Soft Breath by WorryStone447

Soft Breath
by WorryStone447

Soft Breath

My hand quietly rapped on the wooden door as I entered her bedroom. I could see her little body curled into the giant teddy bear her dad got her for christmas. Her chest, covered in the thin cotton

material from her nightgown, gently rose with every breath. Her blonde hair spilled out on the pillow behind her head. I crossed her room and sat on the side of her bed, resting one hand on her hip; My

breath hitched when I realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I shook her awake, and she turned to me with her big brown eyes.

“Hey mom,” Emma said, voice raspy, “What time is it?”

My eyes flicked down to my watch. I could barely stand removing my gaze from adorable face; it was round with baby fat, little freckles dotted her tan skin. Emma’s friend Mackenzie had a pool and

since it was spring break, the two spent most days outside. I had to replenish our sunscreen stock three times because of those two, but at least I won’t pay any hospital bills.

I smiled and replied, “Oh, a little after ten. My boss hates me; had me stay an extra two hours, even though she knows it takes an hour to drive home.” I huffed and tilted my head back, “I was

surprised when your dad said you were up here, though. Feels like you haven’t been home in forever.”

Emma laughed and adjusted her position on the bed so her legs were pointing forward and slightly open. One of her bare thighs brushed my hand, and I held my breath. Her skin was so smooth, so

touchable. I hated myself for even thinking that.

It suddenly felt hot in the room, and I became much too aware of my body.

Emma started talking and I was pulled back to reality, “I had plans for tonight, but I cancelled them. I went swimming, then hiking, like, totally uphill saturday, then Ava Duvey had that party two nights

ago, you know? So I’m still totally whipped after that,” she ran a crudely polished hand over her thigh, massaging the surface. The nail polish was cracked and old, but the bright pink still made her tan

thighs look perfectly golden. I wanted to touch her. I was disgusted with myself, but at the same time knew there was no denying it.

“I don’t know,” Emma continued, “My body is just completely busted.”

Her brown eyes blinked at me, and I was too busy picturing her naked body to respond. Her eighteenth birthday had just passed, but I’d secretly wanted to fuck her since she was fourteen. When

she was younger she took dance lessons, and her body was so tight. I remember her tight little ass jiggling as she bounced around the stage at her last recital. Her body only covered by a thin piece

of black fabric that was see-through whenever she passed directly under a light. It was only noticeable if you knew what to look for, but when I scanned the crowd after a particularly titillating move

under a bright light, there were plenty of conspicuous crotch-adjusting men I saw. It made me wet just thinking about it.

My cheeks were hot, but they didn’t compare to the heat I was feeling down below. I was starting to throb as I stared at my daugher, her body on full display, begging me to touch it.

“I-I could give you a massage?” I prayed she didn’t here the crack in my voice, as I reached forward, perhaps a bit too eager.

She just smiled and nodded, apparently oblivious to my turmoil, “It’s mostly my legs, though, so I don’t know if I really need to, like, turn over or anything.”

I shook my head, “Just close your eyes, I’ll take care of you.”

She lay flat on the bed with her arms by her side and closed her eyes, just as she was told. The smile on her lips didn’t fade and neither did mine. I reached over to her dresser and grabbed a bottle of

lotion. I pumped the cold liquid directly onto her brown skin, and my pussy jumped when she let out a little moan. Her eyes were still closed, but her mouth was now making a small ‘o’ instead of a

bright smile.

“You ok, baby?” I said with a small giggle, before pushing my knuckles directly into the side of her left thigh, just to get a reaction. I wanted to toy with her and see how far she was willing to go. I

licked my lips when she groaned again; her nipples started to poke through her nightgown. Fuck, I wanted to taste her, lick her, and make her cum, but I needed to be patient.

My hands worked their way higher and suddenly Emma’s hips rocked forward, following a rather loud moan. I wondered if Greg could hear us.

I didn’t realize her thrust sent my index finger into her pussy. Her glossy lips parted, letting my finger slip in; I could feel how wet she was. I wondered if it was because of how I was touching her or if it

was just hormones–eighteen-year-old girls are always soaking wet, so it was hard to tell. I reluctantly pulled away after a few moments.

“Sorry,” she licked her lips, eyes still closed, “I just wasn’t expecting that.”

I laughed awkwardly and squeezed her thigh, trying to think of a way to get my finger back into her pussy. My hand rubbed circles into her muscles; every time I dipped closer and closer towards her

crotch. I could feel the heat rising from her perfect mound, but any confidence I had before disappeared inside of me. The walls of my sex still pounded for a taste of my daughter’s sweet juices, but

twang of guilt kept me from acting on it.

I pulled my hand back from near her pussy and kept massaging her; little whimpers teased me as I worked out her knots. I just wanted to make her feel good.

But I also needed release.

As I prodded Emma, I tried covertly twisting my crotch to somehow get off. My hips slowly ground into the side of the bed as I struggled to not disturb my daughter. My efforts were futile though; I

couldn’t touch my clit, so I couldn’t cum.

“Mom?” Emma croaked after about fifteen minutes. I lifted my hands and waited for a response. “I know it’s late, but could you help me take a bath? I might not be able to walk down the hall.”

I tried not to stay quiet as I thought about her delicate body, wet and warm in the bathtub. Soap running down her stomach as she rubs her nipples. At first, I imagine, she washes her breasts

normally, but when she grazes over the sensitive area, they rise to attention. She starts t squeeze them, sending little shocks to her clit. Fuck.

“Mom?” She breaks me out of my sex haze.

I stammer for a second before replying, “Sure, I’ll go start the tub then help you walk over there.”


Once the water was the perfect temperature, I returned to Emma’s room to help her up. She wasn’t kidding when she said she might not be able to walk; she could barely stand. Her legs were

total jelly. I wrapped my arm around her waist and guided her to the bathroom, sitting her down on the toilet lid. I stood back as she peeled off her thin nightgown and kept my eyes fixed on her. Her

nipples were hard as diamonds. About half the size of a pencil eraser and a deep brown, they complimented her good sized chest well. She was so beautiful, I wanted to attack her right there; make

her cum so hard she’d thank me after. But I stayed still, watching her.

She was always complaining about how “humongous” her boobs were. I’ll admit they were a bit big for her 5’4” frame, but they hang at just the right angle and looked stunning. I thought of my own

breasts; they weren’t as perky as hers, I had two kids anyway. They were around the same size, however, maybe a cup bigger. We shared similar shaped nipples, too, but mine are a bit pinker.

My eyes trailed down to Emma’s crotch. Her legs were closed, so I could only see her pubic mound. She wasn’t shaved, but it was trimmed neatly. The dark brown hairs curled delicately, begging to

be touched.

“Oh, um, you can go, mom,” her fingers went to cover her crotch and my face felt like fire. I turned around and closed the door behind me without saying a word. I was so embarrassed; I couldn’t think

straight, but my pussy was still hornily chugging away.

I needed to cum, so I charged out into the living room where Greg was watching TV. His back was to me, and I was about to practically jump him when I decided to change out of my work clothes

first. I mean, I could have fucked him in boring office clothes, but I’d rather give my man a boner without even touching him. I raced back to my room to get ready.


I waltzed out into the living room, my arrival accompanied by the sound of war coming from the TV. Who knows what he was watching, some old seventies film it looked like. Ugh, I hoped he wasn’t

on one of his nostalgia kicks. Those were days, sometimes weeks, where he’d “reminisce” over old movies and albums no one really cared about.

His eyes were still glued to the flatscreen when I plopped down into his lap, back against him. The black fabric from my lingerie barely covering my ass. Had he been able to get a front view of me,

he’d be able to see the mass amounts of cleavage spilling out of the black lace as well.

My pussy purred in enjoyment as I ground my hips into his lap. I only had time for a quick, “hey honey,” before his cock stood at full attention. He just groaned in response. With a laugh I leaned back

and laid into his arms. His back was warm against my body and if I moved just an inch to the right, the head of his cock would drill right into my clit.

“How was your day?” My thumb trailed over his arm where he held me; I moved my head to look at him as well as I could. We hadn’t gotten a chance to really talk yet; when I got home he was in his

office finishing up some work.

He smiled, but I could tell he was struggling. His cock still strained against my leg; I turned around in his lap, so my tits were in his face.

“It wasn’t too bad, or at least, I don’t think I’ll give fuck in a minute.” Greg laughed and grabbed my hips, pulling me down onto his dick. He swirled me in a circle and my aching clit rubbed against his


Lust took control. I turned my head to look directly into his eyes and moaned, “fuck me.”

That was all he needed.

“God, I love you,” he grunted as he picked me off of him and set me on the couch, legs splayed. My bare pussy dripped in anticipation and a trail of cum tickled my tight asshole. I was about to pout

when Greg pushed his face into my sex. He licked it from asshole to as close as he could get to my clit without touching it. He dipped his tongue inside of me to tease me and I couldn’t control the

noise I was making. I was being too loud, but I didn’t care. His tongue swirled over my lips and licked up my juices. Slowly he worked his way to my sweet spot. He pressed his tongue firmly on my

clit and my back shot up. I couldn’t breath and was starting to shake. I just rode it out, it was all just a part of the fun.

He started to laugh into my pussy, but it came out more as a guttural groan. It vibrated the lips of my vagina, and I cooed.

He flicked his eyes to me, staring me down. He sprang up–a predatory glint about him; he was going to pound me with no remorse. I almost came in excitement. All at once I felt him shove his curved

shaft inside of me; he pinned down my arms behind my back and left my breasts on full display. He bent down and sucked my left nipple into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the nub, while

drilling my pussy, then rolled it gently between his teeth.

I bounced my hips into his oncoming thrusts; he wasted no time, attacking my pussy repeatedly. It felt so good. I wished he’d grabbed my throat and held me down.

“Oh fuck, Greg. Your cock is so big, you’re gonna make me cum,” I squealed in between thrusts; I could barely choke out the words. But I knew my man liked me to stroke his ego, among other


He lifted his head and closed his eyes, still pumping my juicy pussy, “Fuuuuck,” he moaned. I closed my head and leaned back, continuing to match his thrusts with my own. I lifted my hands to my

nipples and squeezed them. Shocks ran down to my pussy as I continued to tug on them. I was getting so close to cumming, I couldn’t take it. I whimpered and moaned as he pummeled me.

Then he tensed up and didn’t breathe. I thought he was going to cum, but after a few seconds of nothing I opened my eyes to look at him. His eyes were wide and staring at something in front of him. I

flipped my entire body over to look, his dick falling out of me in the process. Emma and I locked eyes; she was standing at the bottom of the stairs in nothing but a towel. I didn’t know what to do, so I

just froze.

And I stayed frozen even when Greg grabbed me from behind, doggystyle, and shoved his cock back inside me. The dam in my pussy broke as I came harder than ever before. My eyes were still

trained on Emma, but her gaze had shifted above me. I shook with pleasure as I pictured my husband pounding me while he locked eyes with his baby girl.

“Oh fuck me, don’t stop,” I moaned.

Emma gasped, but didn’t look away or run off. She just flicked her eyes back to me as I was being fucked. Greg gargled out a few nonsense words as his cock tensed up inside me. Within seconds

he pumped load after load of hot cum into my cunt. All three of us were silent for a few moments after his orgasm subsided. He sat back, and I could feel the sperm leaking out of me as his member

left, making me feel slightly empty.

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