Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

John had hoped to get her drunk enough to take advantage of her but she had stopped after about four drinks and had ruined his plan.At least she was allowing

him to take her to her hotel.He would make a try there in his car. Little did he know that he was being watched by Jack.

Jack was in the club watching all this. His mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of Shriya all evening and was totally surprised when he saw her in the

club dancing with that shit-for-brains John.He had Actually come to the club to look for a woman to fuck but forgot all about that when he spied Shriya. Actually,

he was going to fuck, Shriya!! if John acted the way Jack thought he would. John would take her to her hotel and try to maul her in the parking lot, the dumb-fuck.

Instead of just keeping on driving someplace in the woods where he could just take the pussy. The stupid slob probably gave her his real name too. Well it still

could work out to his advantage.

John drove Shriya to her hotel while Jack followed. John stopped the car and started talking to Shriya. Jack was parked close by with his video camera running.

He saw John grab Shriya and kiss her while grabbing her tits. John was strong and Shriya was having a hard time breaking away from him.Then dumb ass got

frustrated and cold cocked Shriya.She melted against the door as John started running his hands up her dress feeling her legs, cunt, and ass.

“John”! ” You are one dumb fuck” said Jack as the startled John looked around to see Jack with his camcorder aimed at him. “This is going to cost you, you fucking

maggot”! “Now get her inside or would you rather sit out here and get tagged for rape”?

When they got her inside the room Shriya was still out like a light. “Jaldi kar nanga kar jaldi se isey” said Jack. John got the message and quickly removed

Shriya’s clothes. Once naked, Jack said,”now you do the same so I can get some compromising tape”. John did as told and climbed on the bed with Shriya. Then he

pulled her head between his legs and said”How’s this”? “Great” “Now put your cock in her mouth and make it look real”. By now John had a rock hard on anyway

and easily slipped his 7 plus inch cock down Shriya’s throat,and by moving her head up and down and having positioned her on her stomach, it appeared as if

she was a willing slut. After a few seconds of filming Jack said,”Now get in a 69 position”. John quickly rotated his head toward the foot of the bed and

repositioned Shriya so that she had one knee on each side of John head with her cunt in his face while her head was between his legs.Then Jack smiled.

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Shriya Saran attempt to bigger fame

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