Shruti screwed by Neighbours Father in law

Shruti screwed by Neighbours Father in law

Few weeks have passed by and everyday Shruti imagined the sexual encounters she had with Beggar Salim, Watchman Suleman and Beggar gardula Basheer.

The hardcore sex, pain, the cumshots, pis****, spi*** and verbal abuse was making Shruti crave for sex.
Such extraordinary sex was never experienced by her with her husband in her entire life.

Every day she tried checking for watchman suleman, but he was nowhere to be found.
To her bad luck she was informed that he went to native due to illness.

Shruti had sleepless nights and every hour passing was like a year.

Shruti had periods during these days and was happy that she was out of danger from pregnancy.

One day after leaving her son in school, she came back home and found that an old man was standing near her neighbour’s door.

She was not able to see his face as his back was facing her.
Shruti went straight to her house and tried to open the door when she heard someone calling from behind.

“Excuse me beti” hello…

Shruti turned towards her neighbours door and found that there was an old man with long white beard in his late 60s standing helplessly calling her

Old man:- Sorry Beti, I am nazirya’s (Shruti neighbour) father in law. My name is Usman.
I am waiting for long time but nobody seems to be opening the door.
It seems my daughter in law Nazriya is not in home. I don’t have a mobile phone, can you please call this number from your mobile. It would be kind of you.

Shruti felt sad for the old man and as it was Nazriya father in law, without hesitating she told “ why not? Please wait.

Shruti opened her door and invited the old man to get comfortable in her house.
Shruti:- Please come inside father, make yourself comfortable.

Old man Usman:- Thanks beti, so kind of you. I was tired waiting outside. Thanks beti, Thank you very much.

Shruti came back with a glass of water, “ why thanks, please be comfortable, nazriya is my friend and her father in law is like my father too”
You can wait here till she comes. Do you need anything to eat?

Old man Usman:- Thanks for the water. Please nothing to eat. So kind of you? Please try to call nazriya and check when she will be back.

Shruti called nazriya and after few minutes of discussion came back to the old man.

I just now called nazriya and she told me that there is sports day in her son’s school and she will be back in the afternoon.
She told me to take care of you till she is back.

Old man Usman:- ohhh, I shouldn’t be a burden to you, I will wait near the watchmen room.

Shruti:- please don’t say like that, treat this as your house, I don’t have any objection and if nazriya came to know that I didn’t treated well, she will never talk to me.
Please father be comfortable.

Listening to this the old man made himself comfortable on the sofa.

Shruti sat on the other sofa and started chatting with usman.
So what should I call you father.

Old man usman:- You can call me Usman chacha beti.
Shruti:- Ok I will call you chacha

Shruti was watching usman chacha closely as he was chatting with her.
He must be around 69 years old and was wearing a long white kurta, and his pyjama was knee length. He was having a fat tummy and huge body build with thick white hair covered all over his hands and chest which were poking out of his collar side.
His height was around 6 feet and had white beard without any moustache.

Shruti could sense the sexual desires towards this old man and was trying to control her emotions. In her mind she was thinking “ It is not correct. He is nazriyas father in law. How can I think of this? Oh god what am I doing. He is of some other reli****. No no I can’t do this.

Shruti was hardly able to hear what he was chatting as she was floating on sexual dreams.

His body was making her mad, suddenly she saw usman chacha calling her loudly.

Beti, Beti, Beti where are you lost? What happened? Are you okay?
Shruti came back to her senses “ oh sorry” really sorry, I was thinking something else. Sorry for that.
What were you saying?

Usman chacha with a smile:- Its ok beti, nothing, I wanted to go for washroom, can you use yours, Hope you don’t mind?

Shruti Without hesitating “no chacha absolutely fine, please go towards the left near the bedroom”

Usman chacha went inside the washroom.
Shruti was not able to control herself, she immediately went and closed the main door and went near to the washroom door.

She heard huge noise of pis**** as if there was a flush of water flowing from a pump.
He was flushing his pi** for more than 2-3 minutes.
She also hear far**** sound in between and usman chacha murmuring aaaaaaahhh ssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ssssssssssss aaaaaaaaah.

She realised that usman chacha could come out anytime, made a quick plan to seduce him.

She retuned back to the hall and sat on the sofa and pushed her saree aside so that her navel is exposed and took a magazine from the table pretending to study.

Usman chacha came back and sat on the sofa opposite to Shruti. He wiped his face with the handkerchief and suddenly was surprised to see the fair fat tummy with deep black navel of Shruti.

His eyes were stucked to her navel but he tried to avoid looking in various directions of the room purposely.

He couldn’t believe that Shruti had such beautiful navel. He slowly moved his eyes towards her entire body, her fair face and neck with mangalsutra lying on her massive breasts, her fat tummy with deep navel below which saree was tied.

Shruti slowly moved her eyes upwards to check if usman chacha was gazing at her.
She was excited in happiness to see that usman chacha was observing her and she was able to seduce the old man atleast partially.

With a smile on her face Shruti kept the magazine aside and said “ Do you need anything Usman chacha”

Usman chacha suddenly came back to his senses and replied “ ohhh no no nothing beti, nothing” Can I have a glass of water.

Shruti laughing in her mind, said it is just on the table near to you usman chacha. “Take it”

Usman chacha in a hurry burry felt ashamed that he couldn’t see the glass near to him and hurriedly tried to grab it with both hands.
The glass of water slipped from his hands and fell on the floor.

Instantly the glass broked and pieces where lying near usman chacha.
He was ashamed with this act and apologised to Shruti.

Usman Chacha:- I am, I am , am sorry beti, ohh what have I done, sorry beti and started to pick the broken glass pieces.

Shruti:- Its ok chacha, leave it, I will pick up, please leave it.
Shruti got up from her sofa and went close to chacha.

She got hold of Chachas hand with her soft hand and said “ let it be, I will clean it”

Usman Chacha was in seven heaven, the tenderness of her soft skin on his hard hands were like a soft cream.

Shruti left hold of his hands free, imagining that she had succeeded in her mission of seducing this old man.
She went near to the kitchen to get broom and dustbin to clear the broken glass pieces.

Imagining more and more options to seduce this old man badly, She adjusted her her saree knot on her waist exposing her legs till the knee. She slightly pushed her saree pallu from her breast towards the centre to expose her massive fair boobs.

She closed her eyes for a second and Imagining the dangers and seducing for the first time, Shruti only wanted now was her sexual desires to be fulfilled and this was an opportunity she was waiting for a long time.

With a long breath, she made a move towards usman chacha to clear the glass pieces.

She bent near usman chacha and was on her knees.
Usman chacha was astonished with what he saw.
His eyes were glued towards the fair sexy flesh exposing near him.

Shivers went through his body, shruti’s legs were having no hairs on it and it was so fair and soft, her deep breast cleavage was clearly visible with her bulging breasts hitting each other as she was cleaning.

Her mangalsutra was moving in out of her deep cleavage and thin spots of sweat was slipping down from her neck towards her breast.

Usman chacha was sweating like hell and watching the sexy body in front of her made his penis erect in his pyjama.

In shame and awkward situation, he was pressing both his legs together from left to right.

She knew that Usman chacha wouldn’t be able to control himself after watching such a hot fair body.

Shruti moved her eyes slowly towards usman chachas pyjamas while cleaning the glasses.

Her eyes lit up with the bulge formed on his pyjamas below his stomach

A tent like structure was already formed on his pyjama and usman chacha was caught in an awkward situation.

Shruti moved sideways to expose her breast through her blouse and fair white hips.
The hotness was in the air and usman chacha was not able to control his feelings.

As Shruti was acting to clean the glass and floor which was already cleaned by now. She moved her ass in front of usman chachas eyes making the final move on him.

The fat ass wrapped on her saree was moving from left and right and the ass creeks was clearly visible through the saree.

Usman chacha closed his eyes in desire and massaged his penis through the pyjamas.

The moving fat ass and fair hips of Shruti had now created unbearable desire in Usman Chacha.

Usman chacha got up from the sofa and instantly grabbed Shruti from behind and started kissing her shoulders and neck umaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss ummmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaah .

Shruti:- aaaaaaaaah uffffffffff aaaaaaahhh ohhhhhhhhhh whatttttt are you doinnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh please aaaaaaaahh pleaseeeeeeeee stoppppppppppppp ufffffffffffff

Usman chacha in one jerk lifted Shruti from the floor and turned her around.

Shruti eyes were gazing at him and he was watching the sexual invitation on her eyes.

Usman chacha:- I am wanna fuck you beti… you have awakened my sleeping desires. Ooooooooooohhh youo are sssssssooooooooo hot. Ohhhhhh pleaseee don’t say noooo. I wanna fuckkkkkkkkk you haaaaaaaaaaardddd oohhh

Shruti didn’t uttered a single word and closed her eyes which has accepted the plea of usman chacha.

Next instance usman chacha grabbed Shruti ass with both his hand which were already covering her entire fat ass and lifted her from the floor by 2 feet.

Shruti wrapped her legs round to usman chachas waist and wrapped her hands behind his neck.

Shruti opened her eyes and now facing straight on usman chachas eyes.
She could see the happiness and luck on the old man’s face and was ready to go for the unexpected sex waiting ahead.

Seeing her in such a state usman chacha hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead
He slowly moved his hard lips over her eyes and cheeks and without Shruti could think any further he plunged his mouth on the beautiful lips of Shruti.

His mouth was so big that Shrutis both the lips were inside his mouth and she could feel the hard sucking by usman chacha.ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Ummmmmmmmmmma ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaa ummmmmmmmm
Shruti getting the passionate kisses too was caressing his hairs and neck from the behind.

Usman chacha was kissing her like a mad dog and the caressing of Shruti was making more and more of his kisses go harder and wilder.

After a non stop hard core kissing for 5 min, Shruti felt a hot thick rod growing below her ass which she felt could have been usman chacha penis.

She thought in her mind that it was so huge that she was almost sitting on his prick which has grown longer and wider.

Usman chacha was swaying from one place to other not leaving her mouth and in Shruti still in a lifted position on this waist.
Usman chacha and Shruti swayed away to the wall and then towards the main door.

Shruti lifted her one hand upwards and closed the latch of the door during the act and continued the deep kisses.

Usman chacha carried her towards the dining table and with his right hand pushed all the plates and glasses on the floor.

He then left hold of her kisses and laid Shruti on the dining table

Shruti opened her eyes and saw that Usman chacha had pulled up his kurta and holded on his chin. His big fat belly was visible which was full of white hairs, he was having skin tags (small skin bags) all over his tummy.

Usman chacha was ruthlessly untying his noting from the pyjama as Shruti was desperate to see his penis and tried to move her head up.

He dropped his pyjamas on the floor and leaned on Shruti to get hold of her blouse.

Usman chacha removed the saree pallu from shruti’s shoulder and had the first view of her massive boobs through the blouse.
Her boobs skin already had goose bums on it and her mangalsutra lying on the massive breast was making things more hotter and wilder.

Usman chacha:- what boobs you have who*e, you motherfuc**r bitc* .
Will fuck you like a filthy whor* you Brahm** prostitute.

He moved his hands on her breast and massaged it with both his hands.
Uffff bitc* ohhhhh whoooooor************, will drink all the milk from this Lactating boobs you filthy Brah*** prostitut*.

He got hold of her blouse hooks and tried to remove the pins in a hurry, but was unsuccessful, in vain and anger he tore her blouse with his hard hands to expose her fair mellons just covered with a black 40D bra.

Usman chacha removed her mangalsutra from her neck and wore on his neck.
He then removed his kurta to expose his upper part of the body, with his chest completely covered with skin tag and hairs.
His armpit had lots of hairs and spots of lumps clearly visible his dirtiness and unhygienic condition.

Shruti not new to these condition and already had experienced more filthier body of men was desperately loving each and every move of usman chacha inching towards sexual penetration.

Usman chacha only on his underwear now, pulled Shruti saree from her body slowly slowly.
He could see the fair flesh of Shruti body as he was removing the saree, he then threw the saree to the corner of the room.
Shruti closed her eyes with her hands in shame as this musl*** chacha was removing the dignity of Brah**** housewife.

Usman chacha: open your eyes whor* enjoy the moment. There is a surprise thing waiting for you today.
You opened my dead feelings, now bear the consequences, saying this he removed his underwear and threw it aside.

Wanna see bitc*, wanna see Bitc*, see what I have for you…. saying this he pulled her by her neck from the table and made her sit positioned in front of his penis.

Shruti stunned for a second what she saw.
A huge penis around 8 inch long lying limp below his fat stomach till the knee.

He had a bunch of pubic hairs on his penis and a fat ball lying below was almost a size of Shruti face.
Strong pungent smell of urin* was coming out of his penis.
She closely watched his penis and found that his penis was infected with yeast infection which had spread almost on most of the penis shaft with white patches and red boils.

Usman chacha:- did you like that whor** , did you like that huhh!!! You filthy whor***
Now make that dirty limp thing the hardest object you whor**, come on beti take it, take it in your wet mouth. Ohhhh takeee it, saying this usman chacha pushed Shruti face and rubbed on his pubic hairs.

Shruti licked his pubic hairs as her face was covered on his hairs. She holded usman chachas ass with her hands and continued licking his pubic hairs

Usman chacha was in heavens feeling the brah*** wife was now doing as he was ordering her to do.

He slowly moved his hands on her back and untied her bra straps and pulled it in one instant tearing the brazier into pieces.
Usman chacha was feeling his long penis moving inside her cleavage in a limp position.

He was pushing his waist back and forth and ramping on her face fiercely.
Usman chacha:- oohhhhhhh lick, lickkkkk, lickkkkkkkk you whor*, you filthy whor*

Shruti:- ummmmmmmaaaaummmmm umhaaaaaaaaa uffffffaaaaaaaa
Usman grabbed her hair and pulled her face from licking him.
He found that her face was full of wet saliva with bits of worn out hairs sticking on her face.

He then gurgled his throat with a huge noise and spi* on her face.
Usman:- lickkkk my dirty spi* you whor*, lickkkkkkk it

Shruti was hardly able to bear the terrible smell of his spi*
Usman:- lickkkkkk it or I twist your head
Shruti slowly slowly moved her tongue near her upper parts of her lips and tried to lick the spi* near the nose and cheeks ummmma ummmmmm lllllcccccccc ummmmmmm ummmmmmmmmm, suddenly she heard another loud noise of spi* gurgling and within a second in came another splash of spi* which was more then the earlier.

This went on and on for 10-15 minutes which usman chacha almost emptying his mouth by spi****g on Shruti face for 25 to 30 times.

Her face was covered with usman chacha spit completely drenched.
Usman Chacha then grabbed her hands and made her stand and plunged his dirty mouth on her lips and kissed her.

As both them of them were kissing continuously, usman chacha was massaging Shruti ass above the saree skirt she was wearing.

He then moved his hands towards the robe of her skirt and untied it.
Next he pushed the skirt on the ground and massaged her ass again through the beautiful black panties feeling the softness of her tender ass skin.

Usman chacha:- ohhhhh soo soft ass you have whor*.. today I am gonna tear it apart I am gonna tear it you filthy bit**…ohhhhhhhhh whor******** ohhhhhh I am going madddddddddddd you filthy Brah************ bitc*****************

Saying this he strongly got hold of her panties from behind and tore it with both his hands.
Usman chacha now feeling the complete ass of Shruti had closed his eyes in desire.

He kept on massaging her ass with her tore panty still on her thighs.
Usman kisses were more vigorous than earlier and was plunging his mouth hard on Shruti lips ummmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhh ummmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaassssssssss ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaahhh ummmmaaaaaaaaaaaah

Usman chacha moved his right hand towards Shruti pussy and touched the pussy lips.
Shivers went through his body, there was no single hair near her pussy and it was smoother than her ass skin.
He moved his middle finger and rubbed on her pussy lips.
Ohhhh beti cant imagine this is my day. Ohhhhh shi*** hole …. Offff bit*****
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh shhhhhhhh
He kept on sliding his fingers on her pussy lip from up till bottom.

Shruti still continuously kissing usman chacha could feel a pole like object growing between her thighs.The flow of blood veins of his penis can be felt by Shruti on her thighs.

She felt that it was usman chacha dick but never imagined that it would be so fat and long and still growing between her thighs.

Usman chacha felt her pussy getting soaked and sticky wet.
His fingers were sliding through the pussy lips as he was plunging his hard kisses.

Usman chacha lifted her buttocks and again made her sit on his waist.
She immediately wrapped her legs behind chachas waist.

Shruti again felt that his dick was now growing rapidly and it was now touching below her pussy & ass as she was almost sitting on it.

Shruti moved her eyes below but was not able to see anything as her fair belly was sticked to the dirty fat tummy of usman chacha.

Shruti moved her face towards usman chacha chest and started licking his dirty nipple which had skin tags and pipple around it. Ummmmmm ummmmmm muhuuuuu

Usman chacha was rising from the sexual desire and wanted to fuck Shruti the hardest way possible.

Usman chacha released the hold from shruti’s buttock and made her stand now.
He released his kisses and left hold of Shruti.

Shruti mouth was red and swollen due to the hard core kissing.
She was dying to see the penis as she got separated.

Usman chacha penis had grew almost 13 inch long and 5 inch thicker, his penis was
Infected with yeast and red 7 white spots were visible almost everywhere.
The penis head was almost formed fat like a tennis ball

Her eyes were gazing in surprise as she has never seen anything like this even from the people she had hard core sex earlier.

Usman chacha sat on the sofa and was massaging his penis shaft with his hands from top to bottom.

Usman chacha: – come on whor*, see what you have made out of me.
Now put your beautiful lips on this and lubricate it. hahahahahahahah

Even my daughter in law Nazriya was not as beautiful as you are. I have never seen a body like you before even with the 30 womens I fucked before.

Hearing this Shruti was in a state of shock as her best friend nazriya was already been fucked by this huge penis and the 30 womens he was talking about from whom he may have got infected.
Shruti was getting afraid of the consequences and also the fact that she had never seen such a huge penis before which would definitely tear her apart.

Shurti:- please chacha, we will only have oral sex, please I cannot take such a big thing in me. I am like your beti, please don’t hurt me. I want to get enjoyment but this will hurt me and I may fall unconscious or die.
Pleassee I beg you, please, please, please don’t fuck me with it.

Usman Chacha:- laughing loudly hahahahahahahahahaha.
You are the one you made this so hard, now bear the consequences, I will not hurt you beti, come on take it in your mouth, come on baby.

Shruti slowly bent herself and sat on the knee and was watching the massive prick in front of her.

The pungent smell of uri** was coming from his penis area.
Usman chacha was massaging his shaft with his right hand as flakes of white patches were falling out of his penis .

Usman grabbed Shruti head with his left hand thrusted his penis straight in her mouth.

Usman Chacha:- Enough staring now taste the giant penis. Hahahahah
Aaahhh aaaaaahhh yesssssssssss yessssssssssss aaaaaaaaahhh

Shruti almost chocked with this sudden thrusting, the penis was so fat that only the head and a small part of shaft was insider her mouth.

His penis smelt like hell and Shruti couldn’t bear the salty pungent dirty taste of his penis.

As her mouth was having a complete grip on his penis, flakes of white patches were coming off from his penis and falling on his massive testicles.
She swallowed some and some flakes were sticking to her mouth.

Usman chacha pushed her torn panties with his leg which was hanging on her thighs and kept massaging her thighs with his foot.

Shruti meanwhile was choking with the hardcore thrust as her eyes were poping out due to the head of penis hitting her throat badly.

She couldnt stop as usman chacha was holding her head very strongly and he had closed her eyes in ecstasy.

Shruti couldn’t bear and threw out.

Shruti:- ulllllllllllllllvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaohhhhhhhhhh ulllllllllllvaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhh. uuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaohhh

Gallons of vom** came out of her mouth and flowing on the shaft of his penis to the bottom of his penis.

Usman chacha felt angry on the hot watery vomi*** of Shruti which dirtied his penis and shouted at Shruti
“ you moth**Fu*** brah*** bitch how dare you dirtied my penis”

I will you show you what fucking is…. I will tear you apart you who***. You fucking who***

Saying this he pulled back her head from his penis and slapped her tightly.

Shruti almost fell 2 feets away from the sofa and laid on the floor unconscious.
Usman chacha:- you bitc* how dare you dirtied my penis.

He got up from the sofa and pulled her hands with Shruti still unconscious state.

He then cleaned vom** on his penis with his hands and poured and rubbed it all over her face.

Usman Chacha:- Eat your dirtiness you Brah*** prostit***

Hahahahah hahahaha

He kept on slapping her hard making her to come into conscious.
Shruti then felt a flush of hot water on her face coming with very hard force.

She slowly gained conscious due to the water and saw that usman chacha was standing behind with his penis pis*** like jet pump.

The taste of urin* was salty and pungent, she moved slightly to drink it as she felt very thirsty.

The urin* flowed from his penis for more than 2 min and her sofa was completely drenched with urin**.

She was slowly gaining conscious and laid on the sofa exposing her back completely to usman chacha.

The fair fleshy back and plump ass cracks was enough for usman chacha to make his final move on her.

He gurgled his throat with loud noise khhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa khhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa and collected the spi* on his mouth.

Then spit the entire thing on his palms collecting it like bowl.
Usman chacha poured the half litre spi** on her ass and lubricated it well with his hands.

Her ass was completely wet and shining due to his spi* .
Usman chacha murmured softly:- Bis******** and separated her ass with both his hands.
He then holded his penis head on her anus and tried to push slowly.
Shruti was getting astonishing pain and groaned loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Usman chacha put all his power and with one thrust his penis head went inside her anus Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttcccccccccccccc***************************

He grabbed her waist tightly and pushed even harder than before ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shruti almost shuddered on the sofa due to the pain and moved from left to right to get off him but the powerful of usman chacha was not going to leave her off.

He was now feeling that Shruti was under tremendous pain and tried to penetrate her ass even harder by thrusting deep.

Almost half of his penis was inside her ass and he was on the verge of pushing his entire 13 inch fat pole inside her as he has never penetrated the entire dick in any women’s body

Shruti was on tremendous pain as if his penis will almost coming out of her mouth.
Usman chacha grabbed her waist very tightly and pushed Shruti towards to corner of the sofa with Shruti expecting something very bad going to happen to her.

With the final move usman chacha with a loud shout pushed his entire penis inside Shruti ass “bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmmm**************************************************** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Out came a big splash of bloo* from her ass as usman chacha kept on giving thrust after thrust .

He teared her anus walls with his huge penis and was going mad in fucking her ass in the wildest way possible.

Shruti was unconscious and not knowing that her ass was split apart.
After 10 min of hardcore fucking usman chacha felt his veins flowing with hot cum moving towards the tip of his penis.

With a deep breath he emptied his entire cum deep inside her anus which was splashed 10 to 15 times inside her ass as usman chacha kept on fucking her till his balls were soaked.

With his enthusiasm calming down as his thrust slowed down he withdrew his penis slowly and opened his eyes to see what he has done to the Brah*** housewife.

His eyes were in utter shock to what he saw. her ass hole was swollen and was red with bloo** patches and sperms flowing out of her ass with the combination of bloo*

He fell on the floor with Shruti still on the sofa lying unconscious.
After almost one hour usman chacha gained conscious and tried to get up from the floor.

He immediately got up and went near to Shruti to see if she was alright and due to the blind ecstasy of hardcore sex he didn’t hurt her badly.

He wiped her face with torn panty of Shruti which was lying on the floor.
Her ass was still swollen but no sperms or bloo* was flowing out.

Usman chacha slowly tapped her cheeks with his hands “ wake up beti. Beti wake up… r you alright beti…. Wake up beti”

Shruti slowly responded due to the tapping as her eyes flickered.
Usman chacha went on to the kitchen and bought some water.

He tried to pour it in her mouth and splashed it on her face.
Shruti gained conscious slowly slowly with tremendous pain in her ass “ aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhh ufffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh”

Aaahhh ittttsssssssssss paaininggggggggg aaaaaaaahhhh I am dyinnnnnnnnnngggggggg in pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhh

Hearing this usman chacha replied “ don’t worry beti nothing to worry, you will be alright in sometime”

Shruti:- what did you do to me? What did you do chacha? My anus is paining like its split apart? Aaaaaaaaaahhh

Usman chaccha:- don’t worry I just split your virgin ass beti? Wait I will heal it immediately saying this he went to get something from his bag.

Shruti not able to move even a bit due to pain just laid on the same position on the sofa.

Usman chacha got a small bottle which had a red liquid. It was a desi made anaesthesia liquid to reduce the pain.

He poured the liquid on the swollen ass hole and rubbed softly with his fingers.
Shruti shivering to every touch of usman chacha as it was paining hard. She kept on weeping to her unfortunate condition created by herself only

Tears rolled down her cheecks thinking if she would have not seduced usman chacha this would have been avoided.

After 10-15 min of massage, she felt better as pain had vanished instantly and she was not feeling her ass holed due to anaesthesia medicine.

Usman chacha lifted her from the sofa with both his hands and laid on the big sofa properly.

Shruti could see the satisfaction on usman chacha face.
He removed the mangalsutra from his neck and tied it on her neck.

Usman Chacha:- I never had such a wonderful encounter with any of the mus*** whores I fucked so far. You were the best. From today you are my wife and I will stay with my son till I die fucking you.

Saying this he wore his pyjama and kurta and waited in the hall for her daughter in law nazriya to arrive.

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Shruti screwed by Neighbours Father in law