Shruti Fucked by Old Watchman

I will now continue the story of Shruti getting hard fucked by Old Watchmen……
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Days passed by and months went on; Shruti was slowly recovering from the damage done by old beggar salim chacha….

Recent past there were few robbery incidents and thieves were caught in the area nearby where Shruti’ s family was living. Hence their building committee members decided to allocate security watchmen for the building.

After few days two watchmen’s were recruited and were given the job of security for the building.

One was 19 years old name Rajesh and the other was an old fellow ageing around 51 years, his name was Abdul Suleman (suleman Chacha).

Suleman chacha was about 4.7 feet short guy with white beard and no moustaches. He was so short that even people teased him as gardula as his skin was Dark and hard and he was suffering from Vitiligo (White patches on body parts). He was fat from his stomach and had thin legs with white hair all over his body.

As the young guy was on day duty, he used to finish his duty and return home after 6 pm, whereas suleman chacha was on night duty….

Suleman chacha was a poor chap without any home of his own. The building members allocated him the small motor room which was behind the building few yards from the main gate.

Suleman chacha started staying and cooking food in the motor room itself as it was spacious enough for two people to live…

Few months passed by and suleman chacha and rajesh were taking good care of the building.

During this period Shruti’ s husband Harish was asked to move Gujrat for his company’s ongoing projects which would take atleast 3 months to complete.

As there was no fear of his family Harish happy left for the project and Shruti was all alone with her kid.

Shruti meanwhile had put up weight these days. One could say the reason was the hard-core banging of beggar Salim chacha few months back.

Her body was so voluptuous that her ass wobbles left and right when she walks.
Her massive huge mellons are now 40 D compared to the 36 size earlier.

She was very fair that even here boobs skin was visible near the bra cup through blouse near armpit…..

Everyday Shruti used to drop her son to school in the morning and would come back to take care of the household activites.

Suleman chacha used to stare her everyday whenever she is out for shopping or returning home but never came close in contact with Shruti or never went near her.

Days passed by and suleman chacha was not able to control his desires over this B r a h*** housewife…..

Suleman chacha was getting desparate day by day. He started to masturbate through in his motor room peeping through the window while Shruti walks through the road.

Her fair fat body was making him mad day by day and he was making plans to fuck this housewife very soon.

One night at around 10:30 pm Suleman chacha turned the knob of the water pipeline of Shruti’s house purposely.

Shruti had just now finished the dinner and was surprised to see that no water was coming in any of the pipes of her house.

She had kept many utensils for washing and if she waits till morning her kitchen will stink.

She decided to check with the night watchmen suleman chacha and went downstairs to the watchmen room near the gate.

As the watchman was nowhere to be found near the gate, she went behind the building towards the motor room.

From far distance she could see that watchman suleman chacha was cleaning his utensils near the motor room, she shouted from Far “Watchman” arey o “Watchman” “ Watchman”

As this was the plan of suleman chacha, he pretended as if he didn’t hear anything.
Shruti thought that may be due the sound of motor which is running he may not be able to hear, therefore went close to him to check…..

As she went near to suleman chacha, she found that he was washing utensils outside his motor room.

He was on his khaki colour pyjamas which was may be washed only once in a month and was wearing no shirt
The place near the motor room was dark and only a glimse of the dim bulb light was falling on the back of Suleman Chacha.

She could see his back full of white hairs and vertiligo patches on the skin of his back.

She called for “ arey watchman chacha suno”, slowly chacha looked behind and was stunned to see the beautiful body of Shruti.

She was wearing a red saree with black blouse and her white bra was still visible in the dim light. Her mangalsutra was laying on her bulging breasts.

She had a kumkum (powder bindu) on her forehead and wearing red bangles….

Her deep navel was clearly visible through the saree with her fair stomach just below the black blouse has just made the old man go mad…

Looking at the stunning body of Shruti, suleman chacha replied “ kya hua madam” aap yahaan… Kya baat hai”

Shruti:- “ Mere ghar ka paani achanak band ho gaya hai… Kya aap dekh paayenge kya hua” subah muje bohot kaam hai aur baahar bhi jaana hai”

Suleman chacha though in his mind “ haan randi muje pata hai tuje kahan apna gaand hila hila ke jaana hai” ….. zaroor kisi se gaand marane jaana hoga…

Suleman Chacha:- arey madam aise kaise ho sakta hai, sab ka paani chalu hai, sirf aap ka kaise band hogaya.

Shruti:- Pata nahi muje achaanak band hogaya, please zara dekhiyena…

Suleman chacha:- accha madamji abhi aaya mai motor band karke.…
As suleman chacha went inside Shruti had a view of this old man with vitiligo… he had a big stomach with white patches on his chest, face, neck and stomach and his pyjama was tied below his stomach…. His armpits had so much hair that it was even coming of this armpit.

She was feeling awkward looking at him and turned her face other side….

Shruti was waiting patientienly for more than 10 min with no signs of suleman chacha….

Suddenly she heard sound of chacha murmuring “Aaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaah” bachaaaaaao aaaaaaaaaaa bacchaaaaaaaaaaaaaoo…..

Shruti rushed into the motor room and found that his finger is on the switch board of the motor and he was shaking as if he had a shock.

As the motor was running, suleman chacha was pretty sure that his voice will not be heard by any other people in the building or nearby.

Shruti all of a sudden was so afraid that she was searching for some wood inside the room so that she could release him from the shock.

As soon as she went inside…. Suleman chacha switched of the light and pounced on Shruti like a wild lion….

His weight was so much that Shruti was hardly able to get up…..
He closed her mouth with his big palm which was almost covering her entire face…..

Shruti’s eyes grew bolder as she was horrified and terrified with the sudden turn around by the watchmen.

There was enough light falling inside the room from the nearby building for the old chacha to have a good look at her body…..

Chacha overpowered her and warned her that if she acted smart he would kill her with the motor rod lying near the motor…..

Terrified and recollecting the horror which happened to her few months back from the beggar, she kept mumm.

Slowly chacha pushed her to the corner of the room lying on her with his one hand still closing her mouth…

He pulled his dirty towel which was drying on the rope and tied both her hands behind her back….
Now he took his dirty underwear which was lying on the corner and thrusted inside shruti’s mouth…
She could hardly bear the taste of his dry semen and his pungent smell of his dry uri** and Sh*T from the underwear which was making her unconscious.

Now he got up from her body and went on the close the door so that nobody comes.

He then came near her and was standing above her with is each leg either side of the stomach.

Feeling his luck and a long awaited desire to fuck this beautiful B ra h*** housewife.
He re-gained his breath and said “ aAaj tuje bataonga saali, badi gaand hile ke tadpaane ka natija”

Teri gaand maar maar ke tuje rula na diya to mera bhi naam Suleman nahi….
Gardule bolte hai tere building waale muje,,, dikhata hoon gardula kaise chodta hai karke….

He went close to her and warned her not to shout or he will kill her and removed the dirly underwear from her mouth….

Shruti weeping and crying in front of him “ muje chod do please….. maine tumhara kya bigada hai….. please mera chota beta akela hai ghar pe….. muje chod do…. Mai tumhare pav padti hoon…

Suleman:- Aise kaise chod doon tuje,,,,,,, teri gaand nahi faadunga toh mai sukoon se nahi rah sakta …. Kitne din ki tadap hai tu……saying this suleman chacha untied his pyjama below his stomach and dropped it on the floor…..

Shruti was terrified with what she saw next… It was a fat circumcised dick with around 7 inches long and 3 inches thick…. Lying below his stomach in a semi erect condition.

His fat stomach was above his penis and he had bulge of hairs on his balls that his balls were just lying like a bag below his penis.

He had more white patches near the thigh and near his penis with stinking smell still could be felt by Shruti.

Suleman chacha now sat on Shruti’s stomach and felt the tenderness of her skin on his ass.

His penis was now lying above the navel of Shruti.

He then came a bit forward so that his ass hole is above the deep navel of Shruti and with a huge strength he fart*d loud on her navel….
The gas smell was so pungent that Shruti was losing her consciousness again.

He slapped her tight and told her to smell his gas…
Suleman chacha feeling the dirtiness in the air got up and untied her hands which was tied with the dirty towel and moved down below her legs,

He slowly slowly pushed her saree upwards till the thighs and licked her from her foot till her thighs.

Suleman chacha was leaving his saliva on her fair body and licking it continuously till Shruti fair body is completely wet……

There was no hair on shruti’s thighs or leg and Suleman chacha was now able to feel the erection in his penis……

Suleman chacha put his hands inside her petticoat and got hold of her panty.
He slowly pulled it down and wore the panty on his head…. The pussy part on the panty was near to his mouth and he could smell the beautiful aroma of shrutis pussy through her panty….

Getting aroused more and more, now suleman chacha had more erection of his penis.….

He got up with the panty on his head and went near to Shruti face and stuck his dirty mouth on her lips and started kissing her like a mad dog umaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaummmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa….

Shruti was able to feel the stinky taste of tobacco and bad breathe of suleman chacha…..
He was spitting on her lips thhhhhhoooooooooo and licking deep inside her mouth .umaaaaaahhh umhaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

Suleman chacha: Pee randi mera moo ka rasss pee…. Thooooooooooooo… umhaaaaaaaa umhaaaaaaaa

Suleman chacha slowly got up and completely laid over Shruti now while he continuously kept on kissing…

Suddenly Shruti was feeling a long hard rod which was touching her thighs… she was imagining what could be so big and hard which was swaying near her thighs.

Slowly suleman chacha extended his hands towards her saree and pulled it slowly upwards till it reaches her stomach…..

He then slowly started to rub his harsh hands on the smooth thighs of Shruti while he kept kissing her….

Shruti still not able to realise what was so big which was lying on her thighs and could feel the hot pulsating of blood flow in it…..

Chacha meanwhile kept rubbing her smooth fair thighs and slowly slowly moving his hands upwards towards her pussy…..

He now extended his middle finger of his right hand and slowly touched the lips of shruti’s pussy……

Never did he imagined that it would have been a clean shaved fat pussy …..
Suleman Chacha murmured: “ kya choot hai teri randi,,, aaaaaaah aaaaaah ek baal bhi nahi…… mere se chudne ke liye tu puri tayyar hoke aaayee hai….

Dekh teri choot kaise faadunga aaaj….

Shruti mouth was all of suleman chacha’s saliva and she was hardly able to speak…

Gaining her consciousness slowly she lifted her head up to see the hard object which was still lying on her thighs as hard as a fat tree bunch…

What she saw next was beyond shruti’s imagination
Her eyes were stunned and she was in a state of shock…

It was long dick of 10 inches fully erected with 4inches thickness. The head of the penis itself was around 3 inches fat with white vitiligo patches.

Meanwhile Suleman chacha took the desi alcohol bottle which was lying near the bed and drank it,,,

He gurggled some alcohol in his mouth as if he was washing his mouth and then pushed the alcohol from his mouth to shruti’s mouth….

This is the first time a Br a h*** housewife tasted alcohol that too desi.

He kept on doing this for 2-3 times and Shruti was able to feel the kick and was half conscious to what was happening to her.
Feeling the loosenes in Shruti’s effort in restricting him, suleman chacha now was ready to take the sex ride of his life with this Br a H *** housewife.

he kept on inserting his middle finger in and out of shrutis pussy for about 10 min while drinking the alcohol….

He suddenly went more wild when he noticed that Shruti’s pussy was getting wet and leaving fluids….

He then untied her petticoat and throwed it at the corner, then he untied her saree and safely kept it aside without tearing it….

Now Shruti was left with only her black blouse and bra…….

Looking at the beautiful body of Shruti suleman chacha had the best of the erections he ever had in his life….
Never would he have imagined that he will see such a beautiful body.

A white fair body, with mangalsutra lying just above her massive boobs and blouse, deep navel and a clean shaved pink pussy with white thighs as milk.

All this turned him more violent and he started to thrust his fingers faster and faster than ever.

Shruti still in alcohol effect couldn’t believe whether it was his finger or normal human penis which is thrusting because suleman chacha hands were such huge and hard…

Suleman chacha now feeling the wetness of shrutis pussy completely which was draining bucket full of fluids started to insert his other two fingers thrusting in out…

All the sound her pussy and thighs which was making pachaaaaaaaak pacchaaaaaaaak chaaaaaaaaak chaaaaaaaaak. sound due to the thrusting was so hot in the closed motor room..

Suleman chacha losing his mind and out of control thrusted his palm suddenly inside shrutis pussy paccccccccccchaaaaaaaaaaaaaak pachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak chyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay chaaaaaaaaaaak pachaaaaaaaaaaaaak…

Shruti grumbled with a huge voice and tears ran out of her eyes “ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd diyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa

Chacha suddenly stopped and shut her mouth with other hand and saw what he did, in the effect of alcohol he saw that almost half of his hand was inside Shruti pussy.

His hands were full wet of shrutis fluid and he again started thrusting his hands inside the pussy.

Shruti bearing all the pain suddenly felt that her body attracting towards the thrust, she was feeling the pain and also the thrusting was making her pussy walls go loose.

She was now feeling heavenly and slowly she started to enjoy the thrust, murmuring in her mouth she uttered “ aaah dhireeeee aaaaa dhireee ohhhh aaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhh haaa…. Ohhh..

Listening to this suleman chacha reduced his speed and was thrusting slowly.

The entire room was filled with the smell of shruti’s pussy and alcohol….
Suddenly suleman chacha could feel the shivering of Shruti’s body in a gap of every 4 seconds…..
He could hear Shruti murmuring aaaaaaa daaaaalooo jalddi aaaaaaaaa paaaaaaani aaaaaaaa nikaaaaaaaaa raaa haiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Uffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaa jaldiii daaaaaaaaaloo jorrrrrrrrr se aur jor seeeeeeeeee.

Chacha separated her thighs wide and thrusted his hands almost in and out faster and faster….

With a huge gruntttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shruti’s waist was almost lifted from the floor and she ejected fluids after fluids,,,, she had the biggest orgasms which her pussy spitted on Suleman chachas face….
Her pussy was pumping so much fluid that suleman chacha face was all sticky.

She lowered her back and rested herself on the floor…
Feeling thoroughly satisfied due to the hard fisting and wondering such fisting could also bring so much satisfaction was a question wondering in her mind.

In the other hand suleman chacha cleaned his face and licked whatever orgasm fluids left on his face.

He then lit a bidi and smoked huge puffs looking at the damage he did to Shruti.

Suleman chacha: Kyun randi maza aaya…….. itna paani toh tere chutiye pati ne bhi nahi nikala hoga tera…..

Tu toh badi mast hai,,,,, aur tere chut ka jo swad hai woh toh jaise amrasss ki tarah.

Abhi to bas shuru kiya hai maine…… aaaj tere saath aisa sex karoonga ke tu mujse zindagi bhar chudwane ke liye tadpegi….

Shruti was so tired that she was hardly able to respond….. she was wondering if his hands have made so much wonders and fulfilled her ….. what will happen if his penis enters inside her pussy…. Imagining the unexpected she just laid there on the floor completely tired……

Suleman chacha after smoking took his tobacco and inserted in his mouth,,,,,

He came near to Shruti and gurgled loudly with his throat…..and spit on her lips…..
And asked her to lick it.

This was not the first time she had such experience as even salim chacha spit on her mouth in the first hardcore sex.

Helplessly Shruti tasted the dirty tobacco spit and his salty cough which she couldn’t bear and was about the throw out but controlled herself and licked slowly.

Never knew what a tobacco can do and already in the addiction of alcohol, it gave a kick to her head and her head was spinning like anything.

Looking all this suleman chacha kept laughing at the situation of Shruti and said, “ Ab Aage dekh tera who hasher karoonga ke tu mere liye tadpegi” Tambaku ka nasha hoga toh tuje bhi maza aayega

He went closer to her and started to unhook her blouse from the front,,,
As he was doing so his armpit was almost on shruti’s face….. the pungent smell of his dirty armpit was making Shruti crazy……

Under the influence of alcohol and tobacco, she was not knowing what she was doing…

She slowly moved her face towards the hairy armpit of suleman chacha…..

There was so much hair that her face was fully covered with his armpit hairs

She then plunged her mouth on his armpit and started to lick him aaaaaa cliiiiccccccccckkk cliiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccc likcccccccccccccc.

Suleman chacha couldn’t belive this and pressed his armpit hard on her face…..

He was enjoying this and was now full control of Shrutis body…..

He unhooked her blouse to have a first look of her massive boobs with bra, they were so huge that even his big palm couldn’t fit.

To the surprise of Shruti he pulled her bra in one instance to have the complete view of her boobs…..

Suleman chacha eyes stucked to what he saw,,,,those huge mellons with dark erect nipples was the only thing this old chap of 51 could have ever seen….

Her mangalsutra was stucked between the cleavage was a sight that made him go crazy…

Suleman chacha:- Kya dhoodh hai tere saaliiiii…. Aaaaj toh tere dhoodh pike tuje khaali karke chodunga……

Shruti was still licking suleman chacha armpit unware of what suleman was doing to her.

Suleman chacha pulled her mangalsutra out of her neck and tied it round his massive penis.
His penis was so big that even the mangalsutra only got rotated twice on it….

He then plunged his mouth on shrutis massive 40 D boobs and started to suck it hard, he was sucking so hard and pressing the other boobs with his hands that Shruti was feeling that her boobs will tear apart….

He was bitting the nipples with his teeth in between which made Shruti to go in seven heaven..

After few min of boobs suck Shruti could feel something coming out of her boobs….

Suleman chacha was vigourously sucking with his tobacco mouthed and within fraction of seconds… he had a sprinkle of milk in his mouth from her boobs….

The taste of the milk made him wonder how could she still extract so much milk…….and thinking so he kept on sucking till he almost drank half liter……

Suleman Chacha: de muje dhoodh, tera pura dhoodh khatam kar doonga aaaj…. Saying this he kept on sucking each of her boobs for half an hour and almost emptied her milk..

Shruti meanwhile had enough of his armpit and rested her lips wondering that even her kid didn’t drank so much milk compared to what suleman chacha emptied in half an hour….

After thoroughly filling his stomach with her milk he changed his position to 69

Suleman Chacha: Ab tu chacha ka lavda choos….. aisa lavdaa tune zindagi main nahi dekha hoga…… saying this he turned around and positioned his lund towards shrutis face…..

Shruti was stunned to what she saw…. Such a huge penis like a branch of tree was facing her…… she could also see her mangalsutra tied on it……making her imagine her marriage day when her husband tied it on her neck….

Forgetting about it and coming back to senses….. she touched his penis with her hands which was hardly fitting on her hand……

She could sense the blood flow on his penis and the pungent smell of ur*** coming out of his penis area which was making her go crazy..

She holded his penis with both her hands and licked the tip of his penis to taste the precum he extracted……

The penis head was so big that it could hardly penetrate inside Shrutis mouth, hence she kept on licking the vitiligo penis from tip to bottom.

Meanwhile suleman chacha was licking her pussy cliicccccccck cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccck ccccccccccliiiiiiccccccccccc licccccccccccck with his one finger massaging the ass hole of Shruti…

He then slowly started to push his hips as if he is trying to penetrate his penis inside shrutis mouth……

Shruti responding to his push opened her mouth wide and his penis tip went inside her mouth…..

Her mouth was fitting perfectly on his penis head and suleman chacha was slowly slowly getting the blow job from this beautiful housewife….

Shruti could sense that suleman chacha was trying to insert his finger inside her ass….. to which she contracted her ass tight not allowing him to penetrate…

Suleman chacha understanding the fact that Shruti not allowing to finger her,,,, far*ed loudly near shrutis face….

The smell was so horrifying that Shruti shut her eyes and relaxed her anus….

In this very instance suleman chacha spitted on Shruti ass and inserted his entire middle finger inside here…

She was in tremendous pain and tears rolled over from her eyes….

He kept on inserting his finger vigorously in and out of her ass like he did to her pussy….

After about 10 min of anal fingering and blow job…. Suleman chacha removed the penis which was totally erect and well lubricated from shrutis mouth and asked her to lay down on her back……

Shruti: Aap kya karne jaa rahe hoo… please batao.

Suleman Chacha:- Dar mat randi,,,,, tuje thoda dard hoga…. Aur baad mein tu tadpegi aur royegi,,,, fir tarsegi mujse chudne ke liye…

Shruti:- please batao kya karne jaaa rahe hoooo…… please mai tumhare saamne haath jodti hoon please please….

Suleman chacha:- arey randi maza aayega tuje, dar mat….. MAI TERI GAAND MARNE WAALA HOOON “ hahahahahahahahahaah”

Shruti:- Nahi nahi nahi please nahi nahi tumharaaa bohot bada hai….. nahi please muje nahi chahiye please………

Suleman chacha:- Chup saali randi…. Gaand matkake chalte waqt dar nahi laga jo ab lag raha hai…. Chup chap palat aur maza le,,,,, tuje bohot maza aayega..
Saying this he turned her around……while Shruti was horrified and in the same time wondering what could happen to her…..

Suleman chacha again gurgled his tobacco in his throat twice and thrice and with a loud sound he spitted on shrutis ass…. He spitted so much that her entire ass was covered with spit and his sticky cough….

With his palm he spread the sticky cough on her ass and lubricated it well till inside by inserting with his finger…

He then holded his penis tip on her ass and slowly tried to penetrate inside…..
Suleman Chacha ;- Aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah ufffffffff aaaaaaaaa kyaaaaaaa kadaaaaaaaaaaaaak haaaaaaaiii teri gaaaaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffff

Shruti:- ufffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaaaat tttttttt raaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaai aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffff

Suleman chacha then again took a gulp of alchohol which was left and emptied it completely..

He then threw the bottle and tried to penetrate….. aaaaahhh ufffff

He pushed her ass apart with both his hands and could sense that his tip was penetrated inside Shruti ass slightly….

Suleman Chacha:- aaaaaaahh gaaaayaaaaa lavdaaa thodaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa uffffff
Maaaaaaa choddd dungaaaaaaaaaaa isssssss gaaaaaaaaaand ka maiiiiiiiiii

Shruti assssss was almost tore apart……… Shrutii:- faaaaat raaaaah haiaaaaaaaaa.

Thoooko thodaaaaaa thoooko…..

Suleman chacha kept spitting on her ass and realised that he could penetrate in the next push,,,,, he slowly took his underwear which was lying near them and inserted into shrutis mouth so that her voice is not heard outside…..

Suleman Chacha tried to fool Shruti by saying:- nahi jaaaaaaa rahaaaaaaaa andar… mai nikaltaa hoon…

In the next thrust his half penis was inside Shruti ass……

Shruti shivered due to the pain and was weeping due to the unbearable pain which even the beggar salim chacha didn’t gave it her.

He slowly moved his penis in and out and was amazed by the tightness of her ass.

Suleman Chacha:- Waaa kyaa kadak gaandd maaraaa hai aaaajjjjjjjjj………. Itna kadak aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaahhhh.

His penis was so fat that it was tearing the ass of Shruti’
Her mangalsutra which was tied to his penis was hitting the walls of her thighs and pussy…
Suleman chacha was vigorously fucking shrutis ass.
Suleman Chacha: aaaaaaaaah ohhhh aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaahhhhh kyaaaa gaaaaand haai aaaaaaah saaaali randiiiiii chooooooddddddddd aaaaaaaaaah kyaa gaanddddd haiiii aaaaaaaaa kya kadakkkkk haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii .

Fadddddddddd doooongggggaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Shruti:- uffffffffff faatttttttt raaaaaaahhha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Aaaaaaahhh maaaaaaaaaaaa basssssss karoooo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa ufffffffff gaaaaaaaanddddd faaaaattttt rhaaaaaa haii basssssssplease pleassssss aaaaaa ooooooohhhh

More than 20 min had passed by and Suleman chacha was having a good grip of his penis in her asss…..

Her ass was ejaculating fluid which was well lubricating his penis which was tearing her ass in and out….

Suleman chacha was holding her ass with both his hands and fucking her like a bitch.

Shruti meantime was holding the pace with suleman chacha and started to enjoy this anal sex….. she started loving the banging of suleman chacha and felt that even in such pain there is a different satisfaction….

Suleman chacha had still not penetrated completely and was only anal fucking her by penetrating only his half penis..

Shruti:- ufff aaaaaaa kyaaaaaaaa mazaaaaaaaa hai yeeee aaaaaaaaaaa aaaah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah jor se maarooooo aaaaah jor see jor see jorrrrr seeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaahh…

Suleman chacha:- leeeeeee aurrrrrrrr leeeeeeee aaaaaaah choooooooooddddd saaaaaaali randdddddi choddddddd aaaaaaaa leeeeeeee aur leeeeeeeeeee aur leeeeeee leeeeeeee mera kata huaaaaaaaaaa lundddddddd aaaaaaaaaa leeeeeeeeeee bhosdiwaaaaaaaaaaaliiii leeeeee teraaaaaaa bhosdaaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaad ddddddiyaaaaa maineeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaa chodiwaliiiiiiiiiii

He then stopped his pace and ask her to turn towards his face….
Suleman chacha;- Ghoom saali randi….. yaad rakh mera lund nahi nikalna chahiye teri gaaand se….

Shruti slowly turned around by moving her one leg and could feel the penis rotating inside her ass…..

Now she was lying on her back and her face facing him directly, suleman chacha was on top of her….

He then kept one pillow below her ass to give the lift he wanted….

Got hold of her massive boobs and started fucking her ass…

Suleman chacha:- aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah ufffffff ufffffff
Choddddddddi saaalllllllliiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaahhhh chummmmmmmaaaaaa deeeeeee mujeeeeeee,,,, chumaaaaaaa deeeeeee

Shruti started kissing the old chacha in his lips and was started loving the taste of tobacco, alcohol and bad breath of suleman chacha….

She tasted his saliva and was putting her tongue inside and out of suleman chacha mouth….

This made suleman chacha go wild and he paced his speed more started fucking her ass more wildly..

Every thrust was shifting Shruti back and forth on the floor.

He was going mad by kissing her and spitting in her mouth…..
She loved every bit of his wild sex…..

Suleman chacha now was on full flow and was in his climax to make this Bra H*** housewife reach her extreme heights.

Suleman chacha was fucking her ass like her fucking machine and kissing her vigourously and extracting the milk of her boobs by his hands.

Shruti was also feeling to climax as such rough sex for more than 1 hour had already made her the body surrender to Suleman chachaa…

Suleman chacha:- sssssssssssss ufffffffffff bhosddiiiiiii waaaaaali paaaaaaaaaaaanii nikalllllneeeeee waaaaaaaaaalo haaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaah meraaaaaaa paaaaani zhaddddd neeeeee waaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa haiiiiiii aaaaaaaaa chinaaaaaaaaal randddddddiiiiiiii saaaaaaaali braaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ********** auraaatttttt saaaaaliiiiiiiii kyaaaaaaaa maaaaaaza diyaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa

Shruti: ufffffffffffffff faaaaaaaatttttt rhaaaaaaaaaaa haii aaaaaaaa dhireeeeeeeee aaaaaaa dhireeeeeeee ufffffffff mai jhaddddddddd rahiii honnn, aaaaa mera paaaaaaaani nikaaaaaaaaalneeeeeeee waaaaaaloaaaaaaaaaa uffffff dukkkkkkh raaaaaaaaaha hiaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Suleman chacha reaching his climax thrusted his entire10 inch penis inside her ass with one push and shot spurt of cum deep insider her ass, his penis kept on spurting cum like a flush of jet which kept spurting for almost 2 min….

Shruti also climaxed and could hardly speak due to the penetrations of 10 inch penis inside her ass…..

She could almost feel the cum coming out from her mouth as strong was suleman chacha cumming…

He collided over her body and rested on her for few minutes unlocking his kiss.
The entire room was smelling of their body sweat, breast milk and sex..

Slowly suleman chacha tried to get up and could see that his penis was losing hold of the ass.

He slowly tried to withdraw his penis from his ass and was taking out slowly so that it doesn’t hurt her more.

As the penis was cuming out Shruti was murmuring aaahhhh aaahhhh aaaaaahhhh ufff aaa dukh raaahhh haaiii aaaa ufffff aaaaaaaaaa.

Suleman chacha withdrawed his penis completely with one jerk and could see his cum flowing out of her ass along with her shi*….

Her mangalsutra tied on his penis was fully drenched with the mixture of cum, orgasm and shi*
There was so much cum that even after withdrawing, the cum was flowing from her ass for more than 5 min..

They both laid beside each other and slept for half an hour…

Shruti couldn’t believe that she had sex with a watchman with vitiligo skin and that too of other reli**** for the second time in her life.

Crying on her fate and also feeling satisfied with the hardcore sex she had with suleman chacha…. She wiped her tears and tried to get up slowly…

Suleman chacha also got up and helped her with her clothes.

The pain was so much that Shruti sat for another 10 min and requested suleman chacha to get water …

Suleman chacha told her to drink his ur*** instead which would make her strong and relieve her with some pain…

As this was nothing new to Shruti since she had already drank once from salim chacha…. She widely opened her mouth without ignoring.

Suleman chacha stood there in front of her and positioned his penis towards her wide opened mouth…

In the next second she could feel the hot flow of salty ur*** in her mouth which was smelling like alcohol and was bitter in taste….

She drank till her thirst was fulfilled and then suleman chacha sprayed it all over her hair and body and gave her a complete bath of his hot natural ur***

He then removed the mangalsutra from his penis and tied it back on her neck..

Suleman chacha:- Aaj se mai tera pati hoon,, mai jab chahoonga tab tuje chodonga..
Tu meri biwi haii…..

And he kissed her swollen lips for one final time…

Shruti got up and wore her saree, blouse and bra.

She was not able to wear the underwear due to the pain in her ass.
Her ass hole was stretched and it was swollen..

Suleman chacha went outside to check whether if somebody was there and asked her to leave quietly…

Shruti was hardly able to walk due to the pain, slowly moved outside the room and walked towards her house….

It was 1:30 am at night and nobody saw her except the street sabziwaala who peeped through the gate to see who the women was and was shocked to see Shruti in that condition coming out of motor room of Suleman Chacha.

Wild things went in his mind that may be suleman chacha had screwed her hard and this would enable his chances in the future as well.

Shruti was unware of the sabziwaala peeping her and went straight to her house.
She opened the door and saw that his son had slept on the sofa.

She went straight inside the bathroom to clean herself and to her surprise the water has started to come.

She removed all her clothes and witnessed the damaged done by suleman chacha..

Her ass was bleeding a bit and cum had dried all over her saree and ass.
Her Kumkum was complete rubbed from her forehead and uri** was still smelling over her body and hair.

She had a warm bath and dressed herself and slept in a separate room imagining of the roller coaster ride of hardcore sex she had with suleman chacha the watchman.

Never did Shruti imagined in her wildest dreams that she would turn from a well-disciplined, charming, adorable, beautiful Brah*** housewife to a cheap whore of beggars and watchman’s…

Shruti was getting addicted towards the wildest and dirtiest sex with the cheapest people around.
Suleman chacha the watchman would never miss an opportunity to fuck her.
He had got a goldmine that too a Brah*** housewife with whom he fucked like hell.

Whenever Shruti used to come back home after leaving her kid in school, suleman chacha used to follow her till her house and fuck her right on her bed, on the floor
Or in kitchen by lifting her one leg up and pulling her saree upwards…

He used to undo her panty and start having wild sex with her, his kisses was so deep and hard and wet saliva which Shruti too liked the most.

She enjoyed every bit of suleman chacha sexual encounters.

He used to become psycho while he fucked her….
He always ensured that she drinks his dirty Uri** and beg for this fetish sex everytime

End of every sex session, suleman chacha used to cum inside shruti’s pussy…
With every cumshot hitting deep in her pussy he used to moan loudly “ I wannnaaa make uuuuuuu pregnaannnnnnnnnnnt bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh” takeeeeeeeeeeeee my seeeeeeeeeeeeed……… give meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a babyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaahh ooooooooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk bitch…….. takeeeeeeeeee my seeeeeeeeeed in your wommmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

Shruti;- yesssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaa uffffffffff give meeeeeeeee your seeeeeeeeed…….make me pregnant like helllllllllllllll

He used to make fun of her husband and whenever the sex session used to happen, he forced her to call him on phone……..

Shruti: – Hello dear, aaaa where are youuuuuuu ufffff aaaaaa
Harish: – Hi darling, I am good, what happened? Are you ok….

Shruti:- Yaaaaaaaa yesssssss im okkkkkayy, just having pain in my back.ufffffff.

Suleman chacha fucking her in her ass.

Harish:- You don’t seem to be okayyy baby…. Please go visit a doctor immediately. I am sorry I couldn’t be there in such times….

Shruit:- nnoooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooo itsssssss ok its ok.. work is important. Please take your time, aaaaaaaaaaaa uffffffffff.

Harish:- Should I come baby… the way you are feeling the pain, I think you need me. Please baby takes care of your health.

Climax and suleman chacha Cumming inside her

Shruti:- yessssssssssssssssssssssss yesssssssssssssssss baby yesssssssssssss ohhh yesssssssssss I will take care… bye for now darlingggggggggggg aaaaaaaaaahh and disconnected the phone.

Harish thinking in his mind:- poor Shruti!! What the use of me when I am not there near her during her pains and bad times…

Shruti hugging the watchman suleman chacha tightly and saying “aaaaaah chachaaaaaaa don’t do this when I am on phone with Harish… you naughty old man”

Suleman Chacha:- bitch!!!! you are my whore bittch!! The way your pussy grips my penis its heaven….. I wanna give you my seed Shruti…. I want to put my seed inside your womb baby…. Give me a child baby.. give me a child with vitiligo.

Shruti:- I am all yours… make me pregnant with your vitiligo dick… give me your seed deep inside my pussy….

And suleman chacha used to burst his galons of cum inside Shruti’s pussy.

They had such sexual encounters daily… chacha even at this age never used Viagra or other drugs as the beautiful body of Shruti made his erection more and stronger every day..

Things were going good for Shruti and chacha until one day Shruti realised that she had missed her period, it was almost 45 days and she didn’t had her periods.

She was feeling restless and worried, Shruti was 100% sure that she could have got pregnant due to the hard-core banging for last 1 month from suleman chacha.

To her surprise chacha also didn’t visited her house that day, so she went to check in his motor room.

Before she could reach the motor room, on the way she found the young watchman Rajesh locking the motor room door and moving towards gate.

She thought if she could check where suleman chacha is.

Shruti;- Helllo watchman listen !!! hello
Watchman Rajesh:- Yes madam! What happened? May I help you?

Shruti: – Ya actually I was looking for the old chacha…. I had told him to get some medicines yesterday but he is nowhere to be found. Is he all right? Where is he?

Watchman Rajesh:- Ohh madam you don’t know? Yesterday night he was taken to hospital by our sabziwala bhawarlal…. He complained of bleeding during uri***** and he is being admitted in the nearby hospital. He is very ill and I am also now going to see chacha.

Please let me know if I should get the medicines for you.

Shruti in deep shock and was wondering that may be due to excessive sex he may have suffered this problem
Her mind was not working, one hand she missed her periods and on the other hand chacha is hospitalised.

In slow voice Shruti replied:- its ok!! Its Ok….. I will manage. Thanks

She returned home and kept on thinking about the biggest mistake she made in her life by getting fucked from suleman chacha…
In the flow of her sexual desires, she didn’t even realised for one moment that she would get pregnant due to the unprotec sex she was having…….that too with a watchman of other reli**** having vitiligo and with an old man having age more than her father.
Crying and weeping on her blindness towards sex….weird things came in her mind…. If she gets pregnant, what will happen?

Her husband will die in shame who has so much love for her?
Her community will sp** on her

Nobody will touch her…. Her ba** in her womb is a sin of a watchman, who’s age is double than that of her

She wiped her tears and thought for a moment that she has to take a decision and she has to abort this chi** before any serious problem arrives.

Shruti switched her computer and surfed for gynaecologist far from her house who may not recognize her.
She found 2-3 contacts and immediately decided to visit one of the doctors.

As there was time for her to pick her kid up from school, she went straight to the doctor.

She went to the doctor and explained everything.

Shruti:- Doctor please help me, I want to abort the child as me and my husband had unprotected sex unknowingly and we don’t want child now.. Please help me

Doctor:- Madam we don’t carry the surgery without the husband permission.
We need the signatures of your husband to do the abortion.

Shruti cried and begged in front of the doctor and explained him that her husband is away for next 3 months due to business project and he cannot come immediately.

He understood that may be she had illegal sex with somebody and wants to hide her sins, hence told her that he will do the abortion but it would cost Rs. 60000/-

Shruti had enough money in her account and her husband would never ask her where she was spending because he trusted her so much.

She swiftly agreed and got the money from the bank nearby.

The doctor carried the checkup and found that she was pregnant 1 week. He was surprised by the report as he had never seen such strong pregnancy of any women.

The doctor suggested that instead of going for surgery she can take prescribed medicines which will automatically abort her pregnancy in 1 month as she was only pregnant for mere 1 week.

She accepted his advice and also thought that the doctor fooled her by squeezing such hefty money from her only to prescribe few medicines.

Shruti took the medicines and left the hospital… as soon as she was out of hospital she found that it was raining heavily with cold breeze and thunderstorms.

She tried to call some moving auto, but they did not stop…
Shruti waited for 1 hour but the rain was getting heavier and the sound of thunderstorms were just deafening with heavy lightning, she saw the time and it was 2 pm and she had to pick her kid from school at 3.

She thought that if she could walk for some distance wherein she could get the auto from the nearby stand.

Without thinking further she made her walk towards the auto stand in the heavy rains.

It was pouring and Shruti was all wet by now, her saree was sticking to her body
Her body curves were visible and her wet fat navel was making the scene hotter than the rain which was pouring.

In a hustle bustle to get to the hospital early, Shruti by mistakenly wore black colour panty and black colour bra with cream colour saree and cream colour blouse.

As it was raining heavily, Shruti didn’t realise that people had good view of her bra, panty which was visible through her wet transparent saree.

She just kept walking in the rain with her bulging breast and cleavage visible to everyone.

After walking for more than 2 km in the heavy rains, she did not find any auto in the stands and the roads were completely waterlogged. She was getting nervous and at the same time worried about her kid.

She could see that the place was very isolated with no people moving on the road.
The waterlogging was getting more severe and she could see that her legs were already submerged in the water.

Shruti saw that there was no place for shelter except for an old incomplete 3 storeys Construction building site few yards from where she was standing.

Shruti decided to take shelter till the water logging gets little less or she may fall in some potholes on the road which was not visible due to waterlogging.

Shruti made her way slowly towards the construction site and took shelter below the building.

She noticed that there was nobody in the building and the place was very filthy and stinking with garbage lying in every part of the building.
Empty alcohol bottle, used condoms and dirty clothes were just lying in most of the places making her feel that this isolated place may be used by people to fulfil their sexual needs.

Huge stake of grass were grown near the building with tall trees covering most of the building part.

She was a bit afraid at the same time shivering also due to her body getting completely wet and due to the cold breeze which was blowing along with the rains.

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Shruti Fucked by Old Watchman

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