Sisters Swap Husbands – Sex Stories

Sisters Swap Husbands – Sex Stories

My wife, Di, and I were having her sister and husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di’s older sister but the two of them were fairly close to each other. Mary’s husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one seemed to get riled up about anything. Di and I were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.
Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one was in great shape. The similarity between the sisters was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of five foot four with Mary being the shorter of the two. They each weighted around one hundred and ten pounds and had the same tiny frames with nice thirty-four B breasts. Each has an incredible ass, tight and nicely rounded. They both worked out to keep in shape and it showed. The biggest difference was the eyes and hair. Where Di was a striking red head with hazel eyes, Mary was a raven black hair blue eyed beauty. Both women were head turners by any standards.

Jerry and I both were older than our wives by about nine years. Jerry being fifty and my being forty-eight made for an extremely easy bonding. Jerry was in some what better shape than me standing six foot one and two hundred and ten pounds. I was an even six foot and two hundred and twenty. Both of us were showing gray and comfortable with it. As far as Jerry and I went, I suppose if it wasn’t for a good personality we most likely wouldn’t turn the heads of young girls as we walked by.

When Mary and Jerry showed up on Friday we all hugged and kissed having not seen each other for several months. We all sat around catching up on things and cocktailing until two a.m. or later.

Jerry has always been an early riser so when Di got up at seven to go to work for a few hours she was not surprised to find Jerry up and drinking his coffee. Mary and I on the other hand enjoyed sleeping in.

I rose about nine and pulled my robe on over my unclothed body and headed for the kitchen. I knew that Di would be at work but was surprised not to find Jerry. As I was making another pot of coffee I found the note on the counter.

Hi Hon, Jerry and I went to the take care of the things I had to do this morning. We should be back by ten with his help. When my lazy sister gets up tell her to hurry up and get showered so we can get to the Camp early.

See you soon, Love, Di

I looked at the clock; nine on the nose. Well, if we were lucky Mary would be up by ten. I started to pick up the kitchen while the coffee brewed. I was washing some dishes when Mary sneaked up behind me and poked in the ribs scaring the shit out of me. I must have jumped a mile in the air as I spun around to face her. As I did the sash on my robe lost its grip and by the time I was facing my Sister-in-Law my robe was wide open. My heart was beating so fast I didn’t even notice my robe was open. Mary had stepped back and was laughing hard from catching me by surprise.

“Son of a bitch Mary, You scared the fuck out of me.” I barely managed to get out as I faced her.

“Jesus that was funny. I thought you heard me coming .God the look on your face Ron…hee?hee?hee.” She had her hand on her stomach and chest as she laughed and looked at me.

“Well you damn near gave me a heart attack,” I said with a giggle getting caught up in her laughter. “God Mary, you shit.” I chided her now laughing almost as hard as she was.

“Well at least I got a free show for my efforts. Nice package.” Mary said, as she looked at me her laughter subsiding. I followed her stare to my crotch and realized then that I was fully exposed to my beautiful Sister-in- Law. It was a warm day and my friend had no reason to be shy so he just hung there in all his glory.

I have never been one to be was hung up on nudity so I grabbed the sides of my robe and opened them wider and said, “Why thank you.” I then took a bow before her and closed the robe as I stood up right.

“Oh no, thank you. I enjoyed the view.” She kidded me.

“You?re a funny girl, woman” I said as I reached out and took her in my arms to give her a hug. As couples and friends hugging and kissing wives and husbands was a normal routine for everyone so my giving Mary hug did not surprise her. The reaction on my part however was not normal. As I took her in my arms and pulled her close the feel of her firm breasts pressing against me caused an instant stir in my groin and I felt the all-familiar feel of the blood rushing to my cock.

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It took all of two seconds for me to explode to an almost full erection as I held Mary close to my body with my chin resting on the top of her head. I pulled my groin away so I could avoid a more embarrassing situation. I wasn’t sure if Mary had felt it or not but I decided to give her a quick kiss on the top of the head and turn back to the dishes before she couldn’t help but miss it.

As I pulled away to turn Mary put her arms around my neck and pulled me down and gave me a warm kiss pulling away staring deeply into my eyes. Needless to say this didn’t help matters with my throbbing member. After a couple of seconds, I pulled away and turned back to the sink.

“Jerry and Di are over taking care of what Di had to do. There’s a note there from her on the counter there.”

I said as I dived back into the dishes trying to get my cock to settle down. I noticed very little effect however. Di and I had talked before and I told her of a dream I had about Mary several years ago. It involved Mary being in bed with us.

A few years back, Di and I were visiting them. As normal, we had been tipping a few drinks most of the day. Anyway, as I said before we are all really close so it is never a surprise or shock to any of us when the conversation turned to sex, which it usually did. We were talking about lesbianism and our views on it. Di was loud and clear that she thought the whole thing was disgusting. The other three of us picked up on this and really teamed up to pick on her.

So this went on most of the day with all of us laughing and making jokes. We all went to supper and for a short time the conversation changed. But being the instigator I brought it back up at the table. We were all laughing and I asked Mary what she thought about doing a little three-way action with a guy and a gal. Mary very calmly said she might try it with the right people. The way she said it and her body language told me there may have been a little truth in it.

Well, when we were home several weeks later I had the dream. Mary, Di and I were in bed together. I was in the middle and both girls were kissing me. We were all naked as the two of them stroked my cock. I sort of remembered having sex with one of them in the dream but I was unclear on which one it was.

I told Di about the dream in the morning and the parts I remembered. We fucked like animals as she made me describe what I was thinking about her sister. I told her that I would like to fuck Mary. I was really curious to see if the two them felt the same, looked the same and fuck the same. I fucked Di slow and deep as I mentally and verbally imagined it was Mary I was balling. Di got off on the fantasy and we have done it a few times since.

Well now, I was in my kitchen with a throbbing cock and Mary was not more then six feet away from me in her nightgown. Mary always wore an extra large t-shirt nightgown with screen-printing on it. This one was no different.

“Lazy sister! That little bitch, I ought to smack her.” Mary said as she read the note. I turned out of natural response when I heard her speak to look in her direction. Mary was bent over the counter and the back of her nightgown was just high enough to allow me to see the crack of her cute tight ass. She stood there slowly moving it back and forth as she read. From my viewpoint I wasn’t sure but it didn’t appear my darling little Sister-in-Law was wearing any panties. She then reached around and pulled up the shirt and scratched her right ass cheek. No, no panties. My cock was on fire.

I turned from the sink; I have no idea why and came up behind her. I was formulating a plan as I moved. My mind was reeling as I approached that mound of soft white flesh. I had it, I thought, I’ll pretend I’m teasing her for scaring me. Yes, make it a game; that way I have a way to back out and apologize. Hell, I?ve kidded her hundreds of times about her ass and the view. I’ll just do it again. Yes, this would work. No, flesh contact, I have my robe closed. She would drop the shirt before I got there. I would get to press my cock on her ass. I stepped up behind her and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to me.

“You should watch where you wiggle that cute little ass girl.” I said as I nestled my raging hard cock in the crack of her ass. I was partially right on the clothing, my robe was still close but her shirt was now over her hips as I looked down at her.

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“Why some horny old man going to have to go jack off cause he saw it?” She said wiggling her ass on my cock. She stayed bent over never lifting from her bent state. Hell, she never even looked at me. She stayed there bent over pushing and wiggling her ass back on me.


“Old? Maybe. Horny? Yes. Jack off? Depends.” I said as I got more brazen and rubbed my steel hard rod up and down in her crack.

“Oh really? Depends on what? Maybe he is depending on something out of his control, you know like premature ejaculation.” She then reached over her back and pulled my robe open so that my cock was bare and resting against her warm naked flesh. “Never can tell what these older guys can handle you know.”

I looked down at my seven inches of manhood as I rubbed it again up and down her ass crack. I was careful not to get to carried away and allow it to go to low. This was still a game I had just fabricated to play.

“Handle? Hmmm, I think that was a challenge.” I said getting a little bolder as we ‘played the game.’

“What do you think you are challenging?” That took me a little back. Was she calling it quits or calling my bluff? My heart was pounding in my chest. I was about to use the safety net I planned out moments before when I felt her hand on my balls. She had reached down between her legs and took my balls in her hand and squeezed them. Fuck, this is Mary my wife’s sister and I had my cock lying on her bare ass and she had my balls in her hand. If anyone tells you a cock doesn’t control the brain, they lie.

“Challenging?” Now was the time. Was it or wasn’t it a game? “Well, if I can get past the gate keeper.” I pulled back and kneeled down and positioned the tip of my cock so it was gently setting just above her pussy. If I was going to get into a bad spot it would be now. I felt her hand leave my balls. Then ever so gently I felt her fingers take hold of my shaft.

“Getting past the gate keeper is just a matter of having the right key for the lock.” With that she raised her ass up a touch and placed the tip of my burning cock squarely at the opening of her sex. I could feel the heat it was generating. She then expertly pulled my cock down through the furrow of her slit to her cunt lips and back up again. I felt the crown became soaked with her moisture. Her pussy lips were tight and did not extend out of her vagina. I felt no hair around her cunt hole. She put the head of my dick firmly at the opening of her love tunnel and ran her fingers gently up and down my shaft.

My head was racing. I was looking down at my sister-in-law?s ass with my dick posed to slide into her. Her tight little ass looked so small to my large body. I was at the door. All it would take is a little shove and I could sink into her hot, wet pussy. My hands were still on her hips. It took about one nanosecond for me to decide.

“Then I hope the key works.” I said and pushed my cock into her. I found no resistance as I entered her. The head of my dick popped through her labia and I slid into her all the way till my stomach was resting on her ass.

“Oh Gawd, ” Mary hissed as I slid my hard joint into her to the hilt. She pulled her hand away as soon as I pushed into her and placed it back on the counter. She then put her head on her forearms and pushed her ass back at me.

I thought I was going to blow my wad then and there. I did it. I had my cock buried in my beautiful sister-in- law’s wet cunt. I felt the pulsing of her pussy around my pole. I knew no matter what I did I was not going to be able to hold out long. Just the thought of having my cock in another woman was a huge turn on, but Mary! I pulled my member back about half way out of its warm sheath and slid back in again. God, she was tight. As tight as Di, I thought as I filled her once again with meat.

Without letting my hold go on her hips I placed my thumbs in the crack of her ass and pulled it open. I could see my dick slid in and out of her wet hole. My cock was covered with her cunt juice. She was absolutely soaked. I watched as I pulled back until just the head was inside of her and then shoved it back home again. I was on top of the world.

“Jesus Mary, you are fucking hot. You have a great fucking pussy.” I grunted as I fucked her from behind.

“God Ron I never thought I would do this. Oh fuck, this feels good. I can’t believe we are doing this.” She never lifted her head from her arms as she spoke.

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“You think we should stop?” I asked, giving my cock a hard push deep into her to emphasize the statement was bullshit.

“What the fuck for? We’re here, let?s finish it. Jesus, I am so fucking hot. It won’t take me long. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me just like that.” We had gotten a fairly good tempo going now and Mary was fucking back at me with good hard pushes. I could feel her cunt muscles milking me as I rode on into her. If she was like her sister she would get right to he edge of orgasm and ride there till I came. Either way it was not going to be long for me.

I pulled my right hand from her hip and reached under her till I found her swollen clit. I gently started to rub the little knob as I drove my cock in and out of her tight hot cunt. This brought a shudder from Mary as I masturbated her as we fucked.

The effect was exactly what I hoped for. Within seconds, she was climbing the walls and ready to explode. I was elated because the feel of the friction her wonderful pussy was putting on my cock had me on the verge as well.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum Ron. Fuck me.” Mary yelled as I jabbed into her. “I’m cumming. OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING” She wailed. I thrust my hard member into her about ten more time and that was all I could handle. I drove my cock as hard and as deep as I could into my sexy sister-in-law and fired my load deep into her.

“OH YES, CUM! CUM IN ME! I FEEL YOU CUMMING! SQUIRT ME FULL OF IT! FILL ME UP!” She raised her head and looked over her shoulder at me for the first time since I came up behind her. Then I felt her grab my balls and squeeze them. Not soft like before but a good hard squeeze. This brought extra pleasure to my already hot orgasm.

“Yes, Squeeze the cum out of my balls Mary. I love it. Can you feel me cumming in you? Can you? Fuck I have wanted to this for so long.” I pulled out part way and slammed back into her. God, she felt great.

“I feel it Ron, I feel you shooting in me. I love the feel of it. It’s dripping out of me! I feel it on my hand.

OHhhhhh.” She released her tight grip on my nut sack and brought her hand up for my inspection. “See it?

I feel it running down my legs now. God!”

I had both hands on her hips again as I slowly wormed my now satisfied cock in her well-drenched twat. We both slowly basted in the warmth of our orgasms. Finally, I pulled my softening cock from her over flowing hole. When I did a huge wad of our cums gushed out of her and hit the floor. She quickly put her hand over her pussy to stop the flow and quickly turned and headed for the bathroom with out saying a word.

I wondered if there was going to be an after fuck that neither one of us counted on? This was the first time I really cheated on my wife and then to do it with her sister. Shit. I cleaned cum from the floor as I heard the shower start. ‘God, it must reek of sex in here’ I thought as Mary was cleaning herself.

Shit what time is it. Damn! Nine forty five. I dashed to the master bath and grabbed the aerosol. Returning to the kitchen and applied a liberal dose and headed for the shower myself. What I just did was no longer a game and I knew Di would smell sex on me.

As I stood in the shower I hoped that Mary was going to be OK with this. Shit, if she had second thoughts afterwards, she would tell Di. Then I would be a fucking piece of toast.

I heard my wife enter the bathroom bringing me out of my deep thought. Well, we’ll know in about thirty minutes, I thought.

“Hey in there, I’m home. Jerry really was a great help. We got it all done. What do you say we get our butts in gear and go party?” Di called to me over the shower. Boy, if she only knew.

When I got out of the shower Di was packing the bag for the trip. We had reserved a camp site at a nearby state park for a few days. We had packed the S.U.V. the night before so all that was left were the clothes and food. We had a large eight-person tent we were all going to stay in with two inflatable queen size air mattresses. As I said before, we were all fairly close and modesty never seemed to be much of an issue.

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Sisters Swap Husbands – Sex Stories

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