Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 1

Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 1

Shruti broke the kiss and asked “Do you still love me?”

Me – Yes Shruti. I love you no matter what

Shruti – I saw that you had leaked while he was doing me

Me – Yes. I am sorry for that

Shruti – Don’t ask sorry. You love me for what I am, right?

Me – Yes Shruti. Promise..

Shruti – Then, will you marry me?

I had butterflies flying in my stomach. The answer just slipped out of my tongue..”YES”

Chapter 10:

We dressed up after that. Shruti had difficulties walking properly after that ass fuck. She took pills given by Ram. He dropped us in his car back at mayajaal. She slept on my lap at the back of the car. He dropped us and left without even speaking a word. We didn’t hear from him after that. We went to a restaurant. She used the rest room to clean and dry her skirt. She was still feeling the pain in her ass. We were having dinner.

Me – Did you really mean it?

Shruti – Mean what?

Me – Asking me to marry you?

Shruti – I don’t joke around in these things. If I say something I mean it

Me – Nice. Can we speak to our parents about this?

Shruti – Sure. My parents won’t like it definitely. But they can’t go against my wish.

Me – I can convince my parents somehow

Shruti – So I end up being with a cuckold husband

I spilled the food from my mouth and started coughing

Shruti – I know that. I had my doubts before. I just confirmed it today

Me – Apparently you like that too

Shruti – Ha ha. These things are ok to have as fantasies. Within we two of us, we can enjoy as much as possible with such fantasies. But we should not let anyone else know

Me – Not a problem for me. You should be the one to take efforts for that and stay away from guys like Pandian

Shruti – Yes. That is true. It will be even more difficult now especially after knowing that my husband is a cuckold. There is absolutely no strong reason that could hold me from seducing other men

Me – We should first find an individual house instead of apartment. It will be difficult to keep you under control in an apartment atmosphere

Shruti – Wow.. What an understanding husband I have got?

She smiled with her face which was totally tired. I dropped her at her house. Things happened pretty fast after that. We informed our parents. After so many hurdles and obstacles, we fixed our marriage date. We went out and had sex often before marriage. But all sessions followed the same template of licking for a long time and fucking for a short time. Only change was that I was able to lick deeper into her ass now and she seemed to enjoy it lot more. That meant I had to lick her asshole much longer than usual.

We informed our team in our whatsapp group. Everyone including Pandian replied saying that they are happy for us. Not sure how many people actually meant it. Now that we are going to be husband and wife anyway, they asked us to join the team to have lunch. So, we six of us started having lunch together from that day and we got on well as friends. They teased us for hiding our love from them even though they knew that we were in a relationship.

Then our marriage happened. We went to Goa for honeymoon. I bought her many mini skirts for the trip. I knew she loved them but didn’t get a chance to wear them in Chennai. In Goa, she was free to wear them all. We took many photos and kept them to ourselves. She sent some of the marriage and honeymoon pics in our team whatsapp group. The honeymoon pics had her wearing mini skirts showing her legs and thighs.

I was in bed when she sent those messages. I looked at her and told “Right now, all the guys in the group would be shagging seeing those pictures”

Shruti – Oh really? Then I will send more pictures

Me – Stop that now

Shruti – Just kidding. Shall I ask you something?

Me – What?

Shruti – Will Pandian also shag seeing these pictures?

Me – Aaaah.. Here we go. Don’t start that again

Shruti – Just curious pa..

Me – No.. He hates you still. Let it be that way

Shruti – You jealous pig. You let me watch my ex boyfriend fuck the shit out of me and cummed seeing that. But you won’t let me tease this one guy

Me(blushing) – That is different

Shruti – Ha ha.. Accept it. You are a cuckold. If somehow, Pandian ends up fucking me, you will only enjoy it

Me – No. Anyone but him. Let us drop that topic now.

Shruti – Come on. You are seeing Aarthi with lust. Did I show any concern?

Me – What are you talking about?

Shruti – Don’t act. You son of a bitch. I know you steal glances at her now and then

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Me – Ha ha. I should be careful next time

Shruti – Don’t worry. I am not jealous like you.

Me – Come on. I have the ability to control myself. Not like you.

Shruti – Hmmm.. Ok. You got me there. Too bad to know that Pandian still hates me

Me – But Bharath will be surely shagging for you now

Shruti – Ha ha. He is quite a funny guy. I didn’t know he had so much lust over me

Me – He has

As soon as I told that Bharath replied to the group with a smiley. We had a good laugh seeing that and started our daily fuck session.

Chapter 11:

Life was fun for many days. We really got on well with our team. Though Bharath and Pandian were talking to us, they were not so close. But Santhosh and Aarthi were really close with us. The fact that they were also married meant we had so much in common to discuss about. We were talking openly about sex also. They were a lovable couple. There was so much love between them just like between us. One friday evening, everyone left the office. We were having a discussion with them at Santosh’s place.

Santosh – Do you have plans for weekends?

Me – No dude. Maybe watch a movie and go to beach. Nothing much of a plan right now. What about you?

Santosh – We usually play poker with some people every saturday night. Other than that, we might watch movies too

Shruti – Wow. With whom? We also love to play. Can we join?

Me – Yes bro.. Can we join?

Aarthi (smiling) – Ha ha. That is not for fun. We play with money. Lot of money involved

Shruti – Oh.. How much?

Santosh – We bet around 1 Lakh rupees

Shruti – Yes. That is a small amount for you people. You guys are rich. But big amount for us

Santosh – It is up to you. If you decide to join us, let us know

Aarthi – No dear.. That won’t be right

Aarthi felt a bit nervous. She then stopped the conversation abruptly and they left. That evening we reached home and had sex. We were lying nude on the bed when she started talking about it:

Shruti – Dear hubby. Shall I ask you something?

Me – Wow.. Kind words from my bitchy wife. What is it?

Shruti – Shall we go to play poker with them?

Me – It is 1 lakh dear. Not a small amount

Shruti – Yes. But I have 1 Lakh in my account saved from two years of work. I want to give it a shot

Me – Ok. It is your money. Your wish dear. Have I ever spoken against you?

Shruti – Thank you dear. We should play it together. You play the cards. I will give you ideas by sitting with you.

Me – One condition though.

Shruti – What?

Me – Some people get addicted to it. If you feel like we are losing money, we should get out of it immediately

Shruti – You are such a pussy. Why are you so afraid? I am not an idiot to lose all money to it

Me – I hope so

The next day I called Santosh and told that we are willing to come. He was hesitant initially. He told he will call us back. After one hour, he called us and asked us to meet them in a coffee day that evening. Shruti chose to wear a kurta and jean that day. Aarthi came there wearing her usual salwar kameez. We bought a coffee, some snacks and sat together. Santosh started the conversation

Santosh – Good to hear that you want to join us. But before taking you there, I want to make some ground rules clear

Shruti – What is that?

Santosh – There are totally 4 people playing there including me. The other 3 are big shots. They are old people. One guy is Babu aged 50 years, one guy Rajni aged 62 years and another guy is Vikram age 65 years.

Me – They are so old

Santosh – Yes. But they are all businessmen with huge political background. So don’t mess with them

Me- Why are we going to mess with them?

Santosh – Just saying. For one thing, you have to give the money upfront. They are people with good ethics. So you don’t have to worry about getting cheated

Shruti – Sounds like interesting people.. ha ha..

Santosh – Yes. But they are very serious in this. It may be fun for you. They take gambling seriously

Me – I get that

Santosh – They have their bodyguards there. You should be careful about what you do

Shruti – Got it.. Shall we just go there? I am feeling more interested in it now

We followed his car to a big house. There were 3 bodyguards at the door who frisked us for weapons. We went inside. The three men were sitting around a table having drinks. They introduced themselves. They all were very old but looked like decent people. They were wearing formal wear.

Santosh introduced us to all of them. They talked like thorough professionals and they were very friendly. They had us seated and we started playing. The game was going on well. Shruti sat on a chair behind me and Aarthi sat behind Santosh. Everyone was cracking jokes. Most of the time, Santosh was the butt of all jokes. They were saying he is so bad in Poker and lost lots of money. Santosh didn’t seem to like all those jokes. But he was still playing. We had a pretty normal session that day. We didn’t win much. But we also didn’t lose much.

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We liked the environment there. We had booze and all there for free. So we became regular visitors there and became friendly with them. After some weeks we started to win a lot. We used many strategies and we made another 1 lakh rupees there. Meanwhile Santosh kept losing.

One day, We won a lot of money. The 3 old men didn’t lose much. But Santosh lost all the money he brought. He was totally frustrated. Babu was making fun of him “This guy will not win even if he plays with his wife as bet”. Rajni and Vikram laughed out loudly for a long time. I didn’t know how to react. Santosh was red faced. He told “Ok. I bet my wife”. Everyone was surprised

Aarthi – What are you doing?

Santosh – Do you trust me?

Aarthi – How can I? You have been losing continuously.

Santosh – Is it ok if these guys make fun of your husband like that? Won’t you be supportive to me

Aarthi – But this is outrageous. I am not an object to be bet on

Rajni – See guys. Even his wife doesn’t trust him. He is bad in just poker? Or also on bed?

This comment was too much for them to handle

Aarthi – Don’t talk a single word bad about him. I trust him. I will do anything for him. Do it Santosh. I will be on your side

Then the game started. It was a close game. Rajni, Babu and vikram folded earlier. It was a face off between me and santosh. After a thrilling contest, I won. I jumped and danced. Santosh looked at me and said “You are not going to ask my wife. Are you?”

Me – Come on. A bet is a bet. You lost. Your wife is mine now

Babu – Yes. We won’t let anyone cheat under our roof. Time is 6 PM now. Let Shruti play for Dilip. We can continue our game while Dilip can enjoy with your wife till we finish the games at 10 PM. You can choose to watch our game or his game. Ha ha ha..

I looked at Shruti . She winked at me and smiled.

Rajni – Your wife gave a green signal. What are you waiting for? Take her to that bedroom. Enjoy till you can

I lifted her in my hands and went to the bedroom which was very luxurious. I threw her on the bed. She tried to run away.

Aarthi – Don’t you feel ashamed to try to fuck your friend’s wife

Me – That doesn’t matter. I have had my eyes on you for a long time. Now I got chance to fuck you. Just shut up and get what I give

Aarthi – Remember. I am not enjoying this by any means.. You will feel like you are fucking a doll

I went down on her. Pulled her salwar knot and removed her salwar. She was wearing a old fashioned underwear. Her legs were slim but very white and creamy. I pulled her panties down. She was lying on the bed like a statue without movement. She was just looking up on the ceiling. I then made her to sit up and removed her tops and bra. She just sat there motionless. But her body was too hot for me to concentrate on her expressions. She had boobs bit smaller than Shruti but they were very firm. Not fleshy and hanging like those of Shruti. She had flat abs. Her structure was almost similar to actress Shriya. I licked her and bit her madly. I bit everywhere. Except an occasional painful moan, she stayed silent.

I decided to excite her by licking. I moved down, stretched her legs apart. Her cunt was not shaved. There was a small bush. I put my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. I also put my tongue inside and licked her for a long long time. She just lay there like a stone. I got pissed off. There I was doing, everything possible to get her excited about it. She was insulting me by not responding to anything. I decided to take revenge. I carried her on my shoulders, and opened the bedroom door and went to the place where they were playing. Everyone was stunned to see me carrying Aarthi totally nude there. I just put her on the table where they were playing. Aarthi tried to run away. But I held her on to the table. Shruti helped me hold her. Santosh was in a savage mood. He raised to beat me up. But the bodyguards ran in and tied him to a chair.

Now I could concentrate on Aarthi without any disturbance. I pinned her to the table and finger fucked her pussy non- stop. She was moaning hard. I wanted to emulate what Ram did to Shruti. I wanted her to beg me to fuck her. But she was too resilient for me. I tried licking her everywhere and teasing her. Though she was excited and was moaning. She never asked me to fuck her. She just kept silent. This was irritating me. I tried every trick I had for almost an hour. She held resistance. I even licked her ass. Everyone around me was surprised except Shruti. She knew I was trying to do what Ram did to her. She knew I never felt bad about licking ass. But all this with no effect. I asked Aarthi “Do you want to fuck me?” She just stayed silent. Eventually I had to give up and fuck her without waiting for her to ask me to. I tried to be as rough as possible. I jumped on her on the table, pulled down my pants, stretched her legs apart and fucked her with all the energy I had. For every push, she was moving some inches backwards on the table. Such was my madness on her.

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Shruti took out her mobile phone to take pictures of this. But Rajni immediately took the phone from her. He told what happens here should not go out.

I didn’t mind any of that and kept fucking Aarthi roughly. We moved and moved and moved and eventually we rolled down from the table and fell down. She was trying to run away from me. But I held her legs, pulled her towards me and fucked her raw in her pussy. Santosh was shouting “You mad bastard. Don’t you know to handle women? Stop this immediately”

His words made me even more mad. I pulled her hair, lifted her head up and spit on her face while fucking her roughly and eventually I came in her pussy while she was crying hard “Noooooo.. Not inside…” After that, I wore my pants. Shruti asked Rajni “Am I allowed to have a go at her? Is it allowed within the rules?”

Rajni – Of course, you and your husband are a team. You have another hour to use her. Do whatever you want.

Shruti held Aarthi’s hair with her hands and dragged her on the floor towards the bedroom and locked the door. I had no clue what she had in mind. She opened the door after half an hour, borrowed my belt and went in. She came out after another half an hour and told we can leave. The guards untied Santosh. He went inside the bedroom and brought Aarthi. She was unable to walk properly. She was sobbing non stop. We thought it was the right time to leave. We bid them goodbye and left. On the way home I asked her what she did. She told “As usual, I made her lick my body for half an hour. After that, I had spanked her ass with your belt. I asked if she had anal sex before. She said no. I broke her anal virginity”

Me – With what?

Shruti – Just fingers. She overreacted for that. But I managed to put in all my 5 fingers into her eventually.

Me – Would that have been more painful than when Ram fucked your ass?

Shruti – Quite possible. With Ram, I accepted my fate and tried my best to accommodate his cock in my ass. But Aarthi was trying to resist it. That is a bad thing when it comes to anal sex.

Me – Oh. They must be having so much of rage on us now.

Shruti – Yup. Don’t know how we are going to face them in office again

Me – Yeah. If they know how we managed to defeat him all the time, they will definitely kill us

Shruti – Ha ha. We are doing this for a long time. I don’t think we will ever get caught

Chapter 12

Unlike what we thought, things did not go too bad. We were surprised to find that Santosh and Aarthi became friends with us again and started talking normally so soon. We still continued to use a cheating method to win money now and then and lose occasionally so that they were not suspicious about us.

It was just another Saturday. Just another game of poker. We were playing a game. Shruti who was sitting next to me went to have some water and then came back to her seat. She was wearing her favorite t-shirt and full-skirt. Vikram who was playing cards gave some sort of a signal to the guards. They immediately locked the doors. Rajni got up from the place and went near a flower vase that was kept behind him and Santosh. He took out something small from near the vase. He threw it on the table, stared at us and asked “Can you people explain this?”

Me – I don’t get it. What is this?

Santosh – Don’t act mother-fucker. We know what you two have been doing here

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Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 1

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