Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Sonya’s daughter joins the world’s oldest profession Part 6

Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Sonya’s daughter joins the world’s oldest profession Part 6

As springtime blossomed around us, I was well into my second year as a whore, working for a cabal of my hometown’s most wealthy and influential citizens, happily expanding my horizons and capabilities as a born slut while ensuring that my family’s home remained secure — the cabal paying our extensive mortgage each month and me making as much in tips as I had ever made in any job in my previous life. Things seemed to be going well. Donnie had somewhat accepted his role as a cuckold — still acting angry with me for being such a whorish slattern, but always waiting eagerly each time I returned from an assignment of fucking and sucking to have his way with me, relishing my cum filled cunt and ass almost as much as I did.

Our oldest daughter was about to graduate from high school, a beautiful eighteen year old girl, on the brink of glorious womanhood. Tara had been accepted into a good university and between scholarships and some of my tips, we were going to be able to provide her the chance to go. Our younger children were growing up fast and happy, Donnie Junior nearing age fifteen was quickly shaping up into a fine young man.

Then the bottom dropped out…again. We should have seen it coming…Mister Richards had hinted that something was amiss months earlier when he’d first come to Sunday dinner. One day, Donnie came home, sullen and anguished, not speaking for hours before he finally told me that his company had gone belly up. They’d all received two weeks severance pay and pink slips, locking the gates behind them. Now since the economy had gone into recession, Donnie had not been bringing in more than half salary, but that combined with my extra earning from whoring had been more than enough — we’d even salted some money away for Tara’s education and an emergency fund, but now…

As Tara’s graduation drew close, things were tense around the house. Tara was a bright girl and she knew that things were going to get more difficult again. She began dropping hints that maybe she would put off college for a year or two, maybe going to the local community college instead and her good natured willingness to sacrifice her hopes and dreams for the family nearly broke my heart.

I began thinking of going to Mister Richards and see if I could increase the days I could work in exchange for more money. Failing that, I thought about seeing John at the XXXtreme Adult Bookstore and working out a deal to work my off days sucking cock in one of his glory hole booths. I had enjoyed it the few times I had done it in exchange for sluttish outfits from their clothing boutique. Sucking cock wasn’t a chore to me, it was a pleasure and I never ceased to marvel at the incredible variety to the taste of men’s semen…each one unique and special and most of all, delicious.

Two weeks before Tara graduated, I’d made up my mind to discuss my dilemma with Mister Richards and it was weighing heavily on my mind, albeit buoyed by the anticipation I always had when going to the bank to suck Mister Richards’ fine cock. I strolled through the bank lobby, always feeling eyes following me, and even though I wasn’t dressed for whoring, wearing a simple summer dress — a light cotton flowery print with spaghetti straps that left my shoulders bare, I always wondered how many of the bank’s employees knew what I was arriving to do.

It didn’t bother me…it actually created arousal in me to imagine that they all knew that immediately upon closing the door behind me in the bank manager’s office, I’d be getting naked and sucking their boss’s cock. Truth be told, I was half in love with the sixty-something, potbellied man. He might not have had a matinee idol’s face, but he was charismatic and powerful and he knew it.

Lilly Fox, his luscious secretary was at her post and smiled at me as I approached and beyond her usual smirk was a frank appraisal and expression of interest as she gazed at my luscious body tightly contained in the summer dress. For my part, I was wet with anticipation, knowing that in a minute or two, I’d be on my knees and likely tasting her cunt on Mister Richard’s long, hard cock. Nodding at me, she picked up her phone, pushed a button and said in a husky voice, “Sir, your two o’clock is here.” Lilly winked at me as she nodded at the reply and then hanging up the phone said, “Go right in, Sonya…he’s been anxiously awaiting you.”

I passed her desk and entered Mister Richards’ office, closing the door behind me before I realized he wasn’t alone. Two cushioned chairs were drawn up in front of his desk, reminding of the first time I’d been in here, with Donnie, when Mister Richards had offered me the opportunity to be his whore. In one chair sat a woman with sandy blonde hair. There was something very familiar in her posture and profile. Mister Richards beamed at me and said, “Ah, Sonya. We were just discussing you and looking forward to your arrival. Please take a seat.”

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I quickly strutted across the room, hips rolling naughtily as I walked over in my sandaled wedge-heeled shoes. I turned at the chairs and stopped abruptly as I looked down at Mister Richards’ guest. The woman had been staring into her lap, but now looked up quickly to face me, her blue eyes bright in her blushing face. I brought my hand to my mouth and gasped, “Tara…what are you doing here?”

“That would be the topic at hand, wouldn’t it,” said Mister Richards in a smug and pleased voice. He gestured to the empty seat. “Please have a seat, my dear.”

I groped for the empty chair, my eyes never leaving my daughter’s red face. A jumble of emotions rocketed about my brain as I dealt with suddenly dampened lust…literally disappointed that I wasn’t already on my knees between the banker’s legs and wondering just what the hell my daughter was doing here. It didn’t help that amidst all my confusion over the surprising situation, my recently expanded libido was taking in my daughter’s attractive outfit and her burgeoning sexuality.

Tara was dressed in a black and gold miniskirt, short enough to show off her toned and muscular legs and tight enough to mold itself around her luscious young and firm breasts, but not so immodest to be out of place. Her high heels were sexy, but not outlandish or slutty. She’d brushed her long, sandy blonde hair until it gleamed, falling down over her shoulders and framing her lovely face perfectly. She was lovely and sexy in a young woman’s sort of way and she made me wet between my legs as she had done so many times over recent months whenever my increasingly naughty thoughts turned towards her..

“Tara?” I started again as I sat down. “What are you doing here…now?”

My daughter face was nearly crimson and she finally broke our gaze, looking down into her lap again as she murmured, “Mom…I…”

Mister Richards jumped into the conversation, such as it was, saying, “Tara and I have been discussing college, Sonya. I don’t have to tell you how intelligent she is. If she does follow through on pursuing a degree in business, perhaps even obtaining her M.B.A., why, there is no end to what she might do”

I felt honest pride as I replied, “I know. I am very proud of her.” Tara raised her head and gave me a grateful smile.

“Alas, that the current economy throws so many obstacles in our young folks’ path,” said Mister Richards…pausing to give a heartfelt sigh. “Young Tara here has come in to discuss how we might be able to circumvent such obstacles.” He paused again to grin knowingly at me…letting the import of his words sink in.

“Really?” I replied, feeling my pulse quicken even as the specter of what I felt might be coming began to materialize.

“Absolutely and she had done it on her own.” Mister Richards leaned forward and said, “As I already said, Tara is quite intelligent. Despite our relative discretion, she has ferreted out your mode of employment and is making inquiries of being engaged in a similar fashion.”

“Really?” I said again, my voice scarcely above a whisper. Now, I had long suspected that Tara had figured out what I did for a living, how could she not between the occasional glimpses of my more naughty work outfits and the sometimes loud arguments between Donnie and me. Still, having it out there in the open was a powerful thing and to my amazement, a bit of a turn on. “You understand everything, Tara?” I said, my voice still barely audible.

My daughter nodded and said, “You have sex with men…and women maybe, for money. Her blue eyes glimmered with something that was unreadable as she said matter of factly, “Mom, you’re a whore.”

“An exceptional whore, Tara,” interjected Mister Richards. “Your mother is one of the most adventurous and talented sluts it’s ever been my privileged to fuck, young lady.” He added in an almost scolding tone, “And in doing so, she has kept your family from losing the home you’ve grown up in and being turned out into the streets.”

Tara glanced at him and nodded before returning her gaze to me, her face starting to return to normal even though she was nervous and breathing heavy, her full, firm breasts heaving under her dress. “I know. I’m…fine with it, Mom.” She stopped and licked her lips. “I actually think it’s hot. It’s turned me on for months knowing what you do…knowing you go out and fuck all those men.”

It was my turn to blush now, hearing my daughter say these things so openly. I reached out and took her hand in mine as we faced each other. “You’re not ashamed of me, baby? You don’t mind me being a whore?”

Tara shook her head and squeezed my hand harder. “Not in the least, Mom. It makes me excited and…” She paused for a moment and flashed an embarrassed grin at me. “And it makes me a bit relieved to know I’m not all that abnormal…that thinking and doing such nasty things runs in the family.”

Mister Richards raised an eyebrow in surprise at her words and I was even taken a bit aback. “What do you mean, Tara?”

She hesitated before speaking, but then looked me right in the eye and said, “I think I take after you, Mom. Just the thought of being someone’s slut, doing whatever they tell me too, makes me wet. Knowing that you’ve done it and God, its obvious that you love it, well…it makes me think I could do it too.”

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“Hence, the matter at hand, Sonya,” said Mister Richards. “Before you walked in, Tara and I had agreed to some basic plans. We…my associates and I will underwrite any expenses that Tara will have in college not covered by her scholarships, along with a stipend for those little unexpected things that occur.”

I turned to look at him in surprise. “You mean, at the university?”

“Absolutely. Tara is too bright and promising to waste away at the local community college.” He smiled at us both. “In exchange, Tara will, during the summer months, make herself available for um, assignments, three days a week as well as twice a week during all breaks and once a week while attending the university, she will be available to meet and, shall we say, recreate with one of our distinguished members of their faculty or alma mater.” His smile evolved into something of a leer. “My colleagues and I have a mutual support agreement with certain influential members of that scholarly community.”

I felt my stomach do a flip-flop as different aspects of my personality were feeling conflicted about this. The old fashioned mother in me wanted to grab my daughter’s hand and run away and hide her someplace safe from all the carnal appetites that existed in the world. The whorish slut in me quivered with lust excitement at the thought of my little girl doing all sorts nasty things to sate those carnal appetites. The part of me that was both mother and whore wanted to do all those awful and lewd things with her.

“Tara…are you absolutely sure about this?” I said, trying to sound calm and reasonable. “This is a world unlike anything you can imagine…not necessarily bad, but so very, very different from anything you might have done before.”

“Your mother is correct,” added Mister Richards. “This is not like giving up your virginity in your boyfriend’s car or going down on him at the drive-in theater. You will give yourself over to us heart and soul, happily willing to do whatever we demand of you.”

Tara was silent for a long minute, her gaze steady, shifting to look at us with what I could describe only as youthful confidence before she finally replied, “I’ll be honest…I’m scared to death, but I’m also excited…” Her face began to blush again. “Mom, I’m wet already just trying to imagine what I might be doing with people I’ve never even met.” She squeezed my hand and said, “You’ve done so much for our family and I know you plan to try and do more to help me, but it’s time for someone to help you shoulder this burden.”

My daughter sat up more erect, causing her young, firm breasts to jut out further and looked at our banker and said, “I’m your girl, Mister Richards. I want this job.”

Through tear blurred eyes, I watched Mister Richards smile happily and said, “I am so happy to hear that…now let’s put it to the test. Please take off your clothes, Tara.” He pushed back from his desk and walked around it and over to the couch, his erection prominent in his tailored slacks. Tara turned to watch him, growing wide-eyed as he dropped his pants to the floor before sitting down, his erection waving in the air.

Before he could bark a command for her to strip as he had had to do with me my first time, I snapped at her, surprised at the strength and lust in my own voice, “Tara…Mister Richards told you to get naked…DO IT NOW!”

My daughter flinched at my raised voice, but quickly jumped to her feet, murmuring, “Yes, Mom…sorry,” as she reached back and undid a button at the back of the dress and quickly yanked it over her head. To my surprise, she was wearing a sexy black half-cup bra and G-string that contrasted well with her still winter pale skin…her flawless flesh almost like alabaster. I felt the first burnings of pure incestuous desire ignite between my legs as I admired my daughter’s lovely body.

“Go on,” I said, nodding my head to prod her on. Tara nodded in reply and unsnapped the front of her bra, freeing her large and firm breasts, making me feel a bit wistful at how they seemed to defy gravity. Her nipples greatly resembled mine, not quite as large and not showing the signs of nursing three children. They were swollen to the point of bursting, almost visibly pulsating with excitement. Tara then slipped her panties off, the dark gusset not betraying her arousal unlike her lovely labia which were in full blossom, red and gleaming wet against bare skin. I hadn’t even known that my daughter shaved her pubic hair.

“Very good, Tara,” sighed Mister Richards, his eyes feasting on her luscious body. “Sonya, if you would.”

Without hesitation, I brushed my spaghetti straps off my shoulders and wiggled out of my dress, letting it pool to the floor around my feet.” Tara gasped, “Mom!” as she was shocked by the fact that under my summer dress I was totally naked. A grin broke out on her face as she saw that I was aroused as she was — my pussy lips spread wide and dripping with my arousal below my trimmed bush.

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We stepped towards each other, my arm going around her waist as our thighs pressed together. I turned in slightly towards her making my meaty breast brush against her firmer and not quite as large tit. “What do you think, sir?” I asked as we posed for Mister Richards.

He gave us an evil grin and said, “A vision of unparalleled loveliness,” he said as his cock jerked up a little more. “Now, my sluts, to your hands and knees. Come crawling to your master.”

Tara looked at me with her eyebrows raised, but quickly followed me to the floor. “Pretend you’re some sexy, wild panther stalking your prey,” I whispered to her before slowly making my way to Mister Richards. Tara followed obediently, mimicking my every move until we were both kneeling before our employer.

After savoring our submissive stance for a bit, Mister Richards looked at Tara and said gravely, “My dear — have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?”

Tara glanced at me, her red face growing even darker before she said, “Yes, Mister Richards, I have. I’ve um, sucked three different cocks.” Her quick confession left me a little surprised. I wasn’t surprised that she had some experience…she’d dated the Baker boy for nearly two years before they broke up last month.

“Really, pray tell your mother and me who they are.”

Tara gave me a weak grin and then said, “Well…Bobby Baker, my ex-boyfriend, Dan Jones — a teen guidance counselor at church camp, and um…” She looked down for a moment before again facing us, “Mister Brandford, my Calculus teacher.” I gasped in surprise and then gasped again as Tara shrugged her shoulders and said, “I was two points from an ‘A,’ Mom. I wanted that grade!”

Mister Richards chuckled and said, “Well, we’re glad you’re not a total novice…not that it mattered. I doubt your mother had sucked that many dicks when she started working for us, but Sonya here is a natural born cocksucker. Show her what I mean, Sonya.”

I never hesitated, feeling a new and delicious level of pleasure coursing through my veins as I rose up and took Mister Richards in my mouth as my daughter looked on. I heard her take a sudden breath and then sigh, “Oh, Mom!” as she let it out. I rolled my tongue wickedly around Mister Richards, cock head and then looking sidelong at Tara, gave her a wicked wink as I plunged my lips downward, taking all of his sizeable penis into my mouth down into my throat with practiced ease. I began to work my way up and down his cock, keeping my lips wrapped tight around his big dick as I tongued and sucked him, relishing the taste of Lilly Fox’s pussy on him as I always did.

Mister Richards’ fingers became intertwined in my dark hair as he demonstrated to my daughter how he could control my movements, communicating with scant touch alone his particular desires for more sucking here, more tongue there. Finally, with commanding force, he yanked my head back, his cock sliding from between my lips with a wet pop, leaving me gasping for breath. “Quite the cocksucker, eh, Tara?” the older man chuckled.

Tara seemed suitably impressed by my demonstration of oral loving, her eyes wide with wonder at watching her mother go down on a man. “Wow…Mom, you were awesome!”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” I gasped, feeling pussy juice nearly gushing from between my legs.

“Now, Tara…let’s see if you’ve inherited your mother’s natural ability,” said Mister Richards, his voice indicating that this was a command, not a request.

Tara moved a little closer to him, rising up as she did and carefully wrapping her hand around the base of his cock as she lowered her head. I watched approvingly as she kept her eyes raised to look into his as she came closer to his cock. “So big!” she whispered, her breath making his cock twitch.

“Bigger than your father,” I blurted out, shocked and surprised that I had opened my mouth and said those words. I hadn’t a clue why I’d said it.

Tara broke eye contact with Mister Richards and whipped her head around to look at me, a look of surprise on her face that slowly gave way to a sly grin. “Really, Mom?” After I nodded, grinning as I did so, Tara again turned her attention to Mister Richards. “Well, it’s certainly the biggest dick I’ve ever had in my hand,” she said in a little girl’s voice just before she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the head.Mister Richards let out a satisfied moan as she lingered over the crown of his cock, finally reaching out to stroke her long, sandy-blonde hair as he smiled at me and said, “Your daughter has a lovely and talented tongue, my dear.”

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Sonya takes cuckolding her husband to the limit! – Sonya’s daughter joins the world’s oldest profession Part 6

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