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Story of intimate experiment leading to daughter’s sexual lust

Story of intimate experiment leading to daughter’s sexual lust

In the last part, you have read how the daughter lets him shave her privates as she decides to help her father. If you haven’t read that part, do read it for the best experience. And then this part narrates about her dreams and discoveries about her sexual lust.

After I came out of the trance, I realized what I just had. It was the divine pleasure of being a lady. That feeling was the beginning of my desires.

I started thinking about his touch again. I placed my fingers in again, but his fingers felt totally different. I realized if it was the magic of a man’s fingers. I wasn’t certain about other men, but I was certain about the only man who touched me.

My fingers felt the smooth skin there to check the left out hairs, and I realized how good it looked. The skin looked clean and fair, and I couldn’t stop feeling it again and again. I moved my fingers close to my vulva again and touched the outer labia.

I closed my eyes with that pleasure, and I felt my father coming in front of me. He held my vulva with his trembling fingers and pressed his fingers on my labia again delicately. He looked at me, and I smiled shyly.

He moved closer to me, and his face moved closer to mine. I offered him my lips silently as I anticipated his wish. His lips kissed mine, and we smooched for a moment.

Then he nibbled my chin after leaving my shivering lips silently. He held my breasts over my frock and pressed them gently. His palms moved over my body all around, just like a snake gliding in the hot sands of a desert.

My palms brushed over my skin. My fingers pressed and squeezed my lips down there. I felt his fingers on mine, pressing them onto my fleshy lips down there. That instantly triggered my juices for the second time in my life.

I felt like I wanted to kiss him again, crush him to my chest and let him suckle on my tits like a baby. I felt that I could give anything to him he wanted at that moment. My fingers continued to press and squeeze my flesh there, and I went into the edge of heaven that very moment.

It caused inexpressible senses. I gripped the walls of the bath-yard again, and juices gushed out of my body twice the same day. I opened my eyes and realized that I was alone, with my left fingers in my vulva and right hand over my breasts.

I realized it was just a dream. I felt tired, but I had enough pleasant feelings to be really worried about that tiredness then. I was panting, and it took a while for my breath to be settled down. I wondered about the dream.

I have never known all these deeds of touching or feeling my body. But my hands moved over my full breasts, and my fingers touched them magically. I only knew breasts were for women to feed their children. But I realized there was something more to it that day.

I washed my groin and hands again and lay there for a while dreaming about the blissful feeling I had a few moments earlier. While I was dreaming about them, I felt my skin drying. I looked at the tiny urn lying beside me on the floor.

I started remembering the actual task I had entered the bath yard for. I quickly pulled some cream out of the urn onto my fingers and applied them over my vulva. It tingled me again, and that tingling sensation pushed me to touch myself down there.

But my lips were sore already. So I controlled myself with the promise of doing it the next day. I finished applying the cream and came out of my room. Soon the sun had set, and it was time for supper.

I had arranged the food on the dining ledge. It was time I had to call father to the dining chamber. It was a new feeling to have the same old bread with my father. I called him, and he walked into the chamber silently.

His eyes stole glances at me as he sat down on the trunk. He was trying hard to pretend that it was casual, but he failed at it. He looked fine from the outside, but I knew the struggle within him as I was going through that moment.

There was a weird silence on the dining ledge that night. He was feeling hesitant even to ask for some bread or water. And I felt shy myself in helping him have some more of the food. We finished supper and retired to our beds quickly.

The next morning, I was getting ready for our farm work, and he was getting ready to start his work in the basement. All the time, our eyes met each other. I knew he was noticing me, but I was not feeling angry. I felt strangely happy when his eyes searched for me.

I went to the bath yard again and had a clean and tepid bath. I felt fresh, and I remembered the pleasure I had the last day. I used my fingers down the lips and pressed them again. It felt great as earlier, and I was getting addicted to that feeling.

His stealthy looks were running in my mind, and the memory of his touch was still fresh. My fingers felt as if it was his and my palms started feeling my tender body just as I imagined him to do.

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I dived into the womanly pleasure as my fingers felt my lips. My palms reached my breasts by themselves and started kneading them. And as my fingers pressed and squeezed my lower lips, one of my fingers accidentally entered my vaginal hole, and I felt elated instantly.

I never had such a feeling earlier. My finger was surrounded by smooth juicy flesh, and I felt the hole contracting over my finger. I felt the urge to have more of my finger inside me. It was another urge, among others, I discovered that week.

I pushed my finger deeper, and the pleasure multiplied as though my father showered his love on his princess. My finger occupied my hole inch by inch. I felt a thin layer stopping my fingers as it stretched itself to the maximum, and it started hurting a bit. I felt it was the end and took my finger out.

I tried to repeat the step by making my finger enter my hole a few inches more. It was so good, and I increased the pressure on my flesh. A few seconds later, my finger started moving in and out of the hole till the thin layer stopped. I was unable to control myself.

My finger did the job by itself while my lips bit themselves out of pleasure. The finger jumped in and out rhythmically. The energy and heat it emitted were increasing minute by minute. I worked through it vigorously, and my finger tore open the thin layer suddenly.

It pained like a few pricks of a needle at once. I stopped what I was doing, and I could see a few drops of blood oozing out of my vaginal hole. I worried that I did something wrong. That I did something, I shouldn’t have done.

I sat still, and after a moment, the pain started subsiding. I quickly washed and started checking the inner walls of my hole in that process. There wasn’t any pain this time. Moreover, it triggered the pleasurable senses again deep inside my body.

After I cleaned the blood, I checked the pain again by touching myself deeper. It was out of curiosity more than out of worry. I felt no pain anymore, and I realized my finger could go farther.

As I realized the pain was gone, I started the process of exploring my depths again using my finger. I dug my finger deeper as it went. It dived farther down my juicy walls and stopped when my palms were blocked at the entrance.

Involuntarily, I used my middle finger, this time making sure I reached the deepest point possible. And I could reach an inch more as I expected. I removed my finger out and dug it in again till I reached the farthest.

It was a great feeling to be able to touch my walls so deeply. I repeated, moving my finger in and removing it out before I dug it again deeper. I realized the deeper it touched, the more ecstatic I was feeling.

My eyes were shut, and my lips hugged themselves tightly as my middle finger dived in and moved out, brushing my cunt walls. My other hand started reaching my orbs once again and squeezed them from time to time, adding pleasure.

My palms and fingers felt so good as they moved over my bare body. My nipples shivered as my palms moved over them. My vagina twitched as I started feeling the now-familiar sensation of the peaks of ecstasy.

My finger moved in and out vigorously, sensing that feeling. My other set of fingers now pulled and pinched my nipples as it switched over from one tit to the other. My thighs spread itself, allowing my finger to plunge in a couple of inches more, and the delight stepped up.

I felt the juices rising inside the hole as my fingers felt the wetness filling up. A wave of new and high pleasure filled my body from deep within as those juices started gushing out of my hole. My fingers continued their task of pleasuring my body as tiny clouds of my thin juices gushed out.

I was exhausted already, but I would have happily done it again. But I stopped it as it was getting late for work. I took a few moments to gather myself up. I washed and wiped the water off. I applied the cream carefully in and around the vulva.

I dressed up in my fresh chemise under a bright colored frock. I ran out of the bath yard as it was getting late. I jumped out of the chamber after brushing my hair quickly. I ran into my father the moment I stepped out.

Father – Are you ok, dear?

Me – Yes, father, I am ok. I just was getting late for farming.

He looked at me suspiciously for a second but later continued.

Father – You haven’t had anything yet, dear. You can’t go without eating.

He looked very sharply. I knew what he told me was right but wondered if my workers would start their work without me.

Father – The workers are used to it by now. They can work on their own.

I looked at him briskly, wondering how he could talk exactly about the point I had in my mind. It might have been a coincidence or the result of my behavior all these days. Either way, I felt a connection between us then and there. I smiled to myself and nodded.

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We both started moving to the dining ledge and started having breakfast. He kept looking at me again. But I felt it was not just about watching me this time. I felt that he wanted to ask something, and I sensed his hesitation.


Me – What is it, father? Did you want to ask me anything?

Father – Hmmm, yes.

Me – Go on, father? You can ask me anything.

Father – Ahem, (he cleared his throat) Did you… Did you apply the lotion?

I nodded silently in the affirmative, bending my head in shame. He already touched me there. But it felt awkward to talk about it with him. We finished our breakfast silently and went to our work fields.

A few days progressed the same way. We used to meet once in a while for meals. He used to remind me about the lotion often, though I never forgot to apply it. Then on one such day, while we had breakfast, he started speaking again.

Father – So dear, how is the farming going on?

Me – We are almost ready for the harvest. The workers are striving hard to get the harvest as much as possible.

Father – That is great. We should reward them with some delights while we give them the food this winter.

Me – That would be lovely. The workers would be so happy.

Father – Yes, So… you are still applying the lotion, dear?

Me – Yes, father, I am. (without much shame this time as we were used to this now)

Father – So how do you feel about it. Do you see any improvement in hygiene around there?

Me – Yes, father.

I hesitated to continue, but I adjusted myself, “It stays cleaner and dried now.”

Father – That is good. It has been almost a week now, and I need to inspect that. Do you mind if we do that tomorrow?”

I shook my head sideways. But my heart started beating slightly higher after listening to that. I was growing nervous as I kept imagining how he would inspect me. Though I wanted his touch again, the feeling he will be doing soon triggered a strange fear.

My body grew hot as I started to work on the farm. Not because of the sun, but because of what was coming up. I moved around the field, watering the crops, and drops of sweat ran through my face. I could feel a few drops tickling my midriff as well.

Working in the fields was tiring and sweaty always. But I was sweating merely just by watering that morning. As I walked down the uneven plowed lands, I dragged the hose over a sharp rock, and the rock pierced open the hose.

Water spilled all over the crops, and it started spilling over me. I started getting away at first, but those cold drops of water felt so good on my skin. It was a much-needed relief at that moment. It helped me in relieving the heat from my body.

Slowly I started moving closer to the hose and let the water wet me. My clothes were drenched, and so was my body. The drenched fabrics soothed me, taking all the heat away. I let my body soak and cool as if it got wet in the rain. I was dancing around the punctured hose like a crazy lady.

That is when I turned around towards the workers. The workers already stopped their tasks ahead and were watching me like the audience watching puppetry. My chemise was visible as my frock turned transparent after getting drenched. My curves were left open for them to watch.

I thanked my father for hiring older workers at that moment. I was embarrassed for sure, even with them looking at me. But I would have been a treat to the prying eyes if they were young, and it would have been worse.

I excused myself and moved out of the fields. I ran towards our home, which lay beside that farm. I entered the cottage and was running towards my chamber, and father called me. I stopped to find him walking up the stairs from the basement.

Father – Dear, are you alright? What happened? You should be at the farm, right? Oh! (as he looked at my drenched clothes) You are wet.

Me – Yes, father, I am alright. I just got drenched in the farms. The hose is damaged.

He nodded, but I could see his eyes traveling through my body from top to bottom. I was dying of shyness, and I wanted to run into my chamber. But something held me still there.

I secretly checked his eyes, following my curves all over. I waited silently to let him end his desire. He took his time before he drew his eyes away from my wet body to my eyes back again.

Father – Ahem… Fine dear. Let me mend that hose, and you can change. You will catch a cold if you stay in wet clothes.

Saying that he started moving out of the cottage, hiding his glances, and I entered the chamber. I closed the door of my chamber and sat down on the bed in the drenched clothes. I scolded myself for being a lunatic in front of the workers.

But I knew I couldn’t control myself as those cold drops touched my burning body. I wanted to stay in those wet clothes for some more time to soothe the burns that his hot eyes gave away moments ago.

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But I could catch a cold, as he said. So I took a fresh chemise and frock and changed into it. As I was hooking up the frock’s last hook, I heard father coming into the cottage.

Father – I mended it, dear. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore. ( he spoke from the other side of my chamber’s door.)

Me – Thanks, father.

Father – Of course, dear.

We had lunch, and I went to the farm later to finish the rest of the day’s work. I returned to the cottage by the evening after helping out the kids nearby in sewing. I got fresh, and we had supper just as the night started crawling in.

He was calm and settled on the dining ledge. But I wasn’t. The next day’s event kept me nervous all day. After I sat beside him on that ledge, I couldn’t have the bread peacefully.

Then I finished cleaning the dishes and crawled into the bed in my chamber after closing the door. I couldn’t sleep anticipating the events. I was thinking about all sorts of things. I wondered how it would be when he touches me again.

I questioned myself if I should keep my crotch clean or leave it as it was. I wondered if he would think that his daughter was trying to lure her father if I kept it clean. But he was the one who told me I need to keep it clean for the lotion to be effective.

Either way, I wanted to make sure I could present the best view to him the next day. I lifted my nightgown, and I could see some stubble around there. It has been a few days since I shaved the hair. It wasn’t interrupting the lotion’s task, but I wouldn’t want it to interrupt his inspection.

I moved to the closet and grabbed the razor and cream. I went to the bath yard and started wetting it. I was scared enough to run the blade over my skin. But I knew I couldn’t wake up father at that time. So I started putting the blade silently over the skin.

It slid over my hair without scraping the skin. I went to the closet and picked a cardboard piece and practiced a couple of times, changing the blade’s angle a few times. Finally, I could peel the paper over it. I tried a few more combinations of the angle and force, and I was ready for it.

Then I applied the same over my skin, and I succeeded. I continued to brush the loose strands of hair off my skin as I ran the blade over the poky skin. I had to touch my puffy flesh and my inner thighs to flatten the surface. It reminded me of his touches.

I wanted to push my fingers in and reach the doors of heaven again. The mere thought that he would be touching me again sent shivers down my lips. I finished the task and cleaned the skin. I then checked my groin myself and was impressed by it.

I knew if there is anything that would impress him, that is this pair of juicy lips. I imagined his hands on me again and pushed my fingers inside. I imagined his lips kissing me down there while his fingers played with the juicy cave.

My fingers would push deeper now as the walls allowed its beloved pamper. My other fingers pressed and closed the entrance around my submerged finger. My tall finger was glistening with juices just as a ladle full of stew as I moved it out of my hole.

My heart pushed me to taste it, but I wasn’t sure if I could. I opted out of it and continued to thrust it deeper and deeper. I repeated it again and again until my heat raised enough to boil my juices.

I felt the warm juices passing through the squishy walls and push through my mushy lips. My fingers didn’t stop greasing my walls till all the creamy fluids wet the floor. My fingers and palms were covered with those fluids. I hesitated for a moment to wash them off.

I laid on my back on the bath yard walls. I waited for my breath to settle and my legs to gain some energy to stand without any help. My legs slowly started gaining sense, and I lifted them to get myself up.

I crashed on the bed, and I felt so peaceful after the pleasant deed to myself. I felt so relaxed, and my eyes closed by itself. I was lost in the trail of ecstasy, and I forgot the moments that were going to come.

I went to sleep soon, and the rays of the sun hit me the next day. I stretched myself, pushing away the laziness off my body and mind. I realized it was the day of inspection.

This is the end of this episode, and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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Story of intimate experiment leading to daughter’s sexual lust

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