Story about sex with my indian cousin

Story about sex with my indian cousin

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There was this cousin named Rakhee I grew up with back in India. She was about eight years younger to me and we grew up almost like real brother and sister. She was the daughter of my mom’s brother and she and her family would often stay over with us over the long weekends.

She even referred to me as ‘bhaiya’… which is Hindi for big brother. She went to an all girls’ school and I was one of the few boys she knew. When I was about 19 I went off to college and was away for a pretty long time. Almost three years passed before I saw her next when I came home for the summer.

When I saw her for the first time I must admit I felt a bit awkward around her. Partly coz I was 22 and she had grown quite a bit too and partly coz now I felt somewhat turned on by her. Her face was still that same innocent girl’s. She was almost as tall as me now but still very petite and her dress showed only the slightest impression of a pair of very small but perky breasts. I don’t think she had even started wearing a bra yet. She still had those big round brown eyes. She had let her hair grow long all the way down to her waist. It was black and flowing beautifully. I love straight long hair.

It didn’t take long for us to get reacquainted however. In fact it didn’t take her any time at all to start chatting away with me the way we did before I left. We talked about everything from her school to her chores at home.

She loved hearing stories about college life and everything I’ve been doing since I left. Needless to say I somewhat embellished the stories coz I really liked impressing her. And she WAS impressed.

Since even before I knew what sex was I’ve been in the habit of playfully flirting with her and teasing her about boys and stuff. I decided to do the same now. I knew she thought of me as an older brother and she would be shocked at the idea that now I was attracted to her. So all I could do was flirt with her the way we used to. If nothing else… at least it would help me fantasize about her and help me get off later.

I started by asking her if she had any boyfriends now… and even asked her about some of the boys she knew before I left. She told me she didn’t have any boyfriends. I would keep enquiring and teasing her and she would always shrug it off by shouting, “Bhaiya”, until one day she finally told me… “Well I don’t have any boyfriends coz you’re my boyfriend.” That kind of took me by surprise. But I knew she was just saying it as part of our playful teasing. But it did give me a lot to think about later that night as I lay in my bed jacking off thinking about her.

Over the course of the next few days I pursued the ‘boyfriend’ joke… and she played along. We would tease each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. She would pretend to be upset if I talked about another girl and I would pretend to be jealous if she showed interest in another guy especially if he was her age.

It got to the point that I was just not sure how much of her was pretending. I was by now totally taken with her but just didn’t know if she felt the same way. There were times when her ‘pretence’ seemed all too real.

There was only about two weeks left before I had to go back to college and almost everyday she would ask me when I was going to be coming back or when I’ll be done with college. This seemed a little more than just idle curiosity or playful flirtation. I just had to know where she stood for real. But if I told her how I felt and she didn’t feel the same way it would be disastrous.

I guess she was a little braver than me coz one day while we were again pretending I tried to tease her a little by saying that I’m going to have to look for another girlfriend when I get back to college. She got really serious and asked me to tell her for real if I really meant that. I asked her why she was getting so worked up and after a bit of pushing and having to swear a dozen oaths promising not to tell on her she finally came clean.

She told me that she really more than any boy she had ever met. And she wanted to be my girlfriend. I could have done handsprings just then. Without thinking I told her how much I loved her and that I felt the same way. We hugged and she excitedly told me how glad she was that I wasn’t mad.

Over the next few days we could be around each other enough. Even when we were around our parents we would secretly exchange knowing smiles and glances, becoming more and bolder. When no one was around we would hug and caress each other. Touching and even kissing.

As my summer was coming to an end we had less and less time alone together coz everyone wanted to spend time with me. Just three days before the end of summer our parents went shopping. I got out of it by saying I had to go meet some friends. Rakhee stayed home on the pretext of doing some homework to get ready for the start of school. My parents and I left early in the morning and got home when I knew the folks would be leaving. When I got home the house was empty except for Rakhee. We locked the doors and went upto my room.

Once there we embraced and kissed as I ran my hands down her back, to her little butt. I pulled her into me and our bodies clung to one another. She was wearing her long pink nightie that flowed from the little straps on her shoulders down to just below her knees. Her hair was open and her little breasts just poked from under the silky Disney nightie. It had a little picture of tinkerbell on her tummy.

I slowly lifted it up with one hand as I caressed her back and her hair with the other. I raised it upto her waist and felt under it for her panties. She guessed what I wanted and moved back and allowed me to lift the nightie all the way up over her head and take it off. She stood there for a few seconds, hand in hand nervously twisting her fingers as I admired her beautiful form. She was small white panties and a little white bra.

To make her feel more at easy I took off my shirt. She moved closer and helped me with my trousers. Till we both stood in our underwear. She hugged me telling me how much she loved me and I could feel her slowly unconsciously pushing against the bulge in my shorts. I caressed the smooth texture of her skin as I rubbed her back. Then I took her to the bed and we both lay down. I undid her bra and kissed and licked her beautiful little breasts, sucking on her nipples. Though small they were aroused and firm like little brown pencil erasers. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. I then continued playing with her nipples with my fingers as I slowly licked my way down her tummy. Teasing and tickling her bellybutton along the way, moving lower. I pulled her panties down her thighs with my teeth. As I pulled them down my nose rubbed along her slit. It wasn’t intentional but it sent shivers up her body and she moaned.

Her smooth pussy had some fine tiny hair and I could already see them soaked in her moist juices. I slowly licked her pussy as I took her panties off completely with my hands. I gently sucked on her pussy lips running my tongue up and down her slit. I sucked on her erect clit while Rakhee moaned and crumpled the bed sheet in her clenched fists. The aroma wafting from her sex was incredibly strong and intoxicating. I buried my face in her pussy and continued to lick her pussy and force my tongue into the slit. Her breathing was getting heavier and her slit was dripping juices down my cheeks and then without warning her whole body shuddered as she had her first real orgasm. She lay motionless for about a minute after her orgasm subsided. Then she opened her eyes to see me lying next to her and she kissed me while reaching down to my shorts. She stuck one finger in the waistband and pushed it down to reveal me rock hard cock. She pushed me onto my back and moved down to my penis. I guessed what she was trying to do and I also knew she had no sexual experience so I stopped her and asked her, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She smiled at me and said, “I wanna make you feel the way you just made me feel”.
She wrapped her thin fingers around my cock and stroked it a few times. The moved her pretty little face over it and with those big brown innocent eyes staring back at me licked the glistening drops of precum off the big purple head of my cock. I can’t describe that instant. I waited in anticipation for her reaction to the taste. She liked it! She kissed the tip and wrapped her lips around the head and sucked trying to get more of the juice she just tasted. The little mouth sucked me so hard I almost came right then.

She was new to this but wanted to experiment as much as possible trying everything. She licked around the head, and then tried to push the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit on the tip. Almost instinctively she tried to see how much of me she could take in. She gradually moved her mouth lower and had almost two thirds of my thick cock in her till she couldn’t take in any more. It took every bit of self control to not cum in her mouth right then as I watched her almost choking on my cock, her lips and her cheeks glistening with my precum some of her long black hair sticking to her cheeks. I had to tell her to stop then. She asked me innocently, “Don’t you like it bhaiya?” I told her that I absolutely loved it, but now I had to enter her.

This was the only part of sex that I guess she did know about (probably heard about it from the other girls in school)… and right away she lay flat on her back and spread her legs. I lay on top of her kissing and licking her nipples and rubbing her pussy to make sure it was wet. No time for a condom… I’ll have to take my chances. I centered my cock head at the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed it in. It was tighter than I expected but I finally managed to get the head into her slit. She moaned, “mmmn bhaiya… please”. I said, “Rakhee this will hurt a little… do you want me to go on?” She nodded impatiently so I pushed deeper into her pussy till I met some resistance. I thought at first that I mustn’t take her cherry so I slowly moved back and forth trying desperately not to go any further in. Rakhee was moaning and goading me on, “Bhaiya, oh bhaiya… please… fuck me. Please fuck me bhaiya, faster… mmmmmnnn… BHAI…”

I lost it…

I drove my thick rock hard cock into her pussy with vicious abandon, almost causing her to claw
into the mattress!!! She screamed in pain… tears rolling down her cheeks… she cried begging me to stop.

My cock was on fire with lust for the young siren, and as I pounded away unmercifully at her drooling cunt. Her cries turned to loud sighs. “Bhai, oh yes…ye-eeh-eh-yeahss… AAAAAH…AAH… AAAAAAAAAh.”

After fucking her for what feels like an eternity and coming close to exhaustion I felt her cunt
begin to tremble and I knew she was close. But I wanted to make this last a really long time so I slowed down keeping her right at the edge and I held her as close as I could, feeling every inch of her chest
stuck to my chest. Her sweaty skin and her tiny tits rubbing against my skin. She began to grind into my pelvis begging me to give her the orgasm she so badly needed.

She began mewling like an injured puppy, “ooooh… oooooh yeah… bhaiya please… please … ooooh yes… bhai…”, as I rammed in and out of her with ruthless abandon. Making her wait for the cum paid off. She had an orgasm that shook every part of her body and she screamed out loud
as her cunt trembled and the muscles in her pussy spasm and squeezed my dick. Seeing her go through this, watching her eyes glassed over and open wide, the look of disbelief mixed with ecstasy, I can feel my
own orgasm building inside of my nut sack. I shouted, “AAAAh… ah… Aaaah… ah… RAKHEE… I’m cumming… oh baby… I’m cumming in your pussy. OH GOD… I love you Rakhee”. As I passed the point of no return, my blue steel pecker spasms hard several times before spewing out load after load of cum, deep inside of her well fucked
pussy as we both experienced a state of sexual euphoria, and I collapsed on top of her as I still felt my cock shiver and drip the final remaining drops of my sticky white cum into her hungry cunt.

After that first sexual encounter with Rakhee we didn’t get a chance to be alone with each other. The times we did see each other was when we were surrounded by our family so we had to keep a safe distance between us, especially after what we had done, so no one would suspect anything.

I went back to college in a couple of days without so much as a proper goodbye kiss from her. I replayed our every conversation, her every touch over and over in my mind throughout the flight back.

We stayed in touch by email and instant messenger, sometimes she would even get naked on the webcam for me. I told her how much I missed her and loved her and we talked about all the things we would do when I got back home. That would be sooner than either of us expected at the time.

My brother got engaged in about a few months time. It was an excuse for me to come home during the winter break and even miss about a week’s worth of classes.

I must admit that more than the wedding I was looking forward to seeing Rakhee again. By the time I got off the plane I had a raging hardon and I could have jumped her right there at the airport if my folks weren’t there too. She looked so beautiful with her long black hair flowing straight down… spilling over her delicate shoulders. She stood there with her hands together, her fingers nervously playing with each other. She had a knowing smile on her face and her big brown innocent eyes occasionally looked around to see if anyone had noticed her staring at me.

When I got home from the airport I was shocked and disappointed to find that the house was filled with relatives from all over who were going to be staying with us for the next three or more weeks. It would be impossible for me to get some alone time with Rakhee.

Over the next few days we cherished every second we could manage alone together. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the corridor, the second I saw no one was around I would grab her and hold her, caress her and kiss her. Sometimes I’d be looking around with my eyes and let my hand wander down to her cute little ass. She would moan and grind her hips against mine, it was almost like giving her a dry fuck. Then we’d have to settle ourselves when she’s come to her senses and say, “bhaiya someone might catch us!”

For the bride and groom’s wedding night before they jetted off on their honeymoon, we had arranged a really fancy suite at the Taj, the best hotel in town. It was my wedding present to them. I fixed up everything with the hotel and just to make sure everything was perfect in the room I went in to look things over. Then it occurred to me.

That evening about three and a half hours before the wedding ceremonies were to begin, I told my parents that I needed to go to the hotel to sort out a few last minute details regarding the room. My mom doesn’t trust me alone with the car, especially since I had started celebrating early by knocking back a few pegs of scotch. So I offered to take Rakhee along with me to make sure I drive safely.When we got to the Taj, we went to the room and looked it over. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and silk linen and dim lighting.

Rakhee was already dressed for the wedding coz she didn’t know about my little plan. I wanted to surprise her.

As she stood there looking more beautiful than ever in her bright red and golden lehnga choli set (a traditional Indian dress), lost in the romantic ambiance of the room I closed the door and move in close behind her. I caressed her bare waist as she reached behind and pulled me closer. Her long black hair smelled amazing as I kissed her neck. I moved one hand up and squeezed her perky breast thru the choli.

She tried to remind me that we’ll be late for the wedding but I told her I had everything planned. I’d tell my parents we got delayed coz the hotel had screwed up the room arrangement and that it took time sorting it out. She turned around and smiled her knowing smile. I reached behind her and undid the strings of her choli and watched it slowly slip off her shoulders. I kissed her shoulders as she reached down and loosened by belt and unzipped my trousers. I shook my coat off my shoulders and threw it on the sofa. She kneeled down and untied my shoelaces as I sat down. She took of my shoes and helped me take my trousers off and undid the buttons of my shirt.

Still kneeling she pulled my rock hard cock out of my underwear. She slowly stroked it in her long beautiful fingers, as I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I could feel her slowly peel back the foreskin and slowly massage the tiny drops of precum on the head. I opened my eyes to see her slowly move closer, her eyes staring into mine as she licked the beads of precum off my cock. Still looking deep into my eyes she says, “bhaiya I love you. I love touching you like this. I’ve waited so long to be with you.” Then she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth.

It was the first time I had seen her wearing lipstick. I watched her head bob up and down the length of my cock as her lips left lipstick marks on my shaft. Her eyes never left mine all the while she sucked me. This was too much for me and the months of anticipation and waiting to feel her again finally erupted in her mouth. I never intended to cum in her inexperienced mouth for fear of choking her, but she was prepared for it, somewhat. She tried her level best to swallow it all but finally there was just too much for her. She released my cock and looked up and I saw her mouth, inside and out, coated in my cum. She breathed and swallowed a big gulp. There was some discomfort on her face at first but then she proudly smiled at me after swallowing hard. She smiled and said coyly, “my friends at school told me how boys love it when the girl swallows his juice. Did you like it bhaiya?” I told her I absolutely loved it and she proceeded to lick up and swallow the rest of the cum she had missed the first time.

We both stood up and I kissed her. I was hesitant at first coz of my own cum still covering her lips, but I just had to kiss her so I did. I got on my knees and pushed her lehnga to the floor. I noticed her pink panties had little teddy bears as I pushed them down revealing her beautiful pussy. It had a little more hair on it since the last time I had seen it and they were soaked in her juices. I kissed her tiny slit and licked around it. She was already having trouble standing so I held onto her by her knees and she steadied herself by grabbing my shoulders. My hands massaged the back of her knees and her thighs as I bore into her pussy. I shoved my tongue in deep moving it round and round feeling her insides.

I played with her ass cheeks and I was so lost in sucking her pussy that I unconsciously pushed one finger into her anus. That pushed her over the edge as she came hard. Her juices flowed down my cheeks as she ground her pelvis in my face.

I held her in my arms as I stood up. My cock was almost completely erect and hard again as I picked her up and carried her to the bed which was covered in rose petals and I laid her down. She was still lost in the euphoria of her orgasm. I laid on top of her and spread her legs and slowly pushed my cock into the folds of her pussy. She was so tight I really had to push hard. But she spread her thighs wider and then raised her legs and wrapped them around me to pull me in deeper. I started a slow steady motion going back and forth in her pussy but she wanted me to go faster. “bhaiya, harder, please, go faster… yes… like that oh yes BHAI!!” Her payal (silver anklets), jingled on her ankles as we fucked faster and faster. The bangles on her wrists pressed into my skin as she clutched my back with her fingers. The sounds of her jewelry was accompanied by her moans and her screams, “oh bhaiya… AAAAh… YES… I love you, I love youuuuuuuuuuunnmmmmmmmm”

As innocent as she had looked when we walked into the room, it was hard to believe the wanton look in her face and her eyes. Her lipstick was smudged and wiped across her cheek, her hair spread over the pillow and her eyes burning with desire.

She started to cum and I was close too… so I tried to pull out so I could spray my cum all over her. I had pulled out but, she didn’t want to stop and in her hurry to push me back in with her ankles she forced my rock hard pulsing cock into her ass hole all the way in. She wasn’t prepared for it and she screamed in pain. “AAAAAAH BHAI NAHIII”.

I didn’t want to hurt her but I couldn’t bring myself to pull out either. We just lay there not moving for a few long seconds. Then slowly I began to pull out when I heard Rakhee moan. I decided to slowly start thrusting back and forth. “oh yes bhaiya, please go on… oh yeah!!” I couldn’t believe I was anal fucking Rakhee and she was really liking it!

I stopped for a second, straightened her left leg and started to roll her over while my cock was still in her tight asshole. I got her on her hands and knees and then started to push in and out of her doggy style. Before long I was making long deep thrusts into her tight little asshole. We started going faster and faster, she was moaning and I was playing with her pussy.

Then it hit me like a rollercoaster… I started cumming in her asshole. I grabbed her long beautiful hair in my right hand and pulled her upto me. I pushed my cock as deep into her asshole as humanly possible as I released my hot sticky cum deep into her. What a sight it must have been. The two of us, on our knees naked, our sweaty bodies joined. My hands caressing her pussy and clutching her hair, pulling her into me as I unloaded my cum in her ass, while she reaching back with her hands squeezed my butt. I screamed, “AAAAAARGH I LOVE YOU RAKHEE… you’re such a good girl!!”

After we collapsed exhausted on the bed I slowly pulled out my cock. As I did, my white cum slowly dripped from her ass onto the bed.

Afterwards we got dressed and left for the wedding. The hotel concierge had already been instructed to change the linen and fix the room. Later that night when we returned with my brother and his wife the concierge gave me and Rakhee a knowing glance. I tipped him quite handsomely, coz I knew I’d be needing his services quite frequently now that I knew Rakhee even better.

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Story about sex with my indian cousin