Shelly’s Secret (True Incest Story)

My name is Greg. This really happened when I was about 12 years old. I had just discovered about sex. Listening to some older guys at school had clued me in to some of it. I’d been playing with myself some, not all that sure what it was all about yet. I had already been having wet dreams, but didn’t know exActly what having sex with a girl was all about. I’d wake up feeling really good, and the damp area of my underwear would be cooling by then. I felt really embarrassed, and would quickly change. I’d stuff the soiled underwear deep into the dirty clothes hamper. I hoped by the time my mom did wash, the spot would dry, or she’d figure a wet towel in the basket had dampened them.

My dad was a roofer, and worked steady, unless the weather was bad. He had been a strict father, and had been pretty tough on us kids. I had an older sister, Shelly. She was about 15 at the time. Trish, my little sister was almost 5.
Mom worked a lot. She had a good job at a local car assembly plant. It was good pay, and steady. She was always gone though. She didn’t have enough time in, to get a good shift, so she mostly worked in the evenings. She’d get home after midnight, even later if she stopped at the bar with her friends for drinks.

Anyway, this all started one day when I had been nosing around just being curious. I had gotten into my parents closet and was just poking around when I discovered an old crumpled box on my dads side of the closet. It was on the upper shelf covered with some old hats. As I lifted the lid, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a stash of pornographic magazines. I knew right then, I should have gotten out of there. My head was pounding as I picked up the top one and flipped though the pages. My mouth was dry as dirt, and I remember shaking so bad, I thought I might loose my balance. I was standing on a chair to reach the shelf.
I grabbed the one magazine, got down, pulled the chair away and made a dash for the bathroom. Our house was small and had only one bathroom. It was about the only place that I could be alone. My room door didn’t have a lock on it.

Shelly was outside with Trish in the yard. This was during the summer. Mom and dad figured Shelly was old enough to watch us during the day. Mom had gone to work early. She always got a lot of extra overtime hours in the summer. I could hear my sisters laughing, and Shelly calling whenever Trish did something she shouldn’t.
Locking the door, I sat down on the cool linoleum, and with almost reverence, started studying the magazine. It had an old glossy cover. The pages were worn, and the corners all tattered. I don’t think there was much text. If there was, I didn’t waste time with it.
The pictures inside were of everything. On the first few pages, women were laid out on beds showing guy’s sticking their dicks into them. I didn’t know much about sex then, but I knew your dick was supposed to go into the girl. I wasn’t even sure at the time what a girl’s private parts looked like. I had seen mom change Trish’s diapers when she was younger. But I didn’t remember getting a good look at her.

As I paged through the book, my little dick was at full attention. I remember not even wanting to waste time getting out my pecker. I just shifted my jeans to make more room in the front, and kept on looking. I could not believe that girls actually did this kind of stuff. One page showed several girls with a dick in their mouth, as they sat on another one. I had to force myself to swallow every once and a while, just to wet my throat.
I was only about half way through when I heard the screen door slam. I knew Shelly and Trish were now in the house. I had to stop. I stood up and flushed the toilet to make them think that was what was going on. I stuffed the magazine under some towels by the sink, and tried to bend my pecker to where it didn’t show. Finally, I had to just pull it up straight against my stomach and hope it wasn’t going to be noticed. I wasn’t particularly big or anything but the little sucker was rock hard, and wouldn’t go down.
Shelly’s banging on the door startled me. Trish had to go potty.
“Hurry up,” yelled Shelly.
I was still pale, and my heart was pounding as I exited the bathroom.
“What do you guys want for lunch?” Shelly yelled, as she helped Trish with her pants.
“Hot dogs,” replied Trish as she sat on the toilet doing her thing. “Hot-dogs, hot-dogs,” she chanted.
“Alright, Alright,” Shelly answered.
I was making my way to my room when Shelly hollered, If it was ok with me too.
“Ok” I said, even though I wasn’t a bit hungry.
As soon as I heard Shelly back in the kitchen, I raced back to the bathroom and retrieved the magazine. As quietly as I could, I replaced it in the closet, making sure to put everything back the way I found it.

All through lunch I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. Visions of those girls all naked, and actually having sex played over and over in my head. I probably hadn’t said a word at all. Shelly startled me back to reality.
“What’s wrong with you?” She said.
“Nothin,” “Just ain’t hungry I guess,” I told her.
Shelly was a nice sister. We were always close. We didn’t have a lot of neighbors with kids our ages, so we had grown up as play buddies also. We had always been together when we were young. We really never had many fights or anything like that.
Mom and Dad did all the fighting. That was maybe why we stuck together so much.
Dad and mom were always at each other about things. Honestly, It was probably a good thing Mom’s work kept her away so much. Dad was home in the evenings alone with us, and that was probably best.

Dad never did much at home. He’d work all day on someone else’s house, and he seemed pretty beat when he got home. Mom had shown Shelly how to cook early on. Most times we just ate simple meals mom had gotten ready in the morning.
Dad was not one to cross. If you had chores, or homework to do, you have better have them done. He wasn’t a warm person you could talk to. Mostly he just grab a beer and settle into the couch and watch TV.
“Coming outside?” Shelly asked.
“Naw,” I said. “I’ll just probably sort out some ball cards in my room..” I lied.
Nothing would keep me from getting another look in that box. Shelly took forever cleaning up after lunch. They went out to the yard again.

As soon as I felt it was safe, I raced back to my parent’s room and dug into that box again. I couldn’t believe all the stuff in there. Mostly magazines, but other stuff too. There were some playing cards, like for poker or something. The faces of the cards all had people in different sex positions on them. Real stuff too. Not just naked poses, but actual close-ups of girls doing sex. I grabbed the cards and another magazine, and went to the bathroom again. I was sitting on the floor with the magazine in my lap, thumbing through the cards. Each one was a jaw dropping shot of some sex position I had never dreamt of.
I was being careful to lay each card out in order on the cover of the magazine just in case dad had an order to them. I must have had ten cards on my lap when the door burst open. In my hurry, I must have forgotten to lock the door right. Shelly had come back in the house without me hearing her.
“Shelly, God Damm,” I cried.
The door bounced against my legs. The magazine flipped off my lap and the cards slid off across the floor.
“What’s going on? Get out,” I yelled, trying to cover as much as I could, but it was useless.
Shelly just stood there for a moment not saying anything. I couldn’t think of any thing to say either. Just awkward silence, and dread on my part. Finally she stooped down, and picked up one of the loose cards near her foot. It was one of a girl sucking on a guy’s huge cock. I could have died right then. She seemed to study the card for some time, and finally said something I’ve never forgotten.

“Do you like looking at this stuff?” she asked softly.
I started muttering something about, it not being mine.
“I’m putting Trish down for her nap,” she interrupted, “We can talk after I get her to sleep.” She handed me the card she was holding, and left.

I didn’t think I had the strength to even get up off the floor. I just sat there wishing I were dead. Finally, I started rounding up the cards, trying to re-order them as if it mattered now. I walked back towards my room carrying the cards and magazine right out in the open. Shelly was reciting some silly rhyme in Trish’s room that she always needed to hear before she would go to sleep.
I went in my room and sat on the bed dreading the next few minutes. Finally, hearing Shelly close the door to Trish’s room, I knew it was coming.
Shelly walked in and sat down next to me. She didn’t look especially mad, but I was too ashamed to look her in the face. Shelly came in and stood right in front of me. She put a hand on my shoulder, and put the other right on the stuff in my lap.
“I understand,” she said softly. “I know what your going through:”
I was still bracing for an ass chewing, which I was sure would follow; but she kept her quiet tone, and continued.
“Look, I know how you guys are.” she said.
“Sis, I’m sorry you saw this stuff,” I said. “I was just curious and wanted to know about stuff the older guys at school are always talking about.”
“I understand.” she repeated. “Anyway, You know this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this stuff.”
My jaw must have dropped in my lap as I stuttered to say something. She knew about dad’s stash.
“Huh,” I said, “You know about this stuff?”
“Have for several years now,” she said matter of factly.
I could have almost slid off the bed at this point. She already knew about this kind of stuff already.
“Why didn’t you ever say anything about it?” I asked.
“Because you weren’t ready yet.” she said.
“But how did you find it? I stuttered
“I’ve known all about sex for a couple of years now,” she said.
I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with my sister. We were close, but I don’t think I would have ever discussed private stuff like this with her.
Shelly started to say something then paused. She then sat down on the bed next to me, took a deep breath, and shocked the hell out of me.
“Dad and I do sex all the time,” she said
“WHAT?” I must have shouted, because she hushed me.
“We’ve been doing it for about two years now,” she said rather candidly.
“How? When? Does mom know?” I couldn’t believe any of this conversation.
“Quiet,” she admonished me, “Keep your voice down or you’ll wake Trish.”
I couldn’t believe this; she was having sex with dad, and worried about me waking up Trish.
“Look,” she said, ”It started a couple years ago, Just after my breasts began to develop.” “Dad started coming “On” to me when mom was gone, which is like always.”
“You let him.” I whispered, “You let him stick his thing in you?
“Well Duh!” she said.
“Does he squirt cum too?” I asked.
Shelly looked at me kind of funny and said, “Well what do you think he does” silly, “Just go limp?” “He always gets his nuts off with me,” she replied, like she was proud of it.
I just couldn’t get used to Shelly talking like this. “His nuts!” She had never let on that she was anything more that a shy, innocent young girl.

“My Sister, fucking my Dad.” This is incredible I thought. My own fears over being caught looking at dirty pictures were now gone. The conversation was now all about Shelly and Dad.
“When? How? I pressed.
“Usually in the evenings when your out gone playing somewhere.” She responded
“Does mom know?” I asked.
“Probably not.” said Shelly. “Not that she’d really care”. “I don’t know if mom and dad even do it anymore.”
“He’s always on to me.” “I don’t know if he’d have enough stuff left to do mom too.” She sort of laughed.
“Wow, I said. But “Won’t you get a baby?”
“NO!” she answered real quickly, “Dad said he had an operation after Trish was born.” “ He told me he was safe now”
“Isn’t he really big?” I asked, “How, I mean you’re not all grown up yet”
I couldn’t believe the questions I was throwing at her, or the cool manner in which she replied.
“He stretched me out some at first, but now I can take him with out a problem,” she answered.
“What does he do?” “I mean does he just jump on you and DO IT”? I persisted
“Well no, silly, we usually fool around awhile before we get down to the fucking part.” She chided me.
“Fool around?” “Huh” I wanted details now. “You mean like sucking off too,” I asked.
“Well sometimes,” she said.
“Where do you do it?” I asked.
“Lots of places, but mostly in Mom and Dad’s room,” She said.

I was dumbfounded. This was incredible! Shelly and Dad were screwing away in mom’s bed when she was at work. And me, stupid me, out playing ball or something somewhere.
My hormones were doing all the talking now. I had a million questions, and Shelly seemed Ok at answering all of them.
I’ve always thought later, that she was probably tired of keeping the secret, and ready to share it with someone.
All this time, Damm! I thought. Sis was getting it on with dad, and I was just wacking-off to my silly fantasies. Dad and her were actually doing IT!
Incredible! I had completely forgotten about the stuff on my lap, which now paled in comparison to this news. I even left it lay on my bed for a moment forgetting completely about it.
“We really need to put this stuff back,” said Shelly, picking up the porno. “You don’t want Dad to catch you with this.”
“You have seen some of this stuff?’ I asked.
“Sure, And a lot more.” Shelly smiled.
“What? “MORE?” I asked
“Movies, Videos, lots.” she replied
“Where ? Can I see? Please?” I was almost begging her.
“Maybe.” was her only reply, “Now lets get this stuff back.”
At this point my balls were ready to explode.
“No, we have to talk about this more, “ I begged.
“I want to see,” I started
“See?” she laughed, “You mean, “WATCH?”
“Huh,” That thought had not crossed my mind. But now that she had brought up the idea, it stuck in my head.
Shelly knew exactly where the porno belonged. She drug the chair over to the closet as if she’d done it a thousand times. She even arranged the box contents exactly as they had been. Jumping down off the chair, she was face to face with me now.
Whatever came over me, I’ll never know, but I said, “YES”.
“Yes what?” she said, looking at me strangely.
“Yes, I want to watch.”
Shelly was stunned for a moment, and started to brush past me.
“Really, I mean It.” I continued, following her.
Shelly stopped and turned to me. “How?” “Really, How could you watch? Dad would know”
“Not if you helped,” I said.
“Where, How?” she asked.
“Here.” I said, “Right in here.” We were standing next to the bed in which he had apparently done “it” with her maybe a hundred times.
“I could hide in here,” I said pointing to the closet.
“No way,” said Shelly “he’d see you.”
“No he wouldn’t if I moved around the junk on mom’s side. I could slip in here, and you could tell him I went to Rick’s”.
“You could do it in here, and I could watch.” “Then after he does you, I’ll slip out and “pretend to come home “ later.”
“Please, Please, Shelly? I’ve never wanted anything so bad,.” I said. “Please, I never tell anyone or ask anything of you again? PLEASE?”
Shelly peered into the closet, studying the mess inside.
She actually seemed to be considering the possibility of it.
“How would you get out of the house?” she asked.
“Out my window,” I said, “It’s at the back of the house, and I can get to the woods without being seen.”
“Dunno,” she said.
I knew I had her, and with a little more begging, she might actually let me watch her fucking with dad.
“Let me think about it, OK,” she said.

I figured I was better off not pushing the issue at this point, and let it rest.
Trish’s nap would be over soon, and she would be getting up. So, I left to go out side.
What a day. I couldn’t believe the events. I went from a horny desperate kid with only his own hand as an outlet for sex, to possibly getting to witness my first real fucking.
Dinner couldn’t come too soon for me. Dad usually got home around 5, and dinner was usually right away.
Dad’s pick-up pulled into the drive right after 5:15. He looked rough, and headed to the house. I stayed outside until Shelly called out that dinner was ready.
Shelly was cool to me during dinner, and didn’t say much. Dad even noticed, and asked about it.
“Nothings wrong” she said, when he asked. “Just quiet I guess”.
I wasn’t sure how to read Shelly, so I figured “I grab the bull by the horns,” so to speak.
“Dad, Is it OK if I go to Rick’s tonight after supper?” I asked.
I gave a look to Shelly to see if she was following my lead.
“Chores done?” Dad barked.
“Yep.” I answered.
“Alright then, but not real late.” Came the reply.
“YES,” I thought.
Shelly said nothing, and we finished dinner.
Dad said he was going to take a shower after dinner, which he did sometimes. This would be my chance to hide. Shelly seemed to still be undecided as I helped carry the dirty dishes to the sink.
“Take out the garbage when you leave Greg.” Dad shouted as he headed to the bathroom.
“Shelly?” I looked, Pleading.
“ That’s a good sign he’s horny,” she said.
“What?” I asked
“Shower silly, He always wants to shower first, then fuck,” she said.
Damm, I thought. How many times had this happened, and I was unaware.
Now that I thought about it, I was usually at one of my friend’s houses right after dinner. All this time they had been in his room fucking, and I was out somewhere.
“Please?” I begged.
Shelly hesitated for a moment and then said “Alright; But be careful,”
Finally, the words I had waited for all day.
“I love you, Sis.” I said.
“GO! Take the trash,” she said laughing.

I ran like a crazy person to the garbage pile, and pitched the bag in. I then raced back to the house. Dad was still running the shower as I sneaked past the hall door, and into his room.
The closet in their room was really deep. We didn’t have a basement or cellar. I guess the builders put in extra storage by making the closets real deep. Mom’s end is always piled with every kind of box or crap you could imagine. I scooted way to the back, and slid down behind some tall boxes. I left the sliding closet door open just enough to get a good view of the bed. I pulled some long dresses hanging down in front of me together but left a small gap open.
Shortly, the running water stopped. I figured dad was toweling off. It wasn’t long before he walked into the room. He was wearing only a green towel, wrapped around his waist.
Shelly was still finishing up in the kitchen, and was probably cleaning up Trish.
“Come-on Trishy,” Shelly called, “Time for your playpen.”
So that’s what they did with her I thought. She was getting way to old for it, but I guess it kept her out of the way for a while.
“Shelly?” dad called impatiently. His loud voice startled me.
“Just a minute,” she called back. I heard her head into the bathroom and the water in the sink ran for just a little, and then it stopped.
Dad had stretched out on the bed, and was leaning back against the headboard. The towel still covered his waist. The bed was sideways to the closet. I watched him picking at some gray hairs on his chest. Before to long, Shelly walked in. She stood at the edge of the bed. To my shock she was nude from the waist down. She lifted one knee onto the bed. Her hair was pulled up in a twist. Her body was exquisite. I’d never had guessed her to be so sexy before. She showed absolutely no shame or embarrassment about being half-naked in front of my father.
Up until then, I really didn’t know if I believed her or not about this whole thing. The seriousness of the situation was now beginning to dawn on me. Here was my older sister parading around partially naked, and obviously not kidding about any of this. She was actually going to fuck my father, and do it right in front of me.
For some reason I started trembling almost uncontrollably. I wasn’t necessarily scared or anything like that. I think just the reality of the whole thing was finally beginning to sink in.
Shelly’s legs seemed so long. Of course, I had never seen them all the way up before. She had the kind of young girl shape that left a gap between her legs at the crotch when she walked. Her upper thighs had not begun to fill in yet.
Dad reached for her, but she teasingly turned away, and walked right over to the closet door in front of me. The doors were mirrored, and she stood by my end looking into the glass. With one hand she grabbed the end of the partially open door, pretending to be adjusting it. She slid the door open a little more. She was acting like she was interested in just how her hair should be done up. My sister had just the faintest patch of light brown fuzzy hair covering her pussy area. Dad was getting an eyeful of her backsides.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when dad unwrapped his towel. As he flipped it open, a huge man-size pecker, which was half-hard, flopped out and lay across his one thigh.
Shelly saw this in the mirror and stopped primping. She turned around towards him.
Shelly was still wearing a small, light colored, pullover top. As she turned towards my dad she lifted the shirt up over her head. As she lifted the top it caught on her hair and caused it to unfold and drop over her shoulders. She shook out her hair with a sexy toss of her head. She still had a little white bra on. She reached back and unhooked it.
I couldn’t see her breasts right off, because she had turned away now and was walking over to the bed. This full view of her had certainly brought my dad’s cock up to full size. She tossed her top and bra towards the dresser. She missed. Both landed on the floor next to the bed, but she continued on towards my father.
Dad patted a spot next to him. Shelly leaned over, and without hesitation crawled across the bed on her knees. Leaning down over him she scooped his now stiff prick up with one hand and holding it straight, lowered her mouth right down on to it. She was on all fours, kind of sideways to him with her butt stuck up in the air and aimed right back at me. Her head began moving slowly up and down. She repositioned her legs wide apart deliberately, so that I would bee able to see. Dad reached over and started rubbing her back and neck. After a little bit, his hand moved down reaching for my sister’s butt. His fingertips slid up and down the crack of her ass. Shelly didn’t seem distracted in the least, and kept on bobbing away on him.
Shelly had not been sucking on him too long when she straightened up, and turned around. Now facing me, I got my first, fantastic view of her tits. She was heaven. I’d never dreamed anything could be so erotic. Her breasts were firm and round. They were about the size of a couple tennis balls. Her small nipples had the bright pink color of small cherries. Her smooth young skin was tight and lightly tanned.
Shelly crawled on her knees to the edge of the bed, in as close to a straight line with me as she could. She was now kneeling at the edge of the bed, straight up with her legs apart facing the mirror, and ME. With her hands on her hips, she slid her hands along each side. She then asked dad if he thought she was putting on to much weight?
“Do you think I’ll get fat like mom?” she asked teasing.
Dad laughed, and rolled over. He knelt up and came up behind her. He pushed his dick right through Shelly’s spread legs. It poked out in front of her by several inches. The head of it had a glistening wet shine from Shelly’s own saliva. She gently reached down between her legs, and lifted the huge thing up against her. She fondled with the dick as if it belonged to her.
“What’s it like to pee standing up?” she asked, holding the cock as a guy would, when he pisses. She was playfully aiming it around.
Dad pulled her shoulders back against his chest, causing more of the cock to jut out farther.
“Sometime when I ain’t so hard, I let you do it for me,” he laughed.
I was surprised at the causal conversation they were having during all this. Shelly was acting as if this was the most natural thing in the world.
Shelly let go of the cock, and pressed her hands back on her hips. Dad was nibbling at the side of her neck now, and feeling up her titties. This must have been tickling her because she drew her shoulder against her neck.
Dad’s frame was probably twice as wide as Shelly’s. He almost encircled her body. Shelly was staring into the mirror, watching herself. Finally, Shelly reached around her back and spread her ass cheeks open and closed several times. Dad needed no further encouragement. He sat down behind her. Sticking his leg through her while she still faced me. Shelly seemed to refuse to move except to lift her right leg up off the bed. This allowed dad’s other leg and cock past her. His cock popped out in front of her belly like a steel spring. Dad lay back on his elbows with his feet on the floor pointing at me. Shelly was astride him now. His head was back behind her, and I knew he couldn’t possibly see me this way. I think Shelly was arranging this position just for me.
She lowered herself down sitting across his hips. Her one hand caught his prick holding it upright. She toyed with it some, batting it back against her stomach. She was waving it around a little, maybe testing it for proper stiffness. Finally, after stroking it with her fist a couple of times, she lifted herself up. With her left hand I watched as she spread the lips of her little pussy open. And with just a little fiddling she was able to line the dick head up. With one hand steadying it, she lowered her self slowly down on the cock. I couldn’t believe how easily the darn thing went into her. Or where it all went. Halfway down it must have gotten tight. With just a slight little wiggle from her hips the whole god-damn thing disappeared up inside her. She gave another little wiggle to get it set in and bottomed right out on his hips.
To this day I can still vividly recall that wildly erotic sight. The first time I actually saw her penetrated by that dick. Dad’s balls were all covered with dark hair, and against her young skin, the contrast was truly amazing. She leaned forward just a little, pushing her hands between his knees, spreading them open just a little. She needed to do this so I would be able to watch his prick doing its thing.

I was already about to come in my pants. As I watched, she slowly began to work her hips up and down. The shaft buried inside her, pulled at her pussy when she lifted up.
I remember looking up at her face as she rode that big fat old dick. She was smiling now, and flashed me a wink.
I couldn’t see dad’s face anymore, he had settled down on his back. I could hear him moaning. His hands came up clutching Shelly at the hips as he laid back. He started helping control her rhythm. She leaned forward pressing her hands into his thighs for balance. She was also holding them apart so they wouldn’t block my view. After a dozen or so thrusts, she’d settle down completely, and give that little wiggle again, and then grind herself against his hips. One time she caught my dad by the ball sack, and pulled it up against her pussy, driving his entire cock in, tight against her. I remember wondering how there was room for that much inside her.
She seemed to really be enjoying this. The grin on her face was not just for show. Shelly had total control over dad at this point. Maybe the only time she ever did. He was completely submissive to her, only because of the pleasure she could give him.
Shelly hoisted herself up off the dick again, and it popped out. It was still standing stiff as a flagpole. It was all shinny and wet. She used her fist to give it a couple of quick, hard strokes, then raised back up and stuffed the thing back up inside her. Some time during this I looked down and noticed dad’s legs. His feet were arched upward, only his toes were still touching the floor. His calves and knees were shaking wildly. His whole being was caught up, in an effort to drive his cock as deeply into her as he could. With only his toes for support, he was straining to thrust upward. I remember being so stunned at the reAction he was having.
Dad didn’t last long. After a couple of series of this, he let out with a loud moan and his hips started bouncing Shelly rapidly. She hung on, keeping her balance as he slammed upwards against her.
Dad’s orgasm lasted probably fifteen to twenty seconds before he started to slow down.
Shelly had settled back down, and was doing that little wiggle thing again. She was grinding herself slowly now, and seemed to be trying to milk out the last little jolts out of the old man. His moans were letting us both know that he was really enjoying this.
While she was still doing this, she gave a look in my direction, and mouthed the words; “I told you so!”

Part 2

That summer, watching Shelly and my dad was one of the most defining years of my life. I came to know Shelly in an entirely different way. She and I became even closer by sharing her secret. We sort of became partners. Sharing her experiences with me seemed to be some kind of outlet for her. She didn’t have any real close girlfriends. I guess everybody needs someone with whom they need to share even the most intimate parts of their life with. She probably also wanted someone as a witness just in case things got out of hand with dad.
I was always amazed at how different she acted during the sessions with dad. One minute she was a sweet young girl, and sister. Then with him, she was much bolder and paraded around as his equal often taking control of the goings on.
These memories and events still, to this day fuel my fantasies. I constantly try to remember each detail as it happened, which is partly my reason for writing this all down.

After that first time, Shelly didn’t seem to mind letting me watch. The closet turned out not to be such a good spot to watch from though. One time when they were really going at it, I got excited, and tried to masturbate. My dad heard my noise and started to get out of bed to investigate. Shelly’s quick thinking saved my ass. She was able to distract him by faking an orgasm. She grabbed onto him, and went into some wild convulsions. I guess somewhere during this, he forgot about the noise, and stayed holding on to her.
After that close call, Shelly insisted that I find a different spot.

Our house had a ceiling type attic fan located in the hallway, just outside mom and dad’s room. Access to the attic was through an opening out in the garage. I discovered I had a better view of the bedroom by peeking through one of the slats of the fan grill. As long as the door to their room was left open, I had a great view of the entire bed area. Shelly always managed to leave the door open on the pretext of needing to listen for Trish. This location worked out better anyway, because I could stretch out and not worry so much about any movement being spotted. I’d spread open one of the slats in the grill, and with the attic being so dark, I was completely invisible. I had laid down a square piece of plywood to give me a comfortable spot on which to sit. Getting out of the house was much easier too, since I didn’t have to wait for dad to leave the room.

Shelly had developed into a little bit of a show-off too. She told me once that having me watching made her more comfortable. Maybe it turned her on some knowing she was putting on a show for me. I never could get over just how naturally Shelly took to being undressed and allowing me to watch her do this stuff. She had the demeanor of someone much older and never seemed at all embarrassed about all this. Dad never seemed like he had really forced himself on her. She just kind of took the whole issue in stride and was ok with it. Later on, I could tell she began using it to her advantage. She eventually had Dad wrapped around her little finger. There were usually not too many times she didn’t get her way about things.
I had approached her a couple of times about letting me have a go at her sometime too. But she had some weird idea that this wouldn’t be good for me. She felt I might not go out and find my own girlfriend if I always had her available. Maybe she was right, but anyway she was ok with letting me watch her and dad. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing by nagging her about it.
I had been watching them for maybe two months or so. They usually did it maybe twice a week. At least a dozen times or more I guess I had witnessed. Shelly told me that she had also given dad a couple blowjobs in the truck on the way from town.
We were talking about this stuff once, and she told me of some other events. I was of course, all ears, and wanted any details she would give up. A real shocker was that she was also being shared with someone else.
My dad had a work buddy named Ray. They had been friends since high school. Dad and Ray would always go deer and turkey hunting together. Ray sometimes hung around on weekends. He was divorced, and his wife had the kids. Anyway, Shelly told me that on a couple of occasions Dad had shared her with Ray in “a threesie” she called it.
I was really doubtful, and thought she was just making this up to tease me.
“No-Way, “ I said. “Even dad wouldn’t be involved in something like that.”
She swore that it was true. She said that a couple times, when mom was gone for the weekend that Ray, dad and her had “gotten it on all together”.
Mom had been occasionally spending a Saturday night with Grandma. Grandma lived about 30 miles away, and since Grandpa was gone, mom liked to help out Grandma with her house. She’d usually just stay over night and be back Sunday afternoon. Shelly claimed that this was when it usually occurred. As I remembered, she could be right. I was usually over at Rick’s house on those weekends because I just wanted to stay out of dad’s hair. Since mom always took Trish with her, this would have left the house wide open for them.
Shelly said It started out when Ray would hang around into the evening. Once he’d brought along some porno tapes, and he and dad would sit and watch them. Dad and Ray had been drinking heavily, and dad got to bragging about how sexy Shelly was turning out. Ray was just as drunk, and got to rambling on about not “getting any lately”. One thing led to another, and Shelly said, the next thing she knew, she was sitting “in” with them and watching. Soon enough, dad had pulled out his pecker and asked her to “jack” him while he watched the tapes. Ray got in on this also, and she’d often sit between them stroking their dicks as they both got off. Not to long after that she was doing blow-jobs, and now they were into the full thing
I wasn’t really sure if I believed any of this until about a month later. Mom was planning another weekend at Grandma’s. She had just gotten over some kind of infection, and wasn’t able to care for herself yet. Mom was going to cook and clean for her a bit.
I figured the surest way to find the truth was to play along and be “gone” also. Dad OK’ed me staying overnight at Rick’s. This would give them a free house to do whatever.
That Saturday I was kept busy most of the day cutting grass and trimming the yard. Mom had left just before lunch. Around 4 or so Ray showed up with some problem with his truck engine. I had packed a “overnight” bag for looks, even though I’d planned spending the night in the attic. I made sure to tell Rick to cover for me if dad would ask or call, which he never did anyway.
I pretended to leave around 5:30 and left with my pack. I hadn’t gotten very far when Dad and Ray roared by and honked. This meant they were going to town for parts for the truck. It was likely that they would be stopping at the tavern for a few also. I waived as they drove by. Just as soon as they were out of sight, I doubled back to the house. Shelly was still in the kitchen doing evening dishes.
“They gone?” she asked.
“Yes, It looked like they were headed to the auto parts store.” I said.
“ More likely the bar and video store,” Shelly laughed.

She said that dad had been pawing all over her just before he and Ray had left. He’d come up behind her and groped her ass, saying he hoped she was ready for a little “partying” later.
This was when it really started to hit me that this might just be for real. I had just been going along with Shelly up until now thinking it was just a tease.
“Swear truth,” said Shelly raising one arm “oath style”. She just stood there, dishtowel in hand, grinning at me.
Shelly had been wearing an especially short, tight pair of faded cut-offs, which she knew, had Ray and Dad “eyeballing” all evening.
I was so weak; I wasn’t sure what to make of all this. My sister taking on two grown adult men. I asked her if she was OK with all this? She reached out trying to snap the towel at my butt.
“Better get a good seat for this one,” she laughed. “I’ll be one busy girl tonight.”

I hung around until around 7:00 O’clock before heading outside. The road to our house was long, and any car coming from town had to turn off the main road about a mile away. I sat outside on the porch talking with Shelly until I saw the lights from dad’s truck on the main road. I felt somewhat scared for some reason, and I don’t know why. I leaned over and gave Shelly a shy kiss on the cheek. She smelled so good and clean.
I bolted for the garage, and made my way into the attic above. I had just reached my spot, and was settling in when I heard the truck doors slam out front.
I could tell dad had been drinking by the loudness of his voice. Ray was still with him, and I heard the screen door slam as the two entered the kitchen.
The view of the living room from the ceiling fan wasn’t complete, but I could see most of the couch. I heard Shelly in the living room. I couldn’t see the TV from my spot because it was against the side wall. Dad was still popping beers, and laughing loudly about something that happened at the bar. Shelly must have been over at the TV loading a tape into the VCR. Ray walked right under me going into the bathroom to pis.
Shelly sat down next to dad on the couch, and was fiddling with the remote control. I could hear some cheesy music start playing, and about then Ray flushed the toilet. After Ray walked by, I could see Shelly already sitting real close to dad. Her hands were near his lap. Ray sat down on the other side of her, and patted her leg. It wasn’t long, and I could tell dad was getting aroused. He told to Shelly to remove her top. She leaned forward, and snaked her tight fitting shirt right over her head. Her pure white bra stuck out against her tan skin. Ray had put his hand on her left boob squeezing at it through the bra. She fumbled in the back for the catch. Her bra slackened, and she lifted it over her shoulders. Shelly’s tits poked straight out as she shook out her hair.
“No sag here,” joked dad, as he cupped one breast and lifted it up and down.

Shelly wasted no time digging out their “hard-ons.” Like an expert, she ringed her fingers around each one, and started a slow steady stroking. Dad leaned back, and undid his shirt and belt. Ray was quiet now, not knowing what to watch, Shelly or the TV screen.
After about five minutes or so, dad reached over around the back of Shelly’s head possessively pulling her head to his lap. She let go of her grip on Ray’s dick, and nestled her head against dad’s belly. She started to suck his dick into her mouth, but paused to reposition herself sideways on the couch. Her ass was now angled up on Ray’s lap, and her head rested on dad’s belly. She grabbed dad’s dick again, and took it into her mouth, stretching its length a little as she settled into a steady sucking motion. She held just the tip of his pecker in her lips and began suckling. Her left hand went down and cupped dad’s balls gently and she very slowly massaged them.
Ray’s hands were roaming all over her hips and ass.
As Shelly lay there, Ray lifted her butt onto his lap. His dick was still sticking out of his fly. He started rubbing it back and forth against the tightly stretched material of her shorts. After a couple minutes or so of this, he began reaching in front, trying to undo her. Her snaps were too tight or something. Frustrated, he scooted away, and got up to get in front and get the shorts open. He pulled down her zipper, releasing some of the stretch of the material. Shelly rolled more onto her back to let him have his way. Ray peeled the snug shorts to her knees, and reached back up to remove her white panties. Dad was watching, and seemed to enjoy Ray’s lust. Finally, Ray was able to slide both shorts and underwear from her slender legs.
Without hesitation, asking, or anything Ray just stuck his face right into Shelly’s crotch, and started lapping away her pussy. Shelly was still suckling at Dad’s pecker, and she unashamedly splayed open her legs even more, giving Ray plenty of room to continue.

Ray must have started getting to her, because she stopped sucking on dad, and rolled flat on her back. She had her eyes closed and was biting down on her lower lip. Dad grabbed his own dick, and kept stroking as he watched Ray. The TV was facing away from where I was positioned, so I could not really see anything on the screen, but the flickering screen caused a strobe like effect on the entire room.
Ray had been working on Shelly for quite sometime. She kept shifting her hips to give him a different angle.

Finally dad must have watched enough, and he motioned to Shelly to get up. Shelly stood up in front of the couch. Dad grabbed her around the hips turning her away from him. He spread his knees, and pulled her back trying to get her to sit down on his cock. Shelly was facing down the hallway looking in my direction. I could swear she was looking up to see if she could see me.
With his hands guiding her hips, dad steered her back directly onto his waiting pecker. Shelly reached between her legs spreading herself some to get it started in. Rolling her hips a little, she slowly sank down in his lap.
Ray had gotten up, and was taking off his clothes. He came around in front of Shelly blocking my view. I couldn’t see exactly what Shelly was doing now, but Ray’s butt cheeks started flexing as he stood there. I figured she was manipulatiating his dick somehow, then I saw her hands come around and grab onto his hips. I realized then, that she had him in her mouth, and she was now controlling his jabs. The only part of Shelly I could see were her knees and feet spread out on either side of dad. They went like this for a long time.
After a while dad motioned for her to get up. Ray finally backed away so I could see her again. Shelly was wiping at her mouth. Her lips were all shinny and her face flushed pink. Ray’s dick was jutting out and all red. It was stiffly swinging around as he stepped back away. Dad lifted her up off him, and stood up.
I couldn’t see the TV from where I was at, but I got the impression that they were copying what ever they were seeing on the screen. Ray stood behind Shelly as Dad got up and started undressing. When dad was nude he told Ray to lift her. Ray pulled her back against his chest. He reached around in front of her, grabbing on either side of her crotch, and lifted her about a foot off the floor. Shelly was a thin girl, probably didn’t weigh much over 90 lbs. Rays grip on her caused her legs to spread, which is what dad had probably intended.
Shelly and Ray were sideways to me in front of the couch. Dad grabbed his dick, and squatted a little as he approached Shelly. He hunted for just a couple seconds before finding her hole. He guided his dick in, and grabbed her by the thighs himself. Dad gave an upward thrust, burying his pecker up inside of her. Dad then held onto her as Ray backed up just enough to bring his dick up to nestle in the crack of her ass.
Dad and Ray kept looking over to the TV screen, and I was certain they were acting out what they were watching.

I didn’t think Ray was really going to try to shove it in to her or anything, in fact Shelly told me later that dad wasn’t real keen on letting Ray pork her just yet. Maybe he was worried about Ray getting her pregnant or something. Anyway, Ray seemed more than happy, just rubbing against her butt like this.
Dad and Ray went at Shelly for quite a while like this. With both of them pushing their hips against her, Shelly’s legs dangled loosely as she hung between these two grown men. They had no trouble holding her up “sandwiched” between them like this. Shelly just seemed OK to just hang there, and go along for the ride. I noticed the smile Shelly had across her face. I don’t think it was so much the “sex part” she was enjoying but, more the fact that she had both of these men slobbering over her like a couple of horny dogs.
Soon, enough though dad let out a low moan, and started shaking her wildly. He was pumping his sperm into her. Shelly was still clutching her arms around Dad’s neck for support. She didn’t seem bothered in the least. She rested her head on his shoulder as he filled her up. Her head rocked sharply as dad’s thrusts continued to toss her around. Soon enough he was done. He lowered her down on to the couch, and stepped aside. Dad kind of fell back on the armrest of the couch catching his breath. His dick was shriveling, and shinny wet.
Ray now stepped up in front of Shelly. She was sitting on the couch right next to dad. Her legs were splayed open in a lewd fashion. I could see some of dad’s cum oozing out around her pussy. Ray got right in front of her and began jacking his prick at her. I couldn’t see anything as Ray was in front of her but almost instantly his butt muscles began to tighten, and his legs began wobbling uncontrollably. He groaned and roared as he started spraying Shelly with his load. Shelly didn’t seem to flinch or even try to shield herself from this. Finally finished, Ray stumbled back, and plopped down on the couch next to Shelly.
Shelly’s chest and stomach were covered in stripes of cum. She lay there watching it dribble down her stomach. She wasn’t repulsed or anything with the semen.
In fact she was acting as if the stuff was some kind of lotion. She began rubbing it in where ever it had landed. She put her hand out, and caught some bigger globs running down off her boobs. Shelly began playing with the stringy sperm. She even scooped a glob off her breast and lifted it to a position over her mouth. She twisted her finger until a long strand of cum dangled from it. She moved her finger over her mouth, and let the strand hang down to touch her lips. She began laughing, and started shaking as she tried to hold it still. Dad, Ray and “I”, watched intently as she stuck out her tongue and caught the strand. Dipping her hand a little, the cum dripped down in the middle of her tongue. She slowly drew it back into her mouth. She eyed both of the men as she did this. Then with a sharp movement in her throat, I could tell she had swallowed it. She then took the rest of the sperm, and traced it around her lips with a finger, like she was putting on lipstick. She then puckered her lips, and laughing, tried to get one of them to kiss her on the mouth. Both dad and Ray pushed her away laughing uproariously.

Shelly had completely amazed me. Like I said before, I never saw her as the same person again. I’ve always kept her little secret until now. It just seems to be there always, you know. Even today when I visit her I still see that mischievous, sly little
“I told you so” grin.

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Shelly’s Secret (True Incest Story)

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