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Hey guys. It’s me abhi again back with another story. If you didn’t read my previous one go read it it’s Sharing the Shower. So in the previous story after I got a piece of my best friend Srinija we cancelled all our plans for the remaining days and had only one goal : To fuck each other brains out. And we did too. We had sex wherever it was possible.

The next day I bought her a vibrating dildo and used it on her that night. I pounded her ass while the dildo was deep in her pussy. She had multiple orgasms that night. Afterwards i told her ‘As i said before my dad remarried after my mother died and it’s my dad’s and stepmom’s anniversary tomorrow. We’ll go for dinner ok’. She kissed me and agreed. I cuddled her and pulled her close to me and kept my hand on her boobs and we slept.

Next morning she woke up before me and was in the kitchen. She was wearing a long wool coat over her bra and panties. I hugged her from behind, kissed her neck and pug my hands inside her panty. I removed her coat, pulled her panties down and pushed my cock into her cunt. She moaned and i kept pumping her pussy when the doorbell rang. I told her ‘relax it must be no one I’ll go and check it’ I opened the door and found it was my stepmom Maryse. She came in barging shouting something about my dad and went straight into the living room. Srinija came out of kitchen and my stepmom saw her. Luckily she wore a coat so what was underneath that is not visible. Maryse looked as if she’s been crying. I asked her what happened. She said crying ‘Your father said he had some early morning work at the office and left. When I called the office they said he didn’t come there maybe you should try calling his coworker.

When I did i found out that he’s been cheating on me. On our anniversary!’ and with that she completely broke down and kept crying. Srinija went and sat beside her and consoled her. In doing so her coat opened and Maryse saw her in innerwear and looked a bit shocked but remained silent. I went to get her some coffee. Srinija said she’ll change and come back. From the kitchen I saw Maryse going through my phone and I quite literally forgot about those pics in the shower.

After some time she entered the kitchen and came close to me and rubbed my shoulders, massaged my biceps and abs. She was saying ‘Wow you workout a lot don’t you?’I felt awkward and nodded my head. Then she brought her face close to mine and slowly lowered my hand to my shorts. She was in a buttoned blouse and jeans. Her hand went even lower and nearly onto my hard dick. She unbuttoned from above until only 3 buttons were left. If one more button is removed her boobs would pop out. I was already rock hard and unable to say anything. I was frozen in arousal. Maryse is a smoking hot lady. She has assets almost as big as Mia Khalifa. My dad was very rough on me, so everytime i see Maryse, i wanted to get my revenge by fucking the shit out if her. Our lips almost touched and i felt her index finger on the tip of my dick. Then i pushed away and said ‘Maryse no. I understand you’re sad but I don’t want to take advantage of anything’ She hung her head and said ‘But you fucked Srinija. I saw those pictures. Am I not enough? Is that why your father cheated on me’. I said ‘It’s not that Maryse, maybe under different circumstances I might’ ve. But i don’t want you to regret this if again anything happens’.

She stormed off the kitchen and I felt bad that I hurt her. I waited some time and went into the living room. She wasn’t there so I thought she left. After her touch i was super horny and wanted to unleash my load out. So I went looking for Srinija. I went to my room getting rid of my clothes and opened the door and found Maryse sticking her ass up and Srinija lying on the bed. Srinija was total naked and Maryse was in her bra and a thong that did nothing to cover her pussy lips which were hanging outside the thong. Maryse saw me wiggled her ass and gave a naughty smile. My dick throbbed and maybe even increased a bit in size. All my positive feelings about Maryse were replaced by lustful thoughts.

I went straight and buried my fave between her ass. She gave a loud moan and pressed my face harder into her ass. Then she continued licking Srinija’s pussy. I rubbed my tongue on her clit, parted her cunt lips and went rogue on them. I bit, licked and sucked them dry. I grabbed her ass and spanked it until it was bright red. Then I ripped out her thong and bra and grabbed those huge melons from behind. Srinija got up and joined the Action. She was pinching and sucking Maryse’s nipples while i was shaking them up and down. She kept on moaning not to stop. I then ran my hand from between her breasts, reached her belly button and circled around it. I went lower until i felt some pubic hair and reached her clit. Just a single flick and rub combined with the suckling and pressing of her boobs made her climax. She shouted loud and gasped. Then she said ‘It’s your turn young girl’ and pushed her back on the bed.

She got to oneside of Srinija while i was on the other. We both took each boob in our mouth and kept sucking them while kissing each other between. Maryse her hand on her pussy and fingered her cunt. I used my hand and put it in the only vacant hole : her asshole. She was moaning and quivering with pleasure and it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. Maryse pulled her fingers out licked them and we shared a kiss. Srinija then too joined the fun. We didn’t know who’s tongue was in who’s mouth we just kept kissing and kissing until our legs were full wet and sloppy of saliva. Then I broke the kiss but they still kept kissing. So I stood up and caught both of their hairs and said ‘It’s my turn bitches’ and put my dick between both their lips and pressed them against my dick and started moving. It was as if a new hole popped up. After some time i released them and they started sucking my dick in synchrony. One mouth would be on my balls while other on my dick. I kept groaning and trying to control my orgasm. Maryse started taking my dick deep in her throat.

Then she pulled out and pushed it into Srinija’s throat. She rolled her eyes and i could feel her throat muscles contracting and pressing my dick until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot my load into her throat and immediately pulled out and rammed it into Maryse’s throat where I shot another load.

Then they got on top of each other. Their asses were stacked. Maryse was on the bottom, Srinija was on top. I first penetrated my stepmom. In response she moaned and said ‘Fuck its so fuckin bigger than ur puny father’s’. I increased my pace and pounded her mature cunt and in same time I kept spanking Srinija’s juicy butt. Then i switched it to her ass without any indication and caused her to shout loudly. I didn’t stop at all and banged her virgin asshole. In the mean time i used both my thumbs to spread Srinija’s asshole. It was gaped and so huge. I couldn’t resist so i pulled out and rammed it inside Srinija. It was so tight and was sucking my cock inside everytime i moved it out. I kept on switching between those r beautiful and tasty holes.

Then they both got up and pushed me flat on my back. Maryse caught my dick and sat on it while Srinija sat on my face. I ate her out while my dick was exploring my stepmom’s lovehole. They kept talking dirty to each other and kissing. All the saliva was falling on my chest. Maryse kept on riding my cock and I couldn’t control anymore. Her walls were crushing my dick and she was also close to her climax. I tried to tell her but Srinija was not moving from my face so i licked her cunt furiously. She started shaking and placed both her hands on my chest. I couldn’t control anymore and jizzed right in my stepmother’s pussy. She too released all her juices right onto my dick and Srinija on to my mouth. I licked her dry then stood up and pinned her back on my chest. I bit her neck hard and pressed her smooth waist with my rough hands. I put my dick between her legs and pushed it straight to other side. Maryse sucked the tip and i instantly got a boner again. I lifted Srinija from behind, spread her legs wide and pushed my dick straight inside. I kept fucking her so hard, my balls were slapping her making loud noise and she was shouting like hell. Maryse put her lips onto Srinija’s clit and Srinija was going bonkers. She was crazy in pleasure. She kept on screaming ‘Yes yes yes fuck fuck please don’t stop, I beg u’. She was shaking with orgasms one after the other finally I couldn’t hold it anymore, i shot my load straight inside her womb. I shot so much, it came dripping out even before i removed my dick.

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Stepmom joins the fun – Sex Stories

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