bucks you should be able to pay off the rest of your debt.”

Aaron hushed him, “Go easy on her.”

Black hair shoved him towards another frat type and said, “What the fuck do you care?”

I felt someone come up behind me, he pulled my top down without a pause and grabbed my tit. His hands were hot and dirty, before I knew it I was sandwiched between too and one pushed a bottle up to my lips. “Drink it, bitch.” I choked on it, hard liquor, as the other one pulled my skirt up and slid his fingers into my panties. The girl was gone then, so was Aaron, and the light was off. The second guy kept making me drink and I got dizzy as the first guy pushed me down onto the mattress.

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“Teach her a lesson, Rod.”

“Look at her red ass, looks like she already got taught a lesson tonight.” Rod laughed.

“Look, she likes it.” I was on all fours, he was rubbing his cock against my pussy, and it did feel good. It felt really good, he pushed himself in a little at a time.

“God she’s tight. How old is she?” He said.

Someone answered “Who cares, fuck her.”

I looked back over my shoulder and the light from the camera shined in my eyes. Another guy was already in front of me, holding his cock and rubbing the head against my lips, he was putting a condom on and the other guy pressed the bottle to my lips again. Maybe it was some kind of whiskey. It made my head ache.

His cock was in me, hard, I could hear myself moaning like it was from a distance. I could feel the pleasure, the hands all over me and the cock in my mouth as I tried to catch up enough with time to suck it. It tasted like lubricant, chemical, I couldn’t see anything. Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to see anything even the light had been on. The shuddering orgasm found me in my maze, I tried to talk but my lips felt heavy and rubbery. I just sucked at the next cock, smaller this time as another guy slapped my ass and shoved his thumb into my butt and asked me if I liked that, bitch.

Time sped up, it seemed, I kept losing track of what was going on. I heard laughing and I could feel the warmth of cum on my face and taste it in my mouth. I tried to walk but I kept falling down. Someone pushed me, more laughing. I heard a girls voice and a hand in my hair guided my head. I was pushed between her legs and she moaned, fakely, and I could smell her pussy and taste it as she ground my lips against hers. She pulled me up and kissed me, deep tongue in my mouth and pinched my nipple hard enough to make me cry. She squatted over my face and pissed. I could feel the cold grass on my back down and I could tell my tears from her urine.

When I could see again I saw cold blue sky overhead. An older, well dressed man kneeled by me and was looking at me.

“Yeah, she’s coming around.”

I wondered if I was going to go to a hospital. I couldn’t remember where I was, but I hurt. I even wondered if I’d been in a car accident. He poked between my legs, cold stiff fingers prodding me as he rolled me over.

“How’d you say you got her?” He said.

Black hair mumbled “Some guy owed me, so do you want her or not?”

“You say she’s go no where to go home to?”

“Her brother said he saw his father trying to fuck her, hell, he pimped her.”

“So they’ll think she ran away?”


“Five hundred, wrap her in something and put her in my trunk.”

He counted out cash over my body, Black hair wrapped me in a moving blanket and I was thankful for the warmth of the trunk and the cloth that felt so soft.

I would wake up in a dog cage in a garage, the new pet of Max.

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She learns neither blood nor water is thicker than cum

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