Sridhar having sexy fun with his student Priya

Hello readers. This is Sridhar aged 23 from Coimbatore. Today I am going to narrate the incident happened between me and my only student Priya. My mom is taking tuitions at home and one of her student’s cousin is Priya. We are living in a rental home, where we live in down portion and the house owner lives in first floor.

Shewasa 1st year college student and as she took Science in her +2, she felt very tough with accounts & Economics. So my mom asked me to teach her Accounts and Economics as I am a Commerce Graduate. She was 17, cute and fair with long dark hair touching her hips and she was very slim with extra pounds of flesh wherever needed.

Most of the time I used to give her sums and I will be doing my personal works. Whenever I get a chance to see her cleavage, I made sure that I don’t miss that view. On mid of May month, my mom left to her sister’s home as it was holiday for school kids. My brother usually comes by 11.p.m. That time Priya came to ask me some doubts in Accounts.

She was wearing a white shirt and dark brown midi skirt. I cleared her doubts and she asked about my mom’s arrival from her sister place and all. After a while when she started to leave, the house owner came down and told me that they are going out for some wedding reception and they will be coming late and asked me not to lock the main gate.

I went inside my home and watching TV. I listened to Priya’s voice “Anna, Na ullavaratta?”( Bro, May I come in?” To which I nodded and asked what she wanted. She said that she kept her note somewhere in that room last day and came here to search it. While she was searching, I got the chance of viewing her cleavage many times. She said.

“Anna, note kidachuruchu!!” (Bro, I found it!!”) I got the note from her and saw what it was. After that I gave her the note and I grabbed her hand and pulled towards me. She asked me in confusion “Anna, ennapannureenga???” (Bro, what are you doing???”). To which I didn’t reply, I just hold her face and was staring at her eyes. She said “Anna, IthuThappu” (Bro this is wrong).

Before she can finish her sentence, I kissed her lips and she was trying to free herself from me. But after a minute of hesitation, she started to respond to my kiss. I started to suck her lips and pulled her more closely. Suddenly I remembered that the door was open. And even I felt bad to continue. So I gave her an option. Whether she can leave or she can lock the door.

To my surprise she closed the door and I became very happy to see it and while she was locking I hugged her from behind and started to kiss back of her neck. She was standing still as if she don’t know what to do. I started to pull her closer and my dick was touching her ass. I was kissing her neck while my hands are massaging her boobs over her shirt.

She moaned softly which aroused me a lot. I slowly reached her tummy and my hands went under her shirt and I was massaging her boobs under her shirt while kissing her shoulders. She started to unbutton her shirt as I was busy in massaging her boobs. As soon as she removed her shirt I turned her around and kissed her lips once again and then her neck and then her cleavage over her bra.

I unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. I lifted her in my arms went to my room and dropped in my bed and locked the room. It was AC room and I was sure that even if she makes the sound, no one will hear it. I Started kissing her lips. This time I opened my mouth to which she too responded well.. In no time our tongues started to play.

While kissing her lips, my right hand was massaging her right boob while my left hand was rubbing her pussy over her mini skirt. Slowly I came down and started to kiss her left boob and biting the nipples slowly while pinching the other nipple. She left a moan and said “Anna… orumathiriirukkuna… ethavathupannunga..pls..” (“Bro… I feel very nervous. Pls do something. Pls..”)

I asked her to remove her dress and lay back nude, to which she agreed and I was also getting nude. In no time we both are nude and I was very hard. And I could see her face turned red in blushing. I made her lay down and I started to kiss her thighs and then started kissing her hairy pussy. I started to suck it and bite it while my hands are massaging her boobs.

I put her legs over my shoulder and pushed myself a bit more closer and started to suck her hard. All I can hear is her moaning sound all over the room. I pinched and pulled and played with her nipples while I was sucking her hard and inserting tongue inside her pussy.

My dick was so hard and I wanted to enter a pussy badly. I placed my dick over her pussy and tried to insert my tip. She stopped me and said. “Vendamanna. Valikkum..Enakkubayamairukku” (Stop it bro, it will hurt. I am afraid”). Then only I came to know that she was a virgin. I consoled that I will use oil and said that it will not hurt her. To which she agreed.

I took some oil and applied in her pussy and in my dick. I placed my dick over her pussy and rubbed it for a while and was massaging her boobs and was smooching her. Then I placed the tip over her pussy and tried to insert it inside. It was very tight and I added some more oil. I inserted the tip alone and penetrated it for a while, when she started crying in pain.

I penetrated for a while and I inserted my dick in full force.. She shouted very loud and was crying loud that it was paining. I kissed her lips to reduce the sound and she hugged me so tightly, that her finger nails made marks on my back. I kept my dick inside her for a while till she stops struggling and crying.

I started to fuck her slowly and she was moaning in pleasure and I began to lose my controls and I was fucking her hard and her boobs were bouncing matching my pase. I grabbed her boobs and crushing it in my hand and kissed her lips and neck and was sucking her nipples hard… after 15 mins of fucking I took my dick outside and stroked it hard and released my load on her body.

After that I lay next to her cuddling her and asked her whether she liked it. She said it was a different experience and said she will not forget this in her life. I asked her whether we can go for another round trying different position, she said she is tired and she don’t know any other positions. To which I said that I will teach them also.

She kissed my lips and said she needs a bath. We bathed together and I helped her in wearing the dress and she helped me. After that I bid bye to her and I while leaving, she kissed me once again and while kissing I grabbed her boobs, to which she stopped me.. “Anna… Venadam… Enakku time aachu… meethi tuition naamainnorunaalvachukalam”

(Bro..No..its getting late for me. U can take balance tuition some other day”) To which I winked at her and she gave me an innocent smile. From then till my mom returned, every day we had sex in different positions and in different ideas, which I will tell one by one in my upcoming stories. If you liked it, I will post some more stories which happened between me & Priya.

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Sridhar having sexy fun with his student Priya

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