Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Slutty Wife visits her Priest and learns more about herself Part 3

Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Slutty Wife visits her Priest and learns more about herself Part 3

Cock. I love cock. I’ve yet to experience a cock I didn’t immediately love…especially hard, erect cock. I love the feel of hard rigid cock in my mouth, my tongue memorizing every bump and ridge and throbbing vein as I lick and suck. I love the way a cock smells, that mixture of semen, sweat and piss and how the taste is different in every man I’ve been privileged to suck off.

Part of my mind marveled at the fact that the number of cocks I had experienced in my whole life before a month ago I could have counted on one hand…with fingers to spare. Now, in the span of just four weeks, I had sucked more than I could recall at hand. I was awestruck by the sheer variety of cocks I had experienced. Who knew that they came in so many splendid shapes and sizes? Even more amazing is whose cocks I’ve been sucking.

Take for instance the cock I had in my mouth at the moment. My tongue rolled slowly over his plum sized knob, tasting piss and precum, my nostrils inhaling the musky scent of his crotch as I looked up into the brilliant blue eyes of Father Thomas, my priest and confessor for the last fifteen years. I drew a groan from my priest as I took more of him in my mouth, my tongue rolling down his considerable shaft.

His gnarled hand dropped down onto my head and twisted in strands of my long, dark hair, tightening as he urged me to take more of his erect penis down my throat. “Ahhh, Sonya. You’ve a mouth blessed of God himself!” he sighed as I sucked his cock. A nasty shiver ran through my body, making my already hard nipples stiffen even more as my tits swung heavily below me as my mind adjusted to the fact that I was on my hands and knees sucking the cock of a sixty-three year old Catholic priest.

Another shiver rippled through my naked body as I felt something hard brush up against my labia, pressing between my slick lips. A soft palm ran up over my ass and up my back to finally come to rest on my shoulder and I could almost feel the weight of another body leaning over me from behind. Fingers dug into my shoulder, using it for leverage as a long, thick and firm pole, studded with hard bumps was thrust into my steamy and cum filled cunt.

I groaned around my mouthful of priest’s cock as Mother Superior Margaret Ann buried her strap-on dildo inside my pussy, thrusting my ass back to meet the long, rubber cock of the nun who often taught my oldest child on Sunday mornings. She chuckled, her voice full of lusty mirth as she said, “Yes, Father — I never suspected the whore that was hiding inside this one.” Her free hand trailed long nails around my waist and up to seize one of my swinging breasts, fingernails digging into my flesh as she rubbed her palm against my throbbing nipple.

It was moments like this that I sent up prayers of thanks to God Almighty for sending me to Mr. Richards, our bank manager who showed me how I could save my family’s home from being foreclosed upon by becoming an out and out whore and slut. I sent up thanks that his actions revealed to me after long years of marriage, my true nature — that I was an absolute sex slut.

Three days a week, I received assignments — to go forth and sexually pleasure various prominent members of the community. Two days a week, I would visit my bank manager and suck his cock — often cleaning his secretary’s cunt cream off in the process. In exchange, my house payments were taken care of each month and as I had discovered, I made a tidy profit in tips from most assignments. I had sucked captains of industry and deflowered young virgin men. I had sucked cocks ten at a time and so much more.

Three hours ago, I had received a call from Mr. Richard’s beautiful secretary, Lilly Fox, telling me with much amusement that I was to be at the rectory of the local Catholic Church two hours hence at 10:00 A.M. She told me that I was to see Father Thomas, a priest that not twenty-four hours before had placed a communion wafer on my tongue. I almost fainted from shock and from excitement. I was told to use my imagination on what to wear but I knew immediately I would again raid my seventeen year old daughter’s wardrobe for the naughty school girl’s outfit I forbade her to wear — the same outfit I had used for my first whoring assignment.

Father Thomas had such a pleased smile on his face when he saw me walk into his private office, skirt barely covering my crotch, bare belly and one of my daughter’s white blouses, snug and tightly tied up under my breasts, a single button preventing my braless breasts from being exposed.

My priest had stood up and had finished off the glass of wine he was holding and then came around his desk to take a better look at me. I was both embarrassed and aroused as this man of God let his lusty gaze roam up and down my barely clad body. I almost gasped as I saw the bulge grow inside his dark slacks as his stare followed my long legs down to the white socks and black patent leather shoes I was wearing.

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“Nice touch, Sonya,” he had said admiringly, staring lustily at my feet as he came to me. As I mentioned, Father Thomas is an elderly man, sixty-three years old, a tall, gaunt figure of a man, with a hawkish face, lanky gray hair and those piercing blue eyes that I had always thought could see right into your soul and know your sins. The priest was dressed in neatly pressed slacks and a black shirt complete with his priest’s collar. He paused before me and smiled — not the sweet, comforting smile I had always known from my priest and confessor, but a hungry smile, rife with desire and lust.

“I could scarcely believe my ears when I heard that dear Mrs. Lawson, dutiful mother and maker of brownies for our annual bake sale was a fuck hungry whore.” He rubbed the bulge in his pants and added, “But, yesterday, as you knelt for communion and I placed the wafer in your mouth, I imagined resting my dick in your mouth and somehow I could see it in your eyes, Sonya.” His hand came up and he brushed his thumb against my lips as he repeated, “I could see it in your eyes, Sonya Lawson — I knew that before me knelt a true harlot, dedicated to lust and pleasing a man.”

I took his thumb in my mouth and sucked it slowly, my eyes never leaving his and then I whispered, “Bless me, Father for I am about to sin.” I resumed sucking on his thumb while I took his free hand and slipped it into my shirt so he could fondle my 38D breasts. He sighed happily as his fingers dug into my tit flesh and teased my swollen nipples.

I reached up and undid my shirt button and then undid the knot so the blouse would fall open. I pressed myself against the old priest, thrilling to feel his hard cock, barely restrained by his slacks, press against my stomach. I let his thumb slip from between my lips, covered with my saliva and I rose up on tip-toe to kiss him, his mouth opening eagerly to accept my tongue. I could taste him — the cigarettes he smoked and the lingering taste of the wine and him…like a finely aged delicacy.

Father Thomas’s hand tightened around my breast while his other hand dropped to my skirt, slipping under it and he groaned into my mouth as he discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties and that I was dripping wet. I groaned too, as the man with the knowledge of sixty-three years, expertly slipped two fingers into my hot, sodden cunt and seemed to immediately find some pleasure points within me. My heart was pounding and wicked desire coursed through my bloodstream. Even in my nastiest fantasies did I ever imagine I would be a whore for my neighborhood priest!

I quivered as the Father fingered me and I eagerly began to fumble with his belt, undoing it and then running the zipper down so I could fish for that large lump inside his pants. I gasped against his mouth with surprise as my fingers wrapped around a very sizable and stiff penis.

I broke the kiss and looked down at the erect penis in my hand — at least seven inches and thicker than most I’d seen…and I’d seen a lot in the last month. “Father, that’s a — a really big cock!” My surprise and awe was evident in my voice. I slowly stroked his shaft as I looked back up into his eyes, an evil grin on my face.

Father Thomas smiled proudly back at me. “Thank you, Sonya. I give all credit to God…well, God and Viagra!” His fingers slipped from my pussy and he held them up, glistening in the multicolored light shining through the old, antique windows of his office. “Are you ready to please me, Sonya? Are you enough of a slut to commit adultery with your priest and confessor?”

To answer him, I took his hand and guided his cunt cream covered fingers to my lips and whorishly sucked them clean. “I am yours to command and use, Father Thomas. God made me a slut, use me however you want.”

The Father smiled and did so, pulling my blouse free of my body and then leaning in and taking my left nipple between his lips and sucking while his hands caressed my now mostly naked body, fingers sliding through my neatly trimmed bush before again sliding between my labia into my steaming honeypot. His teeth expertly nibbled at my swollen nips, drawing little gasps from me as he bit me again and again, never hard enough to be really painful, but hard enough to send electric jolts of pleasure through me. He switched breasts, his tongue rolling over my bountiful tit flesh as he found my right nipple and sucked on it for what seemed forever.

I felt my knees begin to buckle and I was sagging against him, forcing his fingers deeper and more firmly into my pussy. “Yesssss — that’s so sweet, Father,” I cooed, feeling the pleasure building between my thighs and spreading outward.

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He stood up straight again and then with his fingers still stirring my pussy, steered me over to his desk, a monstrously large oak structure, currently empty except for a phone and an empty wine glass. As we moved, he kicked off his polished loafers and let his pants slip to his ankles and with more grace than I’d thought a man of his years would possess, Father Thomas stepped out of them, never halting for a second.

My priest turned me around and leaned me over the desk, fingers briefly leaving my pussy, but soon returning, lifting me up with pressure against my sugar walls. “Many people have been telling me what a bad girl you’ve become, Sonya. Is it true?” he asked, flipping my skirt up to expose my asscheeks. His other hand slid up the soft skin of my back and then into my mane of long dark hair. He wrapped his fingers around my tresses and gave a sudden, painful jerk, catching me off guard and making me cry out.

“Is it true, Sonya Lawson? Are you a cock hungry whore?” he hissed.

“Yes!” came my cry just before I felt his palm slap my ass, stinging and surprising me. “YES!” I screamed.

Father Thomas’s voice grated out again, “Are you a bad girl?” as his hand spanked my ass again.

The room echoed with the crack of his palm against my flesh. That hurt and I felt the burn spreading across my bottom even as the fires within my cunt exploded as well. “YES!” I sobbed.

“Do you love having big cocks in your slutty cunt hole?” SLAP!


“Are you just a sinful bitch in heat?” SLAP!


“Are you such a slut that you’d dare fuck a man of God?” SLAP!

“YES! OH FUCKING GOD, YES, YES YES!” I cried out, tears running down my face even as I came closer to cumming with every painful slap of Father Thomas’s hand. I could scarcely believe it…I liked what he was doing, despite the pain.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Sonya?” SLAP!


Father Thomas laughed and continued, “Are you really enough of a whore to fuck your priest…your confessor?” SLAP!


“Beg me to fuck you, you slut.” SLAP!


I cried out as my priest slapped my ass one more time and then I felt him move between my legs, his hands lifting me up slightly as he murmured, “For what we are about to enjoy, Lord, our most reverent thanks!” I let out a cry as I felt his cock press between my slick lips and then thrust violently into me. Father Thomas rammed his cock inside me with a confidence born of years of experience. I felt his pubic hair tickle my tingling asscheeks and then I cried out again as buried deep inside me, he yanked again on my hair, pulling me against him while he thrust further, drilling his long, hard cock even deeper within my womb!

That’s all it took. With a series of sobs, my body stiffened as I was swept away by my first orgasm of the day. As pleasure wracked my body, I dimly heard Father Thomas chuckle as he began to work his way in and out of my pussy, withdrawing as my cunt muscles tried to clamp down on his cock and then vainly attempt to resist his hard thrusts back inside me. Each time he buried his hard pole inside me, he would yank on my hair and then push deeper into my pussy.

His expert love play seemed to perpetuate my orgasm and it seemed to go on forever while he patiently fucked me. My voice soon grew hoarse as I sobbed and moaned and screamed as the man I had confessed my sins too for many so many years fucked me and fucked me with no sign of relenting.

Suddenly in the midst of all this ecstasy, an inner door opened into his office and I moaned in surprise and dismay as I watched Mother Superior Margaret Ann walk in. A tall, stocky woman, draped in the current robes and habit of her order, a severe black cowl draped over her head. This was the woman who ran a clinic for the poor and destitute and served as the iron-fisted instructor for my oldest daughter’s Sunday morning classes. I expected her to take in the scene and begin calling down thunderbolts at the carnal act in front of her.

Instead she smiled at us and said, “My apologies, Father. I was delayed at the clinic.” She removed her habit, revealing a short cropped head of ash blonde hair.

“Not at all, Maggie,” replied Father Thomas, never pausing for as much as a single stroke, his cock thrilling me with that double pump action. “I’ve been discovering what a sweet piece of ass our Sonya has become!”

Mother Superior licked her lips hungrily and her eyes never left us as she disrobed, revealing a thickset body with the most enormous set of tits I have ever seen on a woman. She undid the front clasp on an industrial strength bra and her massive udders fell free — sloping down on her chest like huge gourds, capped by nipples as round as quarters and extending nearly an inch. Her legs and arms didn’t quiver with fat, but rather were well formed, almost muscular. She radiated strength and confidence.

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Like me, the nun was bereft of panties and as she walked, I got glimpse of bare, pink flesh, Mother Superior stepped up beside Father Thomas and I glanced over my shoulder to see them kiss passionately, tongues slipping back and forth before she turned to study me. Through it all, the Father never slowed his pace a bit. “I’d like a kiss, Mrs. Lawson or may I call you Sonya?” the nun asked me.

“P-please,” I stammered, trying to focus as pleasure tortured my body. I let out a cry of pain as Father Thomas pulled my hair, raising me up, his free hand wrapping around my waist to support me while his hips never stopped slapping against my ass.

The nun closed with me, her strong hand cupping one of my swaying breasts and she pressed her lips against mine. I felt her tongue roll against my lips and I opened my mouth and greeted her tongue with my own, moaning as my cock induced pleasure became mixed with the gentle excitement of kissing another woman as well as the delicious sensation of the ball of her thumb scraped against my blood swollen nipple.

Time seemed to slow and I was caught up in the sweet rapture of my near continuous orgasm in the embrace of these two servants of God. It was with a little cry of protest from me that Mother Superior Margaret Ann broke the kiss and stepped away. She grinned at me, her lean and angular face beautiful in her desire, and turned and strode to a closet set into the wall. “How’s the slut’s pussy, Father?” she asked matter of factly.

“Exquisite,” sighed Father Thomas. “Sonya knows how to use the gifts God gave her — her pussy feels tight and wonderful.” He twisted his hips, drawing an appreciative moan from me.

Mother Superior licked her lips and nodded. “I think Mister Black is in order, then.” From the closet she brought out a contraption that vaguely resembled a belt and then a long and thick black dildo, heavily covered with beaded studs. The dildo seemed to have two heads on it and I felt my heart race at the possibilities.

The nun laughed and said, “Look at her. My God, Sonya, you are a slut, aren’t you?”

I nodded and said, “Please…whatever you want. Use me, make me your whore too.”

Mother Superior grinned lecherously at me as she climbed into the apparatus and I realized it was a strap on dildo devise. She inserted one end of the dildo into an hole, slipping into her own cunt several inches and causing beads of sweat to break out on her face. She slipped some latch and locked the studded dildo into place and tightened all the straps. She walked proudly towards us, her rubber cock waving and bouncing before her, pointing the way. She made one of the most erotic and lewd visions I have ever seen.

“Can a bride of Christ join this fuckfest?” she said, giggling.

Father Thomas sighed and replied, “Of course, Maggie. Louis Richards told me that our little Sonya is a marvelous cocksucker.” I moaned in protest as I felt my priest ease his cock from my clasping pussy lips. As much as I had already cummed, I wanted more.

The Father pushed me away from his desk, turning and leaning against it himself, his cock pointing straight out and shiny with a thick coating of my pussy juices. I stared at his old, but proud penis hungrily. “You are in the house of God, Sonya,” Father Thomas said, gravely. “You should honor him by being on your knees.”

Obediantly, I sank downwards and crawled between his legs, rising up and opening my mouth to accept his cock. I furiously and greedily licked his cock clean of my cunt cream before I moved to begin sucking him and marveling over how much I loved cock…which is where this part of my story began.

I had not experienced feelings like this before — acting so lewd in a holy place. I felt evil and twisted and so damn sexy and I was savoring every moment. I struggled to focus on giving Father Thomas the blowjob of his life while Mother Superior Margaret Ann pummeled my pussy with her studded rubber cock. The bump covered dildo felt so strange and wonderful inside my spasming pussy, touching me as I had never been touched before and she was not gentle with me, fucking me deep with the long, artificial cock, pushing against my cervix with tremendous force, giving me pleasure so intense it wavered on the border of pain.

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Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Slutty Wife visits her Priest and learns more about herself Part 3

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