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Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 2

Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 2

Shruti (with her hands on her cheeks) – Is that really my husband talking?

Me – Yes dear. As long as you love me, you are free to do anything you want

Shruti – Ha ha.. Don’t worry dear. We have anyway decided to try for a baby. I don’t want to bring Pandian into this and complicate things

Me – Wow.. Is this my wife talking?

She punched me on my shoulders

Shruti – Yes. Let us plan for a baby dear. My fertility window starts next week. We will reach a deal with our team saying that I won’t be available for them during the fertility window every month. Other weeks, we can spend it as usual. Once I get pregnant, we can put an end to this completely

Me – That sounds like a good plan. We will talk to the team about this tomorrow.

Shruti – Wow.. I won’t be having sex for around a year then. Looks scary to me

Me – Oh. You want to get back to your old ways after child birth?

Shruti – Of course. I will wait till my pregnancy scars heal. Once it is done and I am safe to have sex with men, you can count on me to start all over again. Maybe get Pandian fuck me. ha ha

Me – You will never give up on him. Will you?

Shruti – Ha ha.. I have heard that women’s sexual libido increases after child birth. It is better we do a vasectomy operation along with child birth.

Me – Whatever you wish dear

We reached home and slept till Sunday evening. We were way too tired to cook food. We ordered food for door delivery and had them. Monday morning, we went to the office. Bharath gave a friendly smile. We had decided to keep the involvement of his friends to ourselves and Bharath accepted. That day at lunch, I started the topic

Me – Guys. I have something to tell

Aarthi – What is it?

Shruti – We decided to have baby together

Santosh – That is a really great news. Happy for you two. Even Aarthi and I have already started trying for baby

Me – Yes. I know it will take some time. But meanwhile, we need some cooperation in this from you

Santosh – What? You want us to be the sperm donors..

Every one laughed

Me – No. I want the child to be mine. Shruti’s fertility window is next week. She won’t be available for you guys during that time. Every month, I want you to leave her with me during the fertility window alone. It may take 2 or 3 months to successfully get her conceived. Till then, you may have to give her up during the fertility window weeks. You can have her during the other weeks. But after pregnancy, I feel she should stop doing all these. It is bad for her health

Santosh – Yes.. I perfectly understand. We have had enough taste of her. But if Aarthi also gets pregnant at the same time, it might get difficult for me to control. But that is the right thing to do

Aarthi – Yes. He might have to go to prostitutes. He is an uncontrollable idiot

Me – Ha ha. Thanks Santosh

Aarthi – Happy for you two.. Never thought I will be telling that to you people. We have suddenly started loving you as a couple

Bharath – Nice.. Will I get double shift per week during non-fertility period for compensation

Shruti – Whatever you wish, child. Anyway you won’t last more than a minute

Pandian – Can a slut like you stop this all of a sudden?

Shruti – That is none of your business. I will do everything I can to control myself

Pandian – Nice work, bitch

Santosh – Stop it Pandian

Pandian – You shut up. This bitch has acted like she had been blackmailed by you guys and forced into doing this. She has planned things well and had you people fuck her as she always wanted. Now she is putting an end to this as she always wanted. She just used you people. Don’t think she sees you as a friend. She has always used people for her personal needs. She has done that well

Shruti – I have done everything they have asked for. Don’t speak like this just because you didn’t have a chance to do it with me you jealous pig. If you want, come and take me tonight. Don’t talk bad things about our friendship

Pandian – I don’t want to fuck you. Don’t try to seduce me into this.

Shruti – Then what do you want?

Pandian – Will you do anything for your friends?

Shruti – Yes I will

Pandian – Will you sleep with our manager Vivek?

Shruti – What? Why would I do it?

Pandian – For the team. They are your friends right?

Shruti – Why does the team want me to sleep with him?

Pandian – Because, he may give bad reviews about our team in the performance review next week. That would mean, none of us will get proper salary increment

Shruti – That is not the case. He usually gives good reviews for me

Pandian – That is the point. You and Dilip always get good reviews. But not us. If you are really not selfish and you want to help us, you will sleep with him.

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Shruti – Don’t talk yourselves for the rest of the team. They may not want it

Pandian – Actually, they do. We had a discussion about this and had a plan in place.

Shruti – Who do you mean by we?

Santosh – Stop this Pandian

Pandian – It was I, Santosh and Aarthi. We had a plan and thought of asking you to do this. Now that you told your child birth plans, they backed away.

Shruti – What exactly is the plan?

Pandian – The plan is to make you seduce him, have him try his hands on you and blackmail him with that video and force him to give everyone proper hike. You don’t even need to have sex with him. We can project it as a rape attempt. That will force him to fight for more budget to his higher authorities

Shruti – Is this true Aarthi?

Aarthi – Yes it is. But you don’t have to do it. You are planning for a childbirth

Shruti – Don’t worry about that. This is just a one day thing. We can do it during a non-fertile period. Above all, I need to just seduce him. I don’t even need to have sex with him.

Aarthi – Yes. It would be disgusting to have sex with such a guy

(Vivek is a short fat and black guy with a bald head. His age is 35. He is definitely not the kind of guy women would want to sleep with)

Shruti – Nothing is disgusting for me when it comes to sex and you know that. I am totally fine with this

Santosh – Are you sure?

Shruti – Anything for you guys. Just plan it within this week. My fertility window starts next monday. Pandian.. Does that answer your doubts on my friendship with you people? At least now, start saying bad things about me

Pandian just bowed his head in shame and didn’t reply

We had an awkward silence for the rest of the lunch time

At home, I asked Shruti if she was alright

Shruti – Yes, I am dear. Are you angry with me for agreeing to do it?

Me – No dear. What you did was correct? Establishing a strong friendship is the foundation for us to get out of this. Looks like you somehow managed to get Pandian eat his own words

Shruti – Yes. Hopefully he stops hating me now

Me – Ha ha.. Are you trying anything with him?

Shruti – No dear. Why would I do that against your wish? There is a reason why we need Pandian to our side. He also has my nude pictures and videos. He could use it to blackmail me for anything. It wont be long before he realizes that he has an upper hand over me. Before that, we should get him to our side and make friends with him.

Me – You are cunning and clever

Shruti – Yes I am

That is when we got a message in our Whatsapp group

Santosh – How about planning for a team outing this Friday? Vivek told he had budget for this quarter’s outing

Bharath – Yes. I am in.

Shruti – Is that when you are planning for the seduction thing?

Santosh – Yes.

Shruti – Ok. Can you tell the detailed plan?

Santosh – We are going to book a beach resort. We will have lunch, play volleyball for sometime in the beach. Then we will be going to the swimming pool in the evening. That is where you need to start your seduction. Our plan is to stay there overnight. In the evening we will have drinks. As everyone will be drunk, we are booking rooms to stay at night. In the drinks, we are planning to mix viagra tablets for Vivek. If you could seduce him properly, the tablets will definitely make him horny and he will lose control. We will place cameras in his room. Once his rape attempt is recorded, we can come and save you. We can use it to blackmail him.

Shruti – Wow. How do you guys come up with such plans?

Santosh – Thanks for the compliment. One more thing. Dilip should not come that day. If he is there, Vivek will not take any step towards you

Me – Sounds fair. I will say that I am not feeling well that day

Shruti – If this goes well, will Mr. Pandian accept me as a friend?

Pandian – I already have accepted you as a friend. Sorry for everything I said before

Chapter 21

The day finally arrived. I sent a mail to the team and manager from home saying that I am not coming as I had to go to my hometown. Shruti was dressed to kill that day. This is the first time she was wearing the mini-skirt in Chennai. She had gone to beauty parlor the previous day to wax her legs cleanly. She had bought a pair of high heels too. She wore the high heeled footwear and stood in front of me. Her sexy legs looked even hotter. Especially her calves. They were accentuated with the high heels. Her smooth knees and thighs looked just perfect with the mini-skirt. She wore sleeveless tops which showed her smooth arms and armpits. She wore a handbag, She told them that she would come to the resort directly. She didn’t want anyone from office see her in this dress.

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She drove the car herself and left. I had some chores to do. I went out to do that and returned back at night. I felt restless. I called Shruti at around 11 PM to ask if things went fine. She didn’t pick up the call. I tried the number of other people. No one picked up. I thought they all fell asleep. After watching a movie for sometime, I also fell asleep

The next morning, I woke up hearing the bell sound. I opened the door to see Shruti in a completely messed up state. She was not injured. Her hair was dis-shelved. Her face looked so drowsy. She was too tired to walk. She just went to our bedroom and collapsed on the bed. There was a message from Santosh in our group “Sorry Shruti and Dilip. We didn’t expect it to go that way. Hope you didn’t mind :)”

I had no idea about what happened. I called him and asked. He narrated everything

Santosh’s narration ————————

Nothing too bad dude. I think Shruti wont mind this. She should be tired by now. Things didn’t go exactly as per plan. But we got what we wanted. I will explain it to you in a way you will enjoy it

We reached the resort for lunch. Shruti was already there. She was definitely dressed for the occasion. That was good choice of dress. We saw that Vivek kept looking at her legs and thighs. The was a good start. Then we had lunch. Shruti was doing all minor things to get the attention of Vivek. She took the food and sat on a chair in front of Vivek with one leg over the other leg. That accentuated the beauty of her legs and the skirt moved up to show even more. Vivek was already feeling so horny. We could tell it from his face.

Then we played volleyball for sometime. Shruti, Vivek and Pandian were in same team. Others were in different team. Do I need to explain how she looked while playing volleyball? That was when he started making the first move. She patted on her ass whenever she played well. She jumped up high now and then showing a part of her ass. Vivek was finding it hard to control already. It was time to go swimming

That was where your wife made jaws drop. We all jumped into the pool with shorts. Aarthi was wearing knee length shorts and t shirt. Your wife came there in a fucking bikini.

Dilip – What? Bikini? I didn’t even know she had bikini

Santosh continued… She had bikini. I don’t know anything about when she bought it. Luckily it was a private pool allocated for us. If not, we would have had a tough time keeping other men away from us. She came out of the changing room in a bikini. Her ass shook for every step she took. Even Aarthi couldn’t control herself seeing Shruti like that. The bikini panties barely covered her ass. It was just a triangle covering her pussy and a thing line that had gone hiding in her ass crack. She looked almost nude. Her bra just covered her nipples. They looked like mangoes. That was when I realized that her boobs have gained size recently. They also bounced as she walked and jumped into the water. We were swimming both sides. We gathered in the form of circle in the swimming pool and started talking. I wanted to break the ice

Me – What happened Shruti? You look like a whole different person today

Shruti – Ha ha. This is the real me.

Me – Where was the real you hiding all these days? Afraid of your husband?

Shruti – Yes you are right. He doesn’t like me wearing such dresses

Bharath – What a shame? You look so hot in this dress

Shruti – Thanks for the compliment Bharath. We better don’t take photos here. I don’t want Dilip to know any of this

Pandian – Ha ha. But it would be nice if you could let us take one photo of you so that we can use it later. We won’t show it to anyone

Shruti – Sure Pandian.. Anything for you, naughty fellow

We all went outside the pool. We took our mobiles from our bags. Shruti posed for us like a model. We all took one picture of her. Vivek looked totally lost in the swimming pool. He told he can’t take pictures as his wife checks his phone often.

After the photo session we jumped into the swimming pool. We had a swimming contest. We decided to race from one end of the pool to the other end and then come back. To make it interesting, we decided to play just two people per round and see who wins. We challenged each other. First I challenged Bharath and won. Then Aarthi challenged Vivek and defeated him. Then Shruti challenged Pandian. When they reached one end of the pool, Shruti was ahead of Pandian. While returning, he was close to Shruti. That was when he put his hands on her panties and pulled them. We all started laughing. Shruti tried to escape his hold in the pool. But Pandian managed to pull of her panties totally. Shruti was in the pool with just a bikini bra on.

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Vivek asked Aarthi “What is happening here? Won’t she get angry for these things?”

Aarthi – She is pretty much like this whenever Dilip is not around

Vivek – Oh.. I knew she is a open minded person. I didn’t know she lets guys go to this extent

Aarthi – It is not like she has sex with others. But she lets people play with her now and then. Guys used to press her body parts often in office when Dilip is not nearby.

Vivek – I didn’t know that

Aarthi – But be careful. This is all she lets them do. Just touch her. Don’t think you could get her to bed

Shruti was chasing Pandian asking for her panties. He threw the panties to me. I caught and threw them to Vivek. Vivek was nervous at first. But then he threw them to Bharath. She came near Bharath. Just when she was close enough, he threw them to Pandian. Shruti turned towards Pandian and went to get it. But Bharath held her bra knot from behind and pulled them away. Shruti realized it only after she lost her bra. She hid her boobs with her hands.

Me – What are you hiding Shruti? All that bra was hiding was your nipples. Everything else was in open only. What makes you feel shy suddenly?

Shruti acted like she was genuinely angry now.

Shruti – Shut up and give back my dress. Don’t try to take advantage of me. Just because I am wearing glamorous dresses doesn’t mean you can do things like this

Me – Don’t feel shy dear. We will remove your shyness.

Bharath and Pandian threw her panties and bra far from the pool. She shouted at us “You bastards. This is it. You crossed the limits. Get my dress or I will complain about you”

Bharath – We don’t mind Shruti. If you want you go and take it

Shruti – How can I go out nude? Now go and get the inners. Or things will get bad.

Pandian – Guys.. She is feeling shy to go out nude. Let us help her lose her shyness

Shruti looked at Vivek and told – Vivek. Do something. You are the manager. These guys are crossing the limit

Vivek just looked there lost not knowing what to do. I, Bharath and Pandian went near her, lifted her up on our shoulders. I was holding her shoulders. Bharath was in the middle of us with her ass on his sholders. Pandian had her legs on his shoulders. Shruti was completely nude out in the open. We marched around the swimming pool holding her like that. Then we carried her out of the swimming pool like that. There was a two feet high kids swimming pool nearby, we threw her into the pool and went back to our swimming pool. She got up from the kids swimming pool hiding her boobs with her hands, ran towards her dresses, took them and then ran fast to the dressing room. She then walked away angrily wearing the mini skirt she was wearing earlier.

We had a good swim and gathered in the evening for dinner and drinks. We knew what Vivek usually drinks and mixed the tablets in it. Shruti was in her room. We had a conversation with Vivek.

Vivek – Where is Shruti?

Santosh – I saw her in her room

Pandian – I think we should apologize. We took her liberty for granted

Bharath – Yes. She is genuinely pissed off.

Vivek – Come on guys. What you did there was wrong. Just go and apologize

We acted like we went to apologize. Then we returned back and told him that she is still mad at us. Vivek told he will convince her. Vivek went there. That was the last we saw them. The camera was fit inside the room. We had wireless transmission to see what was happening there. We went to the room to see what was happening. We knew that the effect of the tablets would have started now. We were intently watching the camera. Vivek went inside. Shruti was sitting on the bed with her hands on her cheeks. He sat near her trying to console her

We could barely hear the conversation properly. Then he put his hands on her thighs suddenly. She got up and shouted at him. We could hear them properly now as they were louder

Shruti – What are you doing?

Vivek – I heard from Aarthi that you don’t mind these things.

Shruti – What? Don’t lie. Are you drunk. I don’t mind wearing glamorous dresses. But that doesn’t mean I let guys touch me like that

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Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 2

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