Sticky Trick or Treat by wolfiram

Sticky Trick or Treat
by wolfiram

Seducing our teenage, black neighbour Jay was always a fantasie for me and my husband. A few weeks ago it turned into reality.

If you want to read in detail what happened, search for “Gym Access for Cum” or “Involving the little brother in the workout scheme.” in my profile.

Me and my husband just moved into our own small bungalow in this small town. Just enough room for us two. Since we won’t have any offspring, we decided to have one room as a home gym.

Working out is a big part of our lives. I am Mike, 35, lean build with a 7 inch cock.. My Husband, Taylor, 28 but looks so much younger, hot body with a 8 inch dick and really nice ass.


With the first one, you notice everything. The taste, the texture. But after a few loads of cum, you enter into a kind of trance.You just want more.


I have nothing against halloween. Well, just one thing: the ringing the doorbell thing. Usually we just turn it off for this night but since we moved into this new neighbourhood, we can’t really. We know almost everyone around us and most of them have kids.

So we swallowed the pill and bought some sweets to be prepared.

There was this big town gathering on Halloween night and after the main part the kids and parents were supposed to go through the village for trick or treating.

Mostly very young kids and I had no problem with giving them some sweets at the door. But from experience I knew that some teenagers also took advantage of this night. They were the once doing something to the house if you didn’t hand them any sweets.

Luckily, I had some connections this time around. Our Neighbours sons Jay (18) and Adam (15) belonged to the “village gang”. And since they both looked pretty huge and dominant, I figured they would be high up in the ranks. So i wrote Jay a instagram DM: “Hey, will you guys and your friends trick or treat tonight?”. The answer came immediately: “Yeah sure. Can’t wait.” Great. “Could you do me a favor and tell your friends not to come to our house?”, I wrote, sounding a bit snobbish. Jay responded: “I guess….but me and Adam are welcome right? ;)” That smiley face ment trouble. Sucking young bbc trouble. “Are your parents not at home?”, I wondered. “They are, but they won’t notice with all that going on.” It had been sometime since we had our hot fourway so my cock twitched by just the thought of Jay and Adam’s load in my mouth. “You know that you guys are always welcome ,)” I replied.

“In that case, I will tell the guys to go easy on you”, Jay wrote. Well at least something.

Time passed fast and around 6 in the afternoon, the first wave of kids came to our doorstep. Some had dressed up really well, some not so much. But who’s a critic on Halloween right? We passed out candy until there was nothing left an hour later. It was pretty dark outside now and the streets went pretty quiet. Just as I was lying down on the couch to watch some traditional Halloween movies, the doorbell rang again. Great, we have nothing left anymore. “Let’s just ignore it.” I told Taylor who was lying beside me with my hand down his pants. Something we usually did while watching tv. But then it rang again, and again. Until there was a knock, all of which we ignored. “Knocking? Seriously?”. Out of curiosity I checked the front door camera on my phone, to see who it was. Before I could access it, I got a notification from Instagram: New message from Jay. Oh! Right! “Fuck, I completely forgot.” Taylor looked at me: “What did you forget?”. “Well…Jay asked earlier if they could…” “You gotta be kidding?” he interrupted me with his “seriously?” face. I stood up and went to the front door. Sure enough, Jay and Adam, our gorgeous, black teenboys from next door were standing right outside.

I opened the door and let them in. They didn’t even try to dress for Halloween. Since it was a bit cold outside already, they both had baggy sweatpants and huge hoodies on. Completely hiding the great bodies that I knew they had. “Hey guys.” I welcomed them. But that was pretty much all I had a chance to say.

Pretty much instantly after entering, Jay pushed me against the wall, right next to the front door which Adam closed fast after they entered. His big brother put his hands on my shoulder and slowly pushed me down onto my knees. At the same time, Adam went over to the couch, where Taylor was still lying, and jumped on top of him. I couldn’t see much else because in front of me, Jay dropped his pants and his huge and already hard black cock jumped into my face, hitting my nose. Smearing the tip with thick drops of precum.

He grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth onto his big cock. I hardly had time to take a last big breath before he started violently fucking my face.

I was in heaven. Fuck that felt great. That huge cock going down my throat. Years of sucking cock trained me to deepthroat like a champ. Spit was dripping down my mouth onto my shirt. I tried to stabilize myself by holding onto his muscular ass. Grabbing both cheeks with both hands while my head was raped. I couldn’t see what was going on with Taylor and Adam. All I could see was that black machine in front of me, moving in and out. But I could hear some moans from the direction of the couch and figured that Taylor received a similar treatment from Adam right now. Oh that 15 year old cock tasted so good the last time around. But I literally had my mouth foul at the moment.

“fuuuuck i am close”, Jay moaned a few poundings later. With that, he removed his cock from my wet mouth and started jerking it fast. With a chance to breathe, I looked up at his body. What a view. His head thrown back. I could not move because he was pressing MY head against the wall with his right hand. I knew what was going to happen and I was loving every second of it. “Oh fuuuuck”, he moaned. I opened my mouth wide and almost instantly the first shot of hot teenboy cum splashed against the back of my mouth. Many followed. Hitting every part of my face, even my forehead. I tried to swallow every drop. After he finished cumming, he used his still hard cock to move all the cum into my mouth. Not to waste any of it. I swallowed all of it and sucked his cock clean. “You liked that huh?” he smiled down at me. “Oh yeah.” I moaned.

Now Adam appeared again next to his brother, putting his pants back up, his cock also still hard and wet. I guess Taylor just had his load down his throat. I looked at him, still cleaning my lips with my tongue, removing the last drops of his big brother’s cum. “You want a taste?” Adam said moving closer towards me, getting his cock out of his pants. I moved a bit forward and met him halfway. Taking his slowly softening cock into my mouth. Trying to suck some last drops of his cum out of him. His balls jumped and with that a little bit of cum shot into my mouth. “You want some more?” He asked. Without thinking much I just nodded my head. “Just wait for it”. I thought he would start jerking his cock for a second load but he was just standing in front of me, cock in my mouth, not really getting hard again. “I hope you like that”. And with that the first drops of piss entered my mouth. Fuck! That kid is pissing in my mouth. I never tried that kinda thing before, but always wanted to. Taylor just wasn’t into it as much as I was. The drops turned into a steady stream and soon enough I had to swallow again and again so that I wouldn’t drown. “Yeah that’s it, drink it.” Only then his brother Jay realised what was happening. “Dude, wtf.” He said, but smiling. It tasted like piss smelled but also very watery. I didn’t have much choice but to drink it all, since I didn’t want to make a mess out here in the entryway. I accepted that 15 year olds boy piss and swallowed all of it.

Shaking the last drops onto my tongue, Adam put his cock back into his pants. Not wearing any underwear as I just noticed. Damn, I just love teenboys. “That was hot as fuck man”. Jay said, still smiling at his little brother. I let myself fall back onto the wall behind me and tried to relax a bit after all of that. “What just happened?” Taylor said, now standing next to Adam. “I just gave Mike something to drink.” Adam said. Taylor looked a bit shocked. “Wtf! Well i guess he finally got what he aaalways wanted.” With that, a knock on the front door made us all jump a bit. I looked up to Jay and he was still smiling. “The boys are here”, is all he said before opening the door.

In came 4 teenage boys from the village. I guess all of them gang members. I recognized the faces but never really met them before. Just saw them around the village.

All of them are around 16 years old. Everything went so fast now, I couldn’t move. They all greeted Jay and Adam with gang handshakes and piled into our entryway. After that they just looked around and eventually noticed me, still kneeling on the floor. One guy, white, very short brown hair, cute face, pointed towards me: “So that’s him huh?”. Jay nodded in silence. “What’s going on here?” Taylor said. Adam, still standing next to him, grabbed him and motioned him towards the floor, right next to me. “You wanted me to stop the boys from trashing your house right?” Jay asked. “Well, that has a price.” They all started to touch themselves. Massaging that boy bulge through their sweatpants. Slowly walking towards me and Taylor, kneeling with our backs against the wall. The four new guys now positioning themselves around us, two in front of me and two for Taylor. So close now that I could make out some big hard cocks in those sports pants.

I looked to my right where Taylor was kneeling close to me. One of the guys in front of him already moved his crotch close to his mouth. Right then I felt something hitting my face. One of the guys in front of me just slapped me with his rock hard cock. Cut, veiny, and just perfect. Muscle Memory kicked in and I just opened my mouth and started sucking on his cockhead. Immediately tasting his sweet precum. Lots of it. A second cock tried to enter my mouth at the same time. The other dude with an even bigger cock just unzipped. I took them both at once. I looked over at Taylor who’s head was pressed against the wall being face fucked by both of his guys taking turns. He must have bee in heaven cause that’s what he really likes a lot.

I switched between both cocks. Sucking one and wanking the other. Tasting those teen balls. Grabbing those muscular asses. One guy didn’t like that so much. Yeah right, so sucking is ok but touching the ass is gay? He tried to remove my hands but I just went for his ass again. His body on my left didn’t mind so much. I had my middle finger deep inside his hairless hole, feeling his prostate.

“You want that cum bitch?” I heard next to me. One of the guys in front of Taylor started wanking his cock fast close to Taylor’s face. Seconds later he started exploding a huge load of cum onto it. The boy next to him, triggered by the orgasmn of his friend, also started shooting thick ropes of cum onto my husband. I would have loved to keep watching but my face was yanked back, eyes front now, awaiting my two loads of cum. It did not take them long. Why do teenboys cum so much? Damn, I couldn’t catch and swallow fast enough. Cum smeared everywhere over my face. Really nice tasting as well.

I sucked both of them clean and scooped every drop of cum, that didn’t find my mouth into it. The boys put their cocks back and got ready to leave. But no one moved once they turned around from us. With everything going on, I lost track of Jay and Adam. I literally couldn’t see them with those guys in front of my face. But now that the boys turned away, I saw and heard them. Adam was moaning very loud. His body pressed against the opposite wall. Pants down to his shoes and his big brother balls deep in his tight teen ass. Fucking him violantly with that huge black cock.

We all just watched them fucking. Until Jay blew his load deep into his little brother. Fucking every drop of cum deep into him. So hot. Taylor and I were still kneeling on the floor when Jay pulled his cock out. Still wet with his cum sticking to it. He was just standing there, his cock before us like in slow motion. Until we both, at the same time, moved our heads towards it and started licking it clean. I also saw Adam still holding on to that wall. His ass still sticking out like he was waiting for the next guy. Cum started to slowly run out of his hole. I couldn’t resist. I left Jay’s cock to Taylor and went for Adam’s hole. Licked the cum that was running down to his balls off him and put my face and tongue right into that ass. Trying to get all of Jay’s cum out of him.

Who needs candy on Halloween when you have so much boy cum to drink!

Let me know if you guys want to read more from our neighbourhood 😉

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