Story about sex with hot step mom

Story about sex with hot step mom

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They left their room and went to sleep on that single mattress. Somewhat exhausted, they lay on the mattress. To make optimum use of the space they had, Shahid wrapped his arm around her tummy, spooning her. His warm breath was falling on her neck.

After some minutes, Roja broke the awkward silence in the room.

Roja: What just happened was crazy!

Shahid: Agreed, this was the wildest night of my life.

Roja: No one can know what happened here, promise me, Shahid.

Shahid: I promise, Roja, I’d be an idiot if I were to tell this to anyone. By the way, answer me honestly, you were enjoying the whole thing, weren’t you?

Roja (laughingly): What? No! Well, maybe a little, but not like you. You almost tore apart that poor lady’s ass. If anything, you were the one fully enjoying it.

Shahid (blushing): Yeah, I don’t know what came over me.

Roja: Was she the first person you had sex with? Have you ever had sex with someone else before?

Startled at her question, he lied.

Shahid: Yes, this was my first time.

Roja: What! (she laughed), OMG! The first time you have sex, and it’s a foursome! What a memorable way to lose virginity. For a virgin, you were quite the expert (she kept laughing in a subtle teasing way).

Shahid (embarrassed): Yeah, how about you? When did you lose your virginity?

Roja: Your father took my virginity.

Shahid: Really? You didn’t have a bf in college or school?

Roja: No, my parents were very strict. I studied at a women’s college. So didn’t have much opportunity there. I thought of online dating. But every guy I found was just interested in sex.

Shahid: Oh, okay, they say when women have sex for the first time, it pains too much. So, on your first night, did my dad hurt you?

Roja: That is correct. First-time sex is often a little painful, but your dad was very gentle and considerate. He took his time, so it did not hurt that much (teasing him). I dread to imagine what if your dad was big as you and rough. I wouldn’t be able to walk.

Shahid: Oh, so his penis is not a big as mine?

Roja: No, and stop. I feel embarrassed to talk to my stepson about his father’s cock.

Shahid: Okay, Okay, a few more questions, please?

Roja: Okay, just a few more.

Shahid: Do you wish dad had a cock like mine?

Roja blushed at his question.

Roja: If your father’s cock was as big as yours, I don’t think it would fit me.

Shahid (smiling at her answer): I am sure it would. Does sex with dad gives you orgasms as strong as the ones you were having a while ago?

Roja (shy): No, this was the first time I had an orgasm.

Shahid: Really? You never had an orgasm before this? Not even by masturbation?

Roja: No, now sleep, we’ll need to leave early tomorrow. Your dad and mother would be worried sick about why we haven’t reached home.

Shahid: Don’t worry. I called dad and told him about our situation, and we’ll come by tomorrow only.

Roja: That’s good, Shahid, now sleep. Goodnight.

He spooned her, hugging her tightly. It had been an hour since they laid like that, and he couldn’t sleep. His arms squeezed against her breasts and his dick against her thigh.

It throbbed with the pulse of his body. All of it was too hot to handle. He moved uncomfortably in that limited space as his cock rubbed against her thigh, trying to be more comfortable.

Roja: Shahid? What’s the problem?

Shahid: I am sorry to have disturbed you. Only if this damn cock of mine would relax and get loose.

Roja: Oh, Shahid, you just cum two times a few moments ago. How in the world is it still hard?

Shahid: I am sorry. I don’t know what to do.

Roja: Get a little closer and keep your cock between my legs. That should provide it enough space to be comfortable.

As she lay sideways, she lifted her one leg a little to accommodate his penis. Her hands were on his buttocks now as she guided him between her legs. His cock was now sandwiched between her warm thighs, as her butt squeezed to his pelvis.

Roja: Comfortable enough?

Shahid: Yeah, thanks. Never thought I’d be lying with you like this.

Roja: Yes, if anyone knew that a mother and son lay like lovers, naked, people would be horrified.

Shahid: But you are not my mother.

Roja: Yes, but I am married to your father. Do you think you’d be able to explain to anyone why a son is sleeping with his father’s wife?

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Shahid: I guess not.

Roja: Goodnight then, it’s time to sleep.

Shahid: I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep soon, but I’ll try. Goodnight.

What followed this was moments of silence. The rain had finally stopped. The candescent moonlight passed through the window. With the gentle rays of light falling on their body, sleep-deprived Shahid looked at moon kissed Roja’s face. She looked beautiful.

His fingers roamed around her breasts as the moonlight shone on her breasts like spotlights. Wrapped tightly in Shahid’s embrace, she tried to sleep. She felt his cock getting harder and harder. It was bigger than it was a few moments ago.

She could feel his hands caressing her breasts gently, his warm breath falling on her neck. She opened her eyes. It was Shahid looking at her, with a sense of admiration. He was enjoying the beautiful sight of his stepmother. Roja blushed, her face turning red from his deep stare.

Roja: Can’t sleep, silly?

Shahid: No, I keep trying. How come you are up?

Roja: Well, for one, you’ve been staring at me for the past 10-15 minutes, and I noticed your hand roaming here and there.
Shahid: Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to be inappropriate. I just couldn’t help but see how beautiful you look.

Roja (blushing): Oh, stop! You’re embarrassing me.

Shahid: No, I mean it. I guess I’ve never noticed before. But you look beautiful, and your skin feels so smooth (running his fingers over her arms to her shoulders, gently pressing them) I couldn’t help myself.

Roja (blushing): I am flattered but flirting with your mother is not a good idea.

Shahid: It’s not flirting. Just consider me your admirer.

Their eyes locked into each other. There’s a brief moment of silence. Looking at her, Shahid gets an urge to kiss her. His lips reach for her neck.

Roja (trying to stop him): Woah! What do you think you are doing? This is totally inappropriate.

Shahid: And us sleeping like this is not?

Roja: That is different. We have no other option than to sleep like this.

Shahid: So why did you then suck on my cock and Prashant? Wasn’t it inappropriate when you were licking Lata’s holes? You didn’t have to come; you could have stayed in the room.

Roja: I did it because I was worried about you. I am responsible for us ending up here. I didn’t want to leave you alone, unaware of what was going to happen.

Tears rolled down her eyes.

Shahid: Hey, didn’t mean to sound like that. I am sorry, I know you were just trying to look out for me, please don’t cry.

He wiped her tears, and there again, their eyes locked. Shahid buried his head between her shoulder, kissing her neck.

Roja: Shahid, please don’t do it.

Shahid: In the last few hours, we’ve done a lot of things we never imagined we would do. Yet here we are. I know you are my stepmom. It’s forbidden for us to even think of it. I don’t know what will happen in the future. But I hate to imagine that we would let this moment go to waste. I want to make love to you. That’s what I want. Just for this night, please!

Roja found herself at a loss of words. She could say to usual stop, don’t do it, etc. But she knew he wasn’t going to listen. As his lips kissed her collar bone, his one hand fondling her right breast. The other hand rubbing her lightly trimmed pubic area, massaging them.

She wanted to stop him. She closed her legs tightly to stop him from going any further. But as his kiss advanced to her cheeks, now slowly to her lips, she felt her guard goes down. There was a wet feeling between her legs again. Her body had started to move to the rhythm of his hips as he humped her.

He pulled her face closer to him. He started with her lower lip and then upper lip, trying to enjoy every inch of her. The arousal for Roja grew stronger and stronger. This was a new experience for her than what she usually has with his father.

Shahid’s father was gentler and calmer. Shahid was wild and a little rough. She loved this raw, animalistic nature of him. Like an untamed beast, he kept kissing her, harder and harder, his tongue now playing with hers.

Roja decided to let go of this inhibition in her mind and enjoy this blissful night. There was nothing there she could do to stop it. The least she should enjoy it. With that thought in mind, she reciprocated the kiss. Their tongues playing with each other, the exchange of saliva, and the biting of the lips.

He now got on top of her, pinning her hands, he kissed her neck again, licking it. His tongue going lower and lower proceeding to her breasts, soft moans escaped her mouth. Her legs moved left to right, tightly closed. As he opened his mouth, she saw her nipple disappearing in his mouth.

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His warm tongue on her nipples accompanied by the gentle pinching of her other breast. Like a breastfeeding baby, he sucks on her breast, pulling her nipples a little by the teeth. The sudden rush of blood running through her body, finding it hard to breathe.

This moment was too good for her. He proceeded further down. She wanted him to tell her to keep biting and licking and pinching her breasts and nipples, but she couldn’t. She wasn’t raised like this.


She often had sex just lay on the bed while Shahid’s father spread her legs and got straight to it. He definitely hadn’t kissed her like Shahid was doing. He hadn’t been wild and rough like Shahid was.

Not that she complained about it. Just in the back of her mind, she’d wish he was more spontaneous and attentive to her needs, too, in bed. Her train of thoughts is disrupted as he went further down, kissing her belly, pushing his tongue to the depths of her navel.

As he went further below, he played with her pubis’ small hairs, which outlined the triangle shape. She still wouldn’t open her legs. So he grabbed them, spreading her legs. To her surprise, she could not resist much. He spread her legs and stared for some moments at her beautiful, trimmed pussy.

She was embarrassed to show how wet she was with her stepson. He pulled her hips closer to his mouth. He buried his face in her pink pussy. His tongue was playing with the slutty pussy of the trophy stepmom. He raised her hips a little more, his tongue just below her asshole, licking it along her pussy.

His thumb rubbing her clit vigorously as he kept licking her. For all this time, she kept trying to suppress her moans. Now she couldn’t do it anymore. Every touch of his tongue on her pussy passed waves of current through her spine. He was making her feel a level of pleasure she didn’t know even existed.

This night sure couldn’t be the first time he had sex. He knows so much, she thought. He wanted to stick his cock inside her mouth and have her suck his cock till she gags. But decided against it. He wanted this time to be all about her.

He pushed his finger, rubbing it against the warm walls of her vagina. Damn, she was tight! Maybe she was right. His cock was too big and thick to fit in her pussy, but he wanted to do it anyway. With each thrust of his finger, her chest rose with heavy moans.

To stretch further, he pushed the other finger too. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. After all, she has sex with his father. As he pushed in the second finger deeper, she moaned out:

Roja: Shahid! Please don’t!

But she made no attempt to stop him. She spread her legs further, trying to accommodate the other finger. The to and fro motion of his fingers inside her pussy, making her legs shiver.  Just on the verge of an orgasm, the finger fucking stops. Disappointment reflects upon her face. She was this close.

She looks at Shahid, who’s keenly watching her facial expressions, enjoying teasing her like that. Even though she initially didn’t want him to not do anything. Now it was different. Her pussy aching to be fucked, abused and licked. Oh, how much she wants him to fuck her but too ashamed to admit it.

After enough teasing, Shahid pulls her closer to his hips, rubbing his cock over her pussy, massaging her clit and labia with his dick. A sense of relief spread across her face. It is soon overcome by the fear, the hungry look on Shahid’s face, the fact that how thick and big he was.

She mentally prepared herself for what was going to happen. But she didn’t anticipate it would be this much. he slowly pushed the tip of his dick in her pussy, which took some effort to fit. Then, with one hard thrust, he pushed his cock deep inside her pussy. Unprepared for this, Roja screamed in pain.

Roja: Shahid! Please beta, stop! You’re hurting me.

But contrary to what she asked for, he fucked her even harder, pulling her head and kissing her lips. Her moans are now suppressed as the kissing gets vigorous. The walls of her vagina started to stretch, submitting itself to Shahid’s cock. Her screams turned to loud moans.

Her hands were on his waist, hugging him tightly, digging her nails on his back. It wasn’t this hot even on her first night. He kept thrusting her harder and harder. She kept thinking just a few more minutes, and he’ll cum. But it’s been 10 minutes since he’s been ramming his cock in the bitch’s pussy like a bull.

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Before she knew it, she was going to cum. Just as she was about to cum, he pulled out again. Shahid seemed to be determined to not let her have what she wanted, at least not so quick. She looked puzzled as to why he was doing this. Why he would push her to the verge of an orgasm but not let her have it.

With a wicked grin on his face, he whispered in her ear.

Shahid: Beg for it.

Roja: What?

Shahid: Beg to me, for my cock, admit that you want this, you like this.

Roja remained speechless.

Shahid: It’s your choice. I can keep doing it all night long.

He turned her around, spreading and squeezing her buttcheeks. Just a little later, she felt his tongue over her asshole. She couldn’t believe what he was about to, how disgusting it would be. But as soon as his tongue toucher her asshole, a warm and unsettling surge of pleasure ran through her body.

Why does it feel so good? She wondered, and soon his fingers came along, circling around the rim of her asshole. He tried to push the tip of his thumb in her ass, and she jumped out a little. His middle finger pushed in her asshole while he pushed his thumb inside her pussy.

Both her holes being violated simultaneously. All that she wanted now was his dick inside her and fuck her like a wild animal. She knew If she didn’t admit to it now, he was going to tease her all night long.

Roja: Shahid!

Shahid: Yes, mother?

He looked at her with a wicked smile. His trick was at last working.

Roja: Put it in.

Shahid: I am sorry, put what in?

Roja: You know what I am talking about.

Shahid: I am afraid I don’t, mother, but if you tell me clearly, I will do it.

With a little hesitation, she blurted out.

Roja: I want you to fuck me with that cock.

Shahid: Do you love it, mother?

She remained speechless.

Shahid: Well, it’s your choice. Tell me how you feel about it, or you don’t get my cock.

It was embarrassing for her to beg her stepson to fuck her. She was like a bitch in heat.

Roja: Please, Shahid, fuck my pussy. I want it so bad.

Shahid: Well, there you go

As she lay on her stomach, Shahid guided his cock to her pussy. For a moment, she was worried if he’d go for her ass. But to her relief, he went for the pussy, and started fucking her. With each thrust, his cock would disappear, making her scream with pleasure and pain. He’d kiss her neck and pull her hair.

The splashing sound every time his pelvis hit her wet pussy, the moans filled with his names. This went on for another 15-20 minutes. She could feel a build-up of pressure between her legs. She was going to cum again. She hoped that at least now he would let her have it.

The pace of his thrusts increased, and her legs started trembling. A few more thrusts and she cum. And with that, her head collapsed on the pillow. She was exhausted as she never had sex this long. Shahid was soon to cum

Shahid: I am going to cum, mother. Aah!

In that storm of pleasure, a thought arose in her mind, for someone who addresses her by her own name, why he insisted on calling her mom. But that was not all she worried about.

Roja: Shahid, don’t! I am fertile. You will end up getting me pregnant.

Shahid: But I can’t cum on the mattress. We won’t be able to sleep in it.

Roja: I don’t know, Shahid, just don’t cum inside me.

And he pulled his cock out and brought it closer to her mouth. She understood what he wanted but didn’t want to do it. She has never done it before.

Roja: Shahid, no!

He pushed his cock on her lips, forcing it open, and pushed it deep in her throat. She couldn’t breathe, let alone speak. He kept pushing the long hard piece of meat, choking her. Soon he ejaculated in her mouth, forcing her to swallow it down.

He collapsed on top of her and whispered in her ear.

Shahid: You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Thank you for this unforgettable moment.

He soon fell asleep, hugging her while she ran her fingers through his hair, caressing his body.

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Story about sex with hot step mom

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