Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 3

Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 3

As soon as we reached home, Shruti crashed into our bed and started sobbing. I sat near her, lifted her face and made her sleep on my lap. She was not sleeping. She was sobbing

Me – What happened?

Shruti – Nothing

Me – Come on. Something which Pandian told really hurt you. What was that?

Shruti – Am I a slut? All the things I have been doing. Is that all slutty. Does that mean I am a bad human being? Am I a bad wife?

Me – No dear. Listen. Everyone has his or her own sexual fantasies. Some people are open about it and enjoy their life by making their fantasies real. Others don’t. They live under a fake veil and act like they are good people.

Shruti – How are you saying that? When I look back at last night, I had pretty much behaved like a mad person addicted towards sex. I was jumping from one dick to another dick like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. I got fucked by a black guy. I got fucked by a guy younger than me. i got fucked by a old guy. And now, I want to get pregnant by an ugly beast who treats me like shit.

Me – Did you see the way Aarthi behaved last night?

Shruti – Yes

Me – That was her fantasy which was hidden deep inside her. She had a thing for dominating men. She was acting outside like was pure. But once she was drunk she lost all the inhibitions and came out of the closet. Just like that, your fantasy is to have sex with and get impregnated by a guy like Pandian. There is nothing wrong with that

Shruti – That is my point. She was able to control all this at least when sober. I couldn’t control at all. What can I do?

Me – Just because, she was able to control, it doesn’t make her a better person. When we get older and look back at our life, we would have absolutely no regrets at all. Because, we have done everything we wanted to do.

Shruti – Please Dilip. Don’t justify what I did. If what I did was right, then why did you want to stop all the things. Why all the pregnancy plan?

Me – What you did was not wrong. You are a sexually active person. So you did that. But it should be done within limits and control. Within months, look at the number of guys you had sex with. I am not having problem with you having sex with many guys. But the problem for me is that if this circle gets bigger and bigger, it might become a threat to you. Remember what happened with Bharath and friends? Many things could have gone wrong there. If those guys were not good, they could have easily blackmailed us about many things. It was just our luck that nothing like that happened.

Shruti – I seem to get your point. But aren’t you angry with me at all?

Me – I am not angry with you. I married you because you were the right person for me. I still love you. I just want you to be safe.

Shruti – If I had married someone else, my whole life would have been different. I am so much indebted

Me – There is no debt between people who love each other truly.

Shruti – How do you even believe that I love you still? After seeing me begging other men to fuck me and being used by all the guys around me with my consent?

Me – You just proved your love for me yesterday. I know how much you loved the idea of getting impregnated by Pandian. I know how hard it is for you to sacrifice your sexual desires. But even when you were at the height of your sexual ecstasy, you were willing to sacrifice your desire to get banged by Pandian just to save me from Aarthi. That one incident is enough for my life time. I know you love me. I know you love me deeply.

Shruti – Still, doesn’t it hurt you to see me going behind other men like that? Watching me begging to get fucked?

Me – You know that I enjoy watching you getting banged. The truth is I enjoyed last night very much as you. You know that I am a cuckold. That character of me played a major role in our married. That is what made us perfect for each other. But we should not let our desires spoil our lives by doing stupid things. I feel that once you get pregnant, we should slowly move out of this place to a different place and join a different company. We should start a fresh life there. Maybe there, we should be careful and plan properly before we get into such things

Shruti – You know? When we were about to marry, I thought you were a child and your decision to marry me was so stupid. I thought you let your dick take decisions for you. But you are the most matured of us. You are the most mature of all the men I have met.

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(She sat up and hugged me tightly. She then moved back and looked at me eye to eye. Smile had returned to her face. She looked so beautiful that day)

Shruti – Why did a guy like you accept to marry a girl like me? You are so good. You make me feel like I don’t deserve you.

Me – You deserve me more than any other women. No other woman is willing to openly accept what they are and what they want. But you did. That honesty is what made me like you. That honesty is what makes us be a happy couple for this long without a single fight. You are the best woman I have ever met

Shruti(giggling) – You are the best slave I have ever had. I mean husband..

She winked at me and got up from the bed. I pulled her back to bed and whispered into her ears “I am being your slave because I love you and that is what you want from me. I can also be a hardcore bull. Remember that”

Shruti – Ha ha. I didn’t know that a bull was sleeping inside my sissy hubby. How do I wake that up?

Me – You just have to ask

Shruti – Ok. I am not just asking you. I challenge you to be a bull now and fuck me. I will evaluate you

I dragged her onto the bed. Pulled her t shirt up. She did not have a bra. I pushed her on the bed to make her lie down and started biting her nipples very hard

Shruti – Aaaaaahhh.. Stop this.. It is painful.. I asked you to fuck me hard. Not to bite me hard…

Me – Shut up bitch. This is what happens when you wake up the bull inside me

She pushed me away and tried to run away from the bed. She was laughing all the while. I got hold of the bottom of her track pants and pulled it. It came down to half of her ass. She stopped, turned back and tried to pull the pant back. But I was in no mood to leave her. I pulled it hard and removed it completely. Shruti gave away the pant to me and tried to run away. But I held her ankles and pulled her back close to me. I pushed her on the bed. I was lying totally flat over her. My face was very close to her face. I told her “No licking this time bitch.”

I put my dick in her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. She liked it for some reason and matched my lust. She kept shouting “Aaaahhh. Dilip. You are so good. You are a really hard fucker.”

Me – Mmmmm.. Tell me.. Am I better than Santosh

Shruti – Aaaah.. Yes honey. You are much better than him

Me – Better than Bharath?

Shruti – Aaaah.. You are multiple times better than him

Me – Mmmmm.. Better than his friends

Shruti – Yes. Those guys are kids in front of you

Me – Better than Jason

Shruti – Aaaaahh.. Jason has a bigger dick than you

(I turned her around and spanked her ass hard. I lifted her by holding her hips to doggy style and started fucking her ass. I kept spanking her hard while fucking her)

Shruti – Aaaah.. Don’t spank. It is paining

Me – Tell me bitch. Am I better than Jason

Shruti – Ok.. I accept. You are a better fucker than Jason..

Me – Aaaaaahhhh.. (That was when I leaked my cum inside her asshole)

I collapsed on her. My face was immersed in her sexy beautiful hair. She was panting hard. She asked me

Shruti – What happened to the smart obedient husband I had? Did you kidnap him?

Me – He just went for a break. He will be back soon

Shruti – Ha ha.. What happened?

Me – I just couldn’t imagine myself doing this again. I like it when you dominate me.

Shruti – Then why did you do it like this now?

Me – Just to tell you that I have the ability to be a hardcore bull too

Shruti – I don’t want a hardcore bull. I just want my husband to be the soft puppy he always has been

Me – Hmmmm.. So what about the plan for baby? Is the same plan still on?

Shruti – I don’t know. I have to take some rest and then think about it. So many things happened over the weekend

Me – Yes. Let us discuss about this later. But you have to decide soon. If Jason gives an offer to Pandian, you won’t have much time. Travel will be arranged immediately. You will hardly get a week time

Shruti – Yes I know. I will try to do something before that. You can trust me with these things.

Me – Of course. When it comes to getting men to bed, I can definitely trust you. By the way, are you still adamant about getting impregnated by Pandian?

Shruti – Yes.

(She smiled)

Me – I have never been able to understand some of the weird fantasies you have

Shruti – You never will

I kissed her and moved aside. We both slept well that evening.

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Chapter 29

It was Monday. I woke up with a surprise early morning. Shruti was standing there dressed up like never before. She was wearing a very decent salwar kameez. Above all, she was wearing the shawl covering her breasts completely. I never knew that she even had such a dress. She tied up her hair properly behind and applied bindi on her forehead. She had already done enough make-up. She applied some kajal on her eyes and turned back. I lay there speechless seeing that. She looked like a cute homely woman with some kind of divine beauty. If someone was told that she had sex with so many guys, that person would beat up the person who told him that. She looked so calm and pious.

Me – Wow. This is the first time I have seen someone cover everything to seduce a person

Shruti – Shut up, dog.

She giggled and threw something at me. That was when I noticed that she also had so many bangles. She told that she will go to office early. I didn’t want to miss people’s reactions seeing that. I jumped out of the bed and asked her to wait for 10 minutes. I rushed to the bathroom, finished my morning duties within ten minutes and got ready lightning fast. I skipped breakfast and got into the car. She sat next to me. I drove so fast to office. I just couldn’t wait to see what happens in office.

As soon as the lift opened and she entered the office, all heads looked glued in one direction. She was one of the most sexiest women in the office. Men always saw her sexually. They never thought she would look this beautiful in homely dress. She looked like a whole different person in their eyes. The whole scene looked like a fairness cream ad which we see on tv. People who were going around stopped on their feet to take a glance at her. But they could not keep going with just one glance. They kept staring at her.

Shruti calmly went to her place and sat down. She was waiting for Pandian to arrive. Once Pandian arrived, he looked so busy. Shruti tried to go to his place and talk to him. But he was intentionally avoiding her. She waited till lunch. During lunch, Bharath was sitting next to Pandian. Shruti patted his back and asked him to move to another seat. Bharath moved and gave way for Shruti. Shruti sat next to her and spoke with Aarthi who was sitting opposite to Pandian

Shruti – Why are you talking with people who don’t have any honor at all?

Aarthi – What happened to you?

Shruti – Just an advice. Stay away from men who are not trustworthy. They promise things but won’t give a damn about it once they receive what they wanted.

Aarthi – Seriously. I don’t understand what you are talking about

Shruti – The person who is supposed to understand would have understood

Pandian – Shut up Shruti. If I promised you something I will definitely honor that

Shruti – Oh really? Then why are you avoiding me? Did I sweep you off your feet by making a homely appearance? Are you afraid that you will fall in love with me?

Pandian – Just because you are wearing such conservative dresses, it doesn’t mean you are a decent person. You are still a bitch.

Shruti – You think whatever you want. What happened to your promise?

Pandian – I promised that if Jason gives me an offer, I will have sex with you

Shruti – I got that for you

Pandian – Not yet. Your end of the promise is done only after I receive the official offer letter

Shruti – Ok. That will take hardly 2 or 3 days. Then why are you avoiding me? You could have told that to me

Pandian – Because I still feel uncomfortable with you.

Shruti – Why?

Pandian – I feel that you are making some big plot to get pregnant with my child

Shruti – Don’t worry. I am a person with integrity. I won’t plot anything to get impregnated by you. If I get your baby, it will be with your consent

Aarthi – Ok. I think we should leave you two alone.

(We all moved away leaving Shruti and Pandian)

Pandian – Why are you doing this, Shruti?

Shruti – Doing what?

Pandian – Trying so hard to have sex with me

Shruti – I have multiple reasons for that. But the ultimate one is I lust your body

Pandian – Just body?

Shruti – Well.. Your tool is also a part of your body. Isn’t it?

Pandian – No one can beat your sense of humor. I give you that

Shruti – Remember I got hold of your dick in the swimming pool in the resort? I could never stop thinking about it after that

Pandian – Please stop this. You are being so immature here

Shruti – I am just trying to get what I like. What is so immature about it?

Pandian – Listen. From what I see, you have two motives here. One is that you want to get pregnant with my child. That is not going to happen even in your dreams. My life could get complicated because of that. The second motive is that you seem to have totally addicted to this idea of getting fucked by me after seeing my dick. It is as easy as it looks like

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Shruti – Let us begin with your first question. We promise that we will not tell our kid the name of his/her actual father. Moreover, you are going abroad. We can manage to stay away from you. Even if you are coming back, tell us first itself. We will stay away from you

Pandian – That is all fine. Still I cannot digest the idea of a bitch like you giving birth to my child

Shruti – Ok. We can talk about the pregnancy thing later. What did you mean by saying handling you is not easy as it looks like?

Pandian – You won’t understand. I am a whole different person on bed

Shruti – Different in what way?

Pandian – First thing, you have seen my dick. You know that it is too big. To be accurate, it is 11 inch long when erect and it is also thicker than the dicks you have seen before. When you see that, you could think it may be a great idea to have that inside you. But believe me, it is better to just dream about it. Having it in any of your holes will be more painful than you think and you will repent for taking this decision later

Shruti – That is ok. You can insert it as much as it goes in

Pandian -That brings me to the second point. Once I get horny and start having sex with a woman, I become an uncontrollable animal. I wont stop even if the woman begs me to stop. I will get too rough. I will slap you hard, spit on you and fuck you hard and fast as no one has ever had fucked you.

Shruti – So you are a rough fucker?

Pandian – Not just a decent rough fucker. One of the roughest fuckers you have ever seen. I will treat you like shit. I might even beat you in the process. I have had sex with 3 prostitutes so far. No one was able to get my dick completely in.

Shruti – That is ok. I still want to give a try

Pandian – Let me complete. All the 3 prostitutes ran away crying in the middle of the sex session. They complained to the brokers who were managing them and those brokers never brought women to me

Shruti – These things only make me more horny for you

(Shruti put her hand on his crotch. He gently pushed her hand away)

Pandian – Ok. You are just out of your mind. You will learn about it only when you feel it. You have to promise me something if you to have sex with me

Shruti – What is that?

Pandian – You have to do whatever I say till I leave to Europe

Shruti – I dont have problem with that

Pandian – While having sex, I could do extreme and bizarre things. You should not stop me. No matter what. Remember NO MATTER WHAT. You should not stop me. If you stop me, you will never get me

Shruti – Why such a condition?

Pandian – I am tired of having incomplete sex sessions. I want my sex sessions to be complete with you

Shruti – That sounds scary, but fair. Anything else?

Pandian – Right from this moment, I want you to stop having sex with anyone else. Even Dilip. I want you at least a little bit fresh for me. Once I get official offer letter, I will come to your house. You apply leave till I leave to Europe. You will be my bitch all those days. I will stay at your house.

Shruti – Mmmmmm.. I am seriously looking forward to it

Pandian – That is it for now. Let us go back to work.

The rest of the day was quite busy. I asked Shruti about their conversation during our car journey back. She explained everything. I couldn’t believe she accepted such conditions.

Me – Are you out of your mind?

Shruti – What? I could get him to bed only if I accepted everything

Me – But do you understand what he told? He could actually hurt you. I want you to be safe

Shruti – Yes I understand that. If things go overboard, I can stop him. I want to see how far I can handle him.

Me – I hope you are careful about this

Shruti – Don’t worry honey. I know it is a risk. But I want to take it. You are the one who advised me that we should always try hard to realize our fantasies. You told that our lives will be wasteful if we don’t try to realize our dreams

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Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 3

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