Story of pleasuring each other after a week

Story of pleasuring each other after a week

Hi guys, this is Raj Rambo. Back with the continuation to the second part, Touching after a break. To enjoy more, please read it before this one, because without wasting time, I will go right into the story.

I was sitting on the side of the bed naked. Resting my hands behind me for support. My hard dick was all wet with saliva mixed with my cum. I was breathing heavily. I just had my first orgasm after a week full of sexual cravings.

My dick was pointing to the sky. Slowly losing its hardness and dropping down to point to the angel sitting right before me. Anjali! Anjali was sitting on her knees before me. She was topless, and her melons still had the wetness of my precum from the tit fuck she gave me.

Her mouth was also wet from the amazing blowjob she gave me a couple of seconds ago. She gulped down all of my thick warm cum I stored in my balls for a week. The only piece of cloth she had on her was her sexy black lacy panty.

It was matching the style of her bra. Thin cloth exposing most of her fair skin, except for some flowers on it covering her genitals. It made her look even sexier. She was kneeling down before me, looking into my eyes filled with lust. Sweat was dripping down her neck onto her cleavage.

She looked like a wild tigress filled with lust. She was now ready to be pleased. Her body needed to be worshipped. I put my hands on her cheeks, holding her tired face, and bent down to catch her wet lips. I started sucking her lips passionately. Taking my time to suck each of them well.

My tongue found its way into her mouth. I could taste my own cum inside her while we were rubbing our tongues passionately. Exploring her warm mouth.

I am now standing. She stood up, following me. We did not leave our lips. My hands, which were on her neck, are now moving down her naked top. Caressing her armpit and rubbing the sides of her body. Holding her waist and pushing her onto the wall behind her.

My lips stared movie down on her body. Sucking on her neck. Anjali lifted her head, giving me more access to her neck. I continue sucking down on her to her cleavage, following the trail of the sweat drops. My head was now buried between her boobs.

Licking and scratching the sides of her boobs with my sharp little beard hair. My hands were moving behind on to her love handles. Then down on to her ass cheeks. Grabbing that soft flesh in both arms, I started jiggling them while still sucking on her boobs. Anjali was now caressing my hair and pulling my head closer to her. Not allowing me to breathe.

My hands now go inside her panty and start squeezing her soft ass cheeks. I trace the ass crack line with one of my fingers. Anjali let out a soft moan. I won’t give it to her so easily. I love teasing her.

I looked into her eyes with a naughty smile. I made her turn around, facing the wall. She wanted my touch. So, she started pushing her ass back and squeezing her boobs against the wall. The wetness on her boob was making a stain on the wall. She kept rubbing it all over the wall.

I hug her from behind. Moving her thick hair off her back to the sides. Exposing her naked back. I kiss her neck from behind and go down on her body, teasing with my fingers. I then kneel down behind her and start pulling her panty down her thighs. Slowly.

Anjali was now pushing her ass back, trying hard to touch me. I gave it to her. I put my lips on her creamy ass cheek and kissed it. Slowly started licking while I was squeezing the other. She maintained her body really well. She had no pinch of hair anywhere under her head.

I made her spread her legs. She was still leaning over the wall, squeezing her warm wet boobs on the cold wall. I spread open her ass cheeks, exposing her deep ass crack. I put my tongue on the top of her line and started licking. Taking my time to make it all wet, then moving down the line.

Anjali: Aah! (Closed eyes)

In the same position, moaning softly, Anjali twisted her upper body to see what I was doing to her. Her curves on her waist were sexy as fuck. I released one ass cheeks from my hand to rub her waist folds. The ass check came back to its original position, leaving less space for my tongue. It was tight.

It started to be uncomfortable to suck her while she is standing. So Anjali went over the bed in the doggy style and pointed her ass high in the air. The position exposed more of her ass. Even her pussy. I continued licking her ass crack down to her ass hole. Played around on her ass hole.

My fingers softly rubbing her inner thighs started going up to her pussy. Her pussy was wet. Maybe she had an orgasm already! It was leaking with sweet juice, which was dripping down her thighs.

I spread it all over my thighs and put my fingers on her clit. Rubbing it softly, I continued licking around her ass hole. Anjali was in heaven. Her face was pinned to the bed, hands were grabbing on to the pillow nearby. Squeezing her hands tight. Eyes closed, enjoying every bit of my touch.

She was about to cum. Again! I increased my licking and rubbing. Faster and faster. Digging my face into her. Rubbing her clit in circles with pressure. Eating her asshole and pussy giving her the anal experience. Making her all wet with my saliva. Giving small bites between her pussy and ass hole.

Anjali started to shiver. Pushing herself onto my face, she started to cum. Releasing her juice out of her pussy. I moved from her asshole to her pussy and started sucking it as she released. I did not stop.

I kept rubbing her clit to give her some post orgasm torture. Her body was so sensitive. She was wiggling around like a fish. Just when I felt nothing else was there inside her pussy to suck, I released her clit and let her rest.

She dropped her body on the bed like she was not alive. Grabbed the pillow, squeezed it on her hands, crossed her legs, and closed her legs very tight. Breathing heavily, she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel.

Such a beautiful sight. Looking at her state, I understand she had a really good orgasm. I slept on her naked body, putting my whole weight on her. Covering her all up with my body like a blanket. Hugging her tight in my arms, I kissed my beautiful girl.

After a couple of minutes, Anjali coming back to her senses.

Anjali: That was awesome, Raj! It’s been a while since I had such a beautiful orgasm. I just loved it.

She was talking, but her breath was still heavy.

Me: Your sexy body makes me do such beautiful things, babe.

She turns her head, showing her beautiful pink lips. I waste no time and kiss them with love. Then went into a spooning position she was facing away from me. I was hugging her from behind. Her naked ass was rubbing my semi-erect dick. I was holding on to her boobs. Smelling her neck.

After her body was completely relaxed, she got on top of me like a cowgirl, sitting on my stomach. Facing away from me. She started giving a hand job to my semi-erect dick. Licked her own fingers, started playing with the balls and jerking the dick softly with her wet fingers.

She was an expert in dealing with cocks. In no time, I had a boner ready for her. She bent on to it and started licking it. Kissing the pink mushroom head first. Rolling her tongue around it. Pulled down the foreskin until the bottom. Then went down with her tongue. Licking the soft skin below the head.

Her hands were on my inner thighs. Scratching its way up to my balls. I wasted no time, pulled her legs apart, and grabbed her hips towards me. We got into the 69 position and started sucking on each other.

Our legs were circling our necks, hands were holding on to each other bodies, and our tongues were creating magic.

Rubbing over our corners, holes, and poles, we sucked each other for more than 15 minutes. My cock was rock hard and all wet. But was in no mood to cum. I needed Anjali’s tight pussy. I want to drill her and fuck her very badly. Anjali understood that and positioned herself for some real action.

To be continued.

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Story of pleasuring each other after a week